Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Thanks Fahmi for lifting ban

The World Cup is over. The vote of confidence for new government was formally passed uninamously passed yesterday. And this blog is long overdue for an update. 

Despite being blocked by MCMC since May over a posting already taken down, it is still updated for readers abroad and with Internet able to by-pass the block. Usually it would be updating the mirror blog, Thick as a Brick than replicated on this blog.  

To this blogger's surprise, the blog could be easily read by the public at this Starbuck cafe. If so, thank you Fahmi Fadzil for lifting the 7-month ban.  

Few investigating officer approached yours truly for a statement the Tuesday after the new Prime Minister was appointed with regard to our May 10th posting. 

There was actually no offense committed by the posting which was commenting on a tip off from a resourceful and honest source on the PRSIS tender. Despite the claim made an official from the Minister's office on Whass App, there was no explicit accusation made against anyone. 

In fact, it was commented that certain information such as the Westart, the beneficiary company name, was not true. 

Mentioned the rumour of the Ministry KSU to be transferred out need to be verified first. At the material time, the same rumour and uproar was heard amongst Sabah politicians. There were winds blowing to cause the rustling leaves and branches.  

And, the source proven to be right in its claim the KKMM tender was called off and retender by MOF. [Read May 20th posting "So far PRSIS re-tender turned out true".]  


If the ban was lifted by new Minister, it is both timely and much appreciated. 

The power of MCMC and Police to investigate complaints made under the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 has been persistently abused by the previous three administrations to curb free speech.

Contentious issues should be replied by the aggrieved or accused parties than passing the buck to police. 

If it is truly offensive, the matter should be pursue through the civil court than threats via criminal investigation. It is a waste of time, energy and resources of authorities to fulfill documentation and conduct investigation on complaints of low priority in terms of security.

Furthermore, public discourse on issues should precede any legal actions. 

For Fahmi, his time and energy is better taken up to solve the pathetic connectivity arising from the cancellation of 3G without a replacement infrastructure ready. 

Anwar Ibrahim's announcement to review the contract for Ericson is commendable but it should not lead to the cancellation of SWB. It is because multiple networks would lead to a repeat of the red carpet entry for Maxis to compete against Celcom, which is self serving and detoured from national connectivity. 

The subcontracts to DNB/Ericson need also be reviewed. The market talk is the main contractors are proxies to powerful people in government and DNB. Investigate also for political proxies among  JENDELA contractors as it is widely believed to be leakage into private political warchest.  

The 5G technology is advancing rapidly and some countries have gone 6G. Thus Malaysia should take a quantum leap for the most advanced satelite-based connectivity.

Building landed infrastructure are technologies nearing obselete and expensive. Malaysia will only be dumping ground for old technologies. More so, the cost to consumers for newer technologies should be cheaper.

Fahmi should also take up on the sensitive issue of the confidentiality of private personal data, and national security aspect of connectivity and social media.  

Given the task ahead for Fahmi, the past indulgence to pursue online media and social media writers are sheer small minded. 

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