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Is there a cover-up in the biggest drug bust in Malaysian history?

In September 2019, police made the biggest drug bust in Penang in which 12 tonnes of cocaine worth RM2.4 billion seized. This is larger than the Shah Alam drug bust worth half a billion in August the same year.

Then IGP, Tan Sri Hamid Bador proudly announced police succeeded to foil a South American cartel to smuggle the drugs via Malaysia. Straits Times reported drugs was found in three containers filled with 60 sacks of coal at Butterworth port on September 10.

It was reported by another news source that the transportion was sophisticated and mixed with charcoal to mask from the drug sniffing dogs. Ops Eagle required an advance method for detection.

Was there interference from above? 

In 4 months time, it will be 4 years since, but what happen to the seize? 

A suspect was apprehended, but did the cocaine bust ever made it beyond press conference and frontpage news into court? Since drug was detected and 12 tonnes should be sufficient amount of sample, is there not enough for Chemistry Department to deduce as evidence in court? Was there interference that prevented police in carrying out their investigation and case getting properly charged in court?

Five months after the raid, in February 2020, a multi-faction and party coup described as the Sheraton Move toppled the PH government. Then Home Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin became PM for another permutation of political parties and factions which later emerged the PN coalition. 

The position at KDN was taken up by Dato Seri Hamzah Zainuddin who held it through the 33 tumultous months of PN rule, and his tenure extended under Dato Seri Ismail Sabri.  

Hamid Bador is hardly subtle of his absolute loyalty to Dr Mahathir and can be revolting to the stomach to hear. He did not pursue enough of Azmin Ali for the Sandakan Ramadhan homosexual tryst video for legal limitation, but will not interfere in police investigation on a crime of such big scale.

It is no secret he could not see eye to eye with Hamzah and openly criticised him for meddling in police affairs. Sources claimed there was interference from above in the Penang bust.

The street talk claimed that to bribe a high official out of the RM2.4 billion cocaine bust may cost up to RM300 million. That would be a substantial contribution to the political war chest of any corrupt political party.  

The newly appointed Director of Criminal Investigation Division, Dato Ayob Khan certainly has an unfinished business at Narcotic Crime Investigation Division. The kneaded dough need to be made into roti canai

The RM2.4 billion cocaine bust that need to find its way to court. He was Narc Director from December 21, 2001. As CID, he should look into possible link between drug trade and Corporate Mafia.

Suspected drug kingpin scot away free?

Just a month in January before Hamzah appointment, Malaysia Reserve reported the Chairman of ATTA Global Berhad and Heng Huat Resources Berhad, Ooi Chieng Sim was remanded by police under the Dangerous Drug Act 

His bank and CDS accounts were frozen and the Chairman was subsequently charged among the 8 on January 30th.  

Suspect only gained public attention for the politics as third largest shareholder of Penang state controlled water company, PBA Holdings Berhad

Media was silenced when they reported Ooi was charged merely for distributing 5 kg of methamphitamine. The original charge on January 30 was for 4,980 gm Syabu under Ops Eagle Diamond, which is probably part of the Ops Eagle for the whole of Penang. 

It was a lesser charge because the Chemistry Department found no drugs in the 4,980 gm Syabu. Truly strange. Ooi ended being charged in court for 2.66 gm meth and not 5 gm as reported in the media. 

Apparently he is now a free man and the meth charges could merely be a temporary distraction. 

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