Thursday, September 21, 2023

Syed Saddiq's gig economy exuberance proven wrong

During the Johor state election, there were talk ehailing companies, particularly Grab, were struggling to meet profit forecast due to low margin and high cost of operations. 

They had to cut cost by 30% within short number of years. It means slashing the driver's commission and increase charges to customer. Increase commission limit the viability of the second option.

Then caretaker MB of Johor, Dato Hasni campaigned to promise for a youth employment program. He commented that gig economy is not a permanent career. 

It brought an aggresive response from Syed Saddiq, who was preaching gig economy as a new way of making a living suitable to the psyche of his generation.  Maszlee Malek defended it to appeals to the young voters.

Subsequently one after another ehailing company and online click and pay businesses were crashing to meet the brick and mortar reality.

It was complimenting, but sad, to be able to  have the foresight to anticipate situation and proven to be right. 

Seriously hope PMX do not be lost, but do a major rethink for economy rakyat

It is something needed in this tough times in which the post-Covid economic challenges is on extended time that could match the Great Depression. 

That was preceding and post World War II. God forbid, the Ukraine-Russia war do not escalate into the currently talked about NATO-Russia War. 

If European countries and superpowers align themselves and force on neutral countries to pick sides, one is talking about escalation to World War III.    

With nation's debt inherited from three post BN administration reaching RM1.5 trillion and post GE-15 political stability looking increasingly short-lived, the option forward seemed to be getting more limited.

But the people need to be fed, housed, schooled, and employed to continue living. The youth needs a future to hold on to.

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