Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dr Mahathir Revealed Another Card

Critics and detractors are claiming Dr Mahathir’s quitting UMNO is a desperation attempt to divert attention from the VK Lingam case and likely to lose his high stake gamble to quit UMNO.

That’s a predictable and generic spin that can be easily anticipated. The reality is far from it.

Dr M squashed the VK Lingam diversion hypothesis by demanding to be put on trial. He wants to be in court and not hesitate to reveal those judges lobbying him for a post.

This blogger had posted before of the local British Council and AIS bossed helping the Bar Council lobby for their preferred judges. Like VK Lingam allegedly lobbying for his favourite judge, the Bar Council is equally corrupt for lobbying.

Then, Dr M did a two-prong counter attack to ask about lobbying. Is lobbying a crime in this country? It is not illegal in the US, which will answer for allegation of paying US lobbyist. He further asked: Is signing a letter of support for a sister-in-law in the oil-for-food scandal not lobbying?

Those believing him quitting UMNO is a high stake gamble not likely to pay off is suffering from myopia.

If you are thinking a mass exodus of UMNO members quitting will enable him to finally get rid of Idiot, you must be naïve. Who does not know it will not happen? Dr M does not think one step ahead but several steps.

In quick succession from a strong statement demanding “singkir segera” Pak Lah to quitting UMNO, he has revealed another card.

Cliché Responses

The responses have been expected.

There those nasty ones. Musa and his “duri dalam daging” remark is one. But could it be to incite anger among the grassroots and yet satisfy Idiot’s short sighted understanding?

Shahrir, Mat Taib, Khalid Nordin, Shaberry Chik and many others chorusing critical remarks claiming irresponsibility, irrelevance and to the effect.

There are those asking for Dr M to reconsider like Noraini, Shahidan and Ali Rastam. Yes, I said Ali Rastam, Idiot’s man heading Melaka.

There is those few providing veiled support. Ku Li said it is his right but he is staying on. Puad Zarkashi repeated his call to expedite power transfer to avoid such incidences.

Sorry Puad, he was asked for the time of power transfer in Tuesday night’s meeting with Selangor branch heads by one attendee from Serdang but was not answered.

During the break, UMNO MPs had a quick meeting in Parliament. In quick 5 minute, Nazri could surprisingly announce that all MPs pledge support for the PM. This repeated repetition of pledges of support sounds tiring and beginning to sound like a scratched CD. It just shows how psychologically and politically insecure PM is.

For today, BN MPs will have a quick meet too in Parliament and another pledge of support is expected.

Mukhriz Getting Out of Dad’s Shadow

After Sanusi Junid and Tun Siti Hasmah resignation, all eyes are on Mukhriz. .

Mukhriz took a different route but insist it is a similar objective by staying his course for Ketua Pemuda. For the time being, he is not quitting and cited the reason he has yet to consult his constituent.

He used the occasion to repeat with a stronger call for Abdullah to resign and demand the party management stop underhanded practise denying members’ democratic rights.

Mukhriz cited a caveat that if change is not done soonest by July for UMNO branches meetings, he may have to reconsider his stance.

He mentioned that he was not aware of his father’s decision and was only explained after event. Mukhriz told the press that he will disappoint his father and will meet him to explain.

KJ will have to hold his breath from expecting a win without contest. He can’t expect a free passage with “undur-undur” tactic with Dr Khir Toyo around.

Dr M’s Card and Other Possibilities?

If you can see what I am seeing, Pak Lah's days are numbered. He can’t continue succumbing to his children’s wishes to stay on.

Now Tun has just revealed something in sync with this blogger's posting yesterday. He said BN MPs can turn Independent and play a more meaningful role to be the check and balance to both the ruling BN party and Opposition. For Sabahan and Sarawakian, it is a better option than jumping over to Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR side.

Perhaps, Pak Lah thinks that by getting press statements from UMNO and BN MPs will tide the threat.

Lets look at it this way. He is heavily challenged from all sides – within UMNO grassroots, BN component parties, people’s confidence, intenational reputation, foreign investors’ confidence, and external economic factors.

All his action to appease certain groups will only cause dissatisfaction to others. He does not have the ability to get disagreeing parties to come to a consensus to negotiate. Pak Lah is strangely only meeting the interest of special groups and not really addressing real grouses amongst grassroot UMNO members.

Dr M’s quitting will only add an extra variable of headache for him to live with. He may view that he is in control of the party and few members will follow suit.

Thus far, there are significant number of grassroot members are considering seriously to quit and close branches. If this were to happen in Kedah, UMNO Kedah could be paralysed.

Pak Lah is still having probkem with grssroot. He cancelled the second meet with Kedah branch leaders.

Mat Taib's controlled Branch meet couldn't control critical questions towards Pak Lah coming from the floor. Attendance is only 1,300 to the expected 3,000, ths making Pak Lah to lie in making another "sabotage" accusation. He still didn't get it, does he?

ANywway, these are not the real game.

There are other possibilities and options. Dr M could remain along this route or change course. Remember that he said on stage in JB that there are 100 ways to rid the country of Idiot!

The game has long been over and Idiot didn’t see it coming. He has been firefighting at the wrongplaces.

But I am not telling yet.


Anonymous said...

well written sir, cant wait the next phase! Thank You for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right. Please get rid of the idiot . I do hope Tun will succeed.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right. Please get rid of the idiot . I do hope Tun will succeed.

whackthembugger said...

Syabas. Very Enlightening. Should have read it earlier.

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