Sunday, May 05, 2013

Malaysia Spring deny peoples' freedom to choose

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim had mentioned in his speech during the Himpunan Kebangkit Rakyat Bangit or HKR 112 on that there will be a street riot when there is electoral fraud.

Thus far, although there is no need to do so, the Election Commission had submitted to Bersih's 8 point requests.

All of it including the archaic practise of indelible ink to avoid duplicate voting by unscrupulous operators. It is viewed as archaic in view of the tight issuance of identity card, existing procedures, and existense of other security technology available.

People do not trust the ability of Pakatan Rakat to administerexisting states under them. They have failed to do so well.

Still they insist there is fraud.

Foreign orchestrated "regime change"

Even if there is weakness in some of the procedures, there are many other procedures to counter check including the existense of party representative at every step of the way. All transparent and open.

It is nothing but an attempt to start a revolution since they could not takeover government legally.

It can be clearly seen that Anwar has the support of foreign parties. He has got two foreign journalist following him around closely.

Hopefully it stops outside his bedroom. Pity the two.

This is nothing but the abuse of the freedom and words are Hishamuddin Rais has already given ut specific instructions to "attack" Putrajaya, particulary the Prime Minister's Office under the pretext that secret and important documents are not smuggle out.

How sure they are at wining?

According to Rocky Bru here, he sees BN has already in the bag about 118 seats. Half of 222 seats is 111 seats and that means BN is already returning as government.

There is still 40-50 grey areas. Some are tightly contested areas, Don't say the flip of the coins always favours the other side.

How about the black turned grey seats and later won.

Don't tell me Rocky has the same list as they were given to us.. That is rather to clinically white i.e. colgate white.  Part of the breakdown goes like Perak 10 seats, Pahang 10 seats, Sabah 14 seats, 17 seats and Sarawak 20 seats.

From where we see, it is to colgate white. We have the benefit of being traveling across the country and feel the ground. Significantly more expected for Sabah and Sarawak.

There are many Imeedeen white seats, meaning murtured to be white. Our call is 128 already in the bag.

Isn't it ridiculous for PR psywar SMS clast to claim they have 125 seats? They must have misread BN's leaked report and though it is their own.

Abuse of freedom for foreign interest

Forget about trying to accuse of cheating BN. This is just an abuse of freedom ...

Anwar is doing in accordance to Gene Sharpe's manual to bring down government with the help of foreign interest to control Straits of Malacca.

If these ruffians wish to deny the peoples' choice, they should be denied the freedom because they are not entitled the freedom.


akulah69 said...

Jangan ler wat citer gitu. Kami PR cinta keamanan dan keadilan. Hok selalu wat kacau adalah umno. Fakta menunjukkan umno punca 13 mei. Fakta dan sejarah menunjukkan pembunuhan politik juga berlaku dalam umno. Itu fakta... So jgn auta.... Wallahua'lam

Kamarul said... malaysia spring.only Johore spring and Gelang Patah spring.

After election,Khalid Nordin, will make Lim K Heo,jump like a kangroo.

He he he

Anonymous said...

dr buat benda bazir tu moh kita tanam bunga betul lg green pbt2 dgn sng hati bg bunga tp tak mungkin berlaku krn semua ni cuma lakonan pecinta alam kata mereka padahal mereka lah perosak alam

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