Thursday, May 30, 2013

Credit where it is due

After few weeks of jostling, Selangor has finally put together a team to govern the state.

The selection of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar was a difficult manouvre on it's own. If there is truth that Tuanku Sultan put his foot in the selection, it was a wise intervention.

If not, there are some wise and realistic people in the leadership of Pakatan Rakyat.

This could send some blood boiling among pro-BN readers and some MCE 3rd graders among them to suspect Anwar Ibrahim had bought us.

An unschooled remark is best responded with a stupid response. Actually, we had a tryst with Anwar at the most unlikely place to suspect.... Tivoli Villa.

Election is over and it is time to say things as it is. Hopefully UMNO will learn something. If they want to learn and change ....

Never learn

The reason being UMNO does not seem to want to learn and change.

They are still arrogant and audibly deaf to other views, feedback and criticism.

"Kau nak dengar aku cakap ke atau kau nak cakap?!!"

One group of bloggers was snubbed for questioning the choice of candidates for Parliments and State seats of Gombak and Ampang.

True enough.

If he had listened to the ground feedback from these bloggers, he would have saved himself the embarassment of being left with 12 state seats and substantially lesser Parliamentary seats.

And, UMNO members would have not known that he ignored all suggestions and single-handedly prepared and convinced us that his list can get 33 seats easy. At a brief moment during campaign, it is believed he privately claim BN can win 38 to 41 seats.  

Now, word is spreadinging among the bloggers of one UMNO Headquarter high official called a blogger on his handphone to yell at him on a "you don't know better" tone for highlighting a particular personality in his discussion of Tun Daim's criticism of PM Advisers. [Re-read here.]

These are just small people. Take their criticism and feedback in the proper light. How arrogant and insecure can one be?!

There are those so insecure of Daim's comments that they try to play the cheap character assassination argument without knowing he turned a 0-6 situation into a 5-1 win.  

We also faced several harassments and threat from Najib's Adviser and boys for expressing our independent opinion.

Engaging orang besar-besar kerajaan (big people in government) seemed fruitless because their intention toengage and have cordial relationship with us is curb our independence. They never wish to listen.

And, one paranoid cross-eyed m*therf^#&er instinctively accused us of conspiring to bring down Najib for having tea leisurely with a particular someone. It is as though we do not know who owns that black blog. Having tea and discussing the positive way forward is a conspiracy?  

Is speaking out still a crime in Najib's era of UMNO? Please do not give the proper channel mumbo jumbo argument.

Najib promised to engage us regularly but he never did for the next 4 years. Subsequently, Najib via his officers became more protective of the boss. There was nonsense request such as soalan bocor for vetting.

Increasingly, Najib via his Advisers showed an attitude contrary to his once often said sound bytes, "Government does not have all the answer. Government must learn to listen."

The learning curve seem slow. Made slow by Advisers and pengampus.


When Azmin Ali was exerting his seniority in the PKR party to claim Menteri Besar-ship, we called upon our junior buddy in school. He is in Azmin's camp and recently lost running in one state seat.

We told him up-front.

"Bro .. Azmin tak boleh.... PKR would look foolish to put him as MB. For better or for worse, Khalid is seen as more trustworthy."

He listened on.

"Without me having to refer to Ummi Hafilda, let me tell you as a friend. Those in the know knows Azmin will fleece the state dry. If I know it, Sultan should know.

"No Sultan would want someone with a tainted personal life with pictures of himself being given a blowjob seen all over the net as MB. Furthermore, you know he is Singapore born."

The friend denied of victory due to split votes by PSM just said thank for the feedback. He is fully aware that we are a blogger and pro-UMNO.

"We know we know ... we will be sensible. I'm in an event and gotta to go. Regards to your brother."

Azmin gradually let off and Khalid sworn in.

In Terengganu, it would have taken the next general election and lots of disappearance drama to settle the dispute.

As far as Azmin's tantrum, it is just the quarrel of an old couple. They will make up.  

Line up

Khalid has announced his new line-up and today, all sworn in.

Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh of the DAP named Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, making history as the first woman Speaker in the country.

Her deputy is Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad from PKR. This is a consolation to appease the Azmin faction.

Khalid himself as MB will take charge of finance, land development and natural resources management, state economic action council, publicity, Malay custom committee. He kept the strategic areas within his control.

His politics may sometime be clownish but as former PLC CEO, he knows he has to know by hard his own portfolio and be clear on the critical factor in all aspect of governance.   

He can have advisers, officers and assistants but they do not mislead him astray. They are not his British adviser because he calls the shot. In the past, Khalid has refused the request of Selangor's RM1 worth Malay Studies Graduate disguising as Economic Adviser and political entertainer.

That is the management of power.

The rest of Selangor's exco are:
  • Ahmad Yunus Hairi (Sijangkang, PAS) — youth and sports, infrastructure and public amenities;
  • Dr Daroyah Alwi (Sementa, PKR)— health, entrepreneur development, science, technology and innovation;
  • Ean Yong Hian Wah (Sri Kembangan, DAP) — investment, industrialisation and trade, development of new villages and of legalisation of illegal factories;
  • Halimah Ali (Selat Klang, PAS) — education and higher education, human capital development;
  • Iskandar Abdul Samad (Cempaka, PAS) — housing, building and urban settler management;
  • Rodziah Ismail (Batu Tiga, PKR) — welfare, women affairs
  • Sallehen Mukhyi (Sabak, PAS) — Islamic affairs, agriculture modernisation, rural development;
  • Datuk Teng Chang Khim (Sungai Pinang, DAP) — local government, study and research;
  • V. Ganabatirau (Kota Alam Shah, DAP) — estate workers, poverty, caring government; and
  • Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan, PKR) — tourism, consumer affairs, environment.

As an opposition blogger for Selangor, there are areas to criticise of this line-up. But this is peace time and we will be frank.

Not that we are afraid and without material. We pride ourself as one of the earliest blogger that begin to pick on Khalid. This time it will not be any different.

Frankly, it is a well thought out line-up. It is not as complex and extensive a line-up to prepare as one by Najib for his cabinet but credit where it is due, Khalid listened.

He is aware of the Malay grouses on the ground against his government.

Thus far, he has the political will to attempt to move in and fortify their rural Malay support by willingly make the calculated move to go for a Malay majority line-up.

The previous one was Chinese controlled line-up and the inexperianced Chinese members in area of public administration messed it up big time. Listen up BN cause this time they have more experiance in governing.

Most of the tainted and controversial characters of the past - Theresa Kok, Ronnie Liu, Yaacob Sapari, Dr Xavier, etc. - are no more inside, except Elizabeth Wong. She is publicly acceptable because those photos are deemed as a personal infringement on her privacy. That is Khalid taking the difficult but necessary action.

The portfolio held by Iskandar and Sallehen seem a coordinated attempt to fortify their position with the Malay and rural, even if Selangor BN has a better coordinator than Dato Zin "Badak". If Iskandar had been MB, lagi pening BN.

All the portfolio take into account political consideration. Not like BN, who seemed to offend their power base to be generous with those that are sure not to vote us.

Women makes up 4 out of 10 exco members. They are acknowledged and appreciated. Dato Noriah Kasnon and Dato Halimah Sadique remains as Deputy despite being fairly senior.

Racial and party proportioning is balanced. Not like the case of 6 dayak MPs but none get to be Minister. While one winning Bidayuh and SUPP could be made full Minister. A well represented state like Johor could have only 2 full Ministers while 4 MP Terengganu could have 2 full Ministers.

Khalid chopped off the legacy of Ronnie Liu by giving the local authority portfolio to a better imaged Dato Teng Cham Kim. But, Najib kept and brought in many unnecessary legacies like Dato Wahid Omar as Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop legacy, Dato Nazri Aziz, Dato Shahidan, Dato Tengku Adnan, etc. 

Ganabatirau should understand the Indian problems better than the arrogant and scrupulous Xavier. Najib instead invited the most problematic of the Hindraf 6, the conman and uncontrollable Waythmoorthy.

Some Senior Adviser can try to hustle us to bring this posting down. Some paranoid can accuse us as a conspirer. Cybertroopers can attack us. But we will say it as it as.

Khalid listened but Najib did not. The reral listening is in the action and it's results.  

Khalid did not sacrifice the priority of good governance for political expediency but Najib did.

His cabinet and candidate list is being seen by many as to safeguard his position in UMNO and have his people than drastically present a winnable list and new positive face for the party.

Selangor to Pakatan looks increasingly to be like another Kelantan for PAS. BN have to dig really deep and CHANGE from bottom to the top especially the bevy of leaders. Can they CHANGE with some by-elections expected to come?

There is a lot of work to be done and it need to get started immediately. However, every other UMNO personalities seemed to be away on Cuti-Cuti Luar Negeri.

To Sayangi Selangor, how to Yakini BN? 


Anonymous said...

Why pick on cuti cuti luar negeri on UMNO only? Anwar Ibrahim always goes overseas, no one bother..

Anonymous said...

Why pick on cuti cuti luar negeri on UMNO only? Anwar Ibrahim always goes overseas, no one bother..the others from PR too...come on lah..

Faznita said...

yeah, i was a bit jealous of the selangorians after getting to know their Exco's line up. Consisting of individuals with good calibre and well mixed racial composition.

was getting more worried too, Pakatan seem to be having more brains and sensibility than BN? This is not good, i don't want them to be better than BN, for so long i cannot accept them as the gatekeepers of Malaysia but they are proving to be somewhat competent now...emmmm....

Anonymous said...

Good Piece Sir,

Jibby has to step up his game.

non of this oppa gangnam.

Yep, you got it right, selangor is another kelantan in the making minus PAS thaat is.

Alas, Dato Zin pon tak boleh pakai nak tunggu jibby gak turun selangor.

Patut Selangor is in BN grip.


berasiam said...

blogger bukan ahli politik. penasihat pun bukan ahli politik. ada blogger bertanding dalam pilihanraya dan menang. ada penasihat yang bertanding dalam pilihanraya tapi kalah.

sampai sekarang ramai yang tertanya-tanya siapa penasihat Tun Mahathir semasa dia menjadi PM. mungkin boleh dikatakan semua yang pernah bertemu dan berbual atau tidak bertemu tapi berkomunikasi dengan Tun Mahathir adalah penasihatnya. Tun Mahathir banyak berfikir dan tidak menerima terus kata-kata yang hinggap di telinganya sebagai kebenaran. Itulah yang membezakannya dengan pemimpin lain, khususnya dua orang yang menggantikannya sebagai PM setakat ini. Tun Mahathir lantik Nor Yaacop sebagai penasihat tetapi pengganti-penggantinya melantik Nor sebagai menteri. Sebagai penasihat, Nor tiada kuasa untuk disalahgunakan. sebagai menteri, Nor punya terlalu banyak kuasa hinggakan setiausaha politiknya pun ditangkap dengan jutaan ringgit tunai.

Legasi Nor Yaacop dikatakan bakal diteruskan dengan pelantikan A Wahid Omar sebagai menteri. mungkin ada benar tetapi kemungkinan hanya persepsi semata-mata. AWO junior jurublog mungkin lebih profesional dan tidak cenderung untuk menyalahgunakan kuasa sebagaimana mentornya. AWO yang pernah menghafal lagu Warisan semasa kursus tatanegara tentulah lebih kental semangat Melayunya.

ramai juga yang tidak teliti menghayati kenyataan Tun Mahathir bahawa BN perlu terus sokong Najib. Tun Mahathir menyebut BN, bukan UMNO. mungkin ada yang tersirat di situ. bisanya suara Tun Mahathir jangan diperkecilkan. ketua hakim pun boleh diturunkan, timbalan perdana menteri pun boleh dipecat, jika Tun Mahathir bersuara bahawa UMNO perlukan pemimpin tertinggi yang baharu, mungkin ketika itulah para penasihat sedar dari lamunan masing-masing. BN tidak mempunyai sistem pemilihan tetapi UMNO yang menentukan siapa yang menerajui BN. jika Tun Daim amat berterus terang dan tidak disukai oleh penasihat, kenyataan tersirat Tun Mahathir juga tidak boleh disambut dengan sorakan gembira oleh penasihat dan yang menerima nasihat.

Zaharuddin Abdullah said...

Good eye on this. I thought umno is changing but it seems PKR is changing. Good for Selangor the MB is listening. Najib is protected by the officers who are afraid that their boss might work better. Then the consultant will have to migrate back.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on your statement that the Malay majority line-up was by Khalid. It was actually the choice of the Sultan himself. Every candidate were thoroughly scrutinized.

And I totally agree with Tuanku`s choice. Thank you Tuanku.

At least the Chinese Excos were not as arrogant as the 2008 line up.

Singh Is King said...

Tuan Haji, let me say this straight to Najib's face ...

Do you want to fell the heat like Pak Lah did when the latter was screwed left, right, frontal and rear by pro BN bloggers?

Should that happen, no piece of advice by Najib's inner circle is able to shield him from public uproar, and by that time Omar Ong is eyeing for new paymaster.

Of course, I am bloody serious.

Kamal said...

Salam bro.
Saya angkat tabik.

Awak memang saorang blogger yang berani dan adil.

Bila saya baca blog awak menghentam Ghani Othman MB Jorore,saya ingat awak tentu kena marah dengan Sultan,sebab Ghani pernah membeitahu saya ,sultan sayang dia.
Tapi apaila saya jumpa Sultan Johore dengan Dieng Malek,saya amat terkejut bila Sultan marah betul dengan Ghani.

Sekarang awak puji Khalid Ibrahim.Saya amat setuju dengan tulisan awak.Samasa saya bermain golf dengan Tun Musa Hitam,saya maseh ingat ia berkata kapada saya,Kemasokan Khalid dalam PKR merupakan satu asset dan Khalid telah menjalankan kerja nya yang terbaik sabagai MB Selangor.Susah bai UMNO unrok merampas samula.

Hari ini ,awak menyuarakan pendapat yang sama di kemukakan oleh Musa Hitam kapada saya.

A Voice said...

Anon 8:01/2

Cuti-cuti means BN is dragging their feet while PR is already furiously working and making moves.

Anon 11:08

Khalid could resist and make a fuzz but he did not. It could be his line-up but it is seen as Sultan's selection.

PAS and PKR have no complains. Only DAP is barking but they are greedy pigs expressing as dogs!


Me and tun Musa same opinion? Interesting ...

But Sultan picked on Khaled. I would prefer someone truly fresh, new blood and clean slate.

In my view, Khaled has issues. Maybe no more private one.

Hopefully he rise to fulfill the wishes and expectation of his supporters.

jeragang said...

dalam umno takde tempat utk pemikir kreatif and kritis... yang ada kaki kipas dan tukang baiki lift dan escalator.... sebab tu adanya penasihat yang pintar tapi tak cerdik.. pandai tapi bodo sombong.... afterall tunggu masa untuk dituko?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this posting. I respect you as a fair blogger for sure. Unlike pro-either party, they slam whatever needs to be slammed, right or wrong. I am not pro Opp, but as a Chinese, I am probably a bit 'homeless' in blogosphere. If I do to pro-dap and say they are wrong, I am dead meat - big time. Accused as a traitor of my own race. So much for a party that scream democracy. If i go to pro-umno blogs, they said sorry you are marginalised because of your race, but at least they are more cordial and kinder in comments. I think this is good governance by Khalid, and hope he will do better for Selangor even though I didnt vote for PR. If they are good, we have to accept them. As for BN and Najib, please dont waste our vote. My immediate family turned from PR to BN overnight because we hated their lies, so amist all the hatred toward Chinese, there are a very few of us whom arent PR fans. In the words of my mom who voted twice in her entire life, first time 30 years ago, DAP, now BN, she'd like to give Najib a chance. So dear PM, dont waste our votes and confidence in you. Make it happen and dont repeat the same mistake this this GE. If they dont change, which feel very sorry for them and deep down find it hard for them to change, they could no longer be valid. So, for people like us, turning our backs and staying away from family meetings which are all dap-laced talks, dont waste our vote. tks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Joseph entulu is a dayak
and so is douglas Uggah Embas, your blog speculates too much,better google some info bro

Not a cybertrooper :)

Anonymous said...

Red beam army agent? ...... Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pink Floyd, and.... Khalid shall be only for 2 term. This will be his last term as MB. Next term shall be.... Another kudos for PR and BN/UMNO shall still harping amongst each other talking I am want to be the boss. Bangun lah dari angan-angan dan lamunan mimpi kuasa. Kuasa hanya untuk rakyat.

And by the way Azmin is still young and for sure a ministerial possy in the federal is coming to his feet for the next coming election. Bangun bangun UMNO....

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