Friday, April 18, 2014

Cats' tragic endings

"Lucky" was not so lucky.

Heidi text the Mrs in the early morning to inform "Lucky" passed away. She tried hard to get "Lucky" a mother cat to feed her.

The mother cat at her home had trouble milking "Lucky". She was confused to milk a strange kitten much younger than her own.

It was made more difficult with father cat getting jealous at seeing other kitten milking on the wife other than his own kitten.

So Heidi had to stayed up late to nurse and feed her.

The next day, she took "Lucky" to someone with another mother cat with newborns in Sunway. The mother cat was willing but like any newborn human baby, first time "Lucky"  didn't know how to milk from a cat.

"Lucky" only had the opportunity to spend time with her own mother for a day or two only.

It is frustrating that "Lucky" passed away because Yati had arranged for us to bring "Lucky" somewhere this Saturday where there are three mother cat with newborns.

Like any cat litters, their chances of survival is low, especially without a natural mother.

We have tried.

"Lucky" was placed under 24 hour care at an animal hospital care. We had ensure someone capable in handling a kitten in such delicate stage. Heidi too tried very hard to get a mother cat to adopt "lucky".

We will be collecting "Lucky" this evening and give her a respectable burial tonight.

From the death of a cat, we move to the death of someone commonly referred to as another cat.

The Tiger from Jelutong.

Karpal Singh died a tragic death at 1:30 AM this morning in an accident on the PLUS highway near Gua Tempurong on the way to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur.

Initial investigation from sources claimed the Toyota Alphard with Karpal in the front seat lost control and ramp into the back of a truck. So no need to fabricate a conspiracy to murder him.

Karpal Singh is not someone politically in sync with us. However, even Prophet Muhammad rose to give respect to a Jewish burial procession. We wish to express our condolence to his family and friends.

To quote the words of one UMNO Minister, "Parliament will lose someone who had played a big role in fertisiling democrasy in Malaysia."

In both courtroom and Parliament, he was a controversial figure known for being loud and not mincing his words.

Karpal was suspended from parliament numerous times, charged for sedition, and had been detained under Malaysia's internal security laws.

He is awaiting appeal on a prison sentence for uttering seditous words against the Sultan of Perak.

It is not the first time he had expressed such seditious words against the Malay royalties. The younger public will not know of the incident one Kiyai Arshad lapped Karpal Singh for expressing rude words against the late Sultan of Selangor.

Urban legend has it that there was an incidence in the young Straits Settlement-born Karpal Singh life that made him vowed revenge against Malay royalties.

Karpal Singh would be most vocal when it comes to disagreeing with issues on constitutional position and rights of Malays/Bumiputera, Islam, and Malay rulers thus give him the percception as somewhat of an anti-Malay or anti-Islam.

It is not just Dato Ibrahim Ali's thinking but long ingrained the Malay perception of Karpal Singh.

PAS maybe comfortably in bed with DAP in Pakatan Rakyat in their quest for power but no one will forget secularist Karpal's over my dead body remark in his opposition to PAS's hudud law and Islamic state.

Nik Aziz's regret for not being able to make Karpal Singh understand was merely a show and it had always been an excuse in PAS's politics of convenience. Everyone knows Karpal Singh will never agree or compromise on such issues. .

His death in the midst of UMNO's expressed willingness to support PAS Kelantan to implement the 1994 law passed is interesting.

Nik Aziz had kafir UMNO for not supporting hudud then but now that UMNO is giving support and Karpal's last words was still of resentment, will PAS now kafir PKR and DAP?

Karpal Singh is seldom seen as more DAP than any Chinese DAP leaders because Karpal Singh does not play politics and plays the role of so-called "voice of conscience".

He did held back his dismay when Lim Guan Eng wanted to strengthen himself by divisive politics on the Indian DAP members in his attempt to topple Karpal Singh in the last party election.

The price for Karpal Singh's loyalty to the Lim dynasty or maybe the reality of politics.

Karpal Singh was also infamous for his "Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat" remark.

It is Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy case that exposed the hypocrasy of the lawyer Karpal Singh for being lead counsel for Anwar.

Before the first sodomy case, it was Karpal Singh that exposed Anwar's homosexuality in Parliment till Mat Sabu took it up to popularise the term Al Juburi in his crowd filled ceramah.

To say Karpal Singh is a man of principle is over-rated, commented one former DAP election candidate. He stood to defend the Lims against the injustices made against more than a dozen genuine DAP activist.

Along the way he himself managed to create a Punjabi dynasty of his own in a sea of Chinese.

As one DAP insider used to say, Karpal Singh has a trump card against Anwar which will be used against him in two years after he assume the Premiership to force his resignation.

The planned DAP Deputy Prime Minister will then assume the Premiership upon vacancy.

Did Karpal Singh gave the trump card to his son?

For the time being, Anwar could be relieved with Karpal's death. It could be a useful excuse to prolong his Federal Court appeal and delay his imprisonment.

As a lawyer, Karpal Singh made a name for himself in a drug case that acquited an Australian drug trafficker.

But it is the drug cases that saw Karpal Singh acting in contrary to the popular perception of himself as a man of principle.

It must be somewhere in the 1980s because we were already working. The Bar Council was up in arms against the judiciary with regard to an issue on drug cases. They agreed to boycott taking up drug cases till their demands were met by the judiciary.

It was Karpal Singh that broke the "union" line to compromise with the judiciary. It was those years of the judiciary crisis and the legal fraternity viewed strongly that the executive were meddling with the judiciary.

It was the years the pretentious legal reformist and Kelantanis hypocrit, Dato Zaid Ibrahim was defending the executive and filling up his money pouch.

We were quiet aware back then that whenever Karpal Singh has an important case and Parliament was in session, he would create an antic to get himself expelled and suspended for few days.

But then again, Karpal Singh helped to fertilise democrasy.

For that matter, we have met the men to get a briefing in a legal case involving a common folks. Someone like Karpal Singh was convenient to have around. Otherwise, the common folks get bullied by those in power.

When we met him at his office, he was physically weak and could hardly raised his arm to shake our hands. However, he was attentive and still able to read his cases. He is not as loud and vocal in person but more a listener.

How much adoration the opposition supporters are giving him on his death, the reality is the ways of Karpal Singh and close comrade, Lim Kit Siang has passed it's time.

The same ruckus created will no more be acceptable in due time. It is no more the time the few opposition MPs in Parliament had to pull every trick in the bag to get their voices heard. There is more of them now.

It will wear off. Eventually, the public will want to hear more content than circus act. Politics of rationality will make it's presence after the public have vented their anger and cognitivity has resume again.

Even Lim Guan Eng had acknowledged to a friend that DAP politics must ubah too and the old ways of his father will eventually end. That is quite hopeful but don't see Guan Eng ubah for a more progressive and mature politics.

DAP's politics is still about Sino interest and now reverse discrimination to settle old vengence against Malays and Muslims.

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Anonymous said...

I pity this Tiger of Jelutong.

Karpal exposes Anwar's homosexuality in Parliment in 1998 and in 2008 he accuses Anwar "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble for the country... Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat".

Karpal Singh may be a good leader but he lost all his credibility when he became the lead counsel for Anwar Ibrahim in his second sodomy case.

"Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama... tetapi Harimau Jelutong mati meninggalkan tembelang". RIP Karpal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Its true. The hypocrisy of Karpal Singh will be forever remembered by the malay muslims.

Good bye Karpal, the truth have found you and you will be dealt accordingly by the one and only true justice system.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I must congratulate these two "gentlemen" for portraying their true nature. But I fear it will bring little support to UMNO.

Obviously they are not familiar with the "cab rank rule" where a barrister/advocate must accept a brief in his area of expertise (in this case Criminal Law)if the client has made acceptable arrangements to pay.

It is the job of the advocate (barrister) to plead his client's case to best of his ability. Mr Karpal Singh always did this and many UMNO members have been his clients over the years.

Mr Karpal Singh's arguments on the Constitution have a basis in the Constitution itself. "All are equal", it says. The "special rights apply to the Malay Regiment and certain LIMITED matters. It is not an excuse for a wholesale discrimination against the others. Of course you will not agree but do yourselves a favour and have a look at the Constitution first.

As for Death, all of us are going to face it. I often wonder if any one will attend my funeral. Thousands may attend their funerals, but if truth be told, I am not sure even 1 person will attend mine.

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