Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Lucky" found a mother!

We've just returned home from sending "Lucky" to her new mom.

It was a long day filled with nervousness on what holds for "Lucky", the kitten we've left at the animal care center since last Thursday.

In fact, we extended by another day by telling a white lie to the centre that we've caught a mild flu Sunday. She bought into it out of the fear of contagion risk to the kitten.

The Mrs is due to return to work tomorrow and we need to be back in the groove of things. We desperately needed someone better to care for her. It was only late in the evening that a willing mother was found for "Lucky".

By the way, "Lucky" is the new name just adopted by Yati, the Mrs friend cum mummy finder for the orphaned kitten.

Yati put up the kitten's picture on her FB and another cat lover found a first time mother cat that could be persuaded to adopt and feed her.

Canned milk is not enough for kittens. It needs the antibody from a mother cat's milk.

Into the hands of the new mother

Voila! Heidi from Damansara agreed.

When we met Heidi at Yati's house complete with a hand carried pet cage, we know she must be a pro at taking care of cats.

Mrs was willing to take care of Lucky although there is the risk of returning late. We were willing to dare ourselves to overcome the glee of feeding "Lucky" during the day.

However, it is a wee bit risky.

In the rush for things, we could easily forgotten to feed the kitten or accidentally left the air-condition temperature too low on hot days. There will be more logistic problems when we have to be out of town on short notice.

It was a safer option for "Lucky" was to get someone else to take care. Heidi had a better way and that is to get a nursing mother cat to adopt "Lucky". These cat pros knows how to get the mother to cooperate.

After sending "Lucky" to Heidi, it was a nice relief to a rush day. There was sister-in-law cats to be neutered, helping a friend from Sarawak with his accommodation, and to get Lucky a home before the day end.

We managed to pick-up "Lucky" before the 12:00 PM, the dateline before they charge us another day. Already, it cost RM520 which includes RM65 burial charges for "Lucky" deceased sibling.

The hospital isn't keen in letting a kitten exposed to risk of diseases in an animal hospital."Lucky" was kept in a ventilated blue incubator.

Then, Mrs rush to the other cat matters after we sorted our friend's accommodation arrangement. Not to mentioned, we managed to visit the second sick friend at the hospital in two days.

Before departing, Heidi said to meet up again when "Lucky" is up and jumpy. Does she intend to say you can take it back after she is no more milking?

Looking at the white and light brown colour fur, "Lucky" will grow up to be a beautiful cat. By then, quite sure, not only Heidi and Mrs would want to have her, but many others.

Ah well .... for now, we are just happy that "Lucky" found a more comfortable home and someone better to care for her. What is important, the abandoned "Lucky" will grow up getting loved and not risk another in-human prank from that nasty Cruella, the Pengerusi Persatuan Penduduk.

Our only reservation with the name Lucky was that it reminded us of the slick American Mafia gangster, Lucky Luciano. Maybe we've been watching too much Mafia documentary on You Tube.

We forgotten to find out Lucky's gender from the vet. If "Lucky" is a she, then the name Lucille as in Lucille Ball or BB King's guitar would be elegant.

Hmmm ... why this sudden  scratchy throat? Are we being punished with a real flu for lying to the veterinary doctor yesterday?

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Anonymous said...

don't bother about scratchy throat, assume with upmost belief god give you 'pahala'(about the kitten) & scratchy throat means you've got to stop taking cold drinks for time being

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