Tuesday, January 16, 2018

US-backed BERSIH behind corruption misinformation

Suddenly, Tun Dr Mahathir is raising issue on the uncanny situation of 900 "Fatimah bin Ismail" born of the same day in the electoral roll. Its obviously an exageration like RM42 billion "lesap".

One can presume the idea for such allegation may have come from former EC Chairman and PPBM VP, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abd Rahman. It could be his righing Modus Operandi then for Mahathir.

No such thing happened ever since BERSIH scrutinised EC for the past two GEs. Now they are trying to abuse the court to deny the requirement by law for redelienation.

Sensing the US-backed BERSIH is in their elements. Believe an Iran-styled color revolution to protest rising prices is in the making.

The Embassy along Jalan Tun Razak Embassy could yet again be assisting to viral misinformation in their perception game. One detected is an image and video on corruption.

Yes, the unbelievable finding that Malaysia is more corrupt than Indonesia.

A related video is being viral with the message:

Transparency international had rated Malaysia as the top ranking country in the world for corruption...over taken Zimbabwe and the rest with such an embarrassed state apparently..
Yes, this was a past Transparency International survey, believed to be in 2012, that got severely criticised for the illogical outcome.

It is strongly suspected that the data was intentionally manipulated and viral for the opposition to use for their 2012 General Election campaign psywar.

They tried again for the upcoming GE.

This time around corruption is also the theme for their election campaign to seize on the ongoing no-progress 1MDB related cases and investigation by the US Department of Justice.

It is an open secret that WSJ is the unofficial propaganda organ of DOJ.

And, Ruper Murdoch, owner of WSJ is part and parcel of US covert operation behind color revolution abroad to bring down foreign government through public upheavel.

Before any attempt to deny anti-colonial Mahathir's collaboration with foreigners to bring down government and use Najib's friendship with Donald Trump as excuse, he is in a covert cooperation with Clare Rewcastle, George Soros, WSJ and receive handholding from DOJ to bring down Dato Najib.

They been claimimg DOJ do not take instruction from Trump.

There is no denying corruption is much at large. The problem is deep rooted within societal decay. The pursuit for material overwhelmed moral and ethical conscience.

Sources among law enforcement claimed those loudest to complain of corruption oftenly tend to be givers of bribes themselves to secure construction projects.

Observe DAP in Penang and Pakatan in Selangor. Even religous authorities are on the take for halal certification and collusion to turn a blind eye on vice activities.

There is talk that there was collusion between religous authority and inside job to fix a rabid corruption buster.

The inside job came from those that for years were covering up corrupt politicians. When he and conspirator is out of govt, could then action be taken.

That is the state of the country. How rampant is it? How do we stand to other countries?

The fact may be wrong and purely propaganda misinformation. Nevertheless, corruption issue need be understood from the right perspective and not ignored.

Measuring corruption using perception index is faulty. The measuring of corruption is a tricky bit.

For instance, does more arrest and court charge means more corruption or more effective enforcement against corruption?

There are better index than TI's Perception Index.

Malaysian branch of TI is led by an ineffective former MACC officer with blood for his ex colleagues. Public is unlikely to know of the unsavory behind the scene stories of his wreckless ambitions and collusions.

His last few surveys was way off and strongly believed to have manipulated his survey sample.

Corruption MUST involve power to decide by someone in position of power.

Off course there are cases of politicians, from both sides of the divide, with position in government abusing such power by their interference through INFLUENCES.

However, politicians can only be corrupted when government officers collaborated. Note: KKLW, MBI Selangor and Felda.

Most of the time, corruption involves government officers since they are the implimentors and make more operational decisions than politicians' policy making roles. Case in point is JKR, MOF officials, and state finance offices for various public works.

Perception could twist the truth from reality.

Most important, each one of us should refrain from corruption.

The root of corruption lies in individual human fallacy and lack of integrity.

The best government and corporation could do is to institute a system of accountability and transparency.

Hopefully law and the enforcement could frighten the tempted ones from trying. It is difficult to reduce in countries where corruption is endemic.

Unless one is commited to be whistleblower and willing to resign in protest of corrupt practices of one's employer, lets not participate in the politicising of corruption.

When it is politicise, one take side and close one eye on the wrongdoing of your preferred side.

Politically, BERSIH has no standing and credibility to play on corruption when they are now backing Dr #Taktau RM31.5 billion disappeared and his superich through nepotism children.

The man himself has no iota of standing to campaign against corruption. He is only deceiving the public.


Anonymous said...

TAK ke KELAKAQnya ni - mcmlah US tu KETUA POLIS Dunia sedgkan hampir kesemua rejim2 US, yg. sudah diKUASAI ZIONIS/IS(IS)rael (lihat di - http://www.whale.to/b/bollyn.html , How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties, by Christopher Bollyn, 25 October 2008) adalah si PEMBUNUH/PEROGOL/PEROMPAK umat Islam-no 2; selepas rejim TERORIS KANIBAL IS(IS)rael! Lihat shjlah Dunia ISLAM yg. amat KAYA MINYAK-GAS yg. habis diROMPAK dlm GENOSID2 di Iraq/Syria/Libya/Afghanistan/Palestin/Mali/Somalia dsbnya, oleh si PARASIT/PENJAJAH/LANUN/PENYANGAK/PEMBUNUH/PEROMPAK/PEROGOL/PERASUAH US-Barat/NATO/ZIONIS-IS(IS)rael tu – di bawah UNDG2/DEMOKRASI/HAK ASASI Barat/ZIONISPENIPU HARAM JADAH!


US vs China: US-Backed Mobs Seek to Overthrow Malaysian Government

August 24, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Malaysia's "Berish" movement - an umbrella organization for various opposition groups opposed to the current government of Prime Minister Najib Razak - plans its fourth street demonstration in 8 years to unfold at the end of August.

While Bersih's alleged goal is "clean and fair elections," it is openly led by the government's opposition headed by the now imprisoned US-proxy Anwar Ibrahim and a myriad of US-funded and directed nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The US State Department, through its US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its subsidiary the National Democratic Institute (NDI), along with convicted financial criminal George Soros' Open Society Institute (OSI), have funded both Bersih directly, and many of the NGOs that constitute Bersih's core leadership.

Several NGOs currenlty openly funded by the US NED - i.e. Islamic Renaissance Front and Lawyers for Liberty - can be found also listed on Bersih's current "endorsees" list.

Despite years of immense US-funding, Bersih has recently pleaded for donations and now claims they've received over a half million Ringgit (over 100,000 USD). More recent reports claim the amount could be as high as 1.2 million Ringgit.

And while they claim they seek simply to reform Malaysian politics, Bersih's new leader, Maria Chin Abdullah openly admitted their goal for "Bersih 4.0" is to call for the resignation of Malaysia's current government. In a Facebook post she claimed:

"Reforms - we will continue to demand and this time Yes it's a tall order to ask the PM to resign but if we dont try we will never push the boundaries for clean & fair elections."

Apparently by "clean & fair elections," Bersih's leadership means elections in which their opponents have been undermined and otherwise eliminated, and in which they can take power - or in other words, another textbook case of US-backed regime change…..

Tok Labu.


Anonymous said...

Apa sudah jadi dengan BERSIH yang KOTORRRRRRRRR? Bila mau buat demonstrasi kat Pulau Pinang? Jgn ada double standard!!!!!!!!!

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