Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Zeti does not know she is being used by Mahathir

Before the previous BNM Governor, Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim was selected, the talk then was that Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz's preferred successor was 1MDB investigator, Dato Nor Shamsiah Yusof.

If she was seen promoting and campaigning for Muhammad then, she is now promoting, campaigning and soothing public concern on Muhammad's resignation and Shamsiah's appointment. Heard the better choice should be the baiyi but Shamsiah's 1MDB effort is more the interest of Tun Dr Mahathir.

Zeti is the prefered choice of Mahathir to be used till she is of no use and to be chug aside. Increasingly, she is of no use. How much could Zeti's soothing assurances be of value to investors in a slowly but surely crashing market and an economy heading for recession?

The same with Shamsiah.

The "positive time" for changes she said on May 14th turned negative on all fronts. Moody's report said PH government inherited a good economy but the mouths of Mahathir and Lim Guan Eng double handedly ruined it.

Zeti's gave assurances that the economy is solid, capable of meeting debts, ample reserves and sufficient income from high oil price came out rather hypocritical when as Governor, she seemed to indicate the country was going to the dogs.

Her statement on new toll charges, GST cancellation and SST implementation, price control mechanism, etc. have yet to be delivered. Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) had not delivered on a single election promise of PH.

Zeti is losing her reputation fast. She may not realised it but she will be chug aside soon. And she is caught between like a cucumber in between two durians with the possibility she will come out victim.

It is beyond CEP Chairman, Tun Daim using her to announce promises that will never get delivered and part of it is because it was never Mahathir's flavour of the day or not any day, Josephine.

As a woman, Zeti may likely be naive of the vengeance Mahathir has kept in him towards her father, the truly eminent economist on rural development, Prof Ungku Aziz. Even at the very late age of 93, Mahathir could not rid of his vengeful nature.

Does she aspect Mahathir to forget that she was the one that blurt out at the Special Task Force on BNM's forex trading losses the true loss sum of RM31.5 billion?

She is being used to "clean-up" Mahathir's, Daim's and Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop's name in the forex debacle. There is nothing more in her than her presence serve to dispel any thoughts by the perception created that she was forced to utter such numbers. She should hold back from denying the number was wrong as long as possible.

With the latest expose by Third Force and that brought out a public statement from Dato Lokman Nor Adam against Zeti.. Zeti could be a liability and discredit the investigation on or possibly any fix-up of Najib.

Mahathir could even be looking at her as Najib's accomplice in the 1MDB debacle.

Like Muhammad, who was pressured into resignation based on mere acquisition of BNM buying land to help Ministry of Finance raise money to pay 1MDB debt, Zeti could suddenly disappear out of the scene and not even be seen doing grocery in Bangsar.

If she refuse, the expose on her husband's and children dealing may end up being investigated and made into a case. Talk is, and it is not confirmed yet, that there is no solid case against Dato Najib and he will end up being fabricated with some petty charges. Lets allow MACC and police to do their work first.

Notice the leak that Najib will get charged for misappropriation of property came with money laundering charges. Latest heard they are leaking stories Datin Seri Rosmah will be charge for AMLA and the asset seized will only be made known today.

All to buy time.

Zeti need to buy time too as she is now in a hot soup. It was revealed by Third Force that she knew the RM2.6 billion was genuinely a donation from Saudi and apparently advised the money is to be channeled into Najib's personal account.

Below is excerpts from the purpotedly MACC investigation paper:   

Lokman Nor Adam was reported here to pose the questions:
  • Mengapakah Zeti tidak membuat kenyataan kepada SPRM berkaitan identiti penderma tersebut?(Why Zeti did not make any statement to MACC on the real identity of the said donor?)
  • Mengapakah Zeti tidak membantu SPRM mendapatkan rekod transaksi dari AMBANK? (Why Zeti did not assist MACC to get the transaction record from AMBANK?) 
  • Mengapakah Zeti hanya berdiam diri, seolah-olah beliau tidak tahu menahu perihal perkara tersebut? (Why Zeti kept silent as though she does not of the said matter?)
It did not stopped there.

The Third Force portal writer, Reggie Jessy has come out in the open and told media that Zeti and current MACC Chief Commissioner, Dato Shukri Abdull had set-up Najib. [Read MT here]

Reggy Jessy has come forward to make a formal police report. It is believed he was being interviewed by police yesterday.

Does Zeti has room to manouvre?

If within a matter of days, after the announcement of Tan Sri Vincent Tan's substantive purchase of T7 Global shares that he had to sell under call of cronyism, there is nothing special of Zeti to be given special treatment.

These days there is nothing special of Nor Yakcop to be given a fresh lease of life in corporate life. He is gone and could possibly be saved from prosecution to save Mahathir's name.

Zeti is also stuck with Lokman's expose of her family, as taken from Malaysia Digest here, below,
PMB president, Datuk Lokman Adam, who was the former Finance Ministry strategic communications director has issued a statement to highlight the matter to the relevant authorities.

“What is the relation between Zeti, Mahathir, Daim and Nor Yaacob in the MAS and Forex scandals in the 80s and 90s?

“Malaysia lost more than RM40 billion but why did the PH government refused to reopen the investigation file and even ridiculed the results by Forex Royal Commission of Inquiries (RCI) by saying a RM10 billion loss can’t grow into RM30 billion.

“If the outcome of an RCI was ridiculed, then what is the purpose of the formation of an RCI for 1MDB?” Datuk Lokman queried.

In addition, PMB also wants authorities to investigate Zeti's husband Dato Tawfiq Ayman and her two children for their roles in operating Syarikat Al Zir, which was believed to use funds from the Ministry of Education (MoE) to supply malfunctioning water pump systems.

“In a second scandal involving Dato Tawfiq, he was said to have received illegal commissions to help a third-party profit greatly from a breach of confidential data from the CIMB-Southern bank.

“Zeti should speak the truth if she provided the confidential data regarding the financial standing of Southern Bank which was used by her husband to gain huge profits.
Zeti wants to play men's game, then she must not expect any handicap given for her as a woman. The game of corruption, slander and fixing up the innocent is no game of chivalry. From trying to play games to be safe and survive, she can end up victim.

She can forget any chance of getting her Tun-ship. 


Anonymous said...

Yes.. finally.. someone..
Had highlighted.. bring zeti into the game..
Since day 1 people never question her..
Just diam only..
Zeti should take all questions and answer..
Korang biar je dia lepas..? Konon perempuan..
Tapi dok hentam najib diam2..
Perempuan tak perempuan.. u dah nk join tUrn sarkas..
Jom.. jgn buat diam atau marah bila org hentam..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Salah zeti sebab dh tau dan benarkan 2.6B dlm akaun najib.

Bolehke gabenur bnm komen psl akaun peribadi?
Itu doc dlm blog 3rd force amek dari statement siapa?

Tiba2 yg terima wang dlm akaun jadi suci murni xsalah apa. Semua jadi salah zeti.

Duit tunai dlm rumah utk parti. Tapi bila tanya kenapa bnyk currency tukar pulak sebab sy dh travel keluar negara 30 tahun.
Travel ke luar negara abes duit ke buat duit?
Travel luar negara atas kapasiti kerajaan atau parti?
Duit itu duit kerajaan atau parti?
Ini semua salah mahathir.

Beg, jam tangan, barang kemas bernilai ratus juta pulak itu semua salah polis..

Salah semuanorg yg xsalah najib dan rosmah je. Gila cerita mcm ni pun ada org percaya

FJ/USJ said...

Semua samalah tak boleh percaya..the rich has become so greedy...langsung tak malu.People like this shouldn't be respected.

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