Saturday, June 30, 2018

Reality bites on the reborn

During Hari Raya on the second day at the house of a VVIP, a son of the host's close friend was loudly talking of new hope from the change of government.

The lad works in Tokyo and has a Mat Salleh wife. There was no slang in his English - American or British or Ossie - but the fluency tells that English is the family's first language and his Malay is rather pelat.

His profession was IT thus his profile is a dead giveaway on his level of knowledge and understanding on the matter he commented.

Nevertheless, we should celebrate his aspiration. It is that of our's too but different in choice, experiance and pragmatism.

Talking of pragmatism, has reality bite on the new government and the public of the new government?

The young man's simple and quite valid argument is to give them a chance. They will get that chance under the current euphoria.

However, the question is whether the new government is on the right track?

The new administration will be two month old soon, full cabinet only appointed and to be sworn in on Monday, and the 100 days milestone is about a month and a half away.

Tun Dr Mahathir already admitted he is unable to fulfill the election promises because it was made to irresp0nsibly cheat voters with attractive, but undeliverable election manifesto. They didn't expect to win.

In mid-May during his Japan visit, he acknowledged to international media that his new government lacked experience. Not quite a moral booster for foreign investors nervous with uncertainty of new government.

Assuming, they deserve another chance. The next milestone will be the budget due for September or October parliament session.

The country's economic fate lies with the fiscal policy solution to the self-inflicted economic and financial market woes arising from foul-mouth Lim Guan Eng and Mahathir.

The country has lost RM200 billion (at least) since new government tookover. It is not enough to merely say substantial debt reduction in next few months when PM's focus is to can Dato Najib immediately with any charges will do pace.

The new government should be reminded of the aspiration of the young man from Tokiyo as written in this May 28th posting by Facebooker Nazrin Hassan, below:

A new dawn for the country, they call it. I wish for it to be so, too. But there will be no new dawn if we keep doing the following:

If we support to keep or retain leaders who are arrogant and/or corrupt in politics, in the civil service or in GLCs. Enough already of those who are taking kickbacks or passing contracts to family members or loved ones or those who can only hijack ideas or projects from the hardworking people who originated them. Even if they inspire you, they should not be there if they're stealing from the country or its good citizens. If they cannot justify their wealth, they have no business serving the Government;

If we fear to disagree in public on issues or policies that truly matter to the country. We need to create more public or media platforms where debate and dissent is encouraged. You can't get to the best solutions without properly hearing both sides of a problem;

If Government policies and decisions are made up "in the air" on the basis of simplicity of execution, as opposed to proper thought and consultation with the engine room of industry verticals and taking into account the necessary history, details, context, retaining good talent and future growth plans. Just a few wrong calls will regress back decades of work;

If we're not willing to be more honest than polite. Malaysians are such a respectful lot, our desire not to offend, is paramount. Experts hold their punches in press interviews but tell you what they really think in private. But that politeness is exactly what has caused much of the rot to happen, in Malaysia; and

If we don't set up more checks and balances in all parts of our lives, so that might does not always become right. We need to give the man in the street or middle management the protection he needs, to stand up to a wrong or to expose corruption, without him or his livelihood, being jeopardized. If we don't, 1 crook will always prevail over 9 honest but fearful men.

We need to do more than just hope for the sincerity of honest and able leaders. We need to start saying no, to people who are willing to compromise this country, for the sake of self-interest or collective greed.

Don't just sit there and wait for a 93-year old to make things right, for the country you love.

Nazrin Hassan FB
Whether at 93, or 81 or 72 or any age, the mouse should not be expected to mend the pumpkin. That is the only part we do not agree with Nazrin. It is a principle difference.

Today, UMNO chooses its new leader/s ...

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