Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Zeti took 26 days to deny, how many days to response on Ecotive?

The PNB announcement on the appointment of Jalil Rashid as PNB CEO was made on August 29th, 2019. Subsequently, Tun Dr Mahathir said he was not informed of the appointment. Then, it was  complete silence from PNB Chairman, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

One can hear the pin drop at the Chairman office at PNB headquarter.

Finally after 26 days, Zeti issued a denial, After so long, it hardly said anything but the usual corporate communication bullshit of claiming they followed procedure. There was hardly any meat.

If they did follow procedure, why was Mahathir not in the know (video HERE) as it is not customary of him to not know of important appointments? Of all person, Zeti would be the last person not to know Mahathir expect to be kept abreast? Even any appointments to be made by Dato Paduka Mukhriz or Dato Seri Faizal Azumu within their respective state still need his prior approval!

Is Zeti confirming the rumour Mahathir is beginning to show early signs of senility or dementia to forget and as one PPBM MP said, he is on remote memory? 

So come out with it.

Zeti's response is reported by all mainstream and pro-government media without any critical question asked or any investigation work done. Read in BN, Sundaily, Malaysia Reserve, Malaysia InsightMalaysiakini, and EdgeMarkets,

There was allegation that Jalil is married to a grandniece of Mahathir thus the suspicion he was in his typical #SayaTakTau mode to pass the buck to Zeti.

Another allegation is Zeti is beholden to the Council of Emminent Persons Chairman, Tun Daim Zainuddin and allowed for Daim's brother in law and Economic Adviser on suspension, Dr Muhammad Khalid to make the choice.

Rumour is when Jalil as CEO of MIMB-Aberdeen, Muhammad was the remisier aka dealer at KL Securities handling

Zeti can get her PR team at PNB together with hiring Datin Norhiyati, renown for her evil hands in Bank Islam and Tabung Haji, to deny to these allegations that have been making its rounds.

By right, two days before issuing this denial, Zeti should explain her shareholding in Ecotive UK in which an alleged Mahathir proxy, Kamal Siddiqi and sspected scammer is the major shareholder.

Assure her that her aristocratic silence will not get her any where as it create more curiosity. Zeti must answer for it or more will be revealed. Since she is so slow to response, lets hear from her in 16 days?


Anonymous said...

What nonsense is Zeti? Is she against transparency? Is she so noble and above everyone that she need not be answerable to the public?

Anonymous said...

Well she didn't expose the billions flowing from a different era either. Does she need to make statements on appointments pulak!
Every head of government departments or GLCs take orders lah.
Masa bila depa ini independent departments?
Just watch MACC in future.
Just who are they chasing and prosecuting?

Alamak do you live in my beloved Malaysia?


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