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MalaysiaNow - MT doing old school reformasi era psywar

The number of Covid-19 patients were rising, but more pressing was not enough doctors and nurses to attend to them. Unlike certain hospitals in the Covid stricken areas in Selangor today, there were sufficient number of ventilators but its use was increasing then

The Hungarian government made a decisive move in 2020 to strategically stock up on ventilators for fear of the tragic situation in Italy.  

It was a pandemonium with Western countries rushing for facemasks, gloves, PCR test kits and ventilators. 

It came to the point American, German and agents from various countries were outside factories in China with upfront cash to pay and bribe supervisors to hijack orders. Not withstanding, the layers of go-betweens in sourcing for pandemic related medical products. 

Securing the product was not the only challenge. Exporting it to the destination was another. Ports and airports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen had queue of exporters, which took two days to get clearance to board goods.


With that as the background for 2020, a Hungarian opposition raised issue on their government's overstocking and the prices of ventilators purchased last year. 

MP Vagnes Badai is just doing a her job. As of February, the Ministry concerned as yet to sell the excess ventilator. Its internal.Hungarian politics.

Subsequently, an investigative report dated June 29th by Nick Kochan in his blog here mentioned the name Dato Vinod Sekhar, whose trading company and himself as middleman or broker, was the Hungarian government official contact to source for products in this region. 

The Hungarian official could have gone straight to the China suppliers, but they chose someone known to them who could source, make the arrangement and ensure delivery without much hiccup. 

Its quite the usual business practise.  

Vinod is a Malaysian businessman, philantropst, son of the famous developer of the Malaysian rubber industry, Tan Sri Sekhar and political advisor to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. 

He has been MalaysiaNow and Raja Petra's political target. The way their political mind works is that by crippling Vinod means finishing off Anwar. 

It is an open secret that MalaysiaNow is an Azmin-funded outfit and led by former FMT Editor, Abdul Rahman Koya. His other known siblings are Latheefa and Zakiah. That should give a good profiling and confirm the political alignment. 

Former colleagues or comrades can be more vicious an enemy than any other. It happened in UMNO, DAP, PAS and in this case, PKR too.  

This not in anyway to defend Vinod merely because Rocky Bru is involved in developing The, but because Vinod cannot be pigeon-holed merely to Anwar. 

When he came to the scene to develop the first Malaysian car, the Bufori - earlier than Proton, he was in partnership with Tengku Imran. His network of friends, acquintances and business associates extended across all walks of politicians, race, religion, social class and nationality to even extend to PPBM President and politicians.      
That is not sufficient defense or answer to allegation that first appeared on MalaysiaNow on July 16th here and floated by Raja Petra on July 21st here

The volley set-up by Rahman Koya and attempted spike by RPK is the usual reformasi-era propaganda to start an issue. Subsequently, it is viralled and repeated in Goebell-esque manner. CheguBard will be expected to take the forefront.  


But, it came of rather strange that MalaysiaNow seemed to held back their punches in their July 23rd follow-up article here

They made allegations and claimed multi-agencies investigation, in which it could only be the old NRRET, but held back from naming Vinod.

In earlier article, they kept harping on his resolved previous bankruptcy issue.     

The agency National Anti-Financial Crime Center is mentioned and Deputy CEO, Sani Abdul Hamid is quoted. Could be his kakak's contact. It will be more credible should CEO Dato Mustafar Ali was mentioned. 

Having skimmed through the agreements linked from MT, it looks to be a fair deal and common arrangement.  

If MalaysiaNow is blindly quoting source to highlight payments to five different accounts in two financial centres, it is so old school reformasi style of doubts and suspicion creation. 

Suggest they talk to bankers familiar with trade financing process and figure out what Bank Communication Hong Kong is all about. Rahman Koya is so out on this financial investigative reporting. 

Allow us to join nuclearmanbursa  here in "laughing my head off and then rolling on the floor". Its 20 years into the millenium and such shallow play will get scrutinised on social media. 

Presumably, Vinod gets commission for doing his work from the ultimate China supplier. If it is arranged for the Hungarian to pay direct for goods to be delivered directly and urgently, has any commission been paid to Vinod for a crime to allegedly happen? 

In the first place, since when it is a crime for Malaysians to do off-shore business deals and get paid off-shore? 

There is more, but show us what you've got. 

As it is, Rahman Koya reported here that MP Vidal Agnes complain was dismissed  by the Prosecutor General and when directed to the police, was rejected. 

There is no more locus standi to claim any alleged wrongdoing happened in Hungary. It means Rahman Koya has to do his own invetigation and stick his head to make the allegation. It will come with consequences.

For him to rely on NACC, then he is wasting readers' time. Authorities have picked on, investigated and bankrupted Vinod already, but he is now all cleared.  

Suggest Rahman Koya stick to defending the most unpopular Malaysian politician, his stupid political narratives, and childish tantrums. 

Malaysians have had it up their neck with such political antics. This so-called expose will not catch on.

* Edited 26/7 11.15 AM

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