Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stay Focus, Don't Be Swayed By Hindraf Crap

The real crap are Economic Corridors, stupid!

The Hindraf issue has swayed public and online attention from the true crap faced by the nation under the current administration. There is likely to be more than meets the eye. "Could it be distraction to grab the attention of the public away?", asked conspirasy theoreticians.

If there are poor Indians being given a crap deal in the estate, deal with it. For the other demands which are crap, screw them! If the claim that Indian grievances have been given crap attention by certain Government officials and politicians, every Malaysians are getting that same crap! Crap to those officials and politicians. Yes, crap the oppositions too for not properly delivering the issues in the Houses.

For that there is no any reason for Malays to lose their head over this. Let not our attention be swayed by some extremist Hindraf nutheads or Malay hotheads. Violence and vigilante-ism will only make things worse and worst.

The economic corridors launched are craps that the public should focus their attention on and it is outcry worth shouting. Much has been said in this and other blogs. There are few blog postings on the Internet that highlighted few pertinent issues and developments on the Economic Corridors. Extracts of the postings are edited and reproduced below.

Infringement Against the Federalism Spirit

The Penang Watch blog wrote an article entitled "Anti-NCER/PGCC movements a reflection of rejection of federalising powers?".

After five Economic Corridor announced and launched, some patterns can be discerned as a shift of power to the Federal Government from the State Government. State Governments relying on Federal Government for development allocation can only exchange these funds by giving up control over development.

Some of the relevant pattern of the Economic Corridors are:

1. It is based on real estate or land speculations.

2. It is run by Federal Agencies through implementation Agencies chaired by Federal Ministers or Politicians or GLCs representatives.

3. The Local Councils may lose oversight or approval power over such projects, thus making them redundant. Council rules on densities and land use are altered to suit federal needs.

4. State governments can only watch with bewilderment on what goes on in their own land, even though land is about the only things left in their hand.

5. This Federal juggernaut need to be stopped. Otherwise, they may be waiting for the day when the redundant State Government is disposed off or made into symbolic titular state reps.
These are genuine craps because the direction the Economic Corridors are heading is against the spirit of the Federation of Malaya Agreement, 1948. The basis of the Federation of Malaya is the sovereign Malay states in Semenanjung Tanah Melayu combine to become the Federation.
This Agreement replaced the historical disputed Malayan Union of 1946. UMNO was formed to struggle against this termination of the State sovereignty and the British advancing the colonialisation process.

The presence of Singapore in Malaysia in 1963 revived a 1920s "Malaya for Malayan" political slogan of Tun Tan Cheng Lok as "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan. Tun Tan had in fact made a significant contribution to the British in the Malayan Union proposal during his exile from Japanese Occupation in India.

Singapore was eventually "kicked" out of the Federation. In their exuberance to campaign this similar "centralisation" idea to a fragile race relation Malaya, it had resulted in racial clashes. Their absence did not tide down the situation as racial strife continued and culminated into the tragic May 13, 1969 incident.

"Malaysian Malaysia" promotes "equality" without "fair" consideration for the economic hardship of the Bumiputera. "Malaysian Malaysia" is Malayan Union II which UMNO had fought against to preserve the sovereignty. It was Tun Abdul Razak's wisdom to reform the nation towards the proper path of racial unity.

The current Economic Corridors can hereby be summed up as an indirect attempt to dismantle the Federation. The Economic Corridors will reduce the relevance of the state and ultimately lead to the dissolution of the states. Perhaps the unitary state could be a Republic practising laisse fairre economy devoid of any social or welfare responsibility to the people. Its a "dog eat dog" free market economy with no compassion.

Many believed that the underlying reason Khazanah and its GLCs were given bigger role in the economy was to consolidate corporate economic power for the convenience of a certain "invisible hands". Whilst, the Economic Corridors are really a political power consolidation exercise disguised as centralisation of economic management. This will eventually have a wider implication to the political economy, legal and security spectre of the nation.

The scary reality of sleepy Abdullah Badawi as an incompetent yet powerful Prime Minister is that the true power lies with the advisers. It is a hypothesis widely accepted by the public that he is now at the behest of Western powers and he doesn't know it. By the time the whole power consolidation and societal restructuring exercise is completed (likely to include an explosive review of the Social Agreement), the next Prime Minister will be an extremely powerful leader.

Political pundiots have dubbed the Economic Corridors as "Kerry-dor". It implies Khairy Jamaluddin's hand in this manipulation of power to build himself into a powerful Prime Minister-by-40. In reality, it is plain jane Malayan Union III.

The sad reality the proud UMNO members have to live with is the guilt that it is the few top UMNO leaders that conjured and forced this idea on the reluctant people, particularly of Johor.

Thats Crap! Crap! Crap! When will the members have the crap to throw that nincompoop crap out?

IRDA 664 Act, Mechanism for State Suppression

WPI represents the highlight of this new incursion into the building block of our naion's sovereign existence. Hajimat of MyKMU posted an article from Malaysia Today entitled as Kenapa Melayu perlu tuntut hak di bumi sendiri? which described one aspect of the mechanism to subjugate the state authority in the IRDA 664 Act for WPI.

This is the first such Act for the Economic Corridors and was hurriedly passed in Parliament in December 2006. Kudos to Prowaris for identifying what the "blinded" Johor MP missed in Parliament!

Seperkara yang amat mengejutkan kami di halaman 44, perkara 50 Akta tersebut memperuntukkan hak keistimewaan kekebalan (imuniti) undang-undang diberikan kepada salah seorang penjawat kerajaan yang berikut:

(a) Menteri;

(b) Pihak Berkuasa;

(c) Mana-mana anggota Pihak Berkuasa, mana-mana anggota Jawatankuasa Kelulusan dan Pelaksanaan, mana-mana anggota Jawatankuasa, atau mana-mana Pegawai, Perkhidmat atau Ejen Pihak Berkuasa; atau

(d) Mana-mana orang lain yang bertindak dengan sah bagi pihak Pihak Berkuasa, berkenaan dengan apa-apa perbuatan, keabaian atau keingkaran yang dibuat atau dilakukan olehnya dengan suci hati atau apa-apa peninggalan yang ditinggalkan olehnya dengan suci hati atas sifat yang sedemikian.
Ini bermakna mereka yang memegang kuasa di atas boleh mendabik dada apabila dikecualikan daripada tindakan undang-undang atas dasar apa tidaklah diketahui agenda yang tersembunyi, tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Kalau dahulu semasa pemerintahan Tun Dr Mahathir, beliau telah melupuskan kuasa imuniti raja-raja, kini kuasa tersebut berpindah milik dihidupkan semula dengan memberi jaminan kepada penjawat kerajaan bahawasanya kedudukan mereka tidak boleh digugat oleh undang-undang. Bak kata pepatah Inggeris, “they are above the law.’’

Dikaji secara terperinci, penjawat kerajaan bukan sahaja boleh menyalahgunakan kuasa mereka, malah kuasa tersebut boleh menghancurkan negara.
With the IRDA 664 Act passed, policies have and will continue to be indiscriminately changed to convenient Singaporeans. They will benefit from the allowances given to own properties costing RM250,000, easy smart card entry, liberal working permits for foreigners, and exclusive facilities provided. The Malay Special status have been indiscriminately removed within WPI against the quid pro quo spirit of the Constitution. All these will come at the expense of Johoreans.

Bloody crap!

Slowly But Surely The Feast Has Began

Dr Muzi of MyKMU written an article entitled "Majulah Singapura Lebih Durjana dari Hindraf" to plea the public to not be distracted "probably intentionally" by Hindraf. More disturbing development on Singaporean interest in this country has recently surfaced.
Di bawah program Majulah Singapura yang diterokai oleh kepimpinan Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang paling lemah dan tidak bijak bestari pernah dilahirkan, Singapura sudah dapat mengorak beberapa kemajuan seperti berikut:

1. Menguasai ruang angkasa Malaysia secara komersial dengan termeterainya perjanjian ruang angkasaraya bebas antara Malaysia dan Singapura. Singapura, melalui Tiger Airways dan selain dari Singapore Airlines, telah mampu mempunyai hak penerbangan Singapura-Kuala Lumpur. Lebih membimbangkan adalah saranan Menteri Pengangkutan untuk memberi hak kepada Tiger Airways membuat penerbangan antara Singapura dan negeri-negeri lain di Malaysia.

2. Memudahkan penguasaan aset-aset komersial di Malaysia yang amat strategik oleh anak Syarikat Temasik, Capital Land. Melalui Capital Land, Singapura telah menguasai kepentingan empat aset utama di Cyberjaya; bangunan-bangunan BMW, HSBC, DHL Satelit 1 dan 2 pada kos RM 280 juta.

Capital Land menguasai hartanah mewah di Gurney Plaza Penang, Menara Citibank di Kuala Lumpur. Anak syarikat Capital Land, United Malayan Land yang dipengerusi Tun Musa bin Hitam, telah menguasai projek pembangunan hartanah di Bandar Seri Alam Pasir Gudang Johor.

Singapura juga telah menguasai beberapa tanah perindustrian menerusi usahasama Mapletree Investment Pte Ltd (anak syarikat Temasek) dan CIMB untuk mengusai kepentingan di dalam:

a) Classic Advantage Sdn Bhd. Hartanah syarikat ini adalah Taman Teknoloji Johor yang berkeluasan 78,000 kaki persegi dan diperolehi dengan kos RM80 juta

b) Iris Technology (M) Sdn Bhd yang berhatanah seluas 30,500 kaki persegi dengan kos RM 91.5 juta
3. Wilayah Iskandar adalah suatu wilayah yang mana belum pernah mana-mana Negara Berdaulat dan Merdeka membangunkan satu Wilayah Pembangunan di kawasan mereka tetapi mempunyai Jawatakuasa Peringkat Menteri dengan Negera Jiran untuk mempercepat segala proses pelaburan negara tersebut.
F**king crap!

Call it progress or investment or what may. Ponder, what is to come if these trends are to continue and allowed into other sectors and areas unabated? Based on these few shocking revelations, is Hindraf demands really an issue we should be so worked up?

Judging by the rising temperature amongst Malays, lets wish cool head prevail and racial strife of any form avoided. If it involves Malays and Indians, what is the benefit from a clash between two economically marginalised community? Think about it! Hindraf does not have the concurrence of the significant segments of the Indian community.

The Economic Corridors is one threat that will have such debilitating effect on the structure and sovereignty of this nation. Why are all Malaysian, including Malays and Indians, not worked up over this?
Why are Malaysian seriously worried over some of the Hindraf crap demands?

** Inspired by blogger-in-sabatical The Malay Males albeit in milder form.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to monitor who are the real beneficiaries to these Economic Corridors. It will not be surprising at all if these beneficiaries are govt-linked or related companies.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the author. HINDRAF has made its point and there is no need to harp on it anymore. The real focus should be about the future of the entire nation. Don't let some quarters capitalise on this to help them win the elections know who I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to monitor who are the real beneficiaries to these Economic Corridors. It will not be surprising at all if these beneficiaries are govt-linked or related companies.

Rockybru said...

Not Hindraf but Uthayakumar. It will be interesting to watch where he goes from here: if he seeks asylum, if he gets thrown in jail for ISA for a while, etc. What I would like to see is Uthayakumar challenging Samy Vellu in the next general election. That would be his real contribution to the downtrodden and to Malaysian politics.

As for your attempt to try and draw Amir Hafizi out of retirement, please don't stop. You'll need to spice it up a little more, though. There must be a 4-letter word in your headline!

Anonymous said...

How about we invite Singapore back into Malaysia. Then we can have clever Singaporean politicians and we can get far more investment. Just forget that the malaysian-chinese-singaporean-chinese merger would destroy Malays along with ketuanan Melayu

Anonymous said...

The economic corridors are actually another hype created by the Government. See all the previous projects crafted and no follow up action taken. Further, what are the studies done on the corridors? how can it benefit the industry? See

comment made by researcher on these North, South, East and West corridors.

Don'tPlayGod said...

Let's face it, 5 years from now we won't see anything done at these "super corridors". Sometimes, I just shake my head in sheer disbelief. They talk of 30 to 50 billions in this corridor, and another 20 to billion in other corridors.

Where is all this money coming from? As the Chinese always say, are we just printing more money?

heikal said...

Those corridors ar just election gifts. After the election it is all forgotten.

A Voice said...

All - tks for the agreeable comments.

Rocky - Hmmm ... Uthayakumar will have to run in Sg Siput to be a giant killer. With the building resentment agst Indians among Malay voters, unknown me could contest and steal the thunder from both of em. Aren't you registered already in Perak? You could do a run in Sg Siput.

Anon 3:24 PM - I do not believe in ketuanan melayu but continuance of malay legacy and heritage. Malay has no problem to tolak ansur but can kiasu paranoid singapore do so? I am sure they do not have monopoly on brains and investment. They've been getting it from us.

Anonymous said...

The present government have been in power for the past 50 years.In maintaining power then, now and forever they have deliberately lined up programmes/activities/projects to specifically suit the mood of the voters before any election esp. GE.The corridors are just to serve that function.To get the rakyat and the business community all charged to vote for the BN.The hoo-haa will die peacefully after the election.

Anonymous said...

hii malaysia!
i think this government full of crap b'se they are the one make the BERSIH n HINDRAF rally b'come soo popular! now let we ask whose the father of this craps! lol

Anonymous said...

Suka-suka saja buka corridor, very soon v will have P.J corridorla, sg. buloh corridorla, kampung asam corridor la, tasik cini corridor la...gua musang corridor blablabla.... cakap boleh..peruntukan wang takda ...MOU ada banyak ..

loganpal said...

If there are poor Indians being given a crap deal in the estate, deal with it.

Thats crap; when the poor Indians are being marginlaized; many have low SES with minimal education...with higher crime rates/alcoholism..etc

Then it appears some of their temples are being demolished. Better way to handle that; isn't it.

Its a moral question not a political one; the GOV needs to help the poor estate indians. Not MIC.

No one supports the claims of HINDRAF; but ask why this issue happened in the first place.

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