Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: On the road again

Not by Willie Nelson but by Canned Heat

Out of town for few days. Ada kerja ....


Anonymous said...

they all are like in a trance..

Ghab said...

Thank you brother , your musical interlude , the song entitled on the road again by Canned Heat reminds me of like going down my memory lane . It was a pleasant episode elucidated the story of me entitled , " My Journey of no Destination but of Destiny ."

In 1968 I journeyed out to the Western continent of Europe alone . I owned a precious portable Hitachi tape recorder . " On the road again " was the song that had kept me accompany throughout the rugged inland journey .

This song with its simple melody sounded for easy listener , monotonous jazzy-style played beats and rhythm , tight in with three easy musical cords , top up with the sound of harmonica and simple but meaningful lyric had came to be a tuneful guardian angle for me . It boosted up my spirit and had emboldened me to keep on moving to the unknown .

With this song , I learned to play the harmonica that had helped me to earn some money by basking .

The lyric very briefly synchronizes the story of my journey .

Even though I was tired and weary after a long voyage , after Madras I was on the road again .
Reaching Bombay had only bread and tea with no woman by my side , I was on the road again .
With no special friend to call in New Delhi , I was on the road again .
It was my first time in Kabul after I went through Peshawar and Rawalpindi , I was on the road again .
Even though I saw no snow and no singing in the rain in Kandahar , I was on the road again .
I could not get any job in Teheran and certainly had no payroll for me , I was on the road again .
In Istanbul I had no place to go but abled to visit the Blue Mosque and walkabout in the grand bazaar and I was on the road again .
I was quite young and was 20 going on 21 year of age then , I left my dear mother reluctantly but still I wanted to be on the road again .
When I was in Greece and Italy I felt homesick thinking of my mother , knowing her , she won't for me cried no more .
She knew that the lonely journey I took all by myself , she also knew I won't be lonesome .
One morning , she knew that I be at her door step .
After 20 years later I was there , appeared before her and I would not be on the road again .

Thank you Brother ,

A Voice said...


If I was not awarded a scholarship abroad, I would have done the same thing.

My buddy did it and end up working, living and schooling Europe. Even end up getting himself a European wife.

But I did my share of being "on the road" in the states. Travelled every semester break.

That on the road spirit keep us moving ... till this very day!

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