Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The democratic hoax of Bersih 2.0 (Part 2)

If we had exposed the democratic hoax behind Bersih 2007 yesterday here, which is really to revert to ancient feudal system of Government from the present system of Constitutional Monarchy, the second Part is to expose the hoax behind Bersih 2.0's claim of seeking electoral reform.

This blogger could have taken other angles to proof Bersih 2.0 have no democratic intention but decided to lay the facts that their demand for electoral reform were fake.

For one, we could have highlight Dato Ambiga's acknowledgement Bersih 2.0 received money from CIA organisation, National Democratic Initiative to debunk her claim of championing democrasy through electoral reforms. Words are an NDI operative was caught in Johor together with the Parti Sosialis Malaysia activists.

In these You Tube here and here, Phil Agee, a former CIA agents revealed an old CIA trick using MAFREL-like organisation seeking electoral reform but was merely intended to plant their people in Government.

This blogger can focus on highlighting that only 2 or 3 of the 14 organising members of Bersih 2.0 are not politicians to prove that Bersih 2.0 is partisan politics motivated.

It is not difficult to prove that almost all the personalities and organisation linked to Bersih 2.0 have mentioned publicly in political rallies of re-creating ala Egypt's Tahrir Square revolution to bring down Government. They have got the structure, foreign connection and funding to do it.

But no, we will just focus on debunking their claims of seeking electoral reforms.

Ambiga told the crowd at the rally that Bersih 2.0 had met the Election Commission already and refuse to accept EC's offer to continue talking. She said to the effect that the buck stops here.

She claimed the Sarawak Election was so tainted that they must act with a major rally.

The truth is she lied.

If the Sarawak election was tainted and dirty, why was there only two protests. One in Senadin and second in Pelagus.

Syed Akbar Ali discussed and explained the Senadin incident in his Part 2 on Bersih here. Read also his Part 1 here.

The Pelagus complain was by Barisan Nasional. They accused the victor, independent candidate George Lagong of money politics. It is no secret that George was financed by Anwar Ibrahim's supporter and long time financier, Dato Sng Chee Hwa but the claim had no proofs.

On Ambiga's claim that they had enough discussion with EC, how many times did they meet?


Bersih 2.0 or they claim themselves as Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, did meet with the EC Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Yusof on November 9th, 2010.

In that meeting, the Bersih people raised some 17 issues and submitted it in a memorandum. See below:

In that long meeting, in which EC even served lunch, they went over thoroughly the problems, issues, and arguments on all the 17 requests of Bersih 2.0. The exchanges were healthy and honest.

One major weakness of Bersih 2.0 was that they themselves weren't conversant and up-to-date with development in electoral law and rules, and also they didn't substantiate their claims with evidence and proofs. In cases they had evidences and proves, they did not understand the procedures involved to substantiate their conclusion.

Basically, they didn't do they homework and all their requests were embarassingly shot down. But being a diplomatic, patient and open person, Aziz did not shame them. They left with the agreement to meet again and discuss again.

Since Tan Sri Aziz took over as Chairman, by God's will, many of our elected representatives were dying and the country was having by-elections after by-elections.

Sometime in March this year, some blogs were beginning to talk of Mat Sabu leading another bersih-like rally. It was sometime in April in the midst of EC's busy schedule with Kerdau and Merlimau, Tenang and Sarawak state elections that Bersih approach EC for another meeting.

Tan Sri Aziz did not refuse them but merely seeking a more appropriate time. EC have respected Bersih 2.0 as serious people and would rather give them the proper attention. It is only fair he request from them a time later.

Unfortunately, that fair request was used as an excuse that EC had refuse to talk to them. Ambiga manipulated it to push away EC's offer to continue discussion.

But this should be interesting.

When Bersih 2.0 announced their demands in the memo they intend to give to Agong, only 5 of the original demand remains. That means either the 12 other requests have been shelved or they realised it is not justified.

The eight requests are below:

The list were:
1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal ballot
3. Use of indelible ink
4. Minimum 21 days campaign Period
5. Free and fair access to media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics
Only 1 to 5 remains from the original list. The demands 5 to 8 had ridiculously nothing to do with the power of the EC.

In fact, who took dirty politics to new heights of accusing the Prime Minister and hisweife of murder, fabricated a doctor's notes from Pusrawi in the case of Saiful Bahri, and many more?

We are not saying out electoral system is perfect and without flaws. There is room for improvement and there have been many changes made through the years. But are the demands made that important and significant to warrant for disturbing peace.

Let's discuss the issues related to item 1 to item 4.

On the frst request to clean and up-date the electoral roll, that is a continuing administrative process. Off course, it has its limitation and problems. What matters most is that no one not on the electoral rolls is voting.

No one can vote unless their names is on the electoral rolls and they brought along a valid IC with them.

The Bersih 2.0 people demanded that phantom voters be wiped out. This is an administrative problem arising before the changes on July 2002. Anyone can register and put in any address they want to. Only after that date do the rule require that voting address is in accordance to the IC.

As for those like Azmin Ali, whose address seems to have five non family member, which include 5 Chinese, EC is not empowered to remove those names out unless they correct the mistake themselves.

Another point as part of their request on electoral roll is for automatic registration. That requires database of addresses of everyone at the National Registeration Department is updated. That is not the case.

Furthermore, there is no law to impose on anyone to register to be voters.

Bersih 2.0 demanded a reform of postal votes to allow for anyone locally and abroad to vote via posts. The Constuition defines those living abroad as absentees voters and the electoral rules that other than those stipulated; namely police and spouse, army, and election workers, absentees voters do not qualify for postal vote.

As far as the procedures and presence of party agents, it has been changed to be more transparent. So why the beef?

To meet their request, it means going through the process of changing the electoral rules. If the opposition feel strongly for electoral reform, why was there no private bill from any opposition members of Parliament on electoral rule since March 2008?

Bersih 2.0 demanded use of indelible ink to avoid duplication. Although there were plans to introduce it for the 2008 GE, but it was held back.

The reason cited then was security but in essence the Constitution only mentioned those of unsound mind, criminals, underage and non citizen can be disallowed to vote. Introducing use of indelible ink would only invites lawsuits!

Indelible inks used to and are still in use in such third world country such as Africa, India, and Indonesia. India has changed to biometrics, and our immigration have begin to use biometric, thus shouldn't we be looking at biometrics?

Bersih 2.0 demanded a minimum 21 days campaign period. In 2008, campaign period was 14 days. That was too long, costly and tiring.

The constitution only require more than 7 days.

EC considers all factors such as political climate, security and public order including getting consensus of all political parties. The periods most acceptable to all parties were 7-9 days.

How would Bersih 2.0 know it is not aceptable? There are, after all, only "NGOs."

Nevertheless, EC have the discretion to lengthened the campaign period. That is not a problem. But does it warrant a large demonstration with hundreds of thousands mobilise.

You see the electoral demands of Bersih 2.0 has no major significant. It is merely an excuse to their true intention to stir trouble and help Anwar Ibrahim out of his legal and sexual mess. If you wish to know who are the "troublemaker organisations" behind Bersih 2.0 making all these "stupid demands", see below:

The most rude act done by Bersih organisers and followers is their total disregard for palace protocols.

To submit anything to the Agong, one has to get an appointment for an audience. Then one come at the set time in the proper attire and learn the proper mannerism to address his Highness. The memorandum can then be presented and explained to him.

Bersih 2.0 can meet up with the Agong in accordance with the procedures. Why the need to bring in such large, loud and rowdy accompanying crowd to just hand in a memo over the fense when they can get to meet and hand in the memo themselves to the Agong?

In the first Bersih, the Agong was away and there is doubt that a memo sent in the most improper manner will be accepted by his Highness. Words are Agong will be away for Bersih 2.0.

Bersih's reason is only to create a scene to make Malaysia look bad in the international media or create wave of public disturbance or uproar to bring down the democratically elected Government.

And just like the first one, Bersih 2.0 and their electoral demands are but a democratic hoax.

Tomorrow we will show that Ambiga herself as a lawyer is neither a law abiding citizen nor respect democrasy.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you all lah. I trust my own eyes and ears. These were what I heard and see not so long ago during recent by-elections and Sarawak election:

1. Saw and read this with my own eyes - promise to donate few million $ of tax payers money to school if they vote a particular candidate. You know what, he's not even representing the tax payers ..he's a political party candidate and he cannot use tax payers money for his own party benefit, right!. Furhtermore, the school can only cash their cheque on one condition, that is if the preferred political party candidate win the erection contest. In the end they got what they wish. Like this also can meh?
2. "You scratch my back, I scratch your back". Need I say more!
3. Did not fulfill their promised to pay a mere few hundred ringgit to every single voters (wonder whose money they are promising to give these voters) if they win. Polis reports were made because the backers of the winning candidate did not fulfill their promise.

Above are 3 examples that I can recall, because they happened recently, and it was reported in the MSMs and other electronic medias/blogs. I am sure there are more, much more.

Maybe, some of you commentors, if you recall other incidents, please feel free to add to the list.

To all Malaysians, it's time to "do the right thing" and when we all do that, then, and only then we will focus on "doing things right".

Buah Ciku said...

How about Ibrahim Ali and UMNO youth? Shall we stop them from rallying as well? What do you think?

A Voice said...


Is campaign promises an electoral offense?

I do not know exactly what the specific of your issue is. Such issue have been brought to court on numerous occasion.

Buah Ciku said...

So nothing to say about my comment? Well, watch this clip:

Regardless, of watever the motives behind Bersih, everyone should be allowed to demonstrate peacefully. The demonstrations have not yet started, so how do u know its gonna be bad?

The gov must not practice double standard. Do u agree with me? If bersih is not allowed to rally and their supporters, T-shirts, posters, etc. are captured and banned, then Perkasa and UMNO Youth should suffer the same punishment.

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Tuan,

Baby blogger has some background details of the BERSIH backroom boys at my post.

Very best regards

Anonymous said...

Then we have to wait a thousand years more just to speak out our own voices?

Ambiga and bersih, for me, are just a catalyst for us, the people, to realize that there is something wrong with our current government. do you think the government can cover up all the wrong doings and damage they have done towards our economy? we have even believed that the democracy of our country is dead. the rich is getting richer while the poor have become poorer. even through election we cannot do anything instead of what our government is saying about SPR.

the winning of the opposition during last election is just because the people are getting fed up with the government. you may say the election is fair looking at the winning which the opposition had obtained. but do you really believe the government will let putrajaya change hand to opposition eventhough that is what the majority of malaysia citizen wanted?

you may condemn the bersih, but the will of the people to change our country to a betterment will never lost. you also may reform umno, but to obtain the people trust will never be that easy again. remember that.

A Voice said...

Buah Ciku

Sorry for not responding to your first comment. I thought it does not require one.

Let me lay the fact for yr first and second comment. Then you think about it.

One problem with opposition politicions and left wing lawyers are that they read the constitution selectively.

Our constituition does a balancing act. For every rights or previlaged given to anyone or group, there is always the exception or balancing to the other side.

If you hear Harris Ibrahim and Malek Imtiaz talk of religious rights in article 11, there will intentionally miss the 11(4) which limits propagation to Muslim.

As far as Article 10's righst to assembly, read carefully. It says rights to assemble peacefully and without arms.

Oppostion has a bad reputation of doing riotous and uncontrolled assembly. Remember the violence in reformasi demonstrations are PLANNED!

Can one guarantee 50,000 people demo can be peaceful?

When an assembly is not going to be peaceful, that right is denied.

Who will deny it? Police under Police Act. There is nothing illegal or unconstitutional.

It is stated in the law. Rukunegara say Keluhuran Perlembagaan dan Undang2.

Undang2 is not what you want it to be unless you can amend it but undang2 is as the letter and spirit of it.

I hope that is well explained.

Thank you.

A Voice said...


Excellent writing

Buah Ciku said...

"Oppostion has a bad reputation of doing riotous and uncontrolled assembly. Remember the violence in reformasi demonstrations are PLANNED!"

How do you know that everyone in the Bersih rally are Oppositions? How do you know that the Bersih people love violence?

"Can one guarantee 50,000 people demo can be peaceful? "

Of course. Look at HK. Follow the HK model. Learn from them. Only then we can advance. Otherwise, it is going to be only UMNO and Perkasa are allowed to demonstrate. Others cannot.

"When an assembly is not going to be peaceful, that right is denied. "

Again how do u know that? You can predict the future?

"Who will deny it? Police under Police Act. There is nothing illegal or unconstitutional."

U see. u want to talk about the Constitution. There is Freedom of Expression under the constitution. It is the Police Act, ISA Act, etc. that took away this right. So, which one is correct? There is obviously a contradiction here. Remember, the Police Act, etc. were passed during the Emergence State, which we are still in. When the ISA was drawn, our former PM promised us that it will only be used to counter terrorists. Today, what has it been use against? Communists? Even cartoonists can be held under ISA.

"Undang2 is not what you want it to be unless you can amend it but undang2 is as the letter and spirit of it. "

Yes. Let's be fair to everyone in the spirit of undang-undang. If a yellow t-shirt is illegal, then make the Perkasa t-shirt illegal. If Ibrahim Ali is a treat to national security, then he must be arrested. As of today, he is still walking free!

A Voice said...

Buah Ciku

Do speak with some honesty. Lets not argue for argue sake.

You are neither rebutting nor disputing any of the facts I presented.

You are just ignoring my well argued points.

It is pontless to respond to you further.

My advise to you: Grow up. Mature first before trying to argue.

Buah Ciku said...

hehe...ok :p

tok mudim said...


Everybody are entitle for their own selective argument regardless of their own personal interest.

but in the end, the VOTES and HOPES of the majority that counts.

come next election, every voters will decide up again.

Thats how a country works.

The way you express your lame opinion, I can bet that your wife will decide everything.

No hard feeling ye. this is my own judgement and I'm entitle to it.

Burung Merbok said...

Many of you are talking bull-shit. Granted that there is Freedom of Expression , The rights of assembly as espoused in our Constitution which is suddenly referred to but on other occasions its contents had been challenged especially on matters relating to the Hak Istimewa, Kedaulatan Raja-Raja, Agama Islam and Bahasa Kebangsaan ! These matters had been questioned numerous times by almost the same buggers who are clamouring righteousness in the name of the Constitution. What hypocrites they really are !

An assembly can be legal or otherwise ; it can be peaceful or unruly, to say the least. But under the law, it can be carried out, of course with a Police permit. BUT when an assembly is out to destroy the very fabric of peaceful and harmonious living in the country, then it has to be stopped. And when the motives are far from just protests but giving credence to outside or foreign interference bordering on sabotage, unpatriotic acts, treason and worse still, as vehicle to over-throw a legally and democratically-elected government ; then that is surely a cause for much concern ! That the illegal assembly is spear-headed by a rep from an NGO but having the backing of most Opposition parties is sufficient proof that all this fracas is politically motivated. Shame on you that condone such shameful intentions ; that had used the SPR as an excuse to go to the streets when all this while (and the whole country already knows it)that it is not about weaknesses in the election process but more of a SINISTER nature that could very well be termed as act of TREASON. How else can you describe a person or groups of dissidents who are working for the enemies of the state ? Yes, the Police are justified to halt this fiasco once and for all ; and I believe more than 20 million citizens will give full support to the authorities when they enforce strict precautionary measures ; even to the extent of using the ISA. Singapore's enforcement of the same act is praise-worthy and Malaysia's dissidents had never uttered any form of dissent over our neighbour's strict enforcement of their laws. Over here in Malaysia, they term it as 'very draconian'. Do the same in the USA and you'll feel the wrath of the Patriots Act. So I implore to the PDRM, just do what you think should be done i.e within the ambit of the country's laws, and be damned with those that are really 'wolves in sheep's clothings'. How else would you describe these characters then ? They say, those found guilty of treason, should be severely punished. May God spare Malaysia from men of evil thoughts !

Anonymous said...

Despite whatever the initial intention are, it is clear now that this march is nothing more than a tool for at least 2 groups.

a. To promote certain politician waning popularity.
b. To promote the return of communist ideology.

While I will not get into the first point (since it is already widely accepted and known), I will attempt to explain the 2nd.

Parti Socialis Malaysia as it name suggest aim to promote the idea of Socialism in Malaysia. First off, Socialism has failed throughout the world time and again due to the many flawed in its very premise. The fundamental flaw is that no incentive is provided to individuals.

Socialism generally over promises and under delivers. The proponent promise to bring equality, security, and prosperity. This however almost never come to fruition. In reality it always ended with tyranny and misery. Well, equality was at times achieved, in that all are equally miserable. More often than not, individuals suffer as their needs become secondary to the welfare of the state and the ruling elites.

Then there is another dangers. One that concern us the most.

Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. While socialism grows directly out of capitalism, communism on the other hand is a further development or "higher stage" of socialism.

While definition differ slightly, what each of them means in essence is,

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds" (Socialism).

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" (Communism).

So for PSM to be glorifying Chin Peng "The Butcher of Malaya" and other communist terrorist is only natural. Something to be expected.

For those who fought and lost their lives defending this country from the onslought of communist terrorist, there can be no greater insult.
It is incongruent to say we appreciate the sacrifices made by the generation that fought and defended this country and at the same time allowed this bunch of Socialist, Communist (in disguise) and Modern Day Min Yuen trampled, threaten and spit on the very foundation that made this country.

We might as well let them piss on the graveyard of the fallen hero.

PSM was registered on the 19th of August 2008 after 10 years being denied to do so. Why, who and how this party was allowed to be registered baffled me.

There can be only one recourse, Banned PSM!!

My Say