Monday, January 09, 2012

Omar Ong Rasputin congratulates Anwar

The Benchmark here revealed Twitter messages allegedly belonging to Omar Mustapha or more familiarly known as Omar Ong.

The blog asked: Are we looking at another 'passport delivery-boy' in action, only this time under a different administration with a different Prime Minister?

ABIITW see another similarity.

Both are neo-liberals selling the country's asset away, dismantling the foundation of this country as inscribed in our constitution and bringing in unbridled neo-iberalism ideology that ignores the historical heritage and colonial baggage of this country.

The book by Raja Petra, Khairy Chronicles documented that Omar Ong as the person who introduced Khairy to Anwar Ibrahim.

During Tun Abdullah era, Khairy played a prominent role in the kitchen cabinet of Run Abdullah.

Omar's Ethos Consulting benefited during Tun Abdullah's administration. And, Ethos still benefited during Najib's administration and more.

Omar is on the board of foreign majority Air Asia-X. Together with Air Asia, both organisation are benefitting from the cannibalisation of MAS planned and executed by the corporate boys of Tun Abdulllah's MoF II Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop at Khazanah from Binafikir.

Khairy-Pak Lah faction have been in communication with Anwar Ibrahim. Some blog are claiming both both of them are in communication with Tengku Razaleigh. This blogger met witness who say all of them together with some PAS leaders met at Ku Li's residence.

Najib is regularly meeting and seen together in function with Tun Dr Mahathir with the last one at the Proton factory.

Whose side is Najib's wunder boy adviser, Omar Ong with?


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,

OO is laying his foundation in the camp of his perceived next PM. He is smart and playing safe. Najib pls keep OO or better still promote him. After the GE you will find out that he is still loyal to you.

In the news just now 3 IED (homemade explosive)exploded around vacinity of Jln Duta court where Anwar's case was decided. With the ISA revoked, the police cannot detain suspect without court consent and even with consent it will be for a short period only. Difficult to investigate for prosecution.
Congrat to Najib for making the police really earned their salary. I think the majority Malays will love this.

I have decided where my family and my vote will go to, if there's no change take place before GE.

Anonymous said...

Omar Ong is Najib's most trusted lieutenant.

And Omar Ong with no small amount of pleasure openly congratulated Anuar.

Question is, WHO IS NAJIB? Closet Anwar ally?

Tok Mudim said...

Bro Haji,

As a liberal who practice liberalism, its normal for Omar to congratulates anybody who has achieved in what they fight for or believe in.

The only liberals on this planet who only practice liberalism on themself but not the other is Anwar Ibrahim and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Hopefully, I have clear the air for now.

orang lama pas said...

Penghakiman rakyat akan lebih menghantui anwar dari seorang hakim di mahkamah.

Bebas dari tuduhan bukan bermakna bebas dari anggapan.

Anonymous said...

either Najib is too stupid for ignoring or he is too clever beyond our imagination.
(I believe the first one)

SESTER said...


They kind of...I think they kinda controlled the govt by proxy in the Pak Lah years. And to think that OO supports anwar while being a friend of Najib disproves "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Anwar hates Najib so much, but not vice versa.

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