Thursday, July 19, 2012

International Media muzzled Scorpene scandal too!

Malaysiakini titled Tan Sri Muhyiddin's comment that Government did not muzzled the media to link it with the Scorpene deal.

The Ampang MRT contract is linked to Scorpene because Thales is in the running but Rafizi should do his homework. Thales is not with George Kent.

There is various not related issues like general election date is linked to the submarine in their desperate effort to keep a dead and buried issue alive.

One of the argument put forward in their skewed discussion here is that Government would only be truthful if they stop on Utusan Malaysia's blah blah blah.

But then, isn't that muzzling too?

Typical of shallow pro-opposition supporters and their tendency to demand the highest "standard" of free for all journalism be applied on MSM.

But not for the public Roket, Berita Keadilan, Harakah, the nyamuk political papers, and online news portal media and defended as acceptable for them to lie and spin.

"All is fair in love and war", but is that fair for journalism?

That is the problem with opposition and their supporters.

When they do not have facts and figures to support their claims and/or cornered in debates like the second Chua Soi Lek- Lim Guan Eng debate, they resorted to idealistic claims, rhetorical arguments that can't be debunked but factually unsupported, and go on prejudicial assumptions with words like "you must agree."  

Now, the bigger if not biggest culprit of lies and deceptive reporting, maliciously inciting of racism and promotion of lawless anarchy in their reporting is Malaysiakini themselves.

In that case, are they saying Government should be truthful by clamping up on Malaysiakini in the same vein of demand that Government should clamp on Utusan Malaysia?

That means Rais Yatim is not doing his job. He has sued an opposition blogger, trying to clamp up on vocal pro-Government bloggers but not Government newspaper.

It could put truth to the rumour that Utusan Malaysia accepted money from Rais to promote him as also the rumours that he used RTM to promote himself.

He did not, did he?

Nevertheless, when will this long expired Minister begin to understand?

One can't make RTM to be like those old World War II newsreel propaganda before the movies. And handling online media and social media is not by establishing Council for Social Media and enacting law after law? 

Little Giant criticised mainstream media as bias for Government and claimed "If not for the portals and opposition papers, Malaysians will never get to know the 'other side' of what is reported by the mainstream media."

As bias as they perceived mainstream media, mainstream media do not spin or manipulate reporting. One get them as they see it.Perhaps the opinion piece or columns may be called as bias as it depends on the writer and that will be a natural biasness. Editors choose who should write?

But then, The Star has beavy of anti establishment columnists like "everything is ok" Dr Azmi Shahrom, "how-dare-you-edit-me" Dato Marina Mahathir, "leechesin PWTC" Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin ibni Tuanku Muhriz (of self absorbed and idiot IDEAS), "subtle and covert" Karim Raslan, "Bar Council poster boy and UiTM hunk law professor" Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, "wayward SIS" Zainah Anwar, etc.

That is not excluding Dato Wong Chun Wai whose been accused as pro-DAP by some hard-core.

Will that mean The Star does not deserve to be called mainstream newspaper.

Talk of being bias on BN, did Littlegiant saw the frontpages of The Star Sarawak during the last state general elections? Oh maybe he slept through the election conveniently.

And we have not commented on The Sun, current The Malays Mall, Sinar Harian, The Edge, and the long list of Sarawak tycooon owned Chinese "mainstream" newspapers.

So what is wrong with Utusan Malaysia giving the "other side of the story" on the opposition?

If they lie sue them, just like Malaysiakini got sued by Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud, The Malaysian Insiders got sued by Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli, etc..

There are other comments but why bother to waste time with such shallow arguments that can easily be debunked by progress in social liberty under Dato Najib, "untrue in reality", and "you are no better" arguments.

Indonesia turned anarchic under unbridled freedom imposed by IMF to systematically weakened Golkar's control on power.

The reason for teh controlled social liberty is not just about BN's power hold but racial tension, which many wants to deny still exist and cease to acknowledged that  racial harmony exists because of security policy.

Check out the must-see local movie, Tanda Putera to understand. No Malay bashing or Chinese bashing. Foreign press manipuylation (source of Dr Kua kia Soong book, May 13).

Just the truth. Opening September 13th after Hari Raya.

One interesting comment by one Wong Jiang Fung said he believes media is not muzzled if Nanyang Siang Pau "publish stories about Scorpene submarines and Altantuya Shaarriibuu."

Didn't The Star, NST and other mainstream reported on what was news item?

What Wong should ask is why international media did not cover the development n the Scorpene scandal?

We've explained before, but did he ponder why the - equally "vicious" and "malicious" because they are presumably "objective" and "do fair reporting" - international media did not give much coverage?

Vancouver Sun. Arnaud Dubuss of La Liberation and whatcamallit Cambodian newspaper is no international media dude.

So, by the law of simplistic minds, The Malaysian Government must have muzzled CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, AP, AFP, Reuters, Boomberg, BBC, etc. from giving coverage to Scorpene corruption scandal and Altantuya's murder.

Why should the foreign press not sensationalise a story that is so negative on Malaysia.

That must have been money well spent for hiring APCO. More than Anwar's personal contact with the list of powerful power broker and media people he met on the infamous Apology Tour. Read AIDC here.

All through our nation's history the foreign press badly wants to make Malaysia fail and succumb back to the neo-colonial power, but the pass on this opportunity?


Thanks to Malaysian alternative media like Asia Sentinel, Malaysia Chronicles, The Malaysian Insiders. etc, the media-muzzled world would not have known of the Malaysian Scorpene scandal.

Sorry, Free Malaysia Today and similar sounding Malaysia Today is out of the list.

FMT apologised to Government for reporting "the truth" on Lynas. They are now mainstream.

Raja Petra's MT is also mainstream because he claimed he did not accused Datin Seri Rosmah Mansir for personally murdering Altantuya but it was only to declare that someone told someone that told him and he merely asked it to be investigated.

In addition, he reported that one of the 153 documents leaked by Anwar Ibrahim-linked Asia Sentinel, Document 54 revealed police investigation said Altantuya, Razak Baginda and Najib did not enter France together and thus never had dinner in Paris together.

RPK is now considered bought by Government.

In the meanwhile, ready for the final Prologue on Altantuya murder.

It may not be the answer you are looking at but it should be something to ponder on.


IT.Sheiss said...

I've grown pretty tired of the "alternative" media and some pro-UMNO bloggers who have descended to personal attacks and sensational allegations about ministers, state assemblymen and politicians, whether Pakatan or BN.

I look forward to your explanation of the Altantuya murder

Anonymous said...

Haji, this is one of my favorite quotes..

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" - Winston Churchill

Selamat berpuasa


Anonymous said...

you forgot utusan was sued twice by LGE and both times lost and they had to pay??

A Voice said...

Didnt i say, if they are wrong sue them.

Selective reading?

Dont forget tony pua, zuraidah, rafizi, lge, etc lost n waiting to get sued.

And husan could not sue someone claimed as blogger rbf.

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