Monday, July 23, 2012

What SUARAM activists and lawyers do when not going around talking human rights?

Crude but that is what these hypocrits from the so-called human rights organisation, SUARAM.

For those following our series on SUARAM and their involvement to frame the Government for a non-existent misdeed, the name of their activist and now member of Parliament, Sivarasa Rasiah cropped up regularly.

Together with Tian Chua and Dr Kua Kia Soong, they were the mastermind in this slandering exercise. In fact, it is earlier than 2009 because Wikileaks revealed the met political councilars from the American embassy in Kuala Lumpur to discuss using Scorpene as part of their political strategy to unseat Barisan Nasional.

For SUARAM or Suara Rakyat Malaysia's diehard, it is hard to believe that their NGO would do such a thing. Their NGO, SUARAM or in their real existense, Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd is supposed to be a Human Rights Organisation championing democrasy, freedom, and justice for the down trodden and poor.

Such groups must be morally upright and persevere in their pursuit. Sure ....

So, what do these Human Rights activist do other than their concern for so-called excessive military spending and corruption and murder in the purchase of Malaysia's Scorpene submarine?

For that matter, what do lawyers of Human Rights group, SUARAM do?

We are not going to rewrite or requote or try to sumamrise it for you. This is Ramadhan and we are restraining ourselves from much writing and thinking.

That have been many recent stories written by Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamaruddin that links back to SUARAM.

Below relates with the recent resignation of Latheefa Koya from the MBPJ council and these lawyers involvement in MBPJ. The SUARAM lawyers linked in this series are Latheefa Koya, and Sivarasa Rasiah but SUARAM's spokeperson, Cynthia Gabriel is also amember of MBPJ Council.

Part 1: Remember this?
Part 2: RM102,800 in 2009 and RM83,900 in 2010
Part 3: Again, which part is not true?
Part 4: The reason for Latheefa Koya's downfall

This is not all.

Free Malaysia today has an equally juicy stories of SUARAM's member of Parlimanet, Sivarasa and Selangor State Exco, Dr Xavier Jeyakumar.

May 15, 2012 Land split: Ex-estate workers cry foul
May 24, 2012 Another land grab charge against S'ngor govt
May 25, 2012 Approval for estate land given by BN Government
July 23, 2012 Letter proves duo cheated us

It is a sickening story of how they denied estate workers homes, which was already allocated by their previous employer!

When given some power, these SUARAM lawyers and activists are corruptible and abusive. They have not gotten real power yet through their various manouvres and yet they are already real bastards or anak haram.

And they have the cheek to call themselves as Human Rights activists?

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