Thursday, December 06, 2012

Amokh ignores Najib as PM with Syed Feisal's appointment

Is it more important for Amokh to please Tun Dol than Najib?

The business papers reported yesterday that Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB) announced the appointment of brother to Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, Dato Syed Faisal Albar to be an Independent Director of MAHB.

This is fueling speculation that Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad will end his one year extension as Managing Dirrefctor and will be replaced by Syed Faisal.

The name Syed Faisal is sickening to the stomach. It reminded us of his arrogant and incompetence Arab tak sedar diri brother, Syed Hamid during the reign of terror of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He lost Batu Putih island to Singapore and interfere to apply ISA on a reporter.

Syed Feisal is himself of questionable integrity and capability.

Doesn't Khazanah Nasional CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar realised that he is not working for Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi any more?

Thus, why is he still bringing people that was part of the evil triumvirate of Kalimullah-Kamaluddin-Khary into important position? Or is this Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop in his elements?

An incompetent legacy from the "Cemerlang, Gemilang dan ... Temberang" era

Since Tun Dol resigned, this is not the first time Amokh is sticking to the cronies of the old regime that wrecked havoc to the Malaysian aviation industry. It is now left to Najib to put the pieces together and attempt a turnaround of MAS.

Amokh had engineered a heavily lop-sided "merger" between MAS and Air Asia that favour of Tony Fernandez-led Air Asia.

Air Asia was a beneficiary of crony capitalism involving Khairy and Dato Zaki Zahid who together with Tony F redid the cabinet-approved National Airline Rationalisation plan. By the following Monday, Tun Dol announced a different plan on the instruction of Khairy and Zaki.

Despite that move resulted in Air Asia taking over MAS routes and Amokh claimed he fought tooth and nail with Tony F for constantly "sailang" MAS, the MAS-Air Asia "merger" only indicate Amokh have a problem realising that the Prime Minister is no more Tun Dol but Dato Najib.

The fact that Dato Najib has set the precedent at IMDB to only bring in professionals and capable people on the Board of Directors and management, it raises issue on Amokh's tendency to bring in his cronies, particularly incompetent ones.

In the MAS-Air Asia "merger" he gave his partner in their firm Bina Fikir, Danny Yusof that failed in the WAU exercise of MAS, a leading role.

Amokh kept his failed MCKK classmate, Dato Harun Johari who repeated his failure at Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) to Khazanah new start-up involving agriculture. Even in area of logistic which is supposed to be his core competency at Shell, Harun failed also.

There are also failures retained as Executives Directors Amokh One is Tengku Dato Azmil who failed at MAS. Then there is Hisham Hamdan, the former Sime Darby's executive who bombed in the privatisation of IJN and Qatar deal.

Syed Feisal and the evil Kalimullah in their heydays under Tun Dol regime

With regard to the new appointment at MAHB, Syed Faisal is not politically and capability wise appropriate.  He still remain within Kalimullah's circle of evil.

Despite New Straits Times withdrawing their lawsuit against blogger and former Malay Mail editor, Dato Ahiruddin Attan@ Rockybru, Syed Faisal remain with opposition backing The Malaysian Insider (TMI) owner, Kalimullah in their lawsuit against Rocky.

For an opposition backing portal, TMI still provide space for Tun Dol, Khairy and those within the Kalimullah-Kamaluddin-Khairy triumvirate.

Najib is quite aware and Raja Petra's Wikileak expose that reported Singapore believed Najib and Rosmah involvement in the murder of Altantunya and it can only speculated their intelligence operative, Kalimullah fed them with such information.

There are sources believing that Kalimullah was not merely feeding Singapore's intel but was instrumental in masterminding the frameup of Najib and Rosmah together with political personalities in the opposition and in UMNO.

Many things ain't right about him
To quote Bigdogdotcom [read here], something is not right about the Syed Feisal's expected appointment as CEO.
"It is a mystery why Khazanah Holdngs Bhd appointed a corporate has-been like Syed Faisal into Malaysia Airports. He did fairly when he was the CEO of NTSP Bhd. Then he joined Pos Malaysia Bhd. However, when DRB-Hicom took over Pos Malaysia, Syed Faisal was not retained.  
Its a demonstration that Syed Faisal is not recognized as a corporate-wizard by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary.  
The Sun Biz story is right. Why would Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar appoint a corporate has been like Syed Faisal, who has no relevant experience in airport operations or airlines into Malaysia Airports? 
Unless, there is something non kosher in the play."
Claiming to be at odd with Tony F, but wants to be in same bed  

There are several suspicions that Amokh wants to oust Bashir out for several reasons.
One, Amokh is still in co-hort with Tony F, who has been having a war of words with Bashir on Airport tax and other issues. The mother fucker cannot get his way with other airports in the region so there is no reason why MAHB should succumb to his ranting.  
Two, Amokh could be subtly collaborating to sabotage a Najib-endorsed initiative, Malindo Airways that serve to counter Tony F's threat and sabotage attempt on KLIA2 and is a win-win partnership between Malaysian and Indonesian interests.  
Thirdly, placing Syed Faisal as CEO would help Tony F fulfill his dream of building and managing his own dream Airport complex and "steal" revenue away from MAHB. 
Fourth, if not, Syed Feisal would oblige to allow Tony F to build his Sepang headquarter taller than the airport control tower so that Air Asia can stand out their brand and a safety hazard. 
Fifth, it is no secret that Azman wants Khazanah to be in the same bed with Tony F.
By this appointment, Amokh is ignoring the PM's wishes to move up in the learning curve in the area of corporate governance as set at IMDB.

He continues with his cronyism practises by appointing those with personal links to himself, particularly his MCKK Alma Mater or those linked to the Tun Dol regime.

Not only that, he maintain a closed guarded secret fraternity of management, incompetents from outside  Khazanah and con-sultans in the same manner as the "skull and dagger" fraternity of George Bushs' Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Yale University.

Is Amokh sabotaging the Government to help Pakatan Rakyat takeover?

If he is, then Amokh should be swiftly removed even before general election is over and sent back to UBS to do dog shit analysis of stocks.

* Edited 8:29 AM 7/12


Jock said...

PM got no ball to take qction?

Anonymous said...

Oiii never learned..
As if you you do not know that the Bumi Triads, viz., Arabs ,MamakS and Kelate have more fun in GLC, in Jabatan Perdana Menteri and in Treasury..

Nora the Red Riding Hood

Anonymous said...

Najib balls has shrinked due squeezed daily by unohu. As always, Rakyat got screwed again n again. Hu hu hu hu.

Anonymous said...

The just concluded UMNO general assemly resolved that we must wn the heart and the mind of the Pengundi atas pagar if UMNO want to win the GE13 election.And. I believe Syed Faizal,Tony,Amok,Kalimullah,Dato Zaki are among the pengundi atas pagar.Why we need to offended them.

They belong to Pak Lah era,the belong to tingkat empat,but they are malay and they have many malay and chinese friend.
Give a break to syed Faizal.He has family to feed.

ayah said...

This is another fine example of why young, educated and talented Malays are still not happy with the government...and disillusioned with UMNO. Things don't seem to change despite all the rhetoric about change.

Young people will react to this development with their usual cynical sniggers. I hope Najib does not wait too long to take corrective measures.

nagaman said...

Allo BRICKO , MOKH not afraid PM? Dont think anyone is surprise at all. Only an idiot will be shocked. After the Rais yatim coup on the Prime Minister , - we all read the blogs that The Prime Minister said 'yes ,let the TANDA PUTERA movie be screened' but Rais Yatim vetoed the Prime Minister to stop the screening! And he also dragged in the shrunken spirited Cabinet with his veto power, to stop the screening .

The PM was muzzled into silence by Rais the bully- WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? We dont need a gentle man as PM. We need a firm hand who can 'slap' the likes of Rais Yatim and Koh Tsu Koon into brave men and respect the PM's decision.
So dont be surpirse if there will be more Rais Yatim and Mokh's antics.Afterall Hishamuddin was also silenced by Rais , hee hee...

NO VOTE FOR BN LA , Tiring holding torch for them.


Anonymous said...

feed family?

the man is incompetent. feed his family and other families of mahb do not need to eat?

he has no merit for high position. he lost money at pos malaysia. he wont serve the interest of mahb butof tony f.

something wrong w amokh. keep appointing incompetents.

Anonymous said...

AMOKH is doing a good job otherwise the wise Najib will not retained him. It's a simple logic.

Anonymous said...

U say this guy did fairly well at nstp. Well as an x senior staff of nstp i can tell u that u r wrong. I believe that the guy u did much better in reason years was dato anthony
this is clearly a merry-go-round as though msia does not have caliber people

Anonymous said...

Well said by Ayah @ 4.34 pm

sickput said...

lets face it. without airasia, KLIA will look like a ghost airport.
And airfres came down by more than half to what MAS used to charge for flights between malaysian cities.
MAHB has been incompetent since the time of another Tan Sri Basir, ex-Bank Bumi chairman. It never did change its incompetency. So I suppose this tendency will continue.

Anonymous said...

Sejak bila syed Faisal punya mak kawin dengan syed Hamid punya bapak?

Anonymous said...

wah wah 13 million dollarman, rocky bru and brick in wall man attacking khazanah....please amok is good laa, you all want his job kot , so all this concerted attack, give amok space to do his job properly , pm najib knows what is going on laaa.....

Anonymous said...

amok is overall good...

A Voice said...

8:20 PM

You said he did "fairly well".

I only quote Bigdog writing he did "fairly".

He bombed out at Pos Malaysia.

6:51 PM

The world is not as simple as that. I bet you think everyone lives happily ever after. :)


Without KL and ripping off KLIA, MAS etc, Air Asia would not exist.

They will be dead to rely on other centres.

Richard Branson sold out on Tony F. That is as much confidence he has on Air Asia :)

A Voice said...


Courtesy and decency is insisted in the commentaries.

As mush as I did the necessary correction, your insulting comment can't get published.

What's wrong with telling us your corrections without the insults?

Is that how you usually talk to your parents, thus you have to be rude all the time?

Kempen tendang Amokh said...

Show us one single success of Azman Mokhtar in developing anything?

Amokh only good at restructuring and corporate finance mumbo jumbo, sell asset, listing, and return like find manager.

He failed in aspect of corporate governance and control and monitpring. Cases in point are IRDA and IIB.

He bought healthcare asset at ridiculously exorbitant prices and whitewash with listing of Apollo.

He couldnt turnaround the operation of Proton, MAS and UEM. He hiide by selling Proton, delisting UEM and tried to merge MAS.

Those who claim this fake is good must be an absolute moron.

Anonymous said...

Amokh, khazanah, ethos, tingkat 4, and pravtically all glcs are mere con sultans.

They do not contribute to any sectoral growth but merely restructuring companies, deceiving stakeholders, and othrt conjob called increasing shateholders value.

They build nothing. do nothing and create nothing.

Anonymous said...

IRDA is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh Azman Mokhtar, you are my HERO.

Anonymous said...

Heads are being moved in time before the next GE13.
Whats your take on Zaki Zahid moving into KFC-QSR?


Anonymous said...

Published: Friday December 7, 2012 MYT 6:54:00 PM

Khazanah MD's contract renewed for another 3 years

KUALA LUMPUR: Khazanah Nasional Bhd's board of directors has renewed managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar's contract for another three years.

The government's strategic investment fund said on Friday the new three-year term would be from June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2016.

Azman, 51, assumed his current position on June 1, 2004.

Anonymous said...

As always Najib has given his rubber stamp to the new appointee...

Rosmah is known to have ties with the wife of tuan syed and look forward to adding her to the FLOM Boudoir....

Anonymous said...

amokh got 3 years extension at khazanah

Anonymous said...

zaki is the one who actually boo boo the 2008 GE for barisan , insiders would know, he is also the one assistibg tony fernandez to expand air asia super fast at the expense of mas....still going strong, maybe because he is no 2 at 4th floor..................

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