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Adviser Ong insisted Najib repeal ISA and EO

Today, there is no more preventive detention law called ISA or the Internal Security Act 1960. The legislation was enacted after Malaysia gained independence from Britain in 1957.

The ISA allows for detention without trial or criminal charges under limited, legally defined circumstances. It is applied for security threat because that is the most effective way to address communist and terrorist insurgency, which had historically operate as subversive movement.

In spirit, ISA was a preemptive measure meant for that. It is targeted to, in the exact words of Dato Ibrahim Ali, those in the likes of himself, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Tian Chua, Hishamuddin Rais, Mat Sabu and Dato Hadi Awang.

It is not for you and me, not even the likes of Tamrin Ghaffar, and that Chinese reporter in Penang.

On 15 September 2011, Prime Minister Dato Najib announced this legislation will be repealed and replaced by two new laws.

The ISA was replaced and repealed by the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 which has been passed by Parliament and given the royal assent on 18 June 2012. The Act came into force on 31 July 2012.

He also lifted the three proclaimed Emergency Ordinance that are still officially in effect then.

It happened again and again. PM bent backward to the oppositions demands.

It also fulfills the Advisers plan to create Najib as a Political Transformer.

They avoid the use of the term reformer because it would be seen as trying to copycat Anwar Ibrahim. It is the coming of age of a new liberal and open Malaysia.

It came as a surprise to many because before that, Dato Hishamuddin only mentioned about reviewing the ISA and not repealed it.

We were involved in an NGO that submitted suggestions to the government. Basically, our recommendation was that the decision and power to propose detention is done by a committee of securities professionals. No politician must be involved in ISA decisions.

It could uncomfortably mean that committee could detain the Prime Minister and Home Minister.It is fair because no politician is spared.

When Najib announced the repeal, it startled people like us who were involved in the discussion and giving recommendations.

It is now uncovered that some Adviser poke their nose in an area they are not supposed to be involved. The nerd was never a policeman, or served the army or was in any position related to law or security.

We heard and we have reason to believe our source that the "Supremo" Adviser, Dato Omar Ong vehemently and psychotically pursued to talk, convince and nag the PM to repeal ISA and also a new card came out, uplift the EO. 

When PM finally made his decision and told his position to Tan Sri Muhyudin and Dato Hishamuddin, both disagreed.

But, Najib insisted. Unfortunately, it is loyal cousin brother getting the brunt of being called pondan. No wonder he was praised by PM in a closed door UMNO meeting as to have commendably done well as Home Minister given the circumstance he is in.  

The decision by PM came with mixed feelings.

The election is over so we will be uninhibited in our views. We want to feel free to express ourselves in the spirit that Najib and Omar Ong believed.

It is no more time to engage orang besar-besar and get ourselves stifled to express ourselves because we know them.

The threat of terrorism still prevailed. Political subversion was on the rise then.  Many like ourselves anticipated the anarchic like political situation now was going to happen.

Since our youth days, we wanted to see the end of ISA. As an idealistic well read young man then, we believed democrasy, freedom and openness will make Malaysia a greater nation.

We haven't stopped believing such.

Public is gullible to conspiracy allegations

However, as we achieve political maturity and got our feet on terra firma, we realised it is not possible. The society must be educated or informed or rational. There must be a lot of sensible dialogues on issues in public.

If the public could be gullible to buy into any cooked up story of conspiracy and get agitated, then we are not there yet. How could the public believed Datin Seri Rosmah personally killed Altantunya out of jealousy?

Logically, she could have hired a pro and get disappeared the victim without trace. Altantunya's DNA is splashed all over the place and the murderers confessed and direct the police to the scene of the murder. 

If anything that Rafizi Ramli accuse (but insist the burden of proof lies with the police or authority to investigate) is believed, the public gullibility is at new heights. The public is not only immature and Uninformed, it is also not thinking straight.

Anwar Ibrahim is currently trying to rile up the public with one unproven allegation after another of election fraud against the EC.

From the 40,000 voting Bangla from Sabah to indellible ink, then allegation of counting room Blackout ala old UMNO Team B allegation against Team A in the fight between Dr M/Ghaffar and Tengku Razaleigh/Musa.

One lie after another. The gullible public just consume it, hook, line and sinker.

DAP and PAS have officially abstained from any involvement. As Dato Zulkifli Nordin suggested,  the planned Malaysia Spring should be called instead as Anwar Spring. [Read his blog here.]

Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has assumed the position of Home Minister. He wants to see actions taken. No more amaran or warning.

The new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar is in sync too. The more able communicator and of firmer make-up believed the law must take it's course or there will be order.

However, the police faced an initial setback. The arrested Tamrin Ghaffar, Tian Chua and Harris Ibrahim could not be held for the 14 days remand to enable investigation. The court and suspected sympathetic Magistrate released them.

When the police wantedto take action, the court considers the personal liberty above public interest. The remand request was denied.

No one can be blamed here. That is how the process of law works when we then screamed it is as unfair to empower the Home Minister such absolute discretion. The favourite argument against such power then was potential abuse for political expediency.

Few years ago, we befriended a former Special Branch officer. He is a practising lawyer now and politician. It seems he ran recently as independent candidate.

He was the officer who detained Ibrahim Ali when he was a student. And the two have met again with no grudges held against each other. All of us are happy together hopefully ever after in an NGO.

As he said, other than the ISA detention incident during Pak Lah's time which involved Raja Petra, Theresa Kok and that Chinese lady reporter from Penang, there had been no abuse.

All detention including Ops Lallang had it's justification. All have proofs or some level of proofs or accumulated incidents that leads to strengthen suspicion of involvement in subversive movement.

It is not about their politics. There was always something threatening happening, except that it cannot survive the rigour of the court and if allowed, it is dangerous to public order and safety.

The subjects were followed and monitored for many years and usually closely for many months before detention.

It is the police that request upon the Minister and the Minister just chimply sign the detention order. He said even the so-called Mahafiraun also only act upon police request without question. That is why only police them made any public statement.

ISA was then a useful deterrent. It is a useful brake pad then against political, religious and social extremism.

In the recent charging of Adam Adli, Tamrin Ghaffar, Tian Chua, Harris Ibrahim and Safwan Anang, rightfully enforcing the law does not seem to weakened the resolve of the Blackout 505.

Blocking Nurul from entering Kota Kinabalu airport only makes the like of her more defiant to sue the goverment despite it being in contradiction to Anwar's call for greater autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak.

Assume Tan Sri Khalid undertake a more massive and widespread arrest on offenses under SOCMA, he needs to do that court process thing. It does not stop a defiant group of people who is unafraid of one night lock-ups from making hells loose on everybody.

Eventually, they will create and pile up more issues into their movement to attract more supporters. Will the police dare to be more firm when the crowd gets bigger and bigger? There was no police to stop the Dataran PJ illegal gathering.

One thing noticeable was that prior to the repeal of SOCMA, one could see only few Chinese in public demonstrations like Bersih. Since than, beginning Bersih 3, more young Chinese turn up and now the majority 60-70% at Blackout gatherings are Chinese.

What is the government and police to do? The police is still not without options, but it create uncertainty and security fear to the public.

And it was the opposition, particularly the Chinese that highlight the issue of rising crime and insecurity. Yet it is they themselves that is contributing to increase such fear.

There is a process of law but the opposition do not appreciate it. New lawmaker Rafizi threaten that they will hold protest daily and gather people outside Parliament in the next session.  

When one is stiffled to act on such actions, how do you defend against subversive actions?

It looks to be a case of Punahsihat giving advise to fulfill his boyhood idealistic ambition from reading books without sufficient real life experience to understand it's implication and impact on the public.

The American still have their Patriot Act. Their role model Singapore and Britain still have the ISA. Explain to the people that.

Or these neo liberals does not care.

As Sadiq Sigaraga turns his eyes towards his Adviser, Kassim Pentalon, they exclaimed in unison, "25% persen!' and laughed.

Punasihat Omar Ong must be laughing yesterday evening at Bangsar Shopping Complex with his fellow neo Liberals Tengku Dato Zafrul, Danny Yusof, etc.

They must have achieved what they want. One can smell the "rolling stone that gather no moss" Zafrul to be next Maybank CEO. Danny Yusof returning to Maybank?

Farid Alias should be a far better choice.


Anonymous said...

ISA should be reinstated with amendmend on clauses to tackle Modern Communism war tactic.

Reconsider before its too late. Communism fundamentals practised by opposition party becoming out of hand.

For the sake of Peace & Harmony!!

Anonymous said...

Sedangkan Singapura Cina tak mansuhkan ISA menunjukkan yg Cina sendiri pon tak percaya dgn Bangsa Cina.

Kenapa Negara dan Bangsa Melayu nak tunduk dgn Bangsa Cina DAP BABI ni???!!!!

-Ank Kota Singa-

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! and I wonder why Najib is so smitten with Omar Ong.

Najib is so so so enamoured with Ethos and apparently his political life is so tied to Omar Ong. Who the is our Prime Minister?

In Omar Ong we have a Petronas Scholar who refused to pay up whatever was due, elevated in to the BOD, apparently being Najibs eyes and ears. Before that he has to pay up whatever is due BUT my God, Najib is bending over backwards for this guy.....just like Abdullah B holding on to every word from KJ....

We lack leaders like Dr.M who decides well for the nation and without duly influenced by his inner circle...

Najib, please leave the ploitical arena. You are an incompetent leader so stop pretending...please go, soonest possible.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming the advisors la bro. Najib is the leader, hes the boss and hes ultimately responsible. No more pukul anak sindir menantu and no more wayang kulit la. Its getting nauseous la


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... betapa ANIH - Kenapa si Najib syok sangat dgn si sepet ni ye. Kasi tabik siut kat sepet ni muda lagi dapat naik mencapai top level elite Melayu sampai dapat kasi cium jubo dia. Buang lah nama Mustapha tu - simpan aje nama cibai engko. Nampak sangat kaki bodek.Najib PLEASE GO AWAY Kami tak akan undi kamu lagi caya lah.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is time for Najib to step down just as Pak Lah had step down..he had made a mess out of ISA -the law to prevent more Arab Spring- I do not know what is in his head!

Najib RESIGN now! said...

Nama pun dah "Ong", bodohnya si Najib pergi telan bulat-bulat segala kencingan najis mughallazah si kaum Ong.

Najib masuk TV pakai cheongsam utk ambil hati kaum Ong. Anak Najib berbahasa Mandarin di radio utk mengampu si etnik Ong. Jutaan ringgit wang rakyat dibakul-sampahkan ke Sekolah Jenis Ong walaupun sekolah-sekolah itulah yg menyumbang polarisasi kaum, dan bertentangan Perlembagaan.

Akhirnya si kaum Ong tetap tunjuk jari tengah "Fuck You!" pada Najib pada PRU yang lepas.


Kamal said...

You are spot on regarding Omer Ong.
His other damaging advise to Petronas was they must stop expanding their oversea operation and they must continue marginal oilfield which is full of oil.

I ask Hassan Marican.He said stupid.I knew Marginal fields are full of Oil.Imkept it for future generation.We shiuld go out and drill the oil from other countries.

Other yhan Omer Ong ,the other Adviser need to be sack is Rohana Mahmud and Etos Gang.

YM Sultan Johore told me,as soon as Khalid become new MB he will sack all the adviser from ETOS in J Corp
Wan Firdus,Zaki,Natasha .

They are also in Fekda Global.FYI Omer Ong also involved in restructing Felda Lobal.Now all the Fekda settler will be like Kuta Kinte for the next 90 years.Without realising they have lease their land to Felda Global for 90 year for only $200 ringgit an acre a year.

Bro.Just wonder how do Najib sack his mother of all Adviser.Rosmah.


Anonymous said...

Aduh, bosanlah! Semuanya salah orang lain.. Cina, Badawi, India, Melayu PKR, Melayu PAS, Najib, penasihat Najib, dll.... kecuali aku!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34 PM,

Say it straight to his face. No more "PM bodek cina".

We want a PM that doesn't have to keep on reminding everyone that he's the PM for all races. Does he think we are stupid ?

Blues said...

Bukankan pindaan undang2 perlu mendapat persetujuan 2/3 parlimen?
Kalau TPM dan Menteri KDN dulu tak setuju, mcm mana boleh lepas Parlimen?
Maknanya, semua MP UMNO tu bacul! Nak salahkan Najib aje. Ye, Najib salah. Tapi yg lain pun sama 'bersubahat'. Kalau tak subahat, then PONDAN, BACUL dan DAYUS!

Unknown said...

We agree with you...Najib bkeh blah!!!

GoldTrex said...


Allow me to share what i have been analyzing for quire sometime.

Omar Ong is one of the self-elected group of foreign trained graduates. They became entrenched during time of SamDol - the sleepy. Collectively, we know them as the Fourth Floor Boys (FFB). Of course we were all reading about of the role played by SIL in the creation of the FFB. SIL was and is probably the "god father" of the FFB.

The FFB network is not just confined to Putrajaya.

Khazanah and all the GLC CEOs and their ilk are extensions of the FFB. Under SamDol, all roads lead to ?? the Putrajaya based FFB.

The creation of the FFB takes its inspiration from the network of presidential advisors, and cabinet members of the USA.

Presidents come presidents go. BUT the same network of advisors and cabinet members, are in place to rule and govern the USA.

There are a few organizations in the USA that takes on this role as the supra-national organization. One of them is the Trilateral Commission (TC), founded by David Rockefeller in 1973.

TC members 'served' presidents Carter and Clinton. Clinton himself is a member of the TC. Obama appointed 9 TC members to his cabinet and administration, upon assuming office.

These TC cadres include Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary, Susan Rice, US Ambassador to UN, Thomas Donilon, National Security Advisor, Lawrence Summers Economic Advisor, and many, many others.

TC members also served Republican presidents. The following 'served' George W Bush - Richard Armitage, as Secretary of State, Timothy Getiner (yes the same one) as president of New York Federal Reserve Bank, General Joseph W. Ralston, as NATO Commander, etc, etc.

In the US system of presidential elections, in which TC members are actively involved in fund raising, advising and campaigning for the presidential candidate, the selection and elevation of these TC members into the incoming president's cabinet is quite legitimate. After all they had backed and bet on the successful presidential candidate.

GoldTrex said...


TC members also served Republican presidents. The following 'served' George W Bush - Richard Armitage, as Secretary of State, Timothy Getiner (yes the same one) as president of New York Federal Reserve Bank, General Joseph W. Ralston, as NATO Commander, etc, etc.

In the US system of presidential elections, in which TC members are actively involved in fund raising, advising and campaigning for the presidential candidate, the selection and elevation of these TC members into the incoming president's cabinet is quite legitimate. After all they had backed and bet on the successful presidential candidate.

IT is totally understandable, therefore, when the incoming president assumes office, he handpicked his cabinet and advisors, mostly from TC members.

In our political system, modeled after the British's westminster system, the workhorse that puts the PM candidate in parliament is UMNO - its election machinery and its foot solders - UMNO members, particularly the Wanita members. We used to see PEMUDA members being very active, but not any more.

As we had practiced in the past, guided by the British's westminster model that we have adopted, the PM, once his appointment is consented to by the Agong, should have appointed his advisors, a select group of civil servants, from - the PTD system.

After all, the PM is head of his majesty's the Yang Di Pertuan Agong's government. Naturally every person that works for the PM must be appointed from PTD officers.

SamDol the sleepy, changed all this and introduced the FFB. He has no legal capacity to do so - based on the principle that he is just taking the leadership position and role, of the His Majesty, YDPA's government. He cannot and should NOT create his own government.

What SamDol did was a bastardization of the westminster system in favour of some of the elements of the USA's presidential system.

GoldTrex said...

(continue 2)

As we had practiced in the past, guided by the British's westminster model that we have adopted, the PM, once his appointment is consented to by the Agong, should have appointed his advisors, a select group of civil servants, from - the PTD system.

After all, the PM is head of his majesty's the Yang Di Pertuan Agong's government. Naturally every person that works for the PM must be appointed from PTD officers.

SamDol the sleepy, changed all this and introduced the FFB. He has no legal capacity to do so - based on the principle that he is just taking the leadership position and role, of the His Majesty, YDPA's government. He cannot and should NOT create his own government.

What SamDol did was a bastardization of the westminster system in favour of some of the elements of the USA's presidential system.

The issue before all UMNO members is this - should Malaysia's PM be given the freedom to form his own team, when it was UMNO members (and not his own personal team of advisors) that worked tirelessly to campaign and put all manner of personal efforts and sacrifices, to ensure UMNO/BN candidates win the general elections? Is this a case of "lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama?

However, the even BIGGER issue is this. Could it be that the FFB was an foreign creation?.

When TUN MAHATHIR was PM for 22 years, the west and Israel did not have an easy time. Malaysia was not only fiercely independent, it was also an extremely inspiring model not only in the Muslim world, but also for young countries in Africa, South America, and Asia. Tun Mahathir even has a very strong following in Japan - the closest US ally in Asia.

Could the FFB be their "trojan horse" to take Malaysia from the 'belakang'?

It would seem that the operations of the FFB is quite similar to the Trilateral Commission.

As stated at the beginning of this short entry, presidents come and presidents go, the TC would still be in positions of power.

Even when the government changed hands, from Democrat to Republican and vice versa, the TC are the still around, powerful as ever.

Given the liberal (libertarian) colours adopted by the FFB members and its ilk, it would seem to also suggest that they were 'hedging their bets'.

If the Pakatan had formed the government soon after GE13, the FFB would not be out place -- they would not be like 'duck out of water'.

In fact their liberal and libertarian colours would endear them to the Pakatan even more than they would be towards UMNO.

It would be a case of 'birds of feather flock together'. The best UMNO can do is to tolerate them, out of their sense of respect for the PM and President of the party.

Indeed if the FFB is a creation of or inspired by the west, of the CIA may be?, then the incoming Pakatan government may not even have a choice in the mater - their 'god father' would be extremely crossed if the FFB is crossed out.

I hope your blog readers could add their comments and or share additional information on this matter.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Goldtrex, you have pointed out a very serious issue pertaining to the establishment of FFB and its continued application and uses in the current administration of the executive which to my mind is an act of ultra vires his powers as prime minister. Now, the big qs is, can PTD or the KSN or anybody with such powers able to warn and to instruct the PM to abolish such FFB with immediate effect legally? Or, it is up to UMNO members to do it? How many UMNO members pay attention to this pertinent issue, which obviously has the purpose of destroying our country, that could move them to take the correct action? What is the next step?

Anonymous said...

Too many cook will spoil the sup.
Let Najib be himself.
What we really need is a good PM not a person whom we could cleverly and skillfully crafted into our PM.

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing about blogs like yours, you act as if Perkasa is so big, and quote ppl like Ibrahim and Zul, but at the end of the day they lose big time,one in a city,one in a kampung, so how?

How if najib kept the isa and ended up losing? Boleh ka?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
seems that anwar also have the similar problem as PM..

they both have wrong PUNASIHAT...Najib's Punasihat said that BN gets Chinese support, Selangor already in hand, higher number of seats in Penang, if not win, a very slim majority for PAS in Kelantan..

ANwar's Punasihat said, Putrajaya is theirs, Sabah belong to them, so sarawak, Kedah still with them, N9 is another new states for Pakatan..

but at the end both are loser..this is not happening...

guess who wins then?


Anonymous said...

The more he catches peeps like youth leaders, the more youths are going to vote opposition, Imagine if now all the anger on FB, how about in 5 years? When all those kids are registered to vote, what is Another Brick going to do?

A Voice said...

Anon 8:02 AM

Quoting Ibrahim Ali and Zul does not mean acting as though "Perkasa is so big", it is merely giving a face to an opinion and shows there are opinion such as that expressed.

I could quote some orang puteh philosopher or comedian or just fake a mat salleh name, but not many would be able to appreciate if such opinion exist out there.

WHats your proble with perkasa?

Anon 10:48

I dont have to do anything. Probably retired but still voting by then.

It is about law and order, security and also soverignty.

Make that distinction between politics and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Melayu dan pemimpin melayu memng bodoh. Semua benda nak digadaikan. By the way, whats wrong with PERKASA? PERKASA lebih berhak bersuara dari pendatang dan penkhianat dong-zong.

GoldTrex said...

Komen Balasan Kepada Komen Anonymous

Tindakan penting yang paling perlu disegerakan ialah agar PM Najib melantik Tun Mahathir sebagai Pengerusi Khazanah Nasional. Dan Tun Dain sebagai Penasihat.

DAN kita semu mestilah bertindak dengan apa jua ruang - tulisan di akhbar, di dalam Blog, melalui wakil rakyat, dan lain-lain, supaya PM Najib bertindak segera. Saya kira tak payah bagi elaun pun Tun Mahathir dan Tun Daim rela berkhidmat.

Tanpa wang berjuta didalam Khazanah, FFB akan manjadi lumpuh. Mereka juga akan hilang minat untuk terus bekerja sebagai ahli FFB atau pun berada didalam rangkaian (network) FFB ini.

Lama kelamaan FFB akan lupus dengan sendirinya. Cuma kita pastikan Khazanah Nasional tidak lagi jatuh didalam kancah manipulasi puak-puak FFB ini.


BobbyNZ said...

Dato Omar Ong is definitely a poltical and economic genius who has given invaluable advice to PM Najib. No wonder Malaysia is doing so well while the world is in disarray economically and politically. Syabas Omar, we are proud of you !!!

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong Zhong ada duit boleh beli PERKASA. PERKASA ada apa? The same PERKASA cakap dengan bongkak dan sombong sedangkan PERKASA wujud atas dasar dari orang melayu UMNO looser whom are not in the good book as compare to FFB or blue eye boys of PM. So beat it PERKASA you are out in the cold, you loose Selangor and many bunch of your so businessmen jadi rent seekers goes to real Malays business men.

Anonymous said...

Im the one who commented about perkasa, a voice,the difference is, majority of Malaysians have rejected perkasa, and im afraid that more malays will leave UMNO if Najib becomes close to them. Lot of urban malays left, and some suggesting Bringing Tun back, but its not going to solve it

Anonymous said...

PERKASA memang berhak bersuara, tapi suaranya tidak memenuhi kehendak rakyat, banyak kali dah I tengok perkasa ni nak adakan DEMO ini demo itu, masa pakatan ada himpunan rakyat, tapi akhirnya, tak de siapa pun datang, malu ke tak?

Mustapha Ong said...

As a political analyst n social activist, I share some of the positive n negative comments posted against or for the involvement of Datuk Omar Ong as part of his national service to the Nation. Omar is not a YES man to the prime minister, but more importantly we should not ridicule the intelligence n integrity of the PM himself.

The prime minister listens more than he talks and he is capable to make his own judgment and decision on crucial matters that involve the people and nation. What make you think that the PM listens absolutely to the views and opinion of his few selected Advisers? To me whatever your aspersion you have posted against this highly qualified and internationally exposed young Malaysian is based on biased perception dan absolute jealousy.

There is only one prime minister in office and therefore let him decide the fate of Omar Ong in the wider interest of the government and nation. Don't judge a man by his race, color and creed and don't judge the book it's cover!

ee said...

dia buat lg dh...michelle yeoh jd ambassador im4u pulak...bila masa minah ni masih jd belia..ntah apa apa...

Tok Mudim said...

Salam bro

Kalau Dollah dulu kuat tidor dalam meeting.

Najib pulak kuat tidor berjalan.

orang kampung kata kuat mengigau.

Zaki Zahid said...

Mustapha Ong

If you are really his father Mustapha Ong, then it is dumb of you to defend Omar by accusing the blogger as jealous and belittling him as having bias perception.

Simply because you have an intererst in him. Believe you may have benefit handsomely by having your son there.

However, should you not be his father, I question his so-called National Service to the Nation. THere is no sacrifice on his part for you to claim such.

He operates Pemandu and provide advise via his consulting firm to give it to his ex firm. SOunds like he is benefiting for himself.

The fact that you also cast aspersion about race brings out the issue of your own DAP like racist attitude to call other racist for raising on the interest on his own race but you do not consider yourself racist to raise the interest of their race.

Omar Ong is a neo liberal whose universal idea is based on neo colonialism.

Mustapha Ong said...

Hi Zaki whatever your name is or another pro Pakatan. You are entitled to your view and I myself to mine own view and conclusion. Even if I am not Datuk Omar's father I don't simply judge the book by it's cover! Please get it straight into your skewed head, even if I don't benefit by saying a few good words about another fellow Malaysian. It's none of your father's business to size me up as I am a straight forward guy by nature! I am not a political pawn to be dragged here and there for which I do not harness any personal interest!

Anonymous said...

It just adds to the never ending list of "Apa Cina mau"? armed forces (but only high ranking posts lah - jadi foot soldier ni tak ada merit), abolish ISA.
The writing is on the wall..get ready to also give up your seluar dalam...

Gelang Patah has resoundingly confirmed - There is no Malaysian Unity. Its all about foot in the door and tapau as much as you can.

Yasmin Ahmad's stories is just a feel good fairytale.

My Say