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Omar Ong link to AES established!

Over dinner sometime last year, one former mainstream media editor shared an information on the controversial AES. He said someone related told him that Dato Omar Ong has interest in the privatisation of AES.

The editor told a lot of what he heard on the grapevine but shared no details or explanation. Only "someone said this" and "someone said that", thus giving an impression of him as someone loves delving in petty gossip.

We did not consider his word as reliable and most of the rumour mentioned by the old timer is out there in the blogs and social media. However, we did not totally put it aside. And, we got someone to check and got only an affirmative yes. Still no details was given.

Ever since, few other sources, in which few are consistently reliable, confirmed the same. Syed Akbar's posting here on The Star's report confirmed the link to Omar Ong.


An extract of the report below:
Under the terms of the concession, Beta Tegap was supposed to have implemented the AES for Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Pahang and Terengganu, while ATES was to have operated in Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan.
According to Syed Akbar, Beta Tegap only has a paid-up capital of RM19mil. They have four shareholders namely; Rozana Redzuan, Dr Andres Teoh (or Andreas Toh), wife Yap Kim See @ Yap Ai Lin, and Nik Ismail Nik Mohamed.

The major shareholders are Rozana and Dr Andres Teoh.

The name of the biggest shareholder with RM5.8 million shares rings a bell.

Her actual name is Rozana Abdullah but used to go around as Toh Puan Rozana Tan Sri Redzuan Salim. She may have dropped the Toh Puan by now after her divorce from the son of the historically reknown late Syed Nasir

Her late father or adopted father, Salim was formerly the Division Chief of UMNO Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat. Outside the Muar originated aristocrats, his family is another reknown UMNO family and dominate the scene in Batu Pahat and Pontian.

Rozana is an accountant by training and started her career as analyst at UBS and later became dealer/trader at PB Securities. She later returned to the family business, which was infamous for doing JV of Malay political connection and Chinese development expertise. His wealth comes at the deprivation of other capable Bumiputera and Malaysians.

Naturally, Malay and state lands in Batu Pahat are turned into Chinese enclaves. Today, DAP represent the Bandar Penggaram assembly seat and UMNO lost their traditional parliamentary seat for the first time. 

When the family ventured into the high finance world of PLCs, she was made Executive Director of Plantation & Development. P&D became a PN4 company when they brought in then MCA linked man from Batu Pahat, Dato Soh Chee Wen.

Why are we stripping her naked?

The family owns an expansive home next to a public park and a red Lotus sportscar used to strut around Batu Pahat town parked at the front porch. Knowing too well the late Redhuan's opportunistic and insatiable appetite for easy money, this is not likely to be a political fund raising.

How much is enough for them?

The second largest shareholder for RM4.2 million shares is Dr Andres Teoh (while other blogs refer to as Andreas Toh).

Not much is known of him but his company, Mediharta Sdn Bhd won a lucrative contract from the Ministry of Health in 2005.

The Wall Street Journal 2005 report here wrote that Mediharta was to be awarded the monopoly of hologram-lebelling for drugs and medical product. More on the subject here.

The PKR blogs had linked him to MCA Johor and accused the AES deal as an UMNO-MCA Johor JV. [Read here]

In a PC last year, PKR Treasurer, Wiliam Leong claimed here Bina Tegap used the technology of an Australian company, Reflex Pte Ltd. It seemed Reflex will bina (construct) and beta (royal for I) in the company will surely be tegap (financially strong).

The link to MCA is claimed to be via a person by the name Datuk Arianta Alikusno. The source maybe PKR and probably came from Dato Chua Jui Meng but there should be no partisanship when it comes to our disgust on corruption and power abuse.

Also revealed is another shareholder by the name of Datuk Yunus Othman. Possibly he was replaced by Nik Ismail.

Omar Ong

For the better catch, we continue with The Star's extract:
The system was supposed to have been launched nationwide in September 2012, but was delayed due to massive resistance from various quarters.

The major shareholder of ATES is Commercial Circle (M) Sdn Bhd. One of its directors is Chee Chwee Cheong, who also happens to be the founding partner of Ethos Consulting, which is one of the country’s most influential boutique advisory houses.

Apart from Chee, the other director of ATES is Lawrence Foong, who is Chee’s father-in-law.

With Chee and his father-in-law as directors, it indicates that Omar Ong's partner and his father-in-law controls the company.

It is interesting that the major shareholder parked their interest in a company called Commercial Circle. Who could be the shareholders of the company? Is there Ethos Private Equity?
Ethos PE appeared as a shareholder in an oil and gas company which in turn won contracts from Petronas.

Conveniently, there was a corporate exercise where the O&G company did a reverse merger to control or jointly control a former PLC O&G company. Hint hint ... dig up on Tanjung Off-Shores Berhad.
The plan is to re-list the company with a brand new facade and so-called other business. Refer back to past posting of Tan Sri Vincent Tan's attempted scam to relist again 7-11 for the fourth time.
Surely Omar will deny and it is probably not Ethos PE but it is the old trick of the trade to put a layer or tow to shield the true shareholder.

The Oxford PPE graduate was still a skinny Chinese kid in SMS Muar and son of a Wisma Putera officer on foreign posting when the market was rife with the game of nominee and proxies. It is not too difficult for past players to figure out the links, associations and fronts these days.

Anyone can see that Chee and his father-in-law are only Omar's proxy via Commercial Circle. The name itself sounds like a company taken off the shelf from a company secretarial firm.

Rent Seeking

Another extract from the Star:
In early December last year, a motion was passed in the Dewan Rakyat to allow the Government to take over the project from the companies, paving the way for negotiations between the companies and the MoF.

The companies’ estimated capital expenditure (capex) for the project was to have been between RM300mil and RM400mil, with 60% being spent in the first six months of rolling out the system.

However, up to last year, the companies were reported to have spent just over RM100mil each.

The Government is taking over the two companies via AES Solutions Sdn Bhd, a company owned by MoF-controlled Prokhas Sdn Bhd.

AES Solutions, incorporated on Sept 2, 2013, has two directors – Maamor Che Alias and Datuk Kamal Mohd Ali.

The-then Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan had said that the two companies had an estimated investment cost of RM717mil, and that the Government would conduct its own due diligence.
Sangat cantik .... the shareholders only put a paid-up capital of RM16 million but with a privatisation project, they could earn revenue as much as RM700 million a year.

The companies claim to have invested RM717 million and spent 60% of capex in first six months but company report only shows they spent only over RM100mil each for last year.

One of the concessionaires demanded between RM400-RM500 million based on a big four accounting company valuation. However, Government valuation only placed it at RM180 million for each company.

For all the money and yet the technology and capability is not theirs' but it is wholly the Australian company show. 

This stinks to high heaven. It is rent seeking. Making easy money from being mere intermediary. Isn't this giving bullets to the opposition?

Since they are politically linked, they better realise the public has no tolerance for public money used to pay for a controversial privatisation which did not take off and should not have in the first place.

If they want to still stay around, do not try to be funny by being demanding. Be they BN-linked or PR-linked or korparat-linked, we are ready to shed such opportunist naked till no pubic hair left.

Imagine, some bloggers were asked to defend AES for BN political interest but there are Malai Si and Cinabeng making big easy money for nothing. In Omar Ong's case, the guy is profiteering from his close proximity to PM.

If bloggers had asked for token to pay for their on-line bills and equipements, politicians would scream to high heaven and called them with all sort of labels. Businessmen tend to be calculative and kedekut. They would not bother to appreciate the bloggers. Opposition blogger would taruk them as though they are real pejuang.

End of story, te government shouldn't be paying more to these opportunistic rent seekers. Pay back what they actually spent. No more and the lesser the better. They have got too much already.

Damn with their accountants, Hishamuddin!

* Up-dated 6/2 9:00 AM


lone ranger said...

as usual najib will just sit down quietly... sit bubu sit...

Anonymous said...

another pkfz in the making.....congrates to our government of the day for making a fool of themselves if it goes thru

Anonymous said...

another pkfz in the making.....congrates to our government of the day for making a fool of themselves if it goes thru

Anonymous said...

Hate to admit it but if this happened during the BN 2/3 Supermajority era, no one can make a big fuss out of it & will surely turn out to be another PKFZ where everyone will get acquitted one way or another.

- Heart of the Sun

Anonymous said...

Saleha ali kakak tun siti yg dah tua kerepot dan tak blh jalan pun nak buat harta lagi.

Tamak betul orang bangsawan

Omer Shariff said...

Omar ong lagi.
Ini consultant Etos betul betul sudah masok Najib dalam pocket mereka.

Najib memasokan Omar Ong dalam lembaga Pengarah Petronas.Hassan Mariac di minta berhenti.

Sekarang Hassan Marican berkerja dengan Kerajaan Singapora dan ia telah berusaha menjadikan Singapora sabagai Hun Oil and Gas yang terbesar di Dunia.

Hassan sekarang ini menjadi Chairman Pavilion Gas Singapura.Syarikat ini akan menjadi saurikat Gas yang terbesar di Dunia.Kerajaan Singapura sekarang ini sedang menyiapkan Gas Storage yang terbesar di Dunia di Jurong.

Satu lagi kesilapan besar kita.

Apakah sumbangan Omer Ong kapada Petronas.Yang saya tahu lebeh ramai orang Cina memegang jawatan tertinggi dalam Petronas.

Anonymous said...


Macam mana nak support najib-kakros

combo pmship bila mereka ikuti

dasar membazir besar besaran

hingga ketirisan macam nih jatuhkan

nilai mata wang negara.

Malaysia nih bolih dibayangkan

sebagai aquarium

yang dipenuhi ikan shark yang

berpusing pusing di permukaan air

dan ikan bilis di bawah tangki.

Tahukah kamu berapa susah nak bikin

rm 100 olih olih kontraktor kelas

F/bawahan yang ambil upah

membuat pembaikan jamban di opis

kat Pootjaya?

Mat mat opiser nanti keluarkan buku

'jadual kadar harga' untuk repair

paip , pasang plug letrik

untuk barang dan upah kerja. Tidak

ada peluang si mat mat kontraktor

nak dapat untung rm100 untuk

pasang satu 'water tap' ?

Di atas tangki, ikan yu berkeliaran

ditabur dengan makanan ikan -daging

lembu, fish vitamin dan hormon

pembesaran supaya ikan akan lebih

gah . ikan yu nanti bilih bukak

mulut besar untuk ngap apa yang

tokey najib-kakros bagi!

Lagi kuat ngap , lagi besar ketawa

si najib-kak ros di dalam hobi bela

ikan bosar!

Macam kata syedoutsidethebox di

dalam sistem banking

yang kecil [bagaikan kelintit

pompuan] setiap rangsangan

yang diterima akan diketahui punca

keseronokannya. Tidak ada misteri

di dalam hal ini. Semua bahagian

badan yang diramgsang akan tahu

punca rangsangan dan respon

kelintit bila ianya menerima

rangsangan itu. Jadi kalau

ah pek omar ongkie kata AES

membelanja Rm 700 juta [respon

kelintit] semua punca rangsangan

[ wang yang nak dikerok] untuk

adakan respon kelintit bolih

dikenalpasti olih si puan empunya


Soalannya , adakah rm 700 milion

ter-rangsang dari sistem bank

di malaysia nih?

Parting Shot


Johan jakpar [chemen MACC] ambil

note: berhentikan tangkapan

ikan bilis [mat mat polisi yang

ambil rasuah rm 30/50] tuh.

MACC perlu fokus tangkap jerong

yang dok ngap kat pootjaya tuh!

Sebelum akta MACC dirumus ada PCA

yang rangkumi kes jenayah

'abuse of power' macam nih. Dengan

'holy spirit' [ roh bersih ] PCA

MACC patut selidik kes AES nih

kerna ada banyak elemen salah guna

kuasa/ insider information yang

melibatkan hampir 1 bilion ringgit

ketirisan wang negara. Mana nak

letak muka mat mat Perbendaharaan,

nilai rm jatuh -respon dari

kelintit akibat rangsangan

salahurus si puan empunya!


khong khek khuat

Syed Akbar Ali said...


You said "Imagine, some bloggers were asked to defend AES for BN political interest"

I hope these Bloggers do not start atacking you and me for highlighting this AES fiasco.

Syed Akbar Ali.

Anonymous said...



Addendum to the above comment.

The article appears in ko song blog.

- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Ko Song,

It looks grand when editors of our

local newspaper talk about

electoral delienation [wong ch] ,

or liberal rights [june wong aka

wong ping gan].

That is not even important or

merits a discussion. Look I spend

some time at Maastricht and

am impressed with the [Holland]

national emphasis , whether in

their newspaper , mass media or


It is always about what Holland is

good at.

Holland is No 1


1.cut flowers industry

2.irrigation and agriculture


3.aspartame -the artificial

sweetener industry produced by

the once gigantic Dutch Coal Mines.

Holland is also worlds 's Top 10

1. Shell oil

2. Phillips Electronics based

at Eindhoven [not v far fr


3. Good universities [ Delph

(which RVB -now Maastricht was

part of), Rotterdam, Amsterdam

,Den Haag .

They may not be listed

in the Times but they do not

accept foreign students in

their agriculture faculties!

4. Big in Fund management-

probabably have pension funds

bigger than our national


Now, what is Malaysia No 1 in

or used to be No 1 in:

1. Tin [destroyed by Mahathir's


2. Rubber [ not sure now]

3. oil palm [ probably

overtaken by Indonesia]

4.Fake goods industry [just

today I heard in the news some

factory is raided]

5, Human Trafickking Industry

6. Sundal business -Flesh trade

[agents for prostitution]

7. Gambling and gaming industry

per population head.

8. Corruption on a corporate

scale, companies stealing from

the people. During Mahathir's

regime, licences were issued

for Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto

[extended business] , Magnum

[expanded business]

Note:During my childhood days the

only gambling was restricted to

a 2 day a week "Tiga ekor' with top

a prize of RM 500, and a monthly

social welfare lottery ticket.

Nowadays , gambling windows can be

7- day a week under a pretext

of CNY, Happy happy or special

draws. All the chingkies

have to do is make a

contribution to the ruling

party or the gomen officers!

How does corruption on a corporate

scale takes place?

Surprisingly your taikoon freind

Koon Yew Yin never mentioned

it. Privatisation without a

superior benefit to the gomen

is a pure piratisation.

Look at how many piratisation has

taken place?

PKFZ, Indah Water[ now

nationalised]. Soon AES will be a

stats in the priratisation thingy!

Unaudited accounts of prize monies

over collection

on gaming is another big corporate

corruption. Regular punters

on the number ekor alerted me to

this issue. The prizes were minute

compared to the collection by

Sports Toto, Da Ma cai and

Genting 4D. There has never been

a declared policy on this issue.


The editors of Star are all big

prostitute writers- writing or not

writing bad about corporate tricks

and shenanigans. Instead June Wong

Ping Gan and high faluting

Wongy talk about electoral

delienation and catholic

updates and made up catholic

rights. An honest and credible

analysis on catholicism

is comprehensively presented by

Iain Buchanan in 'Anak Si

Hamid' blog!

The BS written by those 2 Wong-ies

are put simply, dustbin material!






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