Friday, June 05, 2015

The week UMNO Semenanjung looked like fools

On Tuesday, there was one incident and this morning, there was another one. For both occasions, we decided to not go. There was also another invite last night at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur that we decided to not go.

Off late, political events have turned into staged drama and action movie than a mature exchange of views and thoughts. In both occasions, it was a case of pitting one leader against another.

Which one shall we start first?

This morning's Nothing2Hide was an event meant for invited NGOs for an explanatory session with the PM. The organiser is SukaGuam, a new group established within UMNO supposed to oversee legal issues.

However, they seemed to have overstretch themselves into partisan political issues. Sukaguam President, Khairul Anuar seemed overzealous to be in that limelight that he may have not heed warnings on the need to manage, and control the event meticulously especially on security matters.

Things were not looking good few days ago when certain NGO were promoting its members to come in large numbers to the "by invitation only" event. This morning it was told to us that its white shirted Secretary General was on top of his voice claiming he had invitations but via Whass App.

Yesterday, it was going viral that Tun Dr Mahathir will attend.

It was said he was challenged to appear and he accepted it. There are claims he was not invited but a picture of an invitation with his name hand written had gone viral to prove he was invited. He was going to ask Najib the 10 questions he had asked before.

When Tun M came, the organiser treated him with full respect as he was ushered to the holding room and provided front row seat.

By evening yesterday, it was propped up that former Transparency International President, Tunku Aziz will appear also.

Tunku has been making disparaging remark against Tun M and strangely for an ex DAP Vice Chairman, he was getting good coverage by TV3. It seemed he was being pitted against Tun M. 

This morning we saw a statement informing of a cancellation but when checked with a certain officer in PMO and few of Sukaguam lawyers, it was denied.

Nevertheless, there was political motive by a certain group to see the event cancelled.

According to Khairul, Dato Najib was eager to face the crowd. Just days before at a political rally in Sarawak, he was talking about his Bugis warrior blood lineage in him.

There was some pushing and shoving done by a group at one of the door in to the hall. A little scuffle also was said to have broken up outside.

*However, it was a minor skirmishes. Seen in broad daylight was yellow beret Ali Tinju men. He is an openly known operative of Dato Habibur Rahman. In the social media, there is a claim that Pemuda UMNO exco member, Ibdillah got out of his seat in the hall to join the ruckus.

Crowd was rather rowdy as one member of the crowd text us.

Finally, police had to step in to cancel the event. Dato Najib was also advised not to appear. Now that only worsened his image as he is being ridiculed as coward.

Some said he should soldier on. That we agree but come to think of it, no security of any country would allow the President or Prime Minister to appear in a hostile crowd. A commotion could break out and things could get out of control. We will not see it as the way security people do. Someone out there could take advantage, IS maybe.

When the crowd was informed of the cancellation, there was a loud call from the crowd for Tun M to speak. The stage was hijacked by the uninvited.

Tun M will naturally oblige but midway into his speech, police grabbed the mike to stop. Media that had been crowding around him and ignoring the audience behind was asked to sit.

The crowd was asked to disperse.

Khairul was blamed for not heeding advise by some party seniors. He was blamed for allowing Tun M to speak. A reporter on site beg to differ. He send a message to us: 
Mmg police did the right thing. And mmg sukaguam negotiated wt police to proceed wt juz tun wtout pm. But police tak bagi. In the hall clearly u can see 2 camps - Najib n tun. Had the event been allowed to go on it cud hv gone really nasty fr the 2 sets of supporters.
There was intention in the crowd present to jeer and not so much to listen to the talk seriously. This is one side of the crowd:

Tentera Tun M? Was it not supposed to be an intellectual discourse?

It is still a wonder as to who advised Tun M to address the crowd despite police having called off the event. It is sad as some commentaries in the social media people are calling him a kaki kacau or trouble maker as though he is an Anwar Ibrahim. * Actually, it was Sukaguam and JASA that negotiated with police and changed the event from Bersama PM to Bersama Tun Dr Mahathir.

Really sad ... PM branded as a coward and Tun M described as kaki kacau. Does it serve anything? Is this what UMNO and Malay politics have succumbed to? Hooliganism! 

On Tuesday, another ridiculous event happened.

Perhaps done by the same group of people as we notice and could identify the faces of some of the  personalities in photo ops with the DPM in their Facebook.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin was to return from Australia on Tuesday night at KLIA after an R&R there. Prior to his return, this group tried to prop the public to receive him at the airport as though he had secured our independence from Britain.

In one image poster being viraled, it was written as Harapan Kami.

True enough, pro opposition media was happy to pit the DPM against PM:

When Muhyiddin appeared out of the arrival entrance, he looked surprised and awkward.

But, he did obliged to this heroic welcome to his return from a session of golf in Australia. He may have given independence to some golf balls at some ponds or sand bunkers.

The reason he is surprised and felt awkward is not so much the reception.

This is just a fake picture. There was no such crowd.

There were mostly reporters.

Muhyiddin knew the people receiving him are not his people. In fact, we could identify some of them, if not most, are Tengku Razaleigh supporters.

For the likes of him, Muhyiddin was never in the habit of being sent off or received by his supporters or political boys. * He will not have it. None of his men or officer called that day were going to wait for him at the airport.

Not only that, as far as we could recall, he himself never sent off any boss off for their overseas trip. Not even when he was a rising politician under Tun M and large number of aspiring leaders would sent off or received him at airport.

This is nothing more than an attempt by a batu api to pit one leader against another. In this case, pitting Muhyiddin against Najib. Worse of all, it is an Anwar Ibrahim-like deception created to fool the public or the political followers into a situation that never existed.

The reporter and blogger that promoted his return and have been pitting Muhyiddin against Najib were not to be seen at the airport. *They were burning the public but are not there themselves. 

Dream on dude. Muhyiddin will not take on Najib. He is looking forward for more golf trips to Australia upon retirement. *Should duty calls, he will step up to the plate but it is at Najib's call. No need to do anything.

There is one major reason he will never do it and it will be made a posting. So do not believe any claim that some groups are moving down there for Muhyiddin or some leaders have been asked in private to get the movement going.  


Having seen a political forum in Sabah weeks ago, the behaviour of current UMNO Semenanjung politics as reflected by the event today and deception on Tuesday pales in comparison.

Our political maturity seemed not even reached puberty. Just do not get us started with members understanding and expectation of politics. 

Some political analysts, writers and reporters talks of politics without neither the understanding nor the interest to learn about economics, administration policies, and governance. It as though politics is only  art of perception for the shallow minded without any scientific method or philosophy or ideology.

The Semenanjung had long been looked up to provide leadership for the nation. If this is reflective of the foolishness of our politics, maybe it is time we give up the leadership to the more sensible Sabahans and Sarawakians. They claim that many is due to them.

* Edited 6/6 7:30 AM


Anonymous said...

najib's image as coward will stick like gam gajah. No amount of rebranding, image making or PR exercise by Lim kok Wing or Yahudi Paul can change that. The same with what happen to "sleepy" pak lah. Once its there, its there. neither we malaysian want to be lead by a sleepy person nor we want to be lead by cowardice. Serves najib right.

As for Mahadey, well ....he don't need your vote.

Anonymous said...

Dalam mca gaduhbtak tenti. MIC masih tgh gaduh. Gerakan segan mati tak mahu.

Pas baru abis perang ulamak dan anwarinas. Selesai bljm.

Pkr gaduh wan jijah dan madu jantan si azmin. Khalid pun serta.

Dap gaduh antara dap luar dan dap penang. Dap india vs CEC.

Sapa lagi tak gaduh?

SN said...

Coldn't care less abo politics. More concern on mismanagement of 42 billion and accountability.

Anonymous said...

You can't explain away the clear lack of integrity in Najib's character by any amount of political analyses and justifications. Good people make judgements, bad people also make judgements. Honesty is the best policy, because even if it won't make you billions of ringgit, yet God has promised the honest soul His Paradise.
Conversely, you can choose to take our billions and go to Hell!

Anonymous said...

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (pic) posted on Johor Southern Tigers, the page of the Johor Football Association of which he is president, saying: "How can you have a dialogue called 'Nothing2Hide' featuring a person who has everything to hide? Obviously he won't show up."

mapsscom said...






Anonymous said...

Khairul sukaguam chap should commit suicide. He shamed the PM by his poor organising. Maybe he intended to fix the PM.

As for the airport welcome, now that you described the event that way it looks real stupid. The shitty thing is they were trying to dupe the publuc into thinking muhyiddin is playing ball for raising issues on 1mdb. If it is done with PM's knowledge, it must have been intended to make PM take charge.

He did for a while but too bad his boys and jasa played the dumb game of whacking at a 90 year old man. You can't win la ... Now the backfire done by jasa and sukapublicity.

Anonymous said...

Read this

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir has to be very careful with the friends he chooses. Remember once the British also made friends with Chin Peng and gang and see what happened after that. As soon as the Japanese surrendered the CPM went on a killing spree.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

It was good that one of the two tigers decided to back down. And in this case it was Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would probably not have backed down seeing how desperate he has become of late. And if Najib had not backed down instead only God knows what the outcome would have been.

The Chinese say you cannot have two tigers on the same mountain. And that was what yesterday was: two tigers claiming to be king of the same mountain. And if Najib had turned up to face Dr Mahathir to claim kingship of the same mountain one would have had to limp away injured.

And this is the other thing that the Chinese always say: in the end it is all about face. If Dr Mahathir saves face then Najib has to lose face and vice versa. Both cannot save face. Only one can while the other must lose face. And the Chinese will tell you that you make someone lose face at the risk of your life and limb. It is something you do not do if you wish to enjoy a long life.

The Malays, though, look at things a bit differently from the way the Chinese do. While to the Chinese it is all about face and about not to lose face, the Malays are taught from very young that in a confrontation the elder or stronger must beralah to the younger or weaker.

It does not matter whether you are right or wrong. Even if you are right you must make way for someone who is younger, smaller, weaker or less powerful than you. You must also beralah to someone who has eaten more salt than you.

When I was a kid I lost many a quarrel with my younger brother because I was told I, as the elder brother, must always beralah.

In that sense for Najib to turn up and to engage Dr Mahathir in a public shouting match would have worked against him. It does not matter that Najib was invited and Dr Mahathir was not. The issue is Najib is more powerful and Dr Mahathir has eaten more salt. Hence Najib must do the Malay thing and give way.

Yes, I know, I have noticed the comments in the social media by Chinese saying this, that and the other regarding Najib’s failure to turn up at the dialogue session. These Chinese are probably too naïve or too young to remember that each time Malays face Malays in a public confrontation the Chinese end up the victims.

One Chinese even commented that he does not support Dr Mahathir or Najib. He really does not care who wins or who loses the debate (in the first place it was not even a debate but a dialogue). His only interest is to see Malays and Malays fight because he hates Umno.

That is very dangerous thinking. That was what happened in 1969. That was also what happened in Kelantan in 1977. Malays fight Malays and Chinese houses, shops and cars get burned and Chinese lives are lost. So do not wish to see Malays fight Malays because invariably they will lepas geram on the Chinese. In Indonesia it was also Malays fight Malays and thousands upon thousands of Chinese became victims. It is estimated that about 500,000 died.

Anyway, the point is, those 2,500 people who attended the dialogue yesterday were not interested to hear what Najib had to say. Those who were really interested to know about 1MDB have already heard the explanations and one group accepts the explanation and the other does not.

What they wanted yesterday is to see Dr Mahathir and Najib fight like cats and dogs. The 2,500-strong crowd would have clapped, cheered, jeered and booed as Dr Mahathir curses Najib and Najib curses Dr Mahathir back.

This would have lasted for only a few minutes. And then the supporters from both sides would have joined in. And then the heated words would be translated to fisticuffs.

To be contd

Anonymous said...


Yes, the crowd was disappointed. They wanted to see Dr Mahathir and Najib scream at each other. They would have been even happier had some of the supporters punched each other or, better still, stick a knife in each other.

But those disappointed people are those who very cowardly stayed at home and did not dare go near the PWTC yesterday. They call Najib a coward while they themselves did not go to the PWTC because they knew it was dangerous and anything can happen in such a volatile situation.

Actually, come to think of it, I really do not mind giving them their wish. They want to see a fight between Malays and Malays and to see blood on the streets. Let us give them that wish and see if they really like it after all. Maybe after this they will shut the fook up and not goad the Malays to fight.

DAP already made PAS fight amongst themselves. Now they want Umno to fight amongst themselves. To the Chinese it is good if the Malays fight amongst themselves because this will make the Malays weak.

Oh, I know, they will raise issues like transparency, good governance, democracy, freedom of speech, and so on, as if they are really fighting for all that bullshit. Those are just lame excuses. The truth is they enjoy seeing Malays fight amongst themselves and they would even support the man they hate the most, Dr Mahathir, to see this happen.

Do you really think the Chinese love Dr Mahathir? They only want to use Dr Mahathir to destroy Umno and once that has happened they will piss on Dr Mahathir’s grave, the father of May 13 and Operasi Lalang as far the Chinese are concerned.

Dr Mahathir has to be very careful with the friends he chooses. Remember once the British also made friends with Chin Peng and gang and see what happened after that. As soon as the Japanese surrendered the CPM went on a killing spree.

Anonymous said...

And who is RPK again??? Ooohhh he's the one who RAN away afraid to face the music just like Najib.

He's not even 100% Malay to talk about Malays. Malays believe BERANI kerana BENAR. Takut kerana Salah.

RPK ran far away and Najib HIDE behind closed doors.

Conclusion: To the Malays Tun Dr M is the wira, pendekar, pembela, NEGARAWAN, period.

Anonymous said...

IPOH 6 Jun – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak wajar dijatuhkan dalam situasi ‘mob psychology’ kerana beliau tidak melepas tangan apatah lagi menyorokkan sebarang fakta berkaitan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) selepas tiga badan iaitu Jabatan Audit Negara, Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Negara (PAC) dan Bank Negara Malaysia diarah meneliti isu tersebut.

Pensyarah di Pusat Pengajian Kerajaan Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Prof. Datuk Dr. Zainal Kling berpandangan, ketidakhadiran Perdana Menteri dalam majlis dialog ‘Nothing To Hide’ anjuran Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Peguam Malaysia (SukaGuam) atas nasihat Ketua Polis Negara semalam, merupakan satu tindakan betul bagi menghalang kemungkinan perkara tersebut berlaku.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui selepas penganjuran Forum Bicara Perpaduan sempena sambutan Minggu Perpaduan peringkat negeri anjuran Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional (JPNIN) Perak di Institut Tadbiran Islam (Intim) di sini hari ini.

Majlis disempurnakan oleh Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kesihatan, Pengangkutan Awam, Hal Ehwal Bukan Islam, Integrasi Nasional dan Kampung Baharu negeri, Datuk Dr. Mah Hang Soon dan turut dihadiri oleh Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Dasar JPNIN, Zulkhairi Zainal serta Timbalan Pengarah JPNIN Perak, Hajar Ahamed.

‘‘Apabila orang telah ditanamkan kebencian terhadap Perdana Menteri dan didatangkan khalayak yang semuanya tidak menyukainya, cuma hendak menghentam dan menjatuhkan sahaja, jadi orang boleh bertindak ganas dalam dewan tersebut.

‘‘Apabila dituduh di khalayak ramai, orang akan menyerang Najib dan perkara ini akan memburukkan nama negara kerana kita telah ‘mengganas’ terhadap Perdana Menteri sendiri. Perkara ini tidak patut berlaku kerana Malaysia terkenal sebagai sebuah negara yang aman dan damai,’’ katanya.

- See more at:

KUFAZ said...

I second that

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