Thursday, November 19, 2015

Did KL Mayor lied on Datok Keramat land issue?

We were in the vicinity when there was a Kg Datuk Keramat demo against the construction of condominium on a site planned for 100% affordable housing.

Been busy with other matters that we did not get to into the issue till Rocky Bru's posting last Thursday reminded us. KL Mayor statement to warn instigators was something really strange.

This issue was brought to the attention and subsequently championed by Titiwangsa MP, Dato Johari Ghani. As Accountant, Corporate man and previous UDA Chairman, there is every reason to trust his ability to smell something ain't right.

Is Kuala Lumpur Mayor calling a Deputy Minister and BN MP instigator? 

On this issue of affordable homes for Dato Keramat, KL Mayor have been rather inconsistent and may have lied.

FT UMNO and the various wings have been quiet and indifferent. Talk is there have been attempt to shut Johari up.

FT Minister was unstoppable in making statements on other issues but has yet to make a response. To use the phrase used by MP for Bintulu, is there a kongkalikong going on? 

According to knowledgeable sources among the resident, there is a hidden hand by the nicname of KKC. It could mean Kacang Kangkong Cabai or Kaki Kuat Curi but let's just call this KKC Syndicate.

DO for RM2 million home 

The letter below is strange:

This letter is Development Order that allows a developer within the KKC Syndicate to build at the site off Kampong Kinabalu, Datok Keramat Kuala Lumpur as below:
  • 274 unit homes at RM200,000
  • 252 unit homes at less than RM750,000, and
  • 22 unit homes for less than RM2 million
It means the ratio of affordable homes to high end homes is approximately 50:50. However, this is not consistent with the policy already stated by Kuala Lumpur Commisioner for Land and Mines (or the Malay acronym PTG).

The area was gazetted for 100% affordable homes.

As indication that it can be done, UDA applied for the land to do 100% affordable homes at RM200,000 per unit in a letter dated October 20th 2015 but it was rejected by DBKL in a letter dated November 4th 2015.

This was the issue raised by Sarawak blogger Pusak Gagak with a series of 6 questions to DBKL and the relevant Ministers. The questions are quite telling that something is not right.

The chronological order makes it equally suspicious:
5 Nov 2014: PTG transfered the said land to DBKL.
21 Nov 2014: Development company, Ecoland (KKC Syndicate) was registered.
21 Aug 2015: DO was issued to the company.
17 Sept 2015: Occupy letter issued by Developer to residence
11 Oct 2015: Datok Keramat residence protested [read astro Awani here]
12 Oct 2015: Dato Johari issued a statement here
20 Oct 2015: UDA aplied for 100% affordable housing
4 Nov 2015: DBKL reject UDA
18 Nov 2015: Mayor said 50% will be below RM200,00 and 50% below RM600,000 [red MMO here]
Questions for KL Mayor

KL Mayor Dato Mohd Amin Nordin
There is now suspicions on the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur as highlighted below:
  • Ecoland (KKC Syndicate) was registered within 2 weeks after PTG transferred the land to DBKL. Why so convenient?
  • PTG has given the condition that it is strictly for affordable housing and it was offered for a nominal premium of about 10% but DBKL did not pay for the premium then. Will they pay only when that condition removed?
  • It was believed that DBKL eventually paid the premium in July 2014 for RM1.2 million. KL Mayor claimed it was paid in 2011. Something is not consistent. Which is which?
  • Why did DBKL not offered the land to companies specialised and dedicated to build affordable housing like Prima, or SPNB or UDA?   
  • Only yesterday that it was reported that the Mayor said 50% would be below RM200,000 and balance 50% for below RM600,000. But, still why not intervene and give to UDA for 100% below RM200,000? 
  • Why did DBKL Board of Advisory members said they are not sure of details as per The Star report Oct 15? How could they be not sure when DO already issued and developer about to move in?  
  • Is it not clearly stated in a DO that allows developer to issue letter to land occupant?
  • Why did KL Mayor only clarify that there is no such DO for units more than RM2 million after only one month? Sudden change in policy? 
  • Will KL Mayor issue a letter to confirm the change or it will remain as per the original DO to KKC Syndicate with the RM2 million homes when "Melayu sudah lupa" on the promises?
  • At RM16.2 million land price sold to KKC Syndicate, DBKL could have made by an additional RM10 million more than if they had did a JV with a GLC. [Read former developer Bigdog here]. What is going on?
  • Why is land originally allocated for affordable housing not wholesomely developed as affordable housing? Is it not profitable? There is still room for RM21 million profit. [Refer again to Bigdog.] 
  • Sources claimed that the 100% affordable housing development was supposed to be awarded to a company called Amal Sentral but was switched to higher end development for Ecoland. Was there such a switch? Who - DBKL or Minister, which Ministry?
More questions

FT Minister, tengku Dato Adnan Tengku Mansor or Tadman
That is 12 questions plus the 6 questions in the other blog to make it 18 questions. More questions still:
  • Is the said property development company licensed?
  • How could a newly formed Company with no proven track record and only a 29 year old as Director out beat a GLC or other more experienced developer?  Something is fishy.
  • Is Ecoland only a front and the real operating Company for KKC Syndicate will eventually be different one? 
  • What is then the real Company for KKC Syndicate? Will the real owner be known or only when it is eventually flipped to a PLC?
  • How come DBKL is not suspicious? Is there someone inside or higher in on it?
  • Is it true the DO from DBKL refered to an earlier application by KKC Syndicate to FT Minister? When did they made the application?
  • Why not offer to LTAT who could also provide for millitary personnel?
  • What happens to the eventually not sold Bumi units of below RM600,00?
  • What happen to non-Malay units that may not be taken up due to proximity to a Mosque and azan could be irritating to them?
  • Will the liberal Malay that could likely afford high end housing not antagonize the traditionally Malay centric neighbourhood?
  • Why is DBKL profiteering from cheaply acquired Federal land hived off to commercial entities? Aren't they supposed to serve the rakyat and not themselves or any specific others?
  • How many other parcels DBKL have lined up to be hived off for commercial entities?
  • Is it true that such scheming has happened in areas like Kg Pandan, Lembah Pantai, and few other areas that it changed the local demography?
There is altogether 31 questionable issues that have not been answered by KL Mayor and FT Minister.

FT Minister have been surprisingly quiet. He can be so vocal and loud opposing food for homeless program and raising possibility of 7 UMNO leaders to be sacked but so Mickey Mouse quiet on a matter of public concern involving his Ministry.

Two more questions:
  • Why can't FT Minister intervene? 
  • Was there a deposit paid that FT Minister is reluctant to reimburse?  
 Another four more questions.
  • He has a reputation, so what is he up to? 
  • Is he taking advantage of the current instability in UMNO?
  • This is an issue of the people so why is it FT UMNO leaders keeping quiet? Some is heard ampu-ing  Liaison UMNO Chairman of FT? We've got sources, OK?
  • Where is Pemuda UMNO and other UMNO wings for FT? High on Vape?
 Altogether 37 questions but more to come. Fat lady ain't singing but the fat boys are.


Anonymous said...

Are those questions posted to corrupt a Minister and a corrupt Mayor ?

RD. said...

Patut pun ramai 'fat boys' kat PWTC.
Mungkin mereka pun sedar bahawa Najib akan bawa UMNO kalah PRU14. Lebih baik mereka pelahap sebanyak mungkin, selagi masih ada peluang.
Bila Pakatan memerintah nanti, mereka akan diganti pula oleh pelahap yang lebih ganas. Maklumlah, pelahap baru belum ada pengalaman.

Anonymous said...

Land beside LTAT belong to DBKL the former ok karyaneka building.....its already cover by advertising board for super mega project.belong to big developer....the question is IF the land belong to DBKL why they built advertising board into that land not belong to them.....? Does umno Vvip behind them...the task of vvip to 'pantau' @ seeking the culprit in umno ...... Harap pagar pagar makan padi

Anonymous said...

Ini sama macam Datum Jelatek??

Anonymous said...
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A Voice said...

Don't divert to other subject. Not funny!

Anonymous said...

If DBKL claim to have paid premium in 2011, why only transfered in 2014. Likely to believe that DBKL makan atas angin to pay 10% of premium only and paid it after getting money from developer. If it is true it was sold for rm38 million, then it is dbkl that made affordable housing beyond reach of malaysians!

DBKL comes under PM Department. Jib wake up. MCMC shd stop covering up for crooked fellow govt servants especially big bosses!!!!! If they can go after khir toyo on impractical and technicality of public servant conduct, then why not apply the same.

Anonymous said...

SOmeone should review and investigate the background story on all ongoing or starting up development that involved DBKL land or DBKL land sold to developers.

There must have been lots of hanky panky going on.

Anonymous said...

this the real AbITW that I know...

A Voice said...

It's the real and new ABITW - not reckless

DBKLduit bumiputera said...

These PTD Mayors are all corrupt. First want to destroy DBKL for RM500million project.
They are just robbers of the people!

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