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Prequel to Dec 8th: PCs, SD, 1MDB and Middle East

As the days pass by approaching the last month of the year, more and more events are unfolding in what appears to be a coordinated and planned effort to topple Dato Najib.

In a past posting here, it was highlighted that the vote of no confidence in Parliament or the proxy to reject budget will not work out. Tun Dr Mahathir will be aiming for the UMNO General Assembly due to begin from December 8th. As RPK predicted, Najib cannot be left comfortable till Christmas.

The puzzling thing is why planned the 5,000 UMNO members demonstration to pressure Najib to step down on December 27th, after Christmas?


The initial build-up was via the continuous press conferences by UMNO branch leaders - from so-called 10 leaders in Telok Kemang, to 20 leaders from Sepang, followed by 200 members of Puchong and finally 340 members in Johor - pressuring for Najib's resignation.

Common game but does it has momentum? Johor sources claimed the anti-Najib groups in Johor is over-rated in numbers.

To pun an old old favourite eatery named Pancho Pit, Panchor can't pit much. We like the man and still doubt his alleged involvement in the coup but unfortunately, as RPK puts it, Tan Sri Muhyiddin may have slit his own throat

All this media psywar has all the markings of Tun M and his operators. Sources claimed he has lined up people to put a motion from the floor to throw out Najib or indirectly, by way of rejecting the Supreme Council decision to delay party election.

As told by one Cabinet Minister, Muhyiddin agreed to it. One can excuse him as an Overton window situation but it was proposed by MB for Negeri Sembilan, Dato Mohammed Hasan. He is loyal to Najib but friendly to Muhyuddin. As then Chairman of UMNO state liaison, Muhyiddin  supported his early days as MB. 

The "other side" is not sparing anything to disrupt the General Assembly. Thus, the reason certain decisions and actions were taken in the latest UMNO Supreme Council meeting. Some may say it is harsh and unreasonable.

UMNO is on civil war mode so there will be collateral damage like Dato Hamidah Osman. She is the former Perak exco member that engineered the sleath Perak government takeover from DAP to UMNO and active party worker for Wanita UMNO.

Former Perak MB, Dato Nizar Jamaluddin can only be expected to court her into Amanah and DAP. The confident DAP allies need to ensure their chance of winning back Perak not slipped away thinly as in the last GE.

But why must it be to the extent of tightening media? Take a lesson on barring media from Guan Eng, advised Rocky Bru here.

Sources claimed the planned toppling of Najib was put together for quite sometime. As mentioned in this blog, Tun M met Azmin and Clare Rewcastle in London sometime last year, and Johari Abdul and Saifuddin Nasution on April 23rd at Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana.

Do not discount Ku Nan statement of money used for this initial ambush. Money may have been used in abundance. Too few within Tun M's camp will know of such transactions.

The indication is the OA-ed husband to actress Ummi Aida and "suicide-bomber", Dato Khairuddin Hasan. He was able to fly to major financial centres. Today it is known that it was to act out a script to create the perception that Najib is being investigated by FBI.

That is a sabotage to discredit the nation to the international financial community. So let the due process of law take it's course. 

This planned coup could have been planned as far back during the on-going trials of Dato Seri Anwar. Highly confidential source claimed Tun M have been giving clues he was up to something from his eagerness to know the development of Anwar's case.

Najib is still holding back from an all out counter attack but not the other way around.

Since Sarawak Report, The Edge and other media lost credibility, they are using and viraling postings of an increasingly nasty anonymous blogger.

His line of arguments on transparency, corporate governance, bad investment and etc will be expanded when Dato Shahrol and Arul Kanda face PAC on November 30th and December 1st. He has yet to be definitive on the alleged swindeling of 1MDB money.

However, it could be an attempt to divert attention from their failed accusation of 1MDB money being diverted into PM's private account. 

Tun M has emulated Ku Li's move to be re-position himself as more liberal. From son-supporting position, he has turned around to be more acceptable to syiah. Now in-sync with the anti-Hadith, anti JAKIM and Islamic establishment, and skirting along anti-ulamak views.

He is now tolerant to cross dressing and LGBT. Not to mention, he is now buddy buddy with Dato Zaid Ibrahim and liberal G25. 

More of Tun M will be coming out after December 3rd when Najib is scheduled to answer on the RM2.6 billion "donation from a Middle East donor". So far heard, there is no substance but only perception game. 

Maybe Najib does not need to reveal too much. Save it for a rainy day because Tun M and his opposition allies are holding back some for GE 14.

What do you expect when certain Tun M people said the words, "It is not about saving UMNO but the country"? Great rhetorics but another way of seeing it is that it confirms that their struggle is personal and not about alif ba ta or UMNO. But the interest of YTL and Berjaya!

After all, DAP will not reveal their Singapore source of funding, PKR will not admit to getting covert American funding, and Anwarinas-controlled PAS of the past will not admit to getting brotherhood funding from the Middle East.

Expect bombardment to commence on December 4th and it will be a heavy one till December 8th and last till December 27th.

Charles Morais

If Tun M can be linked and chummy chummy with Maria Chin, Ambiga, Zaid Ibrahim, G25, Rupert Murdoch, George Soros (via Clare Rewscastle), and blackmailer Xavier Justo, nothing else is surprising.

The "other side" will not spare anything.

The latest could be the allegation by Charles Morais, the younger brother to the late DPP Kevin Morais in a PI Bala-style stunt to accuse Dato Najib and Datin Seri Rosmah as behind the killing of Kevin Morais.

Through the same lawyer to the RPK and the late PI Bala, Americk Siddhu, Charles prepared a statutory declaration in the same MO to claim Kevin was murdered for knowing too much on the wrongdoing of a certain high government officials.

Charles claimed Kevin got in touch with him two weeks before being murdered to tell him of his nervousness and sent over a pen drive of information. [Read the 18-page SD in Asia Sentinel here]. He is submitting an application for a second autopsy on Kevin's body.

The Tun M side attempted to revive the Altantunya murder mystery to pinpoint to Najib and Rosmah using Sirul on three occasions but failed. Thanks to PAS MP for Pokok Sena (but Amanah in spirit), Dato Mahfuz Omar for his idiotic stunt to contact Sirul LIVE during a press conference.

In the first place, it was a legally illogical plot. Our late sifu (Al Fatihah!) used to say never repeat the same old trick in politics. It would be foolish of Tun M's people to repeat the same failed game for UMNO GA. They are supposed to be smarter and more cunning.

However, one will never know in this obsession to dispose Najib. It is heard that they sent people to Abu Dhabi to dig dirt on Arul Kanda.

Logically, it is unlikely since the Morais have an family fight over Kevin's body. Sources claimed there could be issue of inheritance over Kevin's estate as he has willed part of it to his "close friend". The amount is not known and if it is in the millions, it could open up to other issues.

Sources claimed Kevin had expressed his intention to retire to the former AG for quite sometime and was said to have planned his retirement in London.

In the SD, Charles implicated his younger brother, Dato Richard Morais to the murder of former Arab Malaysian Development Bank founder, Hussein Najadi. IGP denied being in touch with Kevin over the Najadi murder.

At one time, Swiss-based Najadi's son implicated Najib and Rosmah to the murder. It was debunked and the issue has died. Maybe this is an attempt to inject life to the remotely associated event.

Richard responded by calling Charles a "fraud". All one need to do is google, he said. For an inkling of his mischievous endeavour abroad, read Lim Sian See, Malaysiakini and WSJ. IGP was reported knowing what Charles did before running off to the US.

His claim in his SD that he remained in the US since his University days in 1984 could be faulty.

Charles tried to salvage his credibility by the response that it was tough times, case settled and now back in his US hotel business. Sure but 26 charges?

AG repeated the same response and called the alleged link between the late Kevin and 1MDB as "preposterous". He was not involved at all with the case.

Sources claimed that he was involved in AMLA cases. Din Merican used to call him a liar in his blog in defense of his buddies, Dato Ramli Yusof and Dato Rosli Dahalan.

Such allegation would lose credibility the minute Sarawak Report get involved. They did post it on Nov 26th to claim Kevin as the author of the charge sheet against Najib. In the first place, the alleged and fake charge sheet revealed by SR was not on 1MDB but SRC. Secondly, how could a charge sheet be written when investigation was still ongoing?

MACC just made a statement recently to claim to have meet the disappeared SRC top management and Jho Loh had been in touch with them.

So far, news report by mainstream newspaper and non mainstream portal are rather watered down. An indication that people are not buying the story.

Not another Najib and Rosmah thing, quipped FBooker, Faisal Robhan Ahmad. Those familiar with his FB knows he is being sarcastic but it was not sarcastic enough to IGP.    

Dato Nurjazlan said Charles should make a police report to back his claim. It is strange of him to make a PC first than a police report.

IGP suggested Charles shares the contents of the pen drive for police to take action. Without any knowledge of Kevin's secret, they can't do anything.

Charles made nasty statement on the police in his SD. It may have made IGP to warn him, "If he knows that a certain offence has been committed but refuses to disclose it, he commits an offence as well."

Dato Rahman Dahlan called it "just another wayang" and it is "nice timing but bad script and bad actor". Can expect an ensuing drama with other actors waiting for the cue to enter. Lim Kit Siang already masuk jarum to get Tan Sri Gani Patail to speak up and linking this another SD with Edra sales and a nothing new WSJ infographic. 

When playing a Tamil gutter political drama similar to Deepak, PI Bala and Charles Morais, don't call others as village idiot and kangkung la ..., MChronicle. That is a no class and no manners act.


Anonymous said...

Kevin should have given a copy of whatever drives to some of the local opponents and anti~N figures instead of sending it abroad and turned the drive into an individual proprietary. If Kevin did just that, by right there should be more than one Sd surfaced. Where are they hiding? One thing for sure, based on twitter response, sorry to say, LKS did not get a copy of it.

playmistyforme said...

Has the WSJ and the Sarawak Report been sued?

What happened to the campaign to extradite Ms Rewcastle-Brown to face trial in Malaysia?

All of the above gone quiet?

Why haven't Muhyiddin and Shafie Apdal been expelled from Umno or summoned before Umno's disciplinary committee?

Are we talking "credibility" here?

2 sen tot said...

Aji... org umno Johor yg terdesak sahaja mcm mat 3.85 dan sewaktu dengan nya sahaja yang samada buta tuli atau ada kepentingan masih menyokong Najib.
Be a gentleman dan pegang pada prinsip asal Umno macam Dato Onn. jangan buat malu orang Johor la bro. kita org tak menyembah pada pengkhianat bangsa walaupun terdesak demi masa depan anak bangsa dan agama kita.. fikir fikir kan lah ok.

rahman said...

Pls share with me, along this line, how many of umno fanatic which formerly supported najib and umno but have changed their loyalty??

Hantu Gigi Jarang said...
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Anonymous said...

"What happened to the campaign to extradite Ms Rewcastle-Brown to face trial in Malaysia?"

They tried and failed twice.

Interpol uses the law, not the dictates of some fat vicious hippo.

Anonymous said...

Umno was formed to fight Malayan Union and colonial power. now umno leaders is welcoming Tppa.... what happen

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