Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bribes that makes blood boil

The Tan Sri picture put up with a question mark in yesterday's posting was published in the top frontpage of NST today.

That takes the heat of this blog from any possible lawsuit.

For a former General to be remanded for 7-days, it must be serious. They say, and off course the identity of they have to be withheld, MACC will not remand someone of that standing unless there is a case.

To recall back, Lim Guan Eng was not remanded but only interviewed in his office and visited at his home.

The Tan Sri and Dato of the GLC Bank could be remanded for investigation for more than RM15 million book publishing on "paper project".

We await for further development.

In the meanwhile, we like to share few corruption incidents that will make conscience person's blood boil, heartbeat increase, and burst into anger .

It is really sickening what corrupt public officials are capable of doing, irrespective of whether they are politicians, or government officials, or government agencies/companies.

It's not just federal but also state governments. Not only BN, but they could be Pakatan Harapan or former Pakatan Rakyat government.

Corruption is about individual's moral weakness, so let's not politicised it. MACC too should not fall to the theatrics of any political animal.

Bribe for PPRT homes 

FMT here reported a video circulating on Facebook Penang Kini of a Lim Keat Seong, father to Penang DAP state assemblywoman, Lim Siew Khim with a broker in a conversation with a prospective home buyers for the services to "settle" failed application for PPRT homes.

This is not a Malay being denied PPRT home in Penang and forced to pay bribe to have a home for his family. So much said of Malays being victimised in Penang. In this case, it is a Penang Chinese that is being victimsed.

According to the video, those interested to get a fast track approval to get a home will have to pay RM260 for the form and money to be paid to agent "Uncle Lim". The quantum and arrangement to pay uncle Lim is in the video:

FMT here reported the Penang YB identified the person in the video as her father but denied knowledge of her father's dealing. Although the family link and association is hard to resist, Siew Khim should not be conveniently accused of corruption till proofs are made available.

The father could be a member of DAP and abused his position his own position in DAP. Probably some name throwing but it could be others doing it. Give the benefit of the doubt to the YB. 

Yes, lets not politicise and simply accuse anybody. The DAP may have been accusing others but let the people judge their uncivilised ways. The party should not be implicated. Too bad it is is already out there and expected to be politicised.

But it sure make one's blood boil, heartbeat increase and burst into anger to know the existence of heartless people abusing power and influence to prey on the poor seeking for the basic need to have a roof over their head.

Scholarship diverted

Bank Negara scholarship recepients

This next one could make you feel like puking at some public officials. For their safety, we will not disclose much, not even hints. It is not BNM scholarship program.

We know who the persons are, or the empowered agency or governing Ministry/State government and roughly when it happened. It happened few years ago. The sum is believed to be in the tens of millions or could even reach as much as hundreds of millions. It is believed to be use for a certain personal quest.

Funds allocated by the federal or state government as scholarship for students to further their tertiary education was diverted to fund the personal quest of a federal government Minister or state's Menteri Besar or Chief Minister.

Any corruption would not happen if government servants do not cooperate and willingly to collaborate. Without any sense of guilt, far from any sense of duty or responsibility, the KSU or TKSU for federal level or State Secretary for state level helped to divert the money from the entitled prospective students into some slash fund account.

On paper, it looks like a list students names but they are not student. Unless they are the mahasitua pretending to be young mahasiswa at the Tangkap MO1 rally last Saturday, they are actually not young. Who is to know?

In the midst of parents having to cough out money to pay for tertiary education and highly qualified students denied opportunity to study at the finest universities in the world, parents should be furious. As Malaysians concerned for the future generation of this country, we should be mad as hell!

The money stolen from public institutions or the poor or deserving students could be squandered away for personal quest like owning Rolls Royce, or bergaya in Porsche, and Ferrari or having trophy mistress or second wives.

The trophy mistress and second wives are easily known in certain social circles. Much easier to know are the Tan Sris, Dato Seris, Datos and Tengkus owners of Rolls Royce. MACC can get the list at the RMV Dept.

And we have been getting many tip-offs of Jho Loh duplicates flaunting their ill-gotten wealth.

Maybe this will cool off some hotheads ready to break open skulls of corrupt public officials. MACC will charge the remanded Dato and Dato Seri of JKR, DBKL and TNB. Only a matter of tying few knots, source said.


Unknown said...

To steal billions from the rakyat and refuses to admit it also make blood boil.

Do you think that a person attracted a negative headline worldwide would make us proud???

Anonymous said...

It's about time!!!

Anonymous said...

... and the 1MDB robbery/fraud/corruption/bribe/abuse of power case doesn't make your blood boil?

Anonymous said...

tahniah saudara.

just be yourself. yang salah tetap salah. if you write based on your principles, you write well and vice versa

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