Saturday, August 20, 2016

Maybe it is about Syed Hamid

A couple of weeks ago, we had tea with a distant cousin. His employment contract had expired. In slightly more than 10.years, he quadrupled the company's asset.

He is taking his time to consider options and catching up to socialise with friends. The conversation of Tan Sri Wahid Omar, 52 replacing Tun Ahmad Sarji, 78 came up and cousin said something worthy to be shared.

If Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Daim and later, Tan Sri Mohamed Nor Yakcop could take young people under their wings to give them the opportunity to excel, then he suggested Dato Najib should do the same.

In other words, the "old" have to make way and be their own. Too many in the 60s to 80s still at the helm of government, politics and corporation at a time the 40 and below constitute more than 65% of the country.

It is time the young, more energetic, with fresh ideas, and willing to learn, adapt and be tactful to takeover. By the way, many young proven former CEOs are currently out of job.

Seeing how SPAD handled the taxi versus Uber issue, could it be because the SPAD Chairman is 72 or it is Syed Hamid?

However, established organisation like Petronas can be grumpy and insensitive despite having young CEO like Dato Wan Zul, 56.

Few months ago Sarawak just had a state election and it is improper to fire so many Sarawak staff to be replaced by junior staff from Semenanjong as claimed by Facebook Suarah.

As far as the standoff on working permit to work in Sarawak for Petronas staff, there is likelihood Tan Sri Dato Patinggi Adenan Satem, 72 over reacted.

Nevertheless, the comment made by Olympic bronze medalist cyclist, Azizulhasni demonstrate both arrogance and immaturity to pit current MB against the "mantan".

It should be interesting to have a public debate on sports funding and rewards. Too much discussion on the unresolved issue of political funding.

Back to Syed Hamid, SPAD and taxi vs Uber.

Owner of Blue Taxi, Dato Shamsulbahrin Ismail opposed to the intention by SPAD to legalise "ride-sharing" Uber and Grab.

He threatened to get taxi drivers to join Bersatu. Blogger In deep tots exposed Shamsul as the conman in the NFC episode.

Foolish of him in trying to politicise the issue. Blue Taxi has only 18,000 members but PERTEKMA has 60,000 claimed the blogger.

According to another taxi organisation, PERS1M, Syed Hamid failed to address the Uber issue since it came to being in 2012.

Taxis are generally up in arms against Syed Hamid on the Uber issue. PERTEKMA members may not be supportive of government on matters affecting their rice bowl.

Syed Hamid is said to insist on being the forefront for SPAD. But recently, he failed to show up at a gathering of taxi for an engagement on the issue.

If he "chicken out", then there is no truth to the claim he is arrogant, rude and insensitive.

Dato Ismail Ismail Sabri would disagree. He did described Syed Hamid as arrogant for stubborn-ly refused to explain and open up. Kodomo Lion couldn't shed his old ways. A Din Merican posting in 2008 on him here.

Syed Hamid did explained that 75% of online survey claimed Malaysians choose Uber over taxi.

It is something taxi drivers have to take account and address the bad apples among them. However, it is unfair allow these "prebet sapu" of the day to operate and now legalise them.    

Taxis are against the idea of operating under the same rule as Uber and Grab. Taxi operators require permit and there is a quota constrain. And, there are the legacy issues [read here and here].

It is not a level playing field. Taxis have to pay for licenses, forced to use less durable Proton and it's expansive parts, meeting various regulatory requirements and constantly hassled by authorities, corrupt or otherwise.

Now, the Uber problem ...Too much for the many former servicemen and retired policemen that serve the nation but today driving taxis.

Existing taxis are faced with many rent seekers. They are in no position to compete with less regulated cost structure of Uber.

Taxis are right to demand SPAD to clean up their act first. SPAD been dragging their feet for the past few years and listening to Nazri Aziz. He is the last person to have the plight of taxi drivers in mind.

But, how come Sabah CVLB can understand and express concern on the illegal encroachment into taxi's livelihood and Uber infringement of rules? Yet SPAD for Semananjung cannot understand?

How come Dato Liow Tiong Lai could agree with Sabah CVLB policy but succumbed to Uber and SPAD?

CVLB Sabah Chairman Dato Raimi Unggi viewed Uber as foreign colonial "grabbing" the livelihood of Malaysians.

He said Uber must follow the rules. It is reported taxi drivers too SPAD to court to demand them to enforce the rules. It is embarassing for a government agency and led by a lawyer not respect the rule of law.

Uber got involved but have since withdrew their bid in the lawsuit. They should because they should not view taxi as adversary.

Uber drivers are in a rent seeking arrangement. Who is behind Uber in Malaysia? American? At least, we know Tan Chong is behind Grab.

Why Uber in Malaysia differ from the original concept of Uber? Hear what Wahid Omar had to say about Uber charges

Taxi drivers are entitled to their views but they should improve their service and match the manner Indonesian taxi drivers in Jakarta serve their clients.

And the Indons drive Vios and Camry!

Young MP Raimi's move to defend the lawfully allowed taxi drivers turned out for the better.

Raimi could tell taxi drivers that they cannot run away from threat such as Uber forever and need buck up. That made them realised and agree on the need to improve service.

Wisdom is not the monopoly of the old.

According to Paul Tan, SPAD have a long term plan to resolve the problem in the form of TITP to liberalise taxi and regulate Uber/Grab and liberalise insurance rates.

Official told FMT that SPAD is seeking a fairer deal for taxi. Sounds better. Softer. Good start.

However, not much of TITP plan is openned for viewing. SPAD officers used to say they can't do much on legacy issues of the past administration.

But for heaven sake, Syed Hamid, don't use cliche from the past like "keputusan kerajaan muktamad". It gives the impression government is non-negotiable,  non-accomodative, and unsympathetic.

One indie young man gave a poser: Why public could comply with Uber but SPAD failed to control taxi?

He observed taxi drivers angry at SPAD because of Uber. Ironically, the Uber people need SPAD. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

It looks to be a problem of both syed hamid and his aged ways. The old wine hae turned to vinegar.

Anon said...

It is very simple.govt need to give the permit back to individual rather than give it to the taxi companies.we are living in the years where ownership is with the people.maybe can learn a thing or two about uber n how their operate.I remember the days of teksi sapu kat pasar lama jb..hahahhaa

chocolalat! said...

the only ones complaining abt Azizul are you bloggers.

Across the board, overwhelmingly many are in support of Azizul, most especially Orang Ganu.

Go ahead, ask orang2 Trengganu how do really feel about their MB.

A Voice said...


If you bother to google on mat said, you will know our preference.

However, it is bad taste and uncultured of azizul to use the occasion to hit at the MB. Maybe it is an excuse but maybe it is true that his request was not known by MB.

Azizul have all the time and access to channels to do so... Will he voice it to help other struggling sportsmen and women or it is about himself? Sure like to hear what the gen y fella will say.

Anonymous said...

Singapore trials driverless taxis in world first

The day will come thry do not need uber too

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