Friday, October 14, 2016

Finger pointing could not deflect KKLW under Shafie

According to a concerned insider, the abuse and corruption of funds allocated to KKLW for the rural area to build homes for the poor, and bring basic necessities of water, electricity, and road including solar energy for the interior is still at large.

The current Minister, Dato Ismail Sabri has assigned his power under the Akta Perolehan 1949 (Semakan 1973) (see above) to the Chief Secretary (KSU) and his Deputy (TKSU). The current KSU for KKLW is Dato Arif Abdul Rahman. He was the former State Financial Officer of Selangor that gave problems to Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan many years back.

The modus operandi could involved collaboration with a Minister's officer that was once accused of selling away a by-election to PKR. However, it is new KKLW Minister, Ismail Sabri that is often mentioned in rumours and assigned blame. 

When Shafie Apdal was Minister for KKLW, he assigned the power to sign Letter of Award to KSU and TKSU but maintain control by insisting any LOA must get his clearance.

Anonymous blog Capt M released the following document:

This defers with the practise by Tan Sri Muhyddin when he was heading the Ministry of Education:

There are few examples in Captain M blog on how this power is controlled by Shafie to allow contracts to be given to cronies.

One involved Ministry's power to award for projects below RM10 million. There were occasions the procedure was not adhered and KKLW received warning from Ministry of Finance. Read Capt M here.

Shafie's boys and his paid media have stopped blaming Dato Anifah Amin by slandering his innocent Treasurer of UMNO Kimanis. They now blame his arch enemy, Chief Minister, Dato Musa Aman and the state government and deceived public by reporting unnamed source in MACC claimed his innocence.

Shafie is right to claim not all funding came from KKLW. The state contribute annually RM700 million to Sabah Water Department. Some RM600-700 million annually from KETTHA. However, he cannot deny the fact that the large budget for Bekalan Air Luar Bandar program falls under KKLW.

The devil is in the details and surely allocated budget from KKLW will be implicated. In addition, KKLW received big allocation of RM17.59 billion under RMK9, RM28.4 billion under RMK10, and RM17 billion as NKRA.

Shafie was the Chairman for the Committee for NKRA on rural development. NKRA are fast track projects. Special concession were given to KKLW to issue LOA within 21 days of submission and to practise closed tender. It openned opportunities for abuse.

Documents released by Captain M showed he is in the know and controlled contract given out to contractors, in which LOA issued by KSU and TKSU require his signed approval.

MACC should pursue the investigation at the Ministry level as rised by MP for Tenom, Dato Raimi Unggi. Use the opportunity to clear-up accusation of collusion between MACC and Minister in charge of KKLW in the past.

As mentioned in the previous posting here, SWD was part of a complot in their capacity to approve the technical specification of tender and selection of contractors. However, they were not managing the allocation since Shafie refused to transfer the money to Sabah state treasury.

Corruption and leakage can only happen by those in charge with money. It cannot be state government since money is controlled by the Federal Treasury branch office in Kota Kinabalu. The verification of completion of project does not involve the state but done by agencies Risda or Felcra under KKLW.

Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan confirmed to tell the press that the RM3.3 billion projects are managed by KKLW.

Between Pairin and Shafie, the respected Huguan Siow to the KDM community is a far more honourable and his words believable. When PBS brought down Mahathir's stooge, Tan Sri Harris Salleh and Berjaya party in the 80s, he did not need money to win.

In addition to Sabahkini, Captain M divulged several collaborating individuals from the Federal office in KK, proxies and contractors associated Shafie [read here, here, here, and here] including family members.

MACC should pursue these names revealed and talked about for years in Sabah. Parties in Sabah should come forward to make report and share their proofs to MACC. If people associated with Shafie are innocent, MACC should clear their name officially.

Not use Malaysiakini and remain anonymous.

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