Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sabah Watergate: Latest arrest is former Deputy Director Sabah Water

MACC announced the fifth arrest of their investigation on the now mentioned as RM190 million Sabah Water Department (SWD) corruption case.

The fact seemed to lead to federal Ministries management of water projects for the rural area. but the latest suspect arrested is the Sabah Finance Ministry Technical and Engineering Advisor.

In case Dato Shafie Apdal people wish to divert and project the case to Chief Minister, Dato Musa Aman, this arrest has to do more with his position as Deputy Director of SWD which he retired from last year. More in The Star here.

All it takes a few bad apple to give a bad perception of state government. For any party, be it politician or businessmen or retired civil servants, to be accused of corruption, there must be collaborating in service civil servant/(s). How much further up and to the past will MACC pursue?

The news report mentioned suspect's age as 62. It raises the suspicion that the person is Lam Lim Beng. He was 58 when Sabahkini exposed him in their posting in 2011 here.

The English translation taken from Malaysian Must Know The Truth blog below:

Civil Authors,

NOT a secret, Deputy Director of Water Department, Lim Beng Lam collaborated with the engineer of the Water Department in Kota Kinabalu, Teo Chee Kong monopolize the water supply projects throughout the state through proxies using 30 licenses of Ali Baba class F to distribute the project in turn damages .

As one of the contractors who are victims pilihkasih Lim Beng Lam, I was upset because the Infrastructure Minister, Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan contracts will continue as Deputy Director of the Water Department for another year while he was aged 58.

If thus Pairin attitude, he did not protect the interests of the people of Sabah, especially many in the Water Department engineer who is qualified to sit for the Deputy Director of the event is not connected Beng Lim Lam contract.

We have some regrets that despite the channel information to the Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), but the MACC director Sabah Haji Jalil Jaafar did not do any investigation because we were unable to obtain contracts in the Water Department, although the register and renew our EAD every year.

A somewhat surprising because although the Director of Sabah State Water Department, Ag. Mohd. Tahir B. Mohd. Talib, but he was not a direct authority in the development projects and contracts Water Department; as if director Puppet!

It was unfortunate, to survive we had to carry out or subcontract work from other contractors with very low margins because they keep all the contracts throughout the state to Semporna Water Department engineer, rich from such contracts.

Lim Beng Lam will complete 58 years in February 2012, but we are quite upset because Pairin agreed to continue the contract until the age of 60, as if Pairin also endorsing the act of abetting crime and Teo Beng Lim Lam.

Is Lim Lam Beng too resistant or protected minister until MACC failed to take action against him when he has a savings and wealth, but not declared.

Salam Sincerely,

The names in red are all under arrest and Captain M is gloating with joy:

Read Captain M here.

They expect MACC to make more arrests and have being mentioning names from state to federal, politicians to businessmen.

TI-M Chairman, Dr Akhtar Aziz wanted MACC to pursue politicians. So lets wait for MACC to take up the lead. Just do not whine if the politician turn out to be opposition.

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