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Not straight any more

Bersih is the flavour of conversation over the weekend.

It is seldom claimed as synonymous with the LGBT cause. To put the above picture, it does not mean this posting is about Bersih 5.0.

It is about education. In more specific term, it refers to the UPSR results last Thursday. There will be the mad rush of Malay parents seeking to enroll their children into boarding schools on Monday.

Education is not one subject we love to talk about. First, though having post graduate education, we are not an educationist.

The best people to speak on education should be experts and practitioners like teachers, academicians, researchers, etc. Not even PIBG or parental groups like PAGE, whose motivation is self interest and not the education interest for all Malaysians.

Allowing it be turned into a political referendum like what Tan Sri Muhyiddin did with his Education Blueprint effort was a disaster.

Everyone think they know education just because they went to school and have observations of their children and the few schools they are familiar with.

Secondly, most common discussion on education is narrowed to schooling or University. By right, education should also be seen as a continuous life long process to for the whole population.


Anyway, our one and only brother-in-law alerted everyone on the family Whass App group last Thursday morning that it is UPSR result day.

There was silence and sense of nervousness through the day. There are four families with kids waiting for their results.

To relieve undue pressure and more so, the new PT3 approach to UPSR will not give easy straight As, as the family Pak Long, we immediately replied.

"It is just the start of life's journey. What is important is not your success today but to rise again after a lacklustre or failed outcome and to continue success from this one victory."

So it was preparing the family for a major "kejutan".

By noon, information started trickling in. One of the teacher sister-in-law informed that only 1% got straight As.

Many months ago after the exam, she shared the extremely difficult Maths paper. An Engineer brother, whose one and only child sat for UPSR, commented the same then.

Sometime ago, a parent wrote to a local media to complain on the Science paper. Straight As was not going to be easy.

And, there was the one about some allegedly racist questions.

After that short conversation at mid-morning, everyone was quiet.

We were on the road in Johor. By 7 PM, at a brother's home in JB, we asked, "Ooooiiiii dah pukul 7! Takde orang nak share result ke? Hahaha ... mesti takde 6A. Mak bapak terkejut."

"Takpe tahun ni 1% ajer dpt straight A. SIGS JB pun 3 orang saja. Selama ni tak realistik. Awal, Angah dan Akhir kena seat balik periksa sekolah rendah. Siap2 5B hahaha...."

The three brothers are all straight As students and got themselves places into MRSMs.

"Hasni dan Wahida akan reseat periksa darjah 5 lepas SPM dan Uni semester exam".

One of the mother broke the ice, "Alijah dapat 1A 5B. Congrats Alijah. She and Papa Alijah had done their best."

Papa must be preparing the exam too. Most parents these days ended restudying the school materials and painstakingly involved themselves in the exam preparation.

There was a series of congratulations coming out. Then Lina announced her's, "Lina dapat 2A 3B 1C."

Alijah congratulated her cousin, who did better than her. Lina said, "But I got a C ..." And Alijah said you got 2As.

Another mother announced, "Fizrin 3A 1B 2C .... apa pun tahniah la untuk semua yang ambil UPSR..

One brother commented, "Sayang Fizrin ada C."

We said, "It is OK. C is for comel. And Fizrin got 2 comel. Lagi comel dari Lina."

The only sister in the family commented: "Syukur semua dah dpt result. A ke B ke C ke D ke E ke F ke..bukan ukurannya skrg..yg penting korang baiki apa yg kurang. Life must go on and target to improve your performance all the time dunia dan akhirat."

One brother said, "Selama ni kita buat perception A is good. B is no good. C is bad. Now A excellent, B better, C good. Alijah dok bising nak grading lama grading lama ..... 😅. Relax le, lagi elok grading begini ..... kalau nak jadi creme de la creme kena usaha lagi ...."

In the midst of the conversation, Lina asked of Midah's results.

It went quiet for a while till the Mother informed Midah do not want it to be made known. If she is shy, then we all should give her a break.

Pak Long broke the silence, "Kementeriaan Pendidikan baru buka pejabat hahaha ...." And, Mak Long congratulated all.


It was tough year.

The teachers among us were saying to get A this year, the marks has to be above 90. In past years, they speculated it was around 75 as many 70 something students could get As.

One and only brother in JB is a school PTA Chairman.

He said it had always been stressful to teachers and the PTA to meet the unrealistic expectation of kiasu parents. Parents think their children are clever and intelligent thus deserve all sorts of accolades, rewards and prestigious boarding schools admission just cause they attained all As.


We got in touch with a peer age professional teacher for his comment on the parents complain of their children not being straight As.

His first response was UPSR had never been OK. The system had changed from KBSR to KSSR. The KBSR system was implemented in 1986. KSSR started this year so the shock can only be expected.

By right, the MOE should have changed the name from UPSR to other names to avoid the confusion. Mainstream media is still comparing to the old UPSR system

Secondly, he said teachers are delivering based on the old system. They refused to meet the expectation of the NKRA on education.

Since most teachers moonlight as tuition teachers same thing happened at tuition centers.

A message commented: 
Furthermore, school teachers maintain the same A grading at 80 when it is now at 90.

Teacher friend blamed part of it to the failure of Muhyiddin's system. It is as slow as snails. If 15 Chrome books are online, system get jammed. It sounded political.

There have been much complain of UPSR over the years on our exam oriented education system. It is putting excessive stress on students. And, it is argued that it does not serve the purpose of education

The Ministry is considering to end UPSR to go for school based assessment. Read Utusan here.

Used to British standardisation and mindset that tough exams is the measure of academic competency, it will take sometime. Read Mkini here.

Many parents will pose the issue of how their children will get into Oxford-Cambridge or Harvard-Yale without a similar O level or A level cert. There is a discussion in Malaysian Digest here.


Nevertheless, thumbs up and salutation to all the year 6 teachers. They had dedicated themselves day night morning evening to prepare the students. 

One message received described the ordeal of being year 6 teachers:

Education politics

Malaysian being Malaysians, there will be those asshole making that extra effort:

Sayangku Cikgu Arry

Hari ini result UPSR keluar… Berapa ramai anak2 yang menangis ?... Berapa ramai ibubapa yang menangis ?.... Berapa ramai guru-guru yang menangis…..

Apa agaknya rasa hati mereka yang duduk di kementerian di kala ini…. Mereka bukan anak aku… kerja aku buat dasar, sekolah dan guru pelaksana… 

ADA AKU KISAH… cukup bulan aku terima gaji…


UPSR 2014
Calon 460 000
Semua A = 36 304  

UPSR 2015
Calon 443 000
Semua A = 38 344
86 %

UPSR 2016
Calon 440,000
Semua A = 4,866
1.1 %

Apa yang terjadi…ada sekolah tahun lepas  66 calon dapat semua A. Tahun ini 5 sahaja … Ada sekolah kluster, tahun lepas 29 calon mendapat semua A tapi tahun ini  hanya 1 orang sahaja!!!

Berapa ramai ibubapa yang menangis, mencebik, mengherdik dan melepaskan geram pada sekolah. Mengapa? 

Terukkah sangat cikgu2 sekolah ini… hingga pelajar2 jadi hancur resultnya… sekarang ini semua jari sedang menuding kearah guru…. Ada sesiapa yg diluar sana melihat bahawa inilah bahana sistem pendidikan kita.

Cikgu2 diarah itu ini…. itu ini… buat itu buat ini…. Siapkan dokumen siapkan pelbagai kerja , siapkan PBS …. Tapi peperiksaan markah tak diambil kira…ada yang tak masuk pun dalam peperiksaan….. kita tanam sayur tapi kita makan ikan …sayur simpan dalam bakul sahaja.

Suruh pelajar belajar bertahun2 tapi markah yang diambil kira ialah kerja kursus sahaja… untuk apa dikorbankan masa bertahun2 untuk dapatkan ilmu akhirnya ambil markah kerja kursus yang dibuat dalam tempoh 2 minggu sahaja dan subjek tersebut tiada peperiksaan…. 

Saya pelik dengan akal fikiran mereka yang duduk di kementerian

Yang bercakap tentang system punyalah hebat…tapi sejarah mereka sendiri hancur lebur…. 

Perkenalkan pelbagai system kononnya inilah system yang terhebat… tapi apa kesannya… apa jadi dengan masa depan pelajar….

Bercakap sebegini adakah dikira  dan dianggap memberontak …. 

Cikgu2 sila guna saluran yang betul untuk menyalurkan rasa tidak puashati …. Nak bercakap dimana??? Kat kongres kat seminar… yang pergi ke situ siapa…. Berani ke pergi tu bercakap perkara yang benar… pergi terpaksa kerana diarahkan atau yang ada pergi untuk makan angin. Meeting kalau tak keluar negeri atau luar negara dgn hotel mewah mmg tak sah….  Alasan untuk mencari idea….

Cakap lebih kat media alam maya kena ambil tindakan… tapi berani ke mereka ini kalau system pendidikan hancur mereka sanggup letak jawatan…. No way man…. Yg salah ialah GURU….. GURU …. GURU….

Hujung tahun buat benda tak berfaedah. Isi kad sulit 001 , kad kesihatan dan macam2 lagilah….. so apa guna system SMM yang ada tu…. Jadi projek gajah putih ke?

Bagitau kat saya university mana yang ambil calon mahasiswa/siswi , mereka nak tengok kad kesihatan or kad sulit 001. Universiti mana yang nak tengok rekod hobi pelajar  baru ambil jadi student… university mana yang nak tengok benda2 ni semua…..

ROTAN PELAJAR TAK BOLEH….. elok bebenar lah tu… nah ambil lah dan terima lah generasi pelajar yang hancur ni untuk memimpin negara masa depan….. 15 pelajar belasah guru….. apa yang boleh buat…buang…lepas sebulan terima semula pelajar tu masuk balik sekolah yang sama….. pelajar selisish dengan guru sambil cakap “apa pandang2 , nak kena belasah lagi ke ?.....

KERETA CIKGU KENA SIMBAH CAT. Yang salah ialah cikgu…nazir langsung tak jumpa pelajar yang simbah cat….. NAZIR APA JENIS NI????.... cikgu pula hendak diambil tindakan.

Banyak lagilah kes  yang guru berada dihujung tanduk….

Ini semua terjadi mengapa… kerana inilah sistem kita …kita mewarisinya…. KITALAH KENA TEMPUH…

TEPUK DADA TANYALAH SELERA… apakah nasib anak2 kita masa hadapan… kita hanya mampu TENGOK SAHAJA …..

Will that make teachers vote against BN in favour of Muhyiddin's new party?


SBP was necessary for a more conducive living environment for education

Parents act on their self interest and not based on public interest. Well, below is a notice:  
By Monday tomorrow, the Education and KKLW Ministry will be endlessly getting parents trying to use contacts to short circuit their children entry into boarding schools.

And they are mostly KLites.

Please deny them. Time parents take responsibility in raising and educating their children.

Too many pass the buck to government. If their children fail, they will blame the government.

They will refuse to admit their kids are not A material and still complain when they could not get straight As. And they will be resistant to change.

Just close up half these boarding schools and build more in Sabah and Sarawak! 


Anonymous said...

Al-'Anfāl:28 - Dan ketahuilah bahawa harta benda kamu dan anak-anak kamu itu hanyalah menjadi ujian, dan sesungguhnya di sisi Allah jualah pahala yang besar.

Pembeda (Al-Furqān):74 - Dan orang orang yang berkata: "Ya Tuhan kami, anugrahkanlah kepada kami isteri-isteri kami dan keturunan kami sebagai penyenang hati (kami), dan jadikanlah kami imam bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa.

Pembeda (Al-Furqān):75 - Mereka itulah orang yang dibalasi dengan martabat yang tinggi (dalam surga) karena kesabaran mereka dan mereka disambut dengan penghormatan dan ucapan selamat di dalamnya,

Pembeda (Al-Furqān):76 - mereka kekal di dalamnya. Surga itu sebaik-baik tempat menetap dan tempat kediaman.

Penghuni-penghuni gua (Al-Kahf):46 - Harta dan anak-anak adalah perhiasan kehidupan dunia tetapi amalan-amalan yang kekal lagi saleh adalah lebih baik pahalanya di sisi Tuhanmu serta lebih baik untuk menjadi harapan.

Sapi Betina (Al-Baqarah):132 - Dan Ibrahim telah mewasiatkan ucapan itu kepada anak-anaknya, demikian pula Ya'qub. (Ibrahim berkata): "Hai anak-anakku! Sesungguhnya Allah telah memilih agama ini bagimu, maka janganlah kamu mati kecuali dalam memeluk agama Islam".

Sapi Betina (Al-Baqarah):201 - Dan di antara mereka ada orang yang berdoa: "Ya Tuhan kami, berilah kami kebaikan di dunia dan kebaikan di akhirat dan peliharalah kami dari siksa neraka".

Sapi Betina (Al-Baqarah):202 - Mereka itulah orang-orang yang MENDAPAT BAHAGIAN daripada yang MEREKA USAHAKAN; dan Allah sangat cepat perhitungan-Nya.

Pengampunan (At-Tawbah):24 - Katakanlah: "jika bapa-bapa, anak-anak, saudara-saudara, isteri-isteri, kaum keluargamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaan yang kamu khawatiri kerugiannya, dan tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, adalah lebih kamu cintai dari Allah dan Rasul-Nya dan dari berjihad di jalan-Nya, maka tunggulah sampai Allah mendatangkan keputusan-Nya". Dan Allah tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang yang fasik.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Life begins at forty?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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