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Shafie, proxies, and cronies should be charged for treason!

The big story since end of last week must be the long anticipated arrest of those linked to Warisan Presidant and former UMNO Vice President, Datok Shafie Apdal.
MACC Commissioner, Dato Azam Baki claimed some RM1.5 billion of the allocated RM7.5 billion infrastructure allocated for basic infrastructure of road, water and energy for the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak for 2009 to 2015 was squandered.

Azam's figure would likely be those projects in which MACC could verify from documents. However, the figure could be an underestimated since MACC only consider suspected projects with evidence.

On the ground, corruption is rampant and the denial of basic amenities for orang kampong is widespread.

According to sources, described as Shafie Watcher, the actual amount could be significantly more. The modus operandi involves payment for supplies or constructions not made but verified by other agencies within KKLW.

In places like Tenom, it was found there were four set of water pipes installed but still no water. Solar projects awarded to crony companies at rate of RM230-250 per kWH with a year guarantee but tender at RM30-40 per kWH with 5 year guarantee rejected.

On average, the squandered money could be 80% of the RM7.5 billion budget allocated. The more realistic estimate should be RM6 billion!

Attempt to sack MACC Chief

No wonder that there were attempt to discredit the Chief Commissioner of MACC, Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad by using the proposed JITN and personal slander timed together with the Shafie-link arrests in Sabah.

As far as the JITN issue, do read The Mole's column, The uproar over JITN

It is hard not to notice Lim Kit Siang making a big deal over the challenge to have Pakatan Harapan candidate lists vetted for corruption by MACC as done by BN.

And, an UMNO Facebooker whose narrative is pro-PPBM or anti-UMNO cybertrooper, questioned MACC on ground of innocent until court proven guilty.

On another front, Dzulkifli was being slandered by a Facebooker with a video of alleged affair with a former staff at the Attorney General office.

However, there was nothing revealing in the video.

A former colleague privately said Dzulkifli is not only close to the staff and her then husband. There was nothing going on. The husband divorced her for his own reasons.

Heard both the lady and former husband will deny publicly.

Updated: 7:30 PM

A group of student NGO question Dzulkifli on ground of civil service general order.

It led to the suspicion that he was backed by a Minister uncomfortable with MACC in which some were working on plan to bring Shafie back to UMNO.

Apparently, it was game to put a Director General of an agency be at loggerhead against the Minister. However, the Minister should not have bean dumb enough to viral the video to other Ministers.

The attempt on Dzulkifli raised the suspicion that the fabrication of the affair could have come from someone once was in the AG Office.

It could be linked to former MACC officers with an ex-to-grind against Dzulkifli and inextricably linked to Transparency International and Dato Paul Low (read here).

Why only arrest now?

Now that the Shafie-linked arrests has commenced, it only raise questions as to why such a blatant corruption by KKLW through the period from 2009 to 2015 was left unnoticed.

The Shafie-linked arrests are only recent cases.

Shafie Watcher claimed the investigations done on the tons of report made to MACC had gone missing. Same source claimed papers in the files on Shafie are empty.

The former Chief Commissioner was Tan Sri Abu Kassim and Investigation Director was the vocal Dato Bahari. According to opposition sources, both are in communication with them and orchestrating with Transparency International Malaysia.

The ones being held for remand are Karaoke Manager turned Warisan Vice President and proxy cum money man for Shafie, Dato Peter Anthony, Sin Kong Construction Sdn Bhd owner, Yu Sin Kong, PTD officer, KKLW Deputy Division Secretary, Norhartaty binti Rahmat and former UMNO Youth leader for Semporna and Warisan Youth Chief, Mohd Azis Jamman.

Other names to be remanded soon could include Shafie's nephew Ramzan and businessman Andrew Wah. There is the possibility that Shafie's brothers, Hanid and Yusof could be investigated.

Companies to be investigated have been identified and it is believed to be a web of 60 companies.

There will be proxies, lawyer's client accounts and foreign bank account to be looked into. Other projects still being investigated could involve solar projects, food for interiors schools, land deals, etc.

From the above unconfirmed list, it could involve another Federal Minister.

One cannot discount that other UMNO Division heads are Shafie's proxies. At one time, there were a group of problamatic UMNO Division head revolting aganst tan Sri Mussa amana and believed to be linked to Shafie.

The remand of Azis indicate other former UMNO Youth leaders could be holding money for Warisan's Shafie.

Warisan-PPBM lost cause

Warisan wetdream as told PPBM in Peninsular is to secure 15 parliamentary seats. PPBM used it to bring confidence to supporters. Now it is just wasted sperm.

Opposition votes in Sabah will not go to Warisan and Semporna too could be lost. Pakatan Harapan can kiss their targeted 28 seats from Sabah and Sarawak goodbye.

Despite their bold front, PPBM members will have their confidence shaken by the fear that it is mathematically impossible for Pakatan Harapan to takeover government.

This is despite talk Tun Daim have been flying to and from Kuching to meet a certain PBB leader before and after Tun Dr Mahathir's recent trip there.

Will the politucally and ideologically fatigued grassroot members of PPBM stay on?

Desperation can be felt and it is indicative with Syed Saddiq raised as a face of the party. Possibly, the next Rafizi in the making.

KDM Warisan members are putting a bold front. They still believe Shafie is clean or at least, the law could not get him. They like to think Shafie could still contest and win.

Similarly to Anwar diehards, they believe they could change the government and he will be free.

If Shafie is released free by the new government, it means they are not interested to fight corruption.

Punishable by death

For decades, Sabahans and Sarawakians often blamed the Federal government for the poor condition of roads and bridges, unavailable supply of clean water and denial of electricity.

This arrests shows and will prove that it was a Sabahan leader that denied the poor rural people of Sabah.

The former Federal Minister from Sabah refused to have Sabah state government to manage and seldom blame them for any project failure. It is quite obvious the intention to manage KKLW was for a lanun to squander in the billions.

This is no more the crime of corruption or money laundering. It is robbing from the poor to enrich themselves. And it is a heartless and senseless act to leave the poor to remain in destitute. It is a crime against humanity.

They could tour the state preaching change, eradication of corruption, call for transparrency, and Sabah for Sabahans but they were the ones who robbed the people of their allocation, and the actual slogan is these few corrupt Sabahans to robbed Sabah and Sabahans.

The only charge suitable against these perpetrator is treason and if proven, it is punishable by death!

Shafie, Darrel Leiking and Junz Wong defended Warisan for the arrest by claiming this is all a political conspiracy against Shafie and the party.

Shafie denied and asked to investigate and charge any of his family, cronies and proxies.

But he went political by diverting to Tan Sri Musa Aman by repeating his Micheal Chia slander and abuse of logging concessions.

The fact is Musa quitely revive and increase the acreage of forest, conservation of endangered animals, maintain the flora and forest and introduce sustainable logging.

In Tenom, Shafie swear in the name of Allah that he did not do it.

Well, he swore in the name of Allah that he did not marry botox queen, Zahida Rafique but he did solemnise the marriage in Kuantan (not London as the gossip pages claimed).

Her dowry was KKLW projects including promotional campaign work.

Shafie also asked as to why was he not charged when he was a Minister. Easy ... he had kow tim with MACC insiders.

And, he is not likely to stay silent. There is the possibility Shafie will implicate other UMNO leades in Sabah and even federal leaders.

In the words of Phee Boon Ping, "so what!" If there are cases against these leaders, charge them too!

As one respectable leader of Sabah privately said, "If my children, or relatives or nephew are involved, charge them for treason. As far as I am concerned, Sabah has many other capable leaders to replace those corrupt ones!"

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