Thursday, August 02, 2018

Only reason plausible, Guan Eng is anti-Chinese racist

These days, it is easy to discredit any claim or demand by Malays for any of their rights and interest by brushing it as racist. Other race or self interest group can demand the sky and get away with it.

New education Minister, Dr Mat Maszlee could apologise and succumbed instantaneously to approve demand from DAP for refusing budget to no constitutional obligation and not high priority private Chinese school and UEC certification.

When he had to explain in Parliamant as why to he issued a statement in Mandarin without a Malay translation, there was no genuine remorse in his apology.

Lim Guan Eng issued an official statement in Chinese without neither Malay or English certification. No apology was deemed necessary and the excuse, if memory did not fail us, was oversight.

It is temptng to fall for the common cliche that it is discrimination against Malay and racism by DAP Chinese. Naturally not when Guan Eng reiterated that he is Malaysian first. One should ignore any claim DAP rallies mentioned about using the Malays to achieve Chinese dominance.

However, Guan Wng could be anti-Chinese, and indirectly a racist...

Tun Daim's visit to China to meet Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, was an embarassing occasion and DAP was blamed for MACC's raid on Chinese companies involved in the ECRL, gas pipeline and etc, including state firm CCCC.

Despite feeling frustrated to the point of saying if there is any intention to slap him, the least anyone could do was wait him to return to Malaysia, Daim strived on.

Publicly, it seemed he ignored the happening and even went on public with confidence building and pacifying remark that Tun Dr Mahathir's will be greeted as "old friends" in his upcoming visit to China on August 17th to meet President Xi Jinpeng.

Despite claim by Wisma Putra insider of strain in relation with China as they held back orders of palm oil, latex, durian and visiting tourist, China's Foreign Minister reciprocated Daim's visit.

As though repeating the same incident during Daim's visit, Lim Guan Eng issued a statement on a secret sales of Penang land allegedly owned by 1MDB to a Cayman Island-based China company a day before the visit.

A new vocabulary, surreptitiously was introduced by mainstream media.

It was a day after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad received a courtesy call from Vice Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Guo Yezhou and his party delegtes at his office the Perdana Leadership Foundation.

Today August 2nd, Mahathir met and held talks with China’s top diplomat China’s State Councillor and Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi who is here for two days from Tuesday to iron out details over the Malaysian Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to China.

Yesterday the local news was rechurning an earlier allegation made on July 16th by Tony Pua and received BBC coverage on two gas pipeline deals involving China Peroleum Bureau that was exposed as 80% money paid but only 13% work done.

This time it was leaked to Wall Street Journal report [read FMT and Edge here and here, respectively]. It seemed Malaysia is playing hardball with a superpower.

And, China is not taking it lying down as they responded to deny Pua's allegation. They explained the money was paid directly by Exim bank to the contractor without any intermediary or money being redirected to pay 1MDB debt.

Guan Eng's aggressive attack on China comes out as a surprise since DAP state governments had made trips to invite Chinese investors to the state.

The Penang tunnel investigation uncovered the particpation of Chinese parties. He cannot be anti-China per se.

There is talk that China side refused any dealings with Guan Eng ever since an earlier meeting in Kuala Lumpur arranged by a local Malaysia-China business association linked to MCA.

Sources claimed a lowly China official mentioned something about Taiwan that silenced Guan Eng and just looked down. He cannot be trying to get even with China.

Guan Eng has a bad habit of not able to shake off his propagandist nature to act accordingly as a Minister.

China has the intelligence network to know of any skeleton in his closet. He does not have a chance unless the US is strongly backing Mahathir. US State Secretary is visiting Malaysia now.

Only plausible reason left to explain his actions against China is that he is Malaysian first and anti-Chinese.

Would that mean he is racist?

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