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With 95 seats in hand, Khairuddin declared war, Daim attacked LGE

Public statements by political leaders to the public and media are fair, justified and pleasing to the general public. Off course, there are Syed Saddiq, Mat Maszlee, Teresa Kok to name a few among Cabinet Ministers lacking political correctness and indifferent to public opinion.

Reporters, bloggers and social media should have critical mind to understand the meaning and context of their words. The better networked and experienced ones could uncover behind the scene happenings, piece it together, and reveal the intention of the statements.

There was public satisfaction to hear Tun Daim’s remind government to fulfill their election promises. While, oppositions were overjoyed with a false sense of victory when Daim called on PH government to stop the blame game and repeating debt story.

He even called to vote out the PH government for failing to fulfill their manifesto promises.

Knowing Daim is the scriptwriter for PPBM’s propaganda and PPBM insider’s latest number of Malaya parliamentarian supporting PM at 95, it is more than meets the eye.

In private, Daim been passing cynical remarks to call Tony Pua as market wizard and Lim Guan Eng an economic czar. At almost the same time, Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan revealed to media of a plot to topple Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

Mat Sabu tried to play it down, but Khairuddin’s statement meant war was declared on DAP and PKR on behalf of Mahathir.

That way the old man has the caveat to announce a truce by later saying lets not fight but stay united and Khairuddin is in his usual boisterous self.

Lim Kit Siang and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the same after their minions attacked Mahathir.

Khairuddin revealed the plan of Mahathir’s rival, which may have include toppling Dato Paduka Mukhriz and Dato Seri Faizal “Peja” Azumu as MBs for Kedah and Perak, respectively.

Daim and Khairuddin’s statement came after Anwar and Kit Siang called for truce.

To add to the war declaration, the latest study by UIA's reputable Prof Dato Dr Syed Arabi was made to dispel Rafizi's claim of Mahathir's sagging popularity, which initially PPBM could not respond well.

Daim on political mode

Daim’s statement is an outright attack on Lim Guan Eng’s policies and actions. It is rather odd and seemed to be a U turn.

When Daim is deemed inconsistent and pleasing the public, he is on a political mode. Otherwise, why would the mouse claimed it could repair the pumpkin?

From the on-set of his appointment as Chairman of the Council of Eminent Person (CEP), Daim said CEP was established to fulfill manifesto.

Then, he blamed the previous government for putting the country in a financial mess beyond comprehension. And, admitted PH's election manifesto was badly written. Wan Saiful took the blame to admit making the errors.

However, his CEP report is not made public and the extend of the mess is not made known, only roughly spoken offBersih 2.0 raised the issue recently. Is it a political propaganda or as Daim claimed, the government is short by RM100 billion??!!!

Daim made the politically correct commitment for disclosure, but Mahathir covered up to announce it will not be made public.

Daim said it is difficult this time and Malaysians have to brace for tough calls. He basically admitted he cannot do it.

Daim had Zeti made statements to say toll could not be abolishedproposed reform in fuel subsidy, and championed government's decision to replace GST with SST.

It was Daim who said the government need to monetise its asset to cover up the deficit and Guan Eng is merely carrying out the dirty and unpopular work to monetise Khazanah, Tabung Haji, FGV, PNB, Petronas, and other GLCs.

Why then is he blaming and putting the burden of responsibility on Guan Eng?

Perhaps, it is his way to manouvre and acquire power since few PH leader said CEP has no power and could not supercede PM and Cabinet. It is not quite true since Daim was empowered, beyond that of the King and Parliament, to call on the Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal to resign.

Daim was cunning to lay out from the start that CEP is there to do the study and within 100 days, make a report and disband. He left it to PM to decide on the future of CEP and till today, it remain in existence and no announcement on any abolishment.

He could fool the politically naive millennials, but PM must have been advised by Daim as Economic Adviser before saying the manifesto could not be fulfilled and they did not expect to win.

Sensing his popularity down, Mahathir now U turned and pass the burden to Guan Eng. He is not afraid to quarrel with DAP as he thinks he has the number and his plan is in-play.

War declared on Anwar

Many Malaysians realised the friction between DAP and PPBM from the conflicting stands of DAP-PKR vis-a-vis the positions taken by PM.

So Mahathir’s declaration of war is confirmed by the game he has in place for Anwar to deny him the premiership and in place Azmin.

Notice the Declaration of War image in this video attacking Anwar prepared by PPBM supporter.

It was many months ago that Mahathir political operator talked about three videos of Anwar’s new Indonesian jambu. Since yesterday, it has spread on social media, and got published on political portal Malaysia Today.

This is still considered a mere threat. The first Liwat 1.0 did not put Anwar behind bars but it was abuse of power that got him. It is the same manner Mahathir intend to get Dato Najib by going after the ancillary offenses and not the predicate offenses.

Heard Anwar will be charge for offenses related to management of Foundation fund similar to that of his long time friend, Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He will be charged for infringement of the law done more than 20 years!

Anwar maybe aware of the move and the refusal of several state leaders appointment was to avert an internal war within PKR and became basis for Azmin to jump over to PPBM. It is the same reason Zahid took leave to deny the 30-odd Hishamuddin-led UMNO MPs the reason to jump.

Although Malaysiakini report revealed the letter signed by 30 odd UMNO MPs was merely to ask PM to to not deny allocation to BN-won constituencies, the Game Changer party cross over plan is still on-going.

PPBM has 13 MPs and now 15 with 2 former UMNO independent MPs announced joining PPBM. From UMNO, there are 35 MPs with Hishamuddin. PKR has 49 MPs, but sources claimed Azmin has 25 MPs ready to support Mahathir. Warisan has 8 MPs. DAP was said to be 7 MPs. And few from Amanah would make it 95.

There are 5 Indian and 2 Punjabi DAP MPs, but PKR has 6 Indian MPs. No wonder Waytha Moorthy still remained as Minister.

Kekanda Mujahid, whose sleepless Warkah dari Cordoba to Adinda Nurul Izzah caused quite an excitement on social media and indirectly mentioned Anwar was fixed by Mahathir, thus may not be in. 

95 seats is only 17 seats away from 112 majority in Parliament and that could be coming from any unexpected MPs from Sabah and Sarawak.

While there are doubts on the 35 MPs coming from UMNO, Azmin’s 25 could only be 20, and no DAP MPs jumping to support Mahathir, PPBM has the option to move into Sabah and Sarawak.

Though it looks risky for a Mahathir party to move into Sabah, his political secretary Abu Bakar Yahya went to Sabah to receive application forms and a Tawau UMNO leader said PPBM was distributing membership forms.

Muhyiddin made his move?

Mahathir is seeking for political control and is in no mood to work without two third majority thus having to refer to coalition partners before making decisions.

His off-the-cuff statements must be made policy and no more U turn.

It means Muhyiddin statement that PPBM will respect its understanding with Warisan is just another public pleasing political statement. Come the time, another public pleasing justification statement for a change in position.       

While it is public pleasing of Mukhriz to deny he is returning to KL and any plan to pursue the PPBM Presidency, Muhyiddin is feeling healthier and talking of post-Mahathir PPBM already.

Privately, he told folks in Muar that he will be next PM and Azmin to be DPM. He claimed he had stuck out for Mahathir and sacrificed for PPBM, including money in the hundreds of million.

Apparently, he has also talked to Anwar and with Anwar, he agreed Anwar to be PM with himself as DPM. That means Kit Siang will not get the promised DPM post despite rumour Muhyiddin talked to DAP.

In the same way he manouvred his politics in UMNO and even floated on Najib’s raft, Muhyiddin is a pragmatic politician and will pursue his goals cautiously without the occupational hazard.

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