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Will Khairy threaten Ku Li to make life difficult for him?

The Minister of Health's latest obsession against anti-vaxxers is perplexing. It was Khairy, Adham Baba and Noor Hisham who early in the stage of the pandemic announced vaccine is not compulsory, but voluntary. 

Apparently, the government's interpretation of voluntary is to systematically discriminate against those refusing vaccine by cutting off access to almost all normal daily needs. It reached the point of denying non-vaccinated teachers the human rights to make a living and at the receiving end of open harrassment from superiors and educational authorities, disallowed access in the school, and restricted them to online teaching.

The government's argument is typical of the one used to justify ISA during Mahathir's era. It is  guised as protecting the health interest of the so-called 90% vaccinated. Its quite a common Malaysian habit to apply political narrative to non-political matter albeit health.  

This seemed more of a failure to communicate to judge from officials preference to being high-handed than accomodative. 

Despite absolute domination on mainstream media, and Facebook cooperated to censure and deny access to alternative and critical views, MOH also resorted cyberbullying through their recently cytro operations. Their "spokesman" such as Dr Musa Nordin is offensive and intimidating in civilised public discourse.

Strangely, it was the MOH Director General, who acknowledged that vaccination is not a sure protection from contracting Covid 19. 

From the information spreading on social media, the perception seemed convincing to conclude death, allergy and health problem  after or arising from vaccination is a common occurrence despite MOH low statistical claim. 

Apart from backlogs, the personal experience of a friend seemed to hint the possibility C-19 data of MOH is being manipulated. 

It came to this blogger's attention of a government hospital refusal, both subtle and outright, to accept patients facing negative effects of vaccination. It raised suspicion MOH do not wish to adulterate the shining statistical performance of vaccine in Malaysia. 

The experience from the more transparent findings in developed countries being shared on social media indicate it is not necessarily so. Vaccination approach have failed among the dedicated early bird country. 

Despite shortcomings in the vaccination dedicated approach, the mind control exercise seemed on course as the once reluctant and hesitant public seemed to creep towards a mob mentality attitude against anti-vaxxers.

It could be the reason Khairy became bolder to push the limit to publicly request police take action against anti-vaxxers despite no applicable law, and not budging from his threat to make life difficult for them. 

Even if KJ intended to shoot BN at its feet with his politically incorrect statement, it is highly inappropriate and improper for any civilised and educated person, let alone a public official, to resort to such uncouth behaviour and unapologetic about it. 

Those refusing vaccine are not necessarily anti-vaxxers. Generally Malaysians do not resist vaccines and taken vaccines for BCG, smallpox, polio, meningitis for Haj pilgrims, and many more. 

The vaccine hesitants are genuinely concern on the unknown and unexpected negative effect of experimental vaccine on their commorbidity. Its the mRNA and recombinant vaccines that is the common concern and they have every right to make a choice. 

Is vaccination the right and only successful approach to deal with C-19 that government had to force on the people, and willing to "sacrifice" life of few citizens and "compromise" on constitutionally provided civil liberty?

That was not the government attitude on traffic safety that killed more life than C-19 over longer period of time. Hundreds of millions spent annually towards road safety to ensure no life even how statistically infinitesimal is spared.

And, it is questions Member of Parliament for Gua Musang, YBM Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah posed in this long article circulating on social media, below:


1.      The single biggest issue confronting our country and the world today is the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 4.7 million people globally. It has also destroyed many economies and also the social fabric of most countries, causing untold misery, hardship and mental stress that many people have been forced to go through.   

Most countries have been caught unprepared. The pandemic has not been properly managed in many countries including ours, which could be due to utter incompetence, ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty, complicity or corruption or a combination of such factors.

2.      The vast majority of the victims of the pandemic, either in Malaysia or overseas, seem to be from the poorer background and this is one of the greatest injustices of our world today. It is often the poor who would suffer the most in any public crisis or conflict.   

3.      As Members of Parliament and the respective political parties that we may belong to, if any, we have a heavy responsibility to address the worst crisis that our country has ever faced since Independence. We and/or our parties would all be judged by the Rakyat in the coming GE15, on what we have done, on what we have not done and on our stand and position on the various issues related to this pandemic.   

4.      Ignorance is no excuse of the law. For the Rakyat who have suffered so much from this pandemic, ignorance is NOT bliss. Those who are in a position of power, responsibility or influence, cannot blame others or cite ignorance as an excuse or use diversions or distractions for their misdeeds, if these misdeeds are proven to be true later on.   

5.      I am not an expert on Covid-19 issues and have never claimed to be one. But as an experienced politician and Member of Parliament for decades and a former government minister, I see it as my responsibility to be more knowledgeable about this pandemic, so that I would be able to contribute meanngfully in addressing it. I have been trying to learn as much as possible from reading various news reports and from being informed by many people, who have come to see me to brief me and to seek my views, advice and help.   

6.      My greatest concern on managing this pandemic is that the government seems to be taking the approach that the ONLY way to end this pandemic is via mass vaccination to create the purported herd immunity needed, which, according to global experts and even our own government, is not possible anymore. We are told that it would now become endemic, like the seasonal flu.   

7.      Many experts and health analysts are now also saying what I have said last year, that we must focus on improving our general health and well-being, in order to boost our natural immunity needed to fight Covid-19. Based on science and latest data, this (improving our health) is our body’s BEST defense from falling ill or dying from Covid-19, whether or not we get infected with it.   

8.      The government seems to be following the failed model of certain countries such as Israel, Singapore and USA, on using mass vaccination as the main approach. The latest scientific data is clearly suggesting that Pfizer-type mass vaccination in these countries, are not only not working at all, in conferring protection or immunity or in preventing infection and transmission, but they are also causing more hospitalizations, more deaths (also via severe side effects) and more infections of the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. More reports are emerging to show that the vaccinated are now more contagious than the unvaccinated. Therefore, the unvaccinated should be protected from the vaccinated.   

9.     There are highly successful PROVEN models for our country to follow, such as China and the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (population of 241 million people), which are now free of Covid-19 and with zero deaths.   

Why is our government refusing to learn from their success but instead, it seems to be blindly following countries which have failed?   

10. This makes me highly suspicious that something fishy, such as corruption, may be going on. I am NOT proud at all to state that our country seems to be very famous globally for corruption, rather than for having good deeds and being an example to others. I wish to stress here that corrupt practices in our country are not confined only to the government sector (which seems to be the perception) but also committed by opposition politicians.   

11. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I believe in safe, tried and tested vaccines that we all took when we were young. In fact, I have already taken 2 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, as required by the rules mandated by the government, so that I would be allowed to attend Parliament.

12. But I had been a Covid-19 patient before and have recovered fully. Like the over 2 million people in Malaysia who have also recovered from Covid-19, I have been told that based on science and the latest data, we have good natural immunity, which is at least 13 times more effective against the latest variant here, Delta, than those who are fully vaccinated.

So why is the government treating “privileged” people like us so illogically and still trying to compel us to vaccinate, which may undermine our natural immunity?   

The “one size fits all” rule here is clearly wrong, unscientific and unjust.   

13. Many people have come to see me with documents and many reports, to convince me that the Pfizer vaccine is a chemical gene and not really a traditional vaccine, which is made of a killed or inactivated virus. They are also able to prove that the Pfizer vaccine is very toxic with many people around the world dying after taking it. In many cases, the severe side effects would only take effect many months or even years later.   

14. In the historic public meeting (17 Sept 2021) of the Advisory Committee of US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which voted overwhelming against Pfizer’s 3rd booster shot, presenter Steve Kirsch (Executive Director of Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund) stated that based on data and analysis, he estimated that the Pfizer type vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans so far and that the vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups. The latest report from UK dated 22 Sept 2021, showed that, according to official data, 161,848 people have died in England alone during the first 6 months of 2021, after taking the mostly Pfizer type vaccines.   

15. A local think tank has compiled news reports of at least 4 independent world-class studies from overseas (please see below) to prove that the Pfizer vaccine is indeed toxic. If any Members of Parliament are interested, I can send this this compilation of reports to them.   

-          Japanese Government sponsored Bio-distribution Study, which was first announced by independent Canadian expert Prof Dr Byram Bridle on 28 May 2021, about the toxicity of trillions of microscopic Spike Protein, produced by our body cells on the instruction of the mRNA component in the Pfizer vaccine. The Spike Protein would seep into the blood distribution system to cause blood clotting and harm to the various vital organs.   

-          Spanish Graphene Oxide Study by Almeria University, interim report published on 28 June 2021, on the presence of large amounts of Graphene Oxide, which is toxic, found in the Pfizer vaccine. This was subsequently confirmed by an ex-employee of Pfizer, Karen Kingston over the Stew Peters Show on 28 July 2021.   

-          British Blood Smear Study on the characteristics of the blood after a Pfizer jab as broadcast over the Stew Peters Show and presented by Dr Jane Ruby on 15 July 2021.   

-          German Blood Smear Study, similar to the British Blood Smear Study, as broadcast over the Stew Peters Show and presented by Dr Jane Ruby on 18 August 2021.   

Pfizer has so far, Not come out with any public statements to challenge the accuracy or authenticity of the above 4 studies. Using agents with vested interests, such as the dishonest Western media and their fact checkers or Internet trolls, to answer for Pfizer, would suggest that the above studies must be true. Pfizer also has a public criminal track record of being involved in corruption, fraud and doing illegal tests on children.   

I have seen a report showing the link of the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to an Israeli military R&D organisation, TECHNION, which is involved in the oppression and repression of the Palestinian people, especially in the illegally Occupied Palestinian Territories.   

16. A group of social activists have also given me an unpublished report, giving information about those who are suspected to have died, most of them after taking the Pfizer vaccine. The latest news report (29 Sept 2021), which the government has acknowledged the death of 1,751 fully vaccinated people, may just be a tip of the iceberg of the real situation here and what is to come.   

17. I have also seen a report (7 April 2021) on a news website interview with Dr Mike Yeadon, the former Chief Scientist of Pfizer, who was working with Pfizer for 16 years as head of R & D. He has alleged that the high tech Pfizer vaccine is so advanced that its toxicity can be programmed in batches at the production plant to cause various deadly side effects at some predetermined times in future. Furthermore, according to a well-known vaccine side-effects US researcher, Dr Sherri Tenpenny (over the Dr Ardis Show in July 2021), the severe side effects, including death and paralysis, may not kick in immediately but until many months or even years later.   

18. Again, I am not an expert but only sharing important information on what I know, with Members of Parliament, media and the public.   

Why has the government not revealed about the serious risks and toxicity of the Pfizer vaccine? 

Even a US Government National Institutes of Health website clearly states that the mRNA technology used for the Pfizer vaccine can have "very serious health risks, such as toxicity, inflammation and cancer" (actual words). 

The famous inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone, has openly spoken out against the use of this technology to make a human vaccine due to his serious concerns on its suitability and health risks.   

19.  Why is such vital information about the Pfizer vaccine not reveal to the public in order to get their prior “INFORMED CONSENT” before the jab? 

It can be a matter of life and death.   

20. I understand that the government have publicly ordered 44.8 million doses so far of the Pfizer vaccine, with another 1 million doses donated by the US Government, making it a total of 45.8 million doses for 22.9 million people. We seem to be the only hot weather developing country in the world to have secured so much of this heat sensitive (and now proven toxic) vaccine. Why?   

21. I understand, as a matter of fact, that this Pfizer vaccine has already been given to almost the entire armed forces, police and other government personnel and to mostly Muslim people here. I find it to be highly irresponsible to subject ALL our security personnel to only one type of vaccine, in which the contents have been proven to be toxic and from a manufacturer (Pfizer) publicly known to have no integrity at all.   

22. I understand that school children in Sabah are now being given this Pfizer jab, to be followed by Sarawak. I am extremely troubled and concerned for the safety of our people, children and also our security personnel, not knowing when the delayed severe side effects may happen.   

23. I also find it repulsive, repugnant and even criminal to impose a vaccine mandate on our Rakyat, to compel our people to take this toxic jab and to punish them if they refused.   

24. I am also very concerned and disappointed that the health authorities here are blindly following the failed model of some Western countries on ignoring EARLY TREATMENT of Covid-19 and for not properly treating Covid patients early, in order to prevent death. We need an early treatment protocol here, using tried & tested safe drugs, vitamins and minerals, as practiced successfully in countries such as Czech Republic, Bolivia, Honduras, Slovakia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Peru, Paraguay, Uttar Pradesh and Macedonia. 

25. In the interest of public safety, national security and our survival, I would like to call upon the government to:   

-          immediately suspend the mass vaccination of our people using the Pfizer vaccine, until a proper investigation or study by an INDEPENDENT (with no vested interests) committee of experts (including reputable experts from overseas) is done in order to transparently determine beyond any reasonable doubt, if the Pfizer vaccine is really safe or not   

-          implement an early treatment protocol for Covid-19, based on safe drugs and supplements   In any case, we have already fully vaccinated more than 60 percent of our population and there seems to be no benefits at all from the mass vaccination taking place in certain heavily vaccinated countries, while countries such as China and a few Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, with hardly any mass vaccination, is Covid-19 free today.   

If the government feels that it must continue to vaccinate, it should use the much safer and traditional vaccine from Sinovac, which while it may be less effective, has a global track record for safety, which is far more important than efficacy.

Not only Ku Li, this blogger have been vaccinated twice and not an anti-vaxxer, though was vaccine hesitant in the early stage of vaccination. 

So now, will KJ make life difficult for Ku Li upon labelling him as anti-vaxxer?

If there is no unquestionable and conclusive medical reason for being oppresive after 90% vaccination is achieved, is there interest at stake to benefit from the third and regular periodical vaccine to be eventually enforced?

Just asking and extremely curious. 

Update 21/10/21:

A commentator alerted that an obscure Rakyat Post news portal published a denial from Ku Li which apparently was 48 hours after the statememt viralled.

No other news report was provided.


chong long OR ylchong, desiderata (desi for short) said...

goOd commentary mGf Voice, we must stand up to this backdoor givt n its leaders, mostly clueless on the threat of Covid19 and the Vaccines forced on the Rakyat. I salute tje Original long text by TR for a splendid SUMMING UP of the current challengesvfacing Malaysians.
Of note are pounts #9 and#14... ylchong, Desiderata

Anonymous said...

Ku Li nafi keluarkan kenyataan 25 perenggan pertikai jenis vaksin, cara kerajaan tangani Covid-19

Anonymous said...

Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’

chong long OR ylchong, desiderata (desi for short) said...

A second followup comment crom me, Journalist my whole working life of 30+years, follows:-

Wrt TR's piece, points #22n #23 are of particular and urgemt concern, i. e. the PENDING INJECTION OF PFIZER VACCINE FOR children in Sabah and Sarawak after scientists knowledgeable on the Pfizer manufacture using mRNA TECHNOLOGY HAVE CLAIMED THE TOXICITY and DEATHLY CONSEQUENCES OF TAKING THIS VACCINE. I too urge all MPs to jointly force the current Government at the Federal level and the State Governments of Sabah and Sarawak to IMMEDIARELY STOP THE VACCINATION PROGRAMMES INVOLVING CHILDREN! Failure to Cease and Desist IN Stopping the vaccinatiins is to be COMMITING MASS GENOCIDES, and those committing such murderous acts for wiping off a Whole Generation of Young Malaysians must pay with either Life Imprisonment or pay with their Own Lives in Public Hangings where foreogn tourists would be Invited to Witness as a Historic Event. ylchong,(aka as Chong Long, journalist), pennamed desiderata in my Creative Writes.

Changi said...

JUST IN: Singapore's Covid-19 restrictions will be extended until Nov 21, as the healthcare system is at risk of being overwhelmed. Nearly 90% of the 1,650 isolation beds have been filled, said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Stay in the know:

Anonymous said...

So many negatives news about vaccines from those who are anti-vaxx...and yet 94% of adult population still took the vaccine and the risk that come with it so that the economy can be reopened, people can travel, mass praying in the mosques and surau etc...why would those who refused to take the vaccines want to enjoy the same priveleges when they refused to take the risk??..

Shah said...

1. The single biggest issue confronting our country and the world today is the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 4.7 million people globally.

4,700,000 (mati covid) / 7,753,000,000 (population dunia) * 100 = 0.06%

celah mana pandemik nya bila fatality rate cuma 0.06%? kalut sangat nak vaksin semua orang ni dah kenapa? untung besar komisyen jadi broker/pencacai vaksin ker tu? hahaha

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