Sunday, May 02, 2010

Najib should not cover Pak Lah's treachery!

Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak gave a statement today. The Star SMS alert reads below:
2/5: Najib: Talks to resolve sea and land boundary issues between Malaysia and Brunei will result in a win-win solution for both countries/STAR
That is consistent with what the Exchange of Letter between Tun Abdullah Badawi and the Sultan of Brunei with regard to settling the boundary issue. Pak Lah’s Kalimullah crafted press statement on Friday said that a survey will be undertaken to resolve the outstanding border issues between Malaysia and Brunei.

There is no issue with that statement. But why did Pak Lah and supposedly as he claimed, the Cabinet agreed to give away Block L and M - with oil reserves said to be worth at least US$100 billion - before the survey was completed then?

Although there is a counter claim, Dr Mahathir said in his blog that tract of the sea is historically within the Malaysian borders and that is the reason and basis for Petronas to enter into a production sharing agreement with Murphy Oil. If Petronas is stupid because the opposition thinks it is run by Melayu and Melayu are stupid, let's assume Mat Salleh Murphy Oil is not.

On what basis, did Abdullah decided to give. Who advised him?

Who did the negotiation with Brunei? Why Abdullah himself conducted the negotiation? Who in Wisma Putra advised Abdullah?

On issues of boundary and sovereignty effecting Sarawak and our oil interest, was Petronas and Sarawak brought in as part of the negotiation team?

This issue was hushed-hushed by Pak Lah then. Why was this not brought to Parliament? Was this issue of sovereignty presented to the Sovereign, namely the Yang Dipertuan Agung and the Royal Durbar?

Pak Lah has committed a serious offense that is tantamount to treason to the DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung Government. Treason is punishable by death.

The questions will not end there.

Thus, Perkasa President, Dato Ibrahim Ali demand that Royal Commission be formed or a White Paper prepared to answer for this scandalous giving away of Malaysian territory, particularly this one rich with oil.
Perkasa demands royal panel on Limbang, oil blocks dispute

KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 — Perkasa wants the Najib administration to set up a royal commission to investigate the current dispute over offshore oil blocks, which were allegedly given to Brunei in exchange for Limbang in Sarawak.

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali said a lot of questions still remain “in the dark” and unanswered, despite clarifications by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and national oil company Petronas in the past two days.

“Perkasa wants Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the government, to set a royal commission or at least a white paper on the issue on oil blocks L and M, situated at the borders of Malaysia-Brunei,” the Pasir Mas MP said when opening a Perkasa workshop on the New Economic Model (NEM) here.

The controversy arose after Murphy Sabah Oil Ltd, which had entered a production-sharing contract with national oil company Petronas, for Block L and Block M offshore of Limbang, announced last week that it was ceasing operations because “it was no longer part of Malaysia.”

“I am not being prejudice to either Dr Mahathir or Tun Abdullah Badawi, but there are a lot of things hanging. This needs to be explained, the oil blocks are worth billions,” said the Perkasa chief.

Ibrahim pointed out that Malaysia or Brunei had not yet confirmed or stated anything on the supposed ownership of Limbang.

“Brunei, Malaysia has not confirmed anything. Limbang belongs to who? How was the deal made? I know whatever discussed by Cabinet is secret, but they should at least provide a rough paper of the meeting on this supposed exchange,” Ibrahim quipped.

In a statement yesterday, Petronas confirmed that the oil blocks were no longer part of Malaysia, but said that it will develop the oil blocks with Brunei on a “commercial basis”.

Petronas also stated that it has set up a team to negotiate the terms of the agreement with Brunei.

“Petronas confirms that following the Exchange of Letters on 16 March 2009, the production sharing contracts covering Blocks L and M, which were awarded in 2003 to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and Murphy Sabah Oil Co. Ltd., were formally terminated on 7 April 2010 as these blocks are no longer a part of Malaysia. Blocks L and M were re-designated as Blocks CA1 and CA2 respectively.

“Petronas would like to clarify that following the Exchange of Letters, Petronas was invited by Brunei to enter into an agreement to develop Blocks CA1 and CA2 on a commercial arrangement basis.

“Petronas has set up a team that has begun negotiations with Brunei to work out the terms for this commercial arrangement. Both parties are committed to arriving at a mutually beneficial arrangement as soon as possible,” said the unsigned statement issued by the Corporate Communications Department.

Ibrahim said the onus was on Najib to answer, as he was also part of the Cabinet team during Abdullah’s tenure as PM.

“PM has the responsibility to answer. People want to know the details. I have personally received 186 smses.

“Petronas says it has been invited (for commercial talks.) That is a different matter. In what capacity will Petronas be there for? Who owns the oil blocks? The country wants answers,” said Ibrahim.

The independent MP said that a royal commission would be able to clear the air on both Dr Mahathir’s allegations as well as Abdullah’s decision made concerning the oil blocks.

“Dr Mahathir will never open his mouth without proper research. He is at least 51 per cent correct.

“If the government doesn’t do anything, Dr Mahathir should set up a royal commission himself to find out the details,” added Ibrahim.

Abdullah released a separate statement on Friday that the areas known as Block L and Block M would be jointly developed by the two countries for a period of 40 years.

“The financial and operational modalities for giving effect to this arrangement will be further discussed by the two sides. This means that in so far as the oil and gas resources are concerned, the agreement is not a loss for Malaysia,” said Abdullah.

Source: The Malaysian Insiders
That demand has to be taken up seriously by Government in clarifying all these questions. Najib must not attempt any cover up fopr Pak Lah.

The people has had enough with the previous Prime Minister's repeated infringment on our sovereignty and giving away our borders.

During his time, the Government did not heed critics from Johorean at the Iskandar, Malaysia project deemed as giving away Malaysian territory to foreigners, especially Singaporean.

Since his second year in office, Abdullah had allowed strategic Malaysian assets sold to Singaporean. His son-in-law and current Ketua Pemuda, Khairy Jamaluddin had been instrumental in the sales.

The people's disgust reached it's pinnacle when Pulau Batu Putih, which is closer to our shoreline in Pontian, was lost to Singapore.

This blogger was told by a source with link in the former Wisma Putra Minister office that Pak Lah pulled the brake on the Wisma Putra preparation and the Malaysian legal team reached The Hague strangely without some important historical documents.

Unless a transparent and assuring action to investigate independently the matter, the displeased Sarawakian will not tone down. Barisan Nasional will face the Sibu Sarawak by-election with a sword of Damocles hanging on their head.

Another question pondering this blogger's mind now is what else did Pak Lah did in a hush hush manner that jeorpardize the nation's interest and territory?

And imagine that this is the man Zaid Ibrahim complimented in his losing statement at Hulu Selangor. Has Zaid turned idiot?

He was an idiot when he accepted to be Pak Lah's Law Minister and became a stooge of Khairy's game against Dr Mahathir.


Unknown said...

terlalu banyak kerosakan yg telah
dilakukan apalah malang nya malaysia ini...

Anonymous said...


Re: Sheryll Stothard

Appreciate your take?


PANJI HITAM 61 said...

Bravo, bravado exposure, brader!

Yes, it is treason of the highest order and only PERKASA has the balls to call for action.
PERKASA, the true THIRD FORCE and RAKYAT’s safety net.

Proud 110th member of PERKASA.

CommonerNinetyNine said...

may be mr number one is not covering his predecessor deeds but his own.

from his play from the beginning, he has been displaying a kind of slave pattern to his predecessor, which he has not been like that to anyone but his predecessor.

at least half of his predecessor's gang is in his 'house', what else can he do? crack his rice bowl for dignity? don't joke!

if he is not 'clean', lagi worse, he is just a puppet then. what a pity!

Anonymous said...


The Shit's hit the Fan and you are asking DS Najib not to take out his Umbrella!!

Tun Abdullah Badawi said that the Decision was made BY CABINET!

DS Najib was in the Cabinet so cannot claim ignorance or no responsibility!!

As Tun Mahathir Said...All's Fair in War and Peace. Its peacetime and it's still raining shit!

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

sick to the can that no.1 go and say its a win win situation?what win is he talking about?giving away what is yours is call win?..stupid to the serawakians must really show enough is enough n just show BN the way out.

Anonymous said...

what we want to know is what happened to Limbang...Pak Lah said one thing, najib said another and brunei said it is still theirs...whats going on? Pls, someone answer straight!

Anonymous said...

Insyallah Najib is sincere.Murphy Oil is an American company.Cannot let the Zionist take the oil from Malaysians.



Anonymous said...

Abdullah Badawi and/or his family members should be investigated and charged with high treason and punished accordingly. Current PM must not try to COVER UP Abdullah Badawi..

Our Constitution must be amended to rein and shackle Prime Ministers so that none of them can behave as if Malaysia were their grandfather's private property to be given away to foreign countries at their whims and fancies..

The loss of Singapore the way it was lost, and this issue with oil blocks and Brunei highlight the fact that a Malaysian Prime Minister is too powerful in matters relating to our territorial integrity and national sovereignty..

A Malaysia PM should be smacked on his face that he is not an absolute Emperor that can give away Malaysia's national borders to other countries anyway he deems fit. We may end up losing East Malaysia, Johor or Perlis if we don't act soon..

We must have referendum if we really want to part off with any of our national territories...

Anonymous said...


Blogger My Anger latest post said that Petronas CEO is going ahead with Sheryll Stothard's appointment which will take place tomorrow.

Please do something!

Anonymous said...

ya la..dissapointed with ds najib remarks regarding this cover up please!!negara kita dh x de pemimpin yg ade kaliber/vision dh ke?..please,pembangkang jgn nak kate korang ade pemimpin yg berkaliber..kalu ade, dh lame aku sokong..

Unknown said...

Salam Voice,
My take on the L&M blocks:
Minutes of board meeting of “Score-Me Bhd” and “Rambo-Rombau Consultants” on Blocks L & M (aka “Lah-Mai” blocks); venue @ Crooked Oxbridge Club; time: few months before Honorary Chairman, Mr FIL officially retire:
1. Carigali & Murphy have done the dirty job – they have established proven reserves of about 1 billion barrels (at current & foreseeable future price of @ US$70 that would translate to a cool US$70 billion)
2. How do we get rid of Carigali & Murphy? At the stroke of the pen from Pak Hamid & Co. at Foreign Affairs – we’ll delineate the boundaries and they will be legally out of the picture
3. We’ll “package & sweeten-up” this deal with His Highness using “foreign affairs goobledegooks”, which Pak Hamid & Co. will prepare… sap-sap soi lah… HE get say 70% and we’ll get 30%... how aa? Hayya, use Petronas again la to do the fronting… Negara Bruno gets the sovereign rights to Lah-Mai blocks, but have to have “win-win” lah… so Petronas will be “invited” to commercially develop the Lah-Mai blocks la… you aa…
4. Once Petronas got invited todevelop the area, make sure our “moles” in Petronas sub-con the job to “Score-Me” and our cronies and friends la… what, the cake is big enough for everyone what… haiyya… apa susah2 to sweat it out… this is the crooked Oxbridge strategy la… short-cut & instant business strategy ma!
5. Contingency plan: in case some old crank smells the rot, spin the story & discredit him la… or better, get our honorary chairman Mr FIL to goreng some foreign affairs bulls*t la…
Meeting was adjourned with Al-Shafie, Al-Ghazali nashid…

paktam said...

Since we have said that Pak Lah have done a lot of damages, then we should give PM Najib,sometime to correct them, without causing too much waves, bearing in mind that the ecomonic problem, caused by outside forces needed a lot of focus. In case of the oil blocks issue, this is an international issue between two sovereign state, thus a statementship is required. What ever it is bloggers should continue their pressure to ensure PM`s subordinates maintain their KPIs at all time. InsaAllah (God willing) we can have better Malaysia. said...

What is the point of becoming a leader if that can't enrich oneself ? This is the motto nowadays. Najib not to cover up Badawi ? No way. Why should he ? This time is his turn, previously Mahathir, then Dolah.

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