Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Anwar's American mentor, Paul Wolfowitz is gay?

The PKR election took an interesting twist when one candidate for Ketua AMK, Rafizi Ramli claim to have the blessing of Anwar.

Rafizi fit the same tall standing and complexion of other of Anwar's assistants, from Azmin, Ezam, Anuar Shaari, Saiful Bahari, and Bakar the mysterious masseur among others.

The former General Manager of Petrocarigali is unmarried, thus raising speculation of his sexual orientation.

Anwar's foreign supporters calling on the Government to interfere and stop his sodomy trial from the MPs of Australia and Britain are led by gay. Quite a few gay organisations abroad in the west and in Asean countries made similar call.

There was a French writer, Arnaud Dubus helping Anwar churn rumours of Najib's link with the death of Altantunya had a suspiciously gay look. It doesn't help that Anwar was at the same forum with an Indonesian intellectual, Musdah that claim gay is allowed in Islam.

The latest shocking revelation picked by AIDC from a Turkey newspaper claimed Anwar's mentor and protector in the US, Paul Wolfowitz is gay. Read below in the Hurriyet, the same paper that revealed Tun Dol's purchase of a yatch few years back:
Profesor Dr. Yalcin Kucuk, Ph. D., expressed his displeasure to the news that World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, who he thinks "might be gay," has donated $5,143 to a gay organization in Turkey.

Turkey's first and only gay organization Kaos GL, qualified for economic assistance from the World Bank for a second time. Last year, the organization had obtained a donation from the World bank, towards putting together a brochure which would highlight the problems and experiences that the gays would have with their families

This year, for a project targeting the youth, the organization will receive $5,143.00. The project, called "All together", aims to address the change the gay oriented discriminatory behaviour of the youth. Of the 100 Turkish organizations that had applied to the World Bank, Kaos GL was one of the five that was selected.


The fact that the organization received the donation twice caused further rumors. In a television program, Yalcin Kucuk, Ph.D., insisted that the president of World Bank, Wolfowitz could be gay, and that he favored the gay organization.

He also reminded the fact that, while other World Bank Presidents rarely visited Turkey, Wolfowitz was a very frequent visitor.

On the other hand, Umut Guner, the Project Coordinator of the gay organization, responding to the rumors of Wolfowitz being gay, stated that "I personally would be curious of someone's homosexuality, if I am attracted to him, otherwise, who is homosexual and who is not doesn't concern me".

Guner followed by saying "If the World Bank hadn't given the money to us, and had given it to the Laz (translator's note: Laz are people of Greek origin who converted to Islam, and live predominantly around Northern Turkey, formerly Pontus area), would Wolfowitz be accused of being Laz?
Anwar ... Anwar ... watch who you mix with.

What about the Indian looking chap that presented him with flower as birthday gift at the last court hearing?

In a blog, it was written about one hotel worker somewhere.


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running out of ideas already, huh?

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Our country should adamantly maintain the "ADAM AND EVE" concept policy. Dont ever allow "ADAM AND STEVE" concept policy!!!

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As I walk into unknown forests
Coldness spreads in my soul
I gaze upon the twilight skies
And behold the scornful moon
Through the winds I whisper the names
To summon the silent storms
Entering the wastelands
Where no living soul has been before

As I hear the call from the darkside
The moon turns to black
Wolves gather in the twilight
To please their thirst for blood
Possessed by spirits of evil
I watch the eclipse of the moon
The black moon I shall follow
Through the endless night.

Have a nice raya holiday, avoice.

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Anon 11:01

Running out of smart comments?

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Bro, ini Sak makin berani hantam kau kau PM Najib. Sak ni kemarok nak berpolitik tp tak nak keluar Umno. Sak tunggula KJ jd PM baru boleh dapat tempat dlm politik Umno.
Najib tak perlu beri perhatian pun kpd org macam Sak ni sb dah jd brg rosak yg merapu nak jd pemimpin.
Sak dan geng Melayu liberal NSTP adalah macai KJ dan Kalimullah nak jatuhkan Najib kot!
Najib adalah pemimpin yg amat bijak dalam percaturan politik Umno, jd tak payahlah nak malukan PM.
Dia tahu apa yg sedang berlaku dan akan merencanakan sesuatu untuk kepentingan Umno dan org Melayu.
Sak patut kahwin dan berehat sajalah dgn bini baru.
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

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