Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dr Mahathir on Walk4Gaza @TV1 12:00 PM

The blockage on Gaza is an immoral act beyond decent human norms. It is teh responsibility of all to help the Gaza cause.

Tun Dr Mahathir is scheduled to appear on the Apa Kata Wanita program on TV1 today at 12:00 PM to promote a planned "Big Walk For Gaza" for next Saturday, Dec 11 in aid of the Palestinians from the Masjid Putrajaya.

The program will also feature Palestinian Youths, Derek dan Jenny Graham (Captain of the ship Rachel Corrie) dan singer Yasin.

The walk is organised by Seranta Felda, Felda, GAPROF and Perdana Peace Global Foundation (PGPF) in conjunction with the "Karnival Ikatan Hati Warga Felda (Iktiraf) 2010".

The walk will involve some 5,000 Felda youth members joined by 32 non-governmental organisations, government agencies and other establishments. It is also open to the members of the public.

Seranta Felda Director Ehsanuddin Harun Narrashid called on the participants to donate to the Palestinians. Donations for the Palestinians can be made to Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) CIMB Account 14081208316050.

Gather there at 2 pm. Participants will be flagged off at 5pm by Tun Dr. Mahathir.

For latest information, visit their blogsite Walk4Gaza here.


The Phoenix Foundation said...


I have one message!

Ask Tun to , with all of his Perdan Resources, to fly into Gaza & do the needful!

Sir Richard Branson has done it so many times.

But Mahathir......!

A Voice said...


You have not been keeping abreast with event, have you?

Richard Branson is allowed in but not Dr Mahathir.

What was Rachel Corrie about?

Aney ... get your facts right before being sinister.

Typical ...

Anonymous said...

some malaysia have special visa to visit isreal, maybe visa from US but not using our passport, it special passport.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

A Voice!

That is my point: Use Branson & fly in - JV or whatever!

I have been keeping abreast - hence the hint!

Sinister???? WoW, did not know I had the capability!

Thanks for the compliment!


Anonymous said...

sudah terang lagi bersuluh perwakilan bijak menolak KT sbg calon KP Malaysia. Diharap bloggers yg begitu ghairah memburukkan kj menerima hakikat tersebut

Wake UP! said...

The Phoenix Foundation. Is it because Sir Richard Branson is actually a Mossad agent?

I don't know. I am asking you.

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