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How Pascal Najadi lied to cash in on his father's death

Kring kring ...
An unknown number called into our handphone after Terawih last week.

Usually we would not pick it up and rather wait them text something. If they is an urgency, there will be a text message to ask to return call or whatever the brief intention of the call.

This time we accepted the call.
"Hello ah ... are you ....?"
It was a deep grouchy Chinaman voice speaking English with a common folk Chinese accent. 
"Can you introduce yourself. It is only the proper phone ettiquate."

"Oh sorry ... I am XXX (name to be witheld). Saya dapat nombor awak dari ini Dato YYY. Are you itu blogger apa itu nama A Voice ...?

"Selalu saya tidak akan kata ya, tapi lu sudah sebut Dato YYY, saya kata ya. You must be his friend. His friend is my friend. Sorry if I sounded rude tadi Dato."

"Takpa ... saya bukan Dato."

"Then I call you uncle"

"Ok Ok ... ada sikit hal mahu cakap."

"Can ... "

"Bagus ... bagus ... lu ingat ka itu murder tahun 2013. Ada one banker Arab mati depan Chinese temple.

"Anak itu banker sudah cakap bukan-bukan. Four years he talk nonsence. He is making it difficult to do business. I know what happen. I want you to write the truth. This guy must be on the take from MMM."
Had heard it had something to do with the underworld and turf war.

My heartbeat was pounding nervously upon realising what kind character this Chinaman talking in a rojak mix of Malay and English on the other line is.

Fuck he now has my handphone number. Our blog have been writing about corruption, crime and various concerns.

After consoling myself that this is a new frontier in our blogging before we hang a glove to retire, we replied.
"Info ini macam tak boleh cakap dalam talipon boss. Lets us meet somewhere."

"Lagi bagus. Kita jumpa itu satu kopitiam di Bukit Bintang nama .... 11:30 PM can ah?"
We met and true enough, he was as we suspected. He had two fierce looking tattooed bodyguards nearby.

As we suspected, he wanted to talk of the murder of the founder of Arab Malaysia Development Bank, Hussain Najadi. He was murdered at the end of July 2013.

Hussain started the Bank in 1976 and sold it to Tan Sri Azman Hashim who acquired 100% in in 1982 and renamed it as Arab Malaysian Merchant Bank (read wikipedia here).
"Anak dia manyak cilaka... Kes sudah habis tapi dia sudah cakap banyak bohong. Macam-macma orang dan reporter overseas datang. Olang ingat kami terlibat. Kami pun susah ....mahu cari makan."
When the murder happened, son Pascal Najadi reaction, as reported by blogger Dave Avran here, below:
His 45 year old son Pascal Najadi has expressed shock over the murder of his father, and said the irony was that his father was murdered in Malaysia, a country for which his father had so much affection, having called it home for more than four decades.

"I was shocked upon hearing about the killing in Kuala Lumpur, which was carried out in broad daylight," he told Bernama in a telephone interview from Europe.

Pascal, who holds dual Swiss and British citizenship, urged the Malaysian authorities to do its utmost to apprehend the culprits involved in the killing of his 75-year-old father and bring them to justice.

By early August 2013, police managed to trace the three suspects, and apprehended them.

Court sentenced the suspected murderer to death in September 2014 here. However, there is a decision for re-trial in December 2016 here.

All the while, Pascal was abroad but Malaysia Chronicle here (for those that could by pass MCMC block) spinned a story on August 6th 2013 entitled "Was Najadi's son right? 3 arrested for murder of bank founder but killer STILL AT LARGE."

Since the link is not accessible, Wikipedia here quoted from the link that "...Pascal Najadi, a Swiss citizen, helped out of Moscow co-ordinating with the Malaysian Police to track down the killer."

This is where it is not believable. He neither cooperate nor coordinate to track down the killer.

Taken from a blog here.
That late night the "uncle" told us that he came to KL but flew off before giving any statement to police.

When asked how he knew Pascal did not give any statement, his reply was, "Kita ada jalan  ...."
"Kalau begitu, dia tipu kata dia tidak akan ke Malaysia hingga pembunuh ditangkap." Anyway it is a Sarawak Report spin. (Read Wikipedia here

"Uncle" nodded.
Two years later in July 2015, which was after 1MDB became an issue subsequent to problems with it's listing that culminated into a hiccup to settle the loan due to Maybank and Deutche Bank, Pascal started to speak up claiming conspiracy.

To Sarawak Report (here), Pascal claimed and was reported by M'kini here that "the mastermind who commissioned the assassination was allowed to flee".

He "dismissed speculation that his father was killed for helping a temple to stop its land from being acquired for development".

Pascal was quoted saying, "I have no explanation for his execution except corruption at the bank and the mastermind was let go and escaped via Sydney".

The subsequent spin was that Hussain was a shareholder of AMMB. But its public knowledged that he sold everything in 1982. 

He claimed "his father was a man of integrity" and "would report any alleged corrupt practices to the authorities".

Not a strong reason there.

When it happened, friends among former AMMB manager during the time Hussain was around said that he has been mixing with dubious characters. That can be found in previous blog postings.

Apparently, it is not so. Sin Chew wrote in August 2013 here.

So we asked the "uncle" what was Hussain Najadi doing at the temple before he was murderred.
"Isteri dia semayang temple situ. Masa itu ada satu kepala India mahu masuk itu kawasan Geng ZZZ dan mahu kasi roboh temple. Hussain datang mahu tolong untuk isteri dia."
Lets not ask why a Muslim is married to an unconverted non-Muslim. Firstly, it is a side story. Secondly, his first wife, Heidi Najadi is a Swiss and no information available as to whether she converted.

The story as told by "uncle" is too graphic to share but upon googling, Raja Petra had a mole by the pseudonym, The Cigarette Smoking Man wrote of the event here.

It pretty much tally with the story "uncle" told.

The title "Are the murders of Hussain Ahmad Najadi and Kevin Morais linked to Najib?" was sensational but basically, Hussain Najadi met the underworld boss, Richard Morais to negotiate with him to not tear down the temple.

And Richard is the brother of slained DPP, Kevin Morais.

When another brother, Charles Suresh Morais was talking about his brother got killed for knowing too much (read MMO here), it was not believable.

Charles too had questionable dealing abroad in US where he lives.

There were talk that Kevin's murder had something to do with some stashed money. But it is all talk. Whassapp instant expert.

According to Malaysia Today's story, the killer had mistaken the identity of dark skinned Keling, Richard Morais with Hussain Najadi. It is the same version told by "uncle".
To dig more, we tested to doub "uncle." How could a hired professional killer mistaken the identity. Richard must be dark skinned like Kevin and Charles. While Bahrain-born Persian, Hussain is fairly light skinned.

We prayed he will not get angry and blow our head of. Testing our luck.

"Wah .. lu pandai tanya soalan. Masa itu Kong See Kwan makan drug. Dia tidak berapa nampak. Hussain yang kena."

"Lu mesti ada orang kasi tahu," we enquired.

He just smiled .....

"Ada orang bayar RM20 ribu ..."

"Baru-baru ini, Sarawak Report (read here) ada tulis Pascal Najadi kata ada orang bayar RM30 juta untuk kasi Hussain Najadi mati."

"Mana ada itu macam manyak ..."
Why did Pascal changed his story within months after the murder?

Why did he not want to cooperate with police and have any concern for his father to avenge murder by seeking the truth and ensure the murderer is punished?

Pascal got a Syariah court ruling for his father's estate in Ocober 2013 and excluded his father's Chinese second wife. (Read Astro Awani here). His mother converted and he is Muslim.

That could be the time he flew in to KL but did not give statement to police.

To make the story believable, Clare Rewcastle Brown spin the story he will not return till justice has caught up with the real mastermind (read in Wikipedia here). 

In April 2014, his father's civil marriage wife, the Chinese lady objected to Pascal's bid to be administrator (read The Star here).

He won in May 2014 (The Star here). The estate is only worth RM1.5 million in cash and shares.

However, the suspicion is he could be angry that there was no case on the alleged mastermind, Lim Yuen Soo. Anwar backer, Asia Sentinel here in November 2015 quoted Pascal:
“We are in shock and horror,” Pascal Najadi said from Moscow. “Our security team learned last night from a reliable source that the mastermind assassin Lim Yuen Soo was indeed captured by the Malaysian Police in October 2015. We further had to learn that the Attorney General’s Chambers has subsequently ordered his release. This is not acceptable by any standards. We condemn this and protest in strongest terms.
Pascal only begin to link the murder to 1MDB in July 2015. He slipped up to admit the mastermind was found but AGC do not have enough to charge.

The murder has no link to 1MDB but gangster rivalry to Black Jesus or Richard Morais.

Read this analysis by Cilisos here, Kevin's death had nothing to do with 1MDB but Richard Morais wanted to divert to 1MDB to.avoid being link any possible gangland war.

Police also dismissed any link between Kevin's death to Hussain Najadi.

Pascal has no lead, except claimed personal opinion of his father over lunch 5 days before he was murdered. (read NST here). It could be hearsay.

There is only one possible motive to Pascal behaviour. He could have been approached and agreed to sell himself for money.

News report on Pascal dealing with Portsmouth FC only shows he is not a person of integrity and does not respect the court. (Read here).

Switzerland is where lies the Bruno Manser Fund, one of the funder of Sarawak Report. Another one funder is Global Witness, an NGO funded by George Soros.

Soros and Tun Dr Mahathir is working hands in glove for a common purpose to wreck Malaysia and topple Najib.

Pascal story only come out in Sarawak Report. It only means he is lending his name to a global propaganda network orchestrated by Mahathir and Soros.

He was paid at the right price.

In Sarawak Report's posting, "Pascal Najadi - My Fury Over Najib's Lawyer Mohd Shafee Abdullah", Clare wrote that Pascal was late by hours to be at the father's burial.

It means he did come to Malaysia and not as she once claimed he will not set foot in Malaysia till the mastermind is taken in.

Too many inconsistencies only proves it is all a make up story. So again, why Pascal never gave statement to police but have been cooking up all sort of conspiracy lies?

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