Friday, June 02, 2017

Merdeka MRT station, Menara Merdeka and reviving Merdeka Park

This is a sneak review of the Merdeka MRT station.

Saw this on Dato Najmuddin Abdullah of MRT Facebook few days ago. The clipping is not on You Tube so got a hacker to download from his FB to be uploaded here.

Work is still being done so MRT is not releasing the full video clipping.

It is also a sneak preview of one of the themed stations. For this one, it is Rukunegara, an important nation building statement.

By July, this station will be operational.

Below an official You Tube on the construction of the station:

Since the Warisan is mentioned, see below the Warisan Merdeka Menara Merdeka PNB 118 You Tube:

Menara Merdeka is #3 in the top 8 tallest building in the world under construction:

It will certainly change the whole area surrounding area including Chinatown Jln Petaling to Jalan Maharajalela.

Wondering what will happen to historical Stadium Merdeka.

Too many fond memories and historical event, especially the declaration of Independence. Hope they will preserve it and maintain it in its original form.

Since concerts are difficult to be held at Stadium Bukit Jalil, why not turn Stadium Merdeka into a dedicated stadium for concerts and musical events.

No worry about disturbing the grass.

The MRT station will allow attendees to come and return. There are 12 parking spaces for people to park at MRT stations and let them come by MRT.

If event manager planned properly, MRT can extend service and just pay overtime for the workers.   

In the meanwhile, allow the stadium to be used for local rakyat football use and public jogging track.

The seating areas will remain as seating for events but is also a living museum on Merdeka and formation of Malaysia (none in Semenanjong side).

The Rukunnegara mural gave us that idea.

Merdeka is about independence and freedom, why not have our own Hyde Park?

Use it to showcase free speech, freedom of the press, human rights, aboriginal rights of native people and orang Asli, religious right, public right, tolerance and acceptance, peace and harmony among various race and religion, morality and ethics, environment, etc.

Nearby the area is an old temple, Masjid Negara, etc. That symbolises peace?

Remind ourselves not to ever repeat May 13 1969. And, PNB building is a reminder of the result of aftermath of May 13 to rebalance society.

Let it be a powerful message to all Bumiputera that their cause were heard but they must also put effort and buck up to live up to the expectation. 

The area surrounding Stadium Merdeka and Stadium was Coronation Park. It was turned into Merdeka Park by Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Maybe revive it and add the elements of the time.

Quite sure, they will be other property development in the area and maybe government has a plan of its own.

Just thinking and sharing aloud.


Anonymous said...

bro..bleh komen on kos;
burj khalifa, tallest in the world.. 1.5B USD
warisan merdeka 7Bil RM ..well wont be tallest..

but camna plak depa bleh built lg dasyat on a budget.

A Voice said...

Dear anon

If you have concern, dig up yourself and lay it out in public. Then we see whether you make sense or not.

Can't do your bidding. Too much hand holding all your life, eh?

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