Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Why is MoT KSU getting personal with Railway Union?

Minister of Transport , Dato Wee Ka Siong launched the Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) trains in Pasir Mas, Kelantan last week to replace the old diesel locomotive and passenger coaches servicing the Kelantan and Pahang route. 

Unfortunately, the good news was negated by the significantly greater effort by MoT for a wider media coverage to their Secretary General (KSU)'s police report against Sabahkini2 for revealing direct negotiation for 6 cars Intercity Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). 

The KSU then followed up with MoT issuing statement to attack the Railwaymen Union of Malaya (RUM) on matters related to the launched 13 DMUs for East Coast. Unlike against Sabahkini2, there was no police report but a serious accusation of slander was made towards the union.  

The launch would have overshadowered the accusation of widespread preference and direct negotiation for China including the China supplied DMU for Kelantan. However, the personal manner the KSU reacted to criticisms negated any positive message from the launch. 

MoT may have gone to the extent of attempting of forcing a blog to take off their posting.

In 2019, the KSU expressed frustration for repeatedly being picked on. It may have led him make the police report against Sabahkini2. 

The portal may have rewind its past issues againnst Isham, however it does not negate the fact there was a direct nego to invite CRRC Rolling Stock Centre. The admittance raises more questions

Had the letter of invitation not revealed by Sabahkini2, would the KSU continued to ignore the issue first raised by RUM?  

On MoT's criticism of RUM, they did not take it laying down. From their initial denial on April 9th, RUM did not relented but made more exposure.  

They highlighted grave mistakes in the MoT statement to correct the technical hands-on issues ignored in cleaning of oil tank, and window condensation. They questioned the answer on progressive repairs as anything broken that need repair should not be done in stages. 

Subsequently, RUM issued another statement today in liew of MoT's reluctance to withdraw the claim  the depot is in the final stage of completion and has no impact on operations. MoT seemed to have taken an operational and safety risk to presume all will be smooth and alright with new DMUs.  

RUM revealed photos that embarassingly showed the depots are far from nearing completion and MoT lied to the general public. 

Roofless, waerless depot?
MoT claimed they were briefed by KTMB management. Did KTMB properly advised the MoT or the MoT made up the claim it is "near completion and not a problem"? 

More important, RUM did not cast aspersions or slandered the MoT in the statement. It is a warning to treat them better and they may know what they are talking. 

In their statements, RUM stressed repeatedly that they raised issue or criticised the responsible parties with good intention. It is supposed to be feedback to be taken positively and preempt any problems or god forbid any mishap. 

To prove their point, RUM had few days earlier alerted on a possible safety risk involving Project KVDT2. They claimed a problem cropped up in Bangi. It could be major as they raised the possibility KVDT2 project could be cancelled. 

This is the project that caused strain between union and reappointed KTMB CEO. The cock-up occurred due to the exuberance of the PH government to cancel contracts awarded to GLCs. PH 2.0 government announced reopening tender for the project end of last year. 

And, all roads will eventually lead to China. 

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