Monday, June 07, 2021

Dirgahayu Tuanku! Emergency gov't should take over

In conjunction with the momentous occasion of His Highness birthday, Singapore's Straits Times reported the Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong will be meeting political party leaders beginning Wednesday.

Of late, there have been numerous calls by various parties upon His Highness to be more decisive in the face of public consensus that the emergency proclamation is a failure.

Daily Covid positive number is at global high. Death on the rise and becoming more prevalent. 

Remedial actions such as vaccination is at bureaucratic snail pace due to problems poorly anticipated, poor planning and execution. 

Priorities constantly in conflict, SOP flip flops and government actions uncoordinated.

The government-as-usual is a #KerajaanGagal and need be replaced by a truly action oriented emergency government dedicated for crisis management.

Unity "emergency" government

Save for returning Tun Mahathir at the helm, his suggestion for a unity "emergency" government is an option for His Majesty consideration.

It could be represented from each party, but running of government need not be from among politicians but purely based on capability. 

Politics should be put at bay.

Leadership of the emergency government should be accorded to a person with the experience, capability, decisiveness, wisdom, and respected for integrity. 

Present crop of political players have failed miserably!

Tan Sri Muhyiddin seemed clueless and his leadership malleable to public pressure. He is in his elements in giving excuses but lacks the insight, foresight and creativity to lead the nation out of the mess. 

Quite often, he is unable to anticipate problems, fire fighting as though he has no big picture of happenings, and reacted to public suggestions too late by weeks or months. 

Often than not, political survivality clouds his administrative judgement. 

Government and its policies and actions to combat Covid pandemic is faced with a serious trust deficit. 

No new initiatives, communication exercise, and stern actions can revive order and confidence in the present government. The leading party in government are incompetents!

Convening of Parliament

For the sake of the country, its people and continuity of royal institution as stabilising factor of the nation, a proper emergency government need to be instituted.

His Majesty should not allow any post-phonements of the Meeting of the Council of Malay Rulers. The Council should meet and deliberate on the next course of action via a consensus or need be, by majority decision. 

Whether there will be a change leadership or not, Parliament have to be called in-session. 

Without transparency and accountability, governance has deteriorated and proven disastrous. Furthering it will lead the country to ruin.

Prime Minister and his cabinet members should stop creating artificial obstacles and superficial excuses to refuse Agong's earlier suggestion for Parliament to be in-session. More so, even the Sultan of Johor has call for it.

Deputy Speaker has uttered repeatedly for the same. Though not a politician, the Speaker has made a seriously wrong decision. He has breached the Emergency Ordinance to refuse Agong's suggested call for Parliament. 

Under Section 130A, Penal Code, he could be considered as taking part in activities detrimental or undermining parliamentary democrasy. Take note Dato Takiyuddin Hassan and Dato Hamzah Zainuddin.

The rakyat and nation is hurting and bleeding. No more time for politicking or political expediency but effective and impactful actions!

Change the self-doubting incompetents!

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