Thursday, June 10, 2021

Will MAHB make a decision at the moment Muhyiddin government is shaky?

When putting up posting yesterday on completion of preliminary report on LRT Putra mishap, it was highlighted because rather impress with the swift response.

Quite encouraging. Merely giving credit where it is due. 

Had no idea today MAHB Board of Directors will be making an important decision on Aerotrain tender till Rocky Bru here highlighted it yesterday.

The decision today by Chairman Dato Dr Zambery Kadir, who was just appointed BN Secretary General, is interesting. 

In the midst of commotion of Agong calling on the heads of political parties, one wonders whether MAHB will make decision at a time Tan Sri Mahiaddin @ Muhyiddin's government looking shaky and decisions made could be overturned.

As Facebooker Salahuddin Hisham described this morning, government looks as desperare and shaky as a mini Titanic about to capsize.  

A re-tender look sensible and smart as it pacify all parties involved. They postphoned a decision for 7 years so might as well make sure it is done properly.

In previous postings, this blog repeatedly mentioned the Bombardier train is the maker for Putra LRT and bidding for aerotrain. 

Though qualified several times, any nervous lobbyist for Bombardier will jump to the conclusion this blog is lobbying against Bombardier and subtly promoting some other party. 

Perish such thought though a classmate in the industry expressed surprise as to why Bombardier need to bid for this  rail project with no economy of scale.

Throughout this blog's coverage of KTMB, RUM, CRRC, Putra LRT and aerotrain, public interest is always first and foremost in mind.

Naturally, it means taking critical, at times aggresive stance. No suppliers or equipment providers or personalities or organisations are spared of critical assessment. 

The recent postings on MAHB here and here evolves around many issues of public interest. It is not specifically targetted against Bombadier or Zambery or Zulekha or MAHB or LRT or MARA Corp or Tajuddin Rahman. 

Previous Chairmen and CEOs of MAHB have been friendly to us. 

Zambery is no stranger. We are close and personal. In the past, he has been supported, defended, criticised and corrected before on political, administrative and corporare matter. 

And, he has always been positive and engaging to clarify and correct us. Even calls me Husin and belanja cendol at Manong, Kuala Kangsar. 

Zambery, aerotrain tender, corporate governance, and Zulekha were touched in this blog recently. 

If anyone felt slighted, tough ... then stay put of public office or listed company or high profile corporations. There is nothing personal. What made them paranoid?

By the way, still owe a posting on Subang Rejuvenation Plan. 

Its a work in progress. Apparently the plan put up in The Edge few weeks ago is a different one than the earlier plan/s. 

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