Monday, June 22, 2009

Who should be accountable for UEM's Supplemental Agreement screw up?

The last time this image was displayed here, the reaction from UEM and UEMB managementis that this blogger was only bluffing.

They assumed this blogger had only the front page and probably it is fabricated. True, it's easy to fabricate. All one need is Microsoft Words program and other image making software. They think they are calling my bluff.

Such comment insults my intelligence and integrity. This force me to disclose in full. The Supplemental Agreement (SA) supposedly to be signed between ASHGAL and UEM was ready on June 24th, 2007 for execution but it was not done. The supposed final version of the much awaited Agreement could be download here.

Is there such agreement? It seemed the prepared reply in the event this blogger revealed the document is that the Qatari did not want to sign. Is that true? If that is their response, it doesn;t make sense. How come there is a final version if the Qatari don't agree?

Nothing piss me off than attempts to lie. Someone must be accountable for this kind of screw-up.

It is not sufficient for organisation to have plans, institute corporate governance, and claim to practise transparency. There must be assigned responsibilities and he/she or a group must be accountable before whatever necessary steps needed. No hiding under carpet.

If the same attitude remain to let the accountable party, be it in Khazanah and UEM, go and even be promoted up the corporate ladder, more exposes will be done. This is a national treasure and no one should be left unscathed from this.

Little bird had sent an SMS to explain how the screw-up happened. The SMS is revealed below (edited):
Between April and June 2007 over solid 2 months, UEMB spent a lot of time in Doha sorting out the contents of the SA. Board members Rahim Noh, Dato Rosli, and Hj Saidin went through the Term & Conditions (T&C) of the SA. Back here, Christina, UEM Internal Legal Advisors drafted the execution copy of the Agreement (the downloadable copy). The defense to allegation is the Qatari will not sign it. How could Qatari not sign when the T&C was already agreed upon? When it is time to sign, Haji Saidin, the Head of Contract did not give to the Qatari to sign. Who gave the instruction to him? Azman Mokhtar (Khazanah CEO and Board Member of UEM) knows about it because he was supposed to know.
Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was known to keep a close eye and to the extent of micro-managing some companies particularly ailing ones like UEM. Remember the Pantai Medical Centre debacle with the Singaporean, his hands is literally there.

We shall await for further the reaction from Khazanah and UEM. Will there be drastic action or another hiding under the carpet? Superman? Ciku Muda? Ciku bergetah? Ciku-ciku boleh dimakan?

From the top, the people accountable are as follows:

Khazanah Nasional Berhad's Board of Directors
Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak, Chairman
Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah
Tan Sri Dato' Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof
Raja Tan Sri Dato' Seri Arshad Bin Raja Tun Uda
Datuk Seri Panglima Andrew Sheng
Dato' Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim
Dato' Mohamed Azman bin Yahya
Dato' Mohamed Azman bin Yahya
Tan Sri Dato' Azman bin Hj. Mokhtar
Khazanah Nasional Berhad's Management Team

Tan Sri Dato' Azman bin Hj. Mokhtar, Managing Director
Dato' Mohammad Zainal Shaari – Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer
Ganen Sarvananthan – Executive Director, Investments
Ben Chan – Executive Director, Investments
Ismael Fariz Ali – Executive Director, Investments
Michael Jude Fernandez – Executive Director, Investments
Tunku Mahmood Fawzy bin Tunku Muhiyiddin – Executive Director, Investments
Shahnaz Al-Sadat Abdul Mohsein – Executive Director, Strategic Human Capital Management
Nungsari Ahmad Radhi – Executive Director, Research and Investment Strategy
Abdullah Abdul Hamid – Executive Director, Transformation Management Office and Special Projects
Mohd Nadziruddin bin Mohd Basri – Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

Their resume available here.
The Board of Directors and Ultimate Management of UEM Group

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali, Chairman
Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar
Dato’ Ir Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar
Abdul Kadir Md Kassim
Shahnaz Al-Sadat Binti Abdul Mohsein
Dato’ Seri Ismail Shahudin

Audit Committee (effective March 16, 2009)
Abdul Kadir Md Kassim, Chairman
Shahnaz Al-Sadat Binti Abdul Mohsein
Dato’ Seri Ismail Shahudin

Nominations & Remuneration Committes (effective March 16, 2009)
Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Chairman
Dato’ Ir Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar
Abdul Kadir Md Kassim

Management Team can be found here.
The Board of Directors and Ultimate Management of UEM Builder

Dato’ Ir Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar, Independent Non-Executive Chairman
En. Abd. Rahim Md. Noh
Dato' Ridza Abdoh Haji Salleh, Managing Director

Management Team can be found here.
A common occuring name from the top to the bottom Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Shahnaz Al-Sadat Abdul Mohsein, Dato Ir Abdul Rahim ABu Bakar. What is Azman Mokhtar's position on this Supplemental Agreement?

As the person at the top of the heap, I urge Dato Najib to look into the matter. There could be a case of serious negligence and definately incompetence.

* Update: 4:30 pm, 5:00 pm


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

Ini OSA document..tak boleh di pamer-kan

Anonymous said...

Hiya...chiau chiau

You mana lapat ini locument ah? ini manyak manyak bahaya dan sensitif. Itu bulung dalam uem sekalang kena cabut dia punya bulu bulu.

Yu banyak jahat lah....ini legal document...nanti kena sue sue ...

Anonymous said...


The Ugly side of State Capitalism, there is a soft cushion for the CEO to fall back when it is time to jump out of the burning airplane.....

Prof Awe Kecik

Anonymous said...

ini gamen punya document kah mau OSA? boloh punya olang!

Anonymous said...

Skrg baru mau cakap OSA..phoorah!!! So..mismanaging public money bawah Act apa plak!!! bodoh punya olang!

Anonymous said...

Ramai pulak balaci2 Ridza, Rahim Bakar defend boss..bodek jgn tak bodek..kipas jgn tak kipas..jilat jgn tak jilat..blow job hand job beramai2...d Mercu UEM

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice,
Some people trying to scare you with OSA & such. Kuatkan semangat, kalau niat betul nak hentikan penganiyaan wang rakyat, ALLAH SWT akan tolong kita. May you have success brother!

kuldeep said...

A bit puzzling ;

Why should the Qatari government agree to this supplemental agreement?They have ,presumably ,on the original contract the contractual rights to appoint others to complete the works and charge UEMB for all costs to complete the works.

And,if indeed there was some agreements/meetings as described and inferred in the Supplemental Agreement >> UEMB have sound enough evidence of the design failures and other causes of delays and cost escalations.

Well..looking at it in the context of the cash crunch in ME..and WCT's case in Abtu Dhabi >> can this be a case of the Qataris adopting a strategy whereby attacking is the best form of defence.

Lets not go too overboard.There are issues but its not the end of the world or UEMB by any means.

Anonymous said...


Nothing to worry. Mana ada OSA? That is the only thing they can think of.

Instead of addressing the rot that is their own making, they think they can scare you off.

Extracted from Wikipedia on OSA reads below:

The act defines an "official secret" as:

“ ...any document specified in the Schedule and any information and material relating thereto and includes any other official document, information and material as may be classified as 'Top Secret', 'Secret', 'Confidential' or 'Restricted', as the case may be, by a Minister, the Menteri Besar or Chief Minister of a State or such public officer [as may be authorised to classify such documents by a Minister, Menteri Besar or Chief Minister]. ”

The Schedule to the Act covers "Cabinet documents, records of decisions and deliberations including those of Cabinet committees", as well as similar documents for state executive councils. It also includes "documents concerning national security, defence and international relations".

Alizul said...

Keep up the good work. Be brave. It's up to DS Najib now, he must act fast and firmly. Is he listening? Has he ever read your blog?

Anonymous said...

Sudah la tu beruk2 Ridza & Rahim Bakar..takyahlah nak berlakon tulis pelat2 apek jual botol..aku bole list kan kat bawah ni siapa beruk2 ni..

1. Hj Saidin SS (Syiok sendiri)
2. Zanaim (Ass-istant SS)
3. Azlee (mamat bodoh piang buat jalan Director of Building)
4. Thomas Simon (ini mmg lalang gila babi, CFO - Chief Fuck-up Officer)
5. Ms. Ng (alaaa..tak tau nak cakap apa)
6. Tan Yee Fang (ni hantu raya Ridza no 1!)

Kalau korang nak tambah lg, dipersilakan. Kt bogelkan parasit2 dlm Builder yg kunun2nya do-or-die for Ridza.

Teruskan usaha2 baik ni Sdra Voice..boss2 dah meroyan sana sini mcm nak kiamat dah dunia..dunia dorang lah..

Anonymous said...

Yep..the agreement does exist.I'm sure Chris can attest to that.Right Chris?

Shouldn't u own up & be counted?
Shouldn't enough is enough?

We will support you..only if you tell the truth!

Otherwise, if the authority interviews us, we will expose your role in destroying UEMB.U know what we meant right?

Anonymous said...

Ciku Muda..Ciku bergetah..not available at moment.

On MC kena Cikucikunya. Lutut dah longgar dah..

Anonymous said...

"Remember the Pantai Medical Centre debacle with the Singaporean, his hands is literally there."

Can you please deliberate on this sentence please.

Maybe later perhaps?

Bravo Voice.

Anonymous said...

AS usual, no heads will roll...

Anonymous said...

AS usual, no heads will roll...

Anonymous said...

btw ine org jugak harus dipancung kepalanya.....habis kan zat je kat uemb.....ang ka chin bikin tender pon tak tau...ini org gua dgr pon dh black list same itu asghal...pon buleh keja lagi ke????? next Tengku magen.ini org pon asyik mabuk saje.project pon tak dapat...tapi uem sayang sama ini org.mana tak lingkup ini uem kasi simpan org mcm ini.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.18pm has raised a few interesting points. Upon scrutiny, it is possible that the terms negotiated may have structurally altered the original COC.
If reading the issue from the first article posted by Voice, UEM appeared to have suffered time delay and cost overrun from the pavement failures.
If UEM was the guilty party, why would the Qatari authorities return to UEM to seek their cooperation to continue the work? They should have trerminated the contract and taken UEM to the cleaners
The fact that they allowed UEM back into the picture suggest that UEM had the upper hand to contractually take Qatari authorities to the cleaners...provided that UEM knew how to DEAL WITH MATTER. This Supp Agt had the ingredients to to protect UEM, Khazanah and the Rakyat's interest. If UEM had gone to the extent of preparing it, why did they not insist on getting it sign?

Unknown said...

oei burung burung....dulu UEM ada team yang profesional dan handal.

Project team, technical team, contracts team, finance team, planning team, quarry team, plant team, hr team,admin team

Apa dah jadi sekarang ni? dengar di Qatar ni, contract team pun dah tukar ramai ramai orang...ada yang kata uem ni main musical chair di Qatar sampai semua fakta yang mustahak di hilang.

Tak hairan kalau sudah jadi begitu

Anonymous said...

What is the Pantai Medical Centre debacle about? tell me tell me tell me.......ooh more juicy news...i am going to have an orgasm

Anonymous said...

Screw up??? Simple Lets start with 1. the Board of UEM...they all must resign
2. The Management of UEM Builders...they all must resign
3. The Project Team of UEM Bulders...they all must resign
4. ??????? have i forgotten anyone else

Anonymous said...

Look this is not right... who has leaked the document to the public? It is an internal document and the right to issue and discuss this with the public remains the prerogative of our beloved MD.

He has done a great job so far and will continue to bring Builders to new heights.

Is this a Ridza bashing blog? if you have the balls see him face to face and argue it out. He is a man of stature, dignity and does not deserved this treatment. What has he done wrong? Why singled out all the UEM Builders senior management? They are a team supporting their MD and quite rightly so.

Stop this blog right now. It is an insult to human intelligence

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated..

CEO of Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd, Mohamed Rafique Merican, will take over Izaddin Idris's seat as CFO of TNB.

Hmmm..I suppose gaji as CFO TNB much higher la than CEO of Radicare.

Anyway, all the best to him..

TNB will be relieved that Izaddin will be gone. It's now over to you, UEMG..

Joe Public said...

If this agreement had not been known, we would have not known of a serious case to coverup negligence and incompetence in Khazanah and UEM Group.

Is UEM and Khazanah gonna keep quiet and ignore this? Or they buy up the mainstream media lunches and go massage to keep their mouth?

If ntg gets done, I am giving my vote to Pakatan Rakyat?

Sick ... Anwar Ibrahim. Just hope he gets sent to prison for sodomy, then we do not need to have him as PM.

Burung Tekukur said...


In the past, Dato Ahmad Pardas and Dato Ridza Abduh are the ones upodating Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar on the UEM situation.

If there is such coverup for negligence and incompetence, Amukh is part and parcel of it.

Now all are keeping quite hoping mainstream media do not pickup on this.

This must be reported to MACC!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38am

Look look apa lagi..dah terang lagi bersuluh..kalau dah kata SA ni tak penting apa yang korang takut benda ni kluar..kan? Sepatutnya korang hapi la..beloved MD kunun..phirah...korang ni la yang hipokrit & munafik!! Depan Ridza suma bodek, suma bagus, suma AGREE..belakang korang tibai. Korang sedar tak..DOKUMEN TU GENG2 KORANG GAK LAH YANG RELEASE, bahlul!!

Anonymous said...

RIDZA bringing up to greater heights??..let's see..

1. Take a visit to Sudan wt wf to visit relative there ON Companies expense. Come back to office then announce that UEM going to built POWER-PLANT?? When told that we dont have the expertise, his answer was sumthing like EASY WAT..JUST INSTALL TURBINE, LAY CABLES ONLY WAT..This guy think ini power plant macam pasang dynamo basikal roda empat ka?!!

2. This Brilliant guy (quote itu Tan Yee Fang) at one time wants UEMB to go into renovation of houses. Yep!!..renovate itu single storey, double storey sampai itu Sungai Siput sana..Hello, this guy got pea for brains or wat?? Ini UEMBuilder la..not Yee Fang Construction dgn lori merah satu tan kehulu kehilir.

3. UEMB into building low cost houses. Apa nih? Itu pun dia punya another Brilliant Idea.

4. Itu Penang Bridge. At the centre the ori design, or ciplak design, got 2 towers. He wants to built a hotel there. Correct or not boss, you BOD oso laughed at this idea. At the end nanti jadi Suicide Tower. Your argument was "NO ONE CAN OBJECT COZ ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA. LOCAL PBT GOT NO KUASA TENGAH LAUT". Sumthing like that la. Maybe Thomas Simon can cerita sum more. Coz, original story oso from him!! Hahaha

And, the list goes on. But funny thing oso, Khazanah dont do anything to cut this mangkuk imagination. Or maybe oso Khazanah uses his idea for wet dreams...who knows..Dats why we in this shit!

P/s: got to type fast coz so many spy here la...watching watching only. I think u got the picture la. That's why we call him Mangkuk here...heheh. Upstairs boss is sendok..gtg

Anonymous said...

This is not Ridza bashing. This is about the incompetency and mismanagement and looting of public funds. A job that was entrusted to him by 28million shareholders of the company.

In my eyes, Ridza, Pardas and Azman Mokhtar must be held accountable in this treason.

It's as simple as RESIGN!! Take the blame. Sometimes good time must end for you blokes too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Birds,

I am one of UEM staff and although we have been informed not to engage this blog, I cannot help but make a plea for all these unnecessary disclosures to stop. What are your motives and what are you trying to achieve here? We are are going through a financial crisis and our immediate focus is to put the Group on stronger footing to meet the challenges that lies ahead. You bloggers are just take the mick out of our management. leave us alone

A Voice said...

Anon 2:52 PM

You fail to realise that every citizen are your stakeholder.

If there is a serious issue of incompetence and negligence, it comes at the cost to the public and the future of the nation.

Thats my motive!!!!

The management should put in more mick in their job coz they are managing a national asset.

I believe all those commentators have similar concern. Comprende?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52pm

I am UEM staff too. Yes, we have been told not to engaged with the floggers. But, it is people like you in the organisation that prompted me to response.

Unnecessary disclosure? U mean hiding the documents that could save UEMG and the our beloved MALAYSIA the trouble, the embarrassment? Why? I tell you's because the high paying maggots up there thinks that this issue will just blow away & tomorrow morning everything will be alright. Right? That's the attitude!

What the motives u asked & what are we hoping to achieve? Hey, look around you. What did you see? Take a walk at the Contract department. Go down to the sites & see for yourself. Don't just be an armchair supporter of the MD & whomever you suck up to & ignore what goes around you. We are in this mess because you don't know how to run a business. The fact is, UEMG is INSOLVENT!!!

We are in financial crisis? Wahh!! I dont know that? I thought that Santa Clause is working for UEMG!! By the looks of things, I dont think we are even near to what you called a financial crisis. Just take a look the books. See how much are we spending on the Saturday Fcuk All. The management & directors still travels first class. They still sleeps in a 5* hotels. The fact that our salaries is being paid through borrowings is NOT a problem. Belanja jgn tak belanja boss2 ku yg disayangi!

Stronger footing apa ke jadahnya? Nak kasi kuat balik, minta lah Gomen BAIL-OUT kita semua!! Isn't that what you guy are thinking right now??? Senang nya hidupppp!..

And finally, I think we at UEMB will leave u people alone ie boss2 yang menjahanamkan UEMG kita, yg menyebabkan makcik pakcik, uncle untie, ane minachi ni semua kena kerja keras lagi supaya bole bagi duit pd Gomen lagi, when YOU ALL RESIGN!! You know whom you are.

UEMG needs to be turned up-side down. Just watch what drops to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Will all this hype, do you think Najib will take the big axe and give AMO the chop?

I don't think so..

Anonymous said...

halo sume bloggers yang sangat2 free untuk komen org lain, lebih2 lagi our beloved MD. all the while korang sume takder keje ke? byk sgt masa merewang kat sini!makan gaji buta, makan tanggung - berak cangkung.
kalu korang sume hebat sangat, jom bersemuka n curahkan isi hati perut hijau dendam kesumat tu. Ingat...citer yang d tokok tambah adalah fitnah semata-mata. Fitnah tu dosa nyer lebih berat dari membunuh dan berat hintungan nya di LU PIKIRLAH SENDIRI

Anonymous said...

Eh, don't get personal lah you cocky birds. What's wrong with enjoying ourselves at the expense of others? Just because you cannot "qualify" to get into UEMG, you are making so much noises missing out on our priviledges?

So what if we get to travel 1st class and stay in 5 Star hotels? Petronas junior staff also enjoys these benefits. We deserve them too. So lay off our beloved boss Ridza who has done so much for the staff morale, he made us into one strong teamwork and recognizes the strengths of individuals, despite the academic background.

Die hard SFA member

Anonymous said...

I am a contract specialist from the Middle East who used to work for UEM. It pains me to read all the news on this blog but sadly I was caught up in the middle of all this.
I must admit that I was conscious of UEM's effort in 2002 when they first embarked on the project in Doha. It was a pride moment for me to be associated with the team then, the professionalism and pride that was exemplary of a young and energetic Malaysian team. The Qataris had a tough reputation but the Malaysians fought hard and fair whilst on the job.
Sadly after the end of 2006, a crisis developed in UEM after the MD Dato' Mohd Nor left the company. From thereon, it was down hill for the performance. Many changes took place in the organization and Dato Ridza was somewhat anti-Westerner and got rid of all expatriate staff who served UEM loyally for more than 6 years. What a sad moment it was?
Critical documentation went astray, there were no proper handing over notes...good and dedicated people were just told to pack their bags and leave.
I left in with a conviction that UEM will end up paying for this stupid move. My fears have come true with the exposure of this news blog

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.52 pm.

I am NOT a staff of UEM (whether UEMG or UEMB or whatever UEM). But I read the information in this Blog and the revealing comments with concern. As an ordinary citizen, who pays taxes to the Government, I think that if even half of what is written is true it's a crying shame. All those millions or billions of losses could have been used instead to help the rakyat - improvement in our transportation systems, medical healthcare etc.

So, if some good comes out of all this and proper investigation is done so much the better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38

Line up to see him? Hehe..He got 2 secretary. Try making appointment to see him? It means you either his buddy2 or his bodeking partner la. 3 weeks pun you not sure can get appt you know! He's so busy la. Busy wat we don know la coz company lingkup oso. Mau jumpa itu sleepy head Pak Lah pun lg senang la.

Anonymous said...

I pity with u lots that got so many to say about Datok Ridza. If for one minute you all think the things that he's got to do to feed u guys, you detractors will take back every word you said.

How can u blame him for the current situation we are in now. He inherited these problems. Ranging from projects thats has negative cashflows to dead woods in the company. Not too mentioned demanding shareholders & Board of Directors. Of course, political masters as well, which can be real "headache" at times.

Problems exist there's no doubt about it. But we had our good times too. In spite of the tough ride now, we still receive full salary, no paycuts no VSS. So, why need to abandon ship now.

So please, think before you write.

Unknown said...

I pesonally think UEM is for the long run with the Qatari authorities. WCT is also in the same boat. If they don't know, these Arabs will have them for breakfast.
Why did UEM not protect itself when it had the chance?
What were the options open to UEM then? Be nice to the Qataris, hug and kiss them to make uo when the job is done?
Why do we have amateurs running a what used to be an experienced contractor with a track record as long as the Penang Bridge?
Why did Khazanah entrust an administrator of 14 years with no construction background to lead a construction company?
Why did Khazanah not put its fingers on the pulse an check how the company was performing all these years especially after the new MD with no experience was brought into the fold?
Why did Khazanah trust the new MD? was he used to wash dirty laundry or a provider of funds to the upper echeleons?
There are many more unanswered questions........

Anonymous said...

Mr Voice,
It seems Khazanah and UEM is ignoring your blog news. The country is immune to these news as corruption and cronyism is still part of the system that cannot be easily shrugged off.
So you can forget about disturbing the rice bowl of those in power.

Anonymous said...

Khazanah going to built another theme park??

I thot they already had one in Mercu UEM!!!

Jgn marah boss nanti kena jual!

Anonymous said...

Dear Birds
When i read this blog a thought crossed my mind. If i want to have an easy unstressful life, consistent salary, good perks, good bonuses (regardless of performance), no accountability, no respnsibility, fly 1st class, live in 5 ***** hotels........the answer is JOIN UEMG

How do I apply?

Anonymous said...

The supplemental Agreement must have been drafted by lawyers. I suggest UEMG Board should ask those who initiated this agreement in the first place. Find out what was the objective and intention. Then find out whywas it not signed. The truth will then prevail. Justice will be served!
oh I forgot we lived in Malaysia where justice can be bought...korek korek korek

Anonymous said...

Hiya apek apek achor achor ahchiau ahchiau,

gua tak tahu baca lu punya lokumen lah... itu olang putih cakap soup le mental agleement..betul lah...itu UEM olang semua mental ploblem akal nya lah

saya kontlaktor buat kerjar kerjar saja. bila mahu buat kerjar di negeli alab, mesti jaga jaga. Dia olang alab suka main buntut olang. Saya punya kawan manyak pegi kerjar sana tapi pulang buntut nya bagi olang alab tibai.... sakit nya

ini uem syarikat kerjaan besar...pun boleh kena tibai...macam mana mahu kontrol ni..lagi mahu pegi luar negeli buat kerja...saya dengar India pun mahu pegi..itu india pun kuat tibai . Depan tibai, belakang tibai, hidung tibai, mulut tibai...semua pun mahu..JAGA JAGA

Anonymous said...

I am a QS in a Japanese company in Doha and was told to read up this blog news.

I am aghast at the relevations as I was from the Consultants that supervised UEM in 2003.
I am taken back that the Qatari Govt is suing UEM despite UEM completing the Salwa Road last month. There must be a good reason for it, I guess!

I must admit that in the early days of the project, UEM was a tough nut to crack and had fought tooth and nail on many contractual issues. I remembered dealing with a few expatriate Claims Specialist hired by UEM and the exchange of issues between both parties were fast and furious, but always on a professional basis (I heard the new MD fired all expatriate staff in UEM in 2007). The project was intitally delayed for various reasons but finally got going until the pavement failure occurrd after the Asian Games.
By that time, I had left the project due to indifferences between my employer and I. I still kept myself informed on the project with my existing contacts.

I would have thought UEM would have taken full advantage of their contractual position wheh the verdict of the pavement failure pointed to the Consulting Engineers. However, I was told that the client issued a Variation order sticking to all terms in the original contract except for some revision in rates.
UEM was foolish to accept this offer when they had the upper hand. They should have negotiated a deal which would had protected them from claims of previous events of their own delays e.g. utility relocations, cement shortages,etc
This would eliminate the need for UEM to go through the entire justification exercise which now they have to do at the mercy of the Qatari client and the consulting engineers.
I feel so sorry for UEM. I expected them to have been more alert and stand up to the elements of contractual threats in the international arena. Their performance in recent years were that of immaturity and naiveness

Ex-Engineer from the other side

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...somehow have to agree with Anon of 10.13 PM. Nothings gonna get done and after awhile we'll all forget about it.

ck said...

wahid yg buat taik .. orang lain kena?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there was a change of CEOs and in the transition period, the shuffling and reorganisation resulted in 2 major concurrent "side effects" i.e

1>>No continuity in project mgmt and loss of paper/knowledge trail.Handover was incomplete and poorly documentated.

2>>Staff discontent and a split between the old and the new.This is fostered by the "must do and die for the boss" attitude fostered by the new regime (note the comments of the pro MD group)And the frustrations of the other group also very clearly shown in the comments.

Thus,the failure is typical of a "politically" driven environment where its all about me against you and vice versa.

The Board should have seen the writing on the wall and acted earlier.

The real issue is whether they are yet convinced that urgent action is needed now.

Anonymous said...

saudara blogger, bird & ciku yg sedapdimakan.Utk makluman sudara, projek Salwa, sememangnya tidak mengikut design yg disediakan.Perkara ini telah dibuktikan pada 2005, merujuk design type 5 sahaja.Pada 2005 UEM telah menyiapkan jalan yang similar berdasarkan type 5, open to public for road diversion and kaboommm hancusssss tak sampai sebulan. jalan tersebut telah disahkan dan dipersetujui oleh both party every layer construct.Tapi untuk pembukaan kepada public, consultan tak pernah beri persetujuan.
Berkenaan kuari pula,qatar menutup kuari tersebut selepas mengambil kira jumlah material yang telah dibekalkan kepada projek salwa. kekurangan material untuk projek salwa road bukan kerana kuari ditutup, sebaliknya kerana construction method yang digunakan oleh UEM adalah salah.Contohnya, kalau nak pecahkan batu 1 kubik meter, kita gunakan crusher machine bukan gunakan roller compactor.Memang limestone boleh pecah, tapi tak proper dan menyusahkan diri sendiri. Malangnya inilah yang UEM buat.
Jalanyang telah siap itu, sebenarnya siap dari segi apa?Fizikal? Safety? Atau sekadar melepaskan batuk di tangga? setahu saya, jalan itu adalah perangkap maut buat kenderaan berat seperti jalan di PLUS hiway.Ibarat span separa basah, kalau ditekan akan keluar air dan jadi licin.
Lagi pun pada pandangan saya, bos2 UEM pandai kautim, jadi kes ini dia akan kautim dgn consultan. maybe 50-50. kalau sebelum ni, dia boleh keluarkan rm1.8billion, rasanya rm850juta tu kacang jer bagi bos2 UEM.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm an outsider. This is what I know, the entire team was fired because materials procured for the job was sold off to other buyers. Losses were in hundreds of millions. They walked away scot free with millions each. They were not investigated or charged for their criminal acts. Honorable and good ppl? Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Yep..that was what actually happened. Immediately after the Asian Games the road all hancusss!! It even came out in the news here in Doha! Buat malu kamik ja.

When Datok ohd Noor Idrus was in-charge, he really knows what he was talking about. When Ridza took over, suddenly, we've been given lectures on how to run projects. He even told us that we should overclaim. Lile hell we can. Kautim maa.. Because to him his idea of running a construction project, apart from shoody workmanship, was NOT to financed the project using our own source. Overclaim, get paid then only carry out the Works. Contractors apa jenis ni?! Even the Khazanah rep datang sini pun macam datang holiday jer. Buat bodoh even though projek dah meletup.

Fikir fikir kan lah.

Anonymous said...

I know there's an instruction fr our management not to engage in the blogs discussion. But we are outside of office so can reveal a bit more for this blog reader.

Please check on this chap Tan Yee Fang. He's a very high official in the UEM hierachy. He's also what we called the official ass & ball licker of Ridza. He is doing was he is doing now because he's no more interested in the welfare and interest of UEM except himself. Why should he? He'll be migrating soon.

Tan Yee Fang holds a Canadian PR status. He'll be leaving UEM this year to serve his PR requirement. At moment he's just making sure he receive his salary every month & pleases his Boss for any further promotion. We think he's the ex teaboy only dat he's a canadian and not a nepalese!

Anonymous said...

What about the UEM Middle East Country Director, a lady by the name Ms Ng. Word around office was she was promoted to the specially created position not for developing UEM business in the ME but to solve her marital problems. She had wanted to resign but MAYBE her cousin, Venu Nambiar, the former MD of UEMB, had something to do with this too.

Instead, Venu convince his good buddy, the present MD, Ridza, to sent her far away from the hubby. HR bole confirm kan la, how much increase in her salary, for her to sort out her marital problem, all at UEM expense.

Apart from doubling of the salary, MAYBE, and staying in a RM500,000 a year apartment in Abu Dhabi, CONFIRMED, and after more than RM 6,000,000 spent so far, project is very much far from coming in. Sheer waste of Public Funds!

Investigate la.

Anonymous said...

Venu Nambiar's company EKAR BINA SDN BHD is a very lucky man indeed.While other UEM sub-con is struggling to collect payment, her "relative" in the Contract sort out things for him.The MD got no issues IF cheque is made out to EKAR BINA.
We dare Rahim Bakar to check on this..for Accountibilty & Transparency sake.
Honorable ke tu?

Anonymous said...

I wan to share a story abt how UEM spent the hard earn Rakyat money.Ppl here are more than happy to confirm this story.

U remember wen PM PL came to Qatar last yr before he retired, i think the whole VVIP from Group came. I think dekat sedozen. Let say Dirty Dozen la for story sake. We thot dirty dozen came as part of PM entourage. Bloody hell no! These ppl came on their own & without making proper arrangement wt PM's office.Only hoping to catch him here.Until end of PM visit to Qatar still cannot meet him.They hope to catch PM & ask to speak to Emir of Qatar on the problems they faced in Salwa..
Then PM go to Bahrain the Dirty Dozen also follows. Also in vain coz PM is so so busy!
So to capped off ME tour, dirty dozen went to Qatar Golf & Country Club to watch Qatar Masters. Good ehh??
I think dirty dozen spent 10days maybe more on this wild goose chase.
If not correct. chairman pls reply la.Cooked up some more bullshit & then email to us all.

Anonymous said...

dear Builders,
use your sponsor to help you out. you are in a foreign country , you will need to seek local help.
don't be arrogant and think you can handle this one on your own.
Builders MD has a big ego and will want to do it his way.
I remember when I was in Putra, he was so damn proud about building his own train that "matched" the one from Bombardier. It turned out to be a modified bus placed on tracks. With God blessings, his idea was shot down and he was transferred out of Putra! I shudder to imagine if he was given the clearance to go ahead with his ideas. He calls it thinking outside the box....we call it thinking outside our toes!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me if UEM Builders made a profit from this Qatar Project?

Can someone explain to me how this case will affect Gamuda, WCT and Muhibbah Engineering who are the other Malaysian giants operating in Qatar?

Anonymous said...

pssst....i dengar cerita ada satu Telekom owned GLC VADS yg dah de-listed....sama juga macam UEMB....banyak cronyism dan corruption....boleh korek korek korek sikit ya Mr Voice?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.04 PM

I believe that UEMB had made provision for a loss on their Qatar projects some years back. It was in the annual report when they were still a listed entity.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12.04

mana ada profit kat projek salwa tu, just hope uem are willing to pay the summon dah lerr... not so much rm850million jerr.
But to my knowledge, they'll pay up to rm 20-30billion kalau base pada cakap2 dalam newspaper last 2008. ada LAD la, ada handing over some area to local contractor making it up to other rm4billion etc...
Pada gamuda, wct and muhibbah tu.. kalau uem willing to pay the summon, korang ada nafas la... cos the one duri of malaysian contractor willing to help u guy.. so jangan taruk u punya kepala untuk disembelih arrr... just wait for the qatar court result be4 u all jump ur gun... hehehehe

Anonymous said...

The wild goose chase by the big shots from HQ was really sumthing. Maybe they didn't realized that we had a really good laugh about the incompetency of these intelligent people. To add salt to already battered pride & ego, the PM went on to see the project by Gamuda in Qatar. We were later told my an aide to the PM that there's no need to see the project by UEM anymore..

Anonymous said...


How much did the public have to forked out for Ahmad Pardas's "early retirement"?

The next question is, did Ahmad Pardas really retire? If he really did, then what is he doing in Khazanah? Working we presumed.

Unless of course, he's been "kicked up-stairs". Person of his position must know what really happened in UEM Group over all these years. If this is case, I suspect he's covering up for someone of something here.

Anonymous said...

i' m sorry to break this to u but Ridza is unfazed with all these negative comments written in this blog. this whole week he just look relaxed, pissed no doubt but SAFE!

instead, the hunt for the whistle blower, or little bird, is on.that is why,there's very little comment from within.he is not interested in solving our woes at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon quoted "Builders MD has a big ego and will want to do it his way."

All genius and successful people must have that self confidence,arrogance and attitude to succeed..
And could it be that the millions we spent on a Bombardier LRT car is nothing more than a glorified bus?

problem is with half the info and quarter of the brains of the great MD..u commrntators are trying to pretend ur smart.If ur so smart..why r u not a GLC head honcho and paid millions a year?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Qatari are monitoring and reading your blogs passionately and hoping to pick up pointers along the way especially in anticipating UEM's line of defense.

Let's just say they did not take it too nicely when an anonymous commentator, presumably an employee of UEM, in defending his company, insinuate that "the Qatari law is for sale" and "can be bought".

Those familiar with the situation in Qatar can attest that laws in this "camel" country is quite "kautim"-proof & can be a "pain" to companies like UEM.

It's a case they will likely to lose!!

Anonymous said...

UEM sebenarnya ramai yang tak betul dan banyak keputusan oleh pihak management menyebabkan beberapa anak syarikatnya lingkup dan hutang cukup banyak .

Pemberian bonus yang diumumkan oleh UEM untuk seluruh anak syarikatnya dan pekerjanya sebenarnya ada juga pekerjanya tidak mendapat bonus .

Aku tidah faham apabila terdapat pekerja yang tidak menerima bonus walhal pekerja yang Medical Leave nya habis sehingga dipotong gaji boleh dapat.

Anonymous said...

What about the time when our beloved MD was hounded by gangsters at a posh hotel in India?

Just like a scene from Rajnikath epic Tamil movie, our hero got to go through the back door, used of decoys to foolled the huge Indian gangsters. Can't remember whether there's any car chase involved in this particular scene but definately case of chicken-shit la. We were told our heroin arrived at the airport in record Indian time. Real speedy gonzales!!

Was told to keep this story a secret from the staff but this little burung punai from Bollywood suddenly got case of inchy fingers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 pm

How about contacts? He's there because of AMO la..

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 4.57pm
There's a distinction between a genius and an idiot. How many people would risk putting thousands of lives in the hands of an idiot who believes in his own ways to design a glorified bus. Bombardier a world reknown do not just manufacture a fully automated train computer (ATC) system, one of the few and proven systems in the world. They are also in aircraft design n manufacturing.How many years of R&D went behind this?
Get real bro

Anonymous said...

saya nak tanya kenapa MD GLC ni nak dapat bodyguard? Untuk apa ni? Nak tunjuk tunjuk subkontraktor2 yg tidak terima bayaran yang dia lebih kuat?
Sial punya MD! Duit tak nak bayar, lagi pun guna duit rakyat upah bodyguard. U ingat u ni Obama ka?
Saya keliru yang Khazanah ni boleh beri sokongan "privilege" yang sewajarnya khas untuk orang VVIP e.g DYMM, Sultan2, Yg Di Pertua, PM
UEM Exco tolong beri keterangan selanjut nya. Rakyat semua nak tahu jawapan.

Anonymous said...

hey birds,
my Raven from Tower of London just informed that UEM had an ace up their sleeves which could be used to settle their issue in Qatar. The answer lies with their sponsor!

You will need too understand the family tree of the Royal family in Qatar to figure the link.

How stupid of UEM not to use the ace. Go to Genting and practice your skills, maybe managing your business will turn out to be more profitable ! !

Anonymous said... what's new? I already told you guys nothing's gonna happen and we are all going to forget about all this is awhile. Little Birds seem to have gone into hiding.

Anonymous said...

Mr Voice,

I get pissed when people get away with murder. Anon 2.27pm is so cocksure that your efforts are going to be go down the drain.

Please do something about this

Anonymous said...

1.Why does a GLC MD needs a bodyguard?
2.Since when did a GLC MD needs to be protected from external harm?
3. Is he harbouring the truth about something that will threatened his safety?
4. Is Khazanah doing things through him and for his safety he is worried about people getting access to him?

......the plot thickens....we shall break for advertisement

Anonymous said...

Ku punya burung dah cerita depa dalam Builders ni dah mengamuk! Tukar orang ke sana dan ke sini. Kad kuning pun dah keluar...kad merah pun dah di tunjuk.

Siapa suspect pecah rahsia, dia masuk R&D (Rot & Die department), siapa taat sama MD, di naik pangkat.

Inilah dia panggil ridza's sfa cleansing!

Anonymous said...

After ignoring the good sponsors for more than two years, what makes you so sure that they, the sponsors, will help you out? Such wishfull thinking is very typical of the GLC nowadays. Sorry to spoil your already fouled mood, its very unlikely they will.

Anonymous said...

Two important events will be happening today, Wednesday July 1st 2009. These two events is considered important as it will shape-up things in UEMGroup in months to come.

The first event will take place at 0700. It is an event we consider as an important milestone in many of our UEMG and in particular UEMB hard-working & responsible site staffs working out of the iconic Institut Jantung Negara(IJN) project site.

This evening, I was informed by our much relieved site staff that at the very time mentioned above, IJN will open the doors of the new wing to the public..finally albeit 22 months delay. The opening of the new wings culminates years of blood, sweat & tears the battle weary site staff had to endure. The "enemy" in this case is the senior management staff of the HQ.

In spite having been told "not to complete the project" because of legacy issues, despite having being discriminated by our own bosses, despite owing the sub-contractors close to RM 30million, these unsung heroes still managed to get this project completed.

Never mind the millions of LAD imposed on us. No need to be concerned to the fact that we are actually owing money to IJN due to overpayment by our little brother, OPUS. No need to get our calculators out and count how much did we lose on this project. All this issues can be resolve by one phone call, to my buddy AMO.

And of course today, the other event will be the entry of our new MD.

We wish him all the very best. Dont worry Mr MD, be happy. After all this is UEMGroup we are talking about.

Anonymous said... boss so fofular la nowadays..every day got new story about him one. Did he really got bodyguard?? Ni suda sama standard mcm itu Uncle Lim, Vincent Tan & David Beckham. Itu top artist pon tarak ini mcm..con-artist adalah...

Tp wa rasa dia silap negeri mau fofular..kalu sana Korea jd top celebrity tak pa juga. Bole kluar sana TV lama-lama. Tapi takpa..sana Qatar & Kerala, India dia memang banyak fofular..


Anonymous said...

Words has it that MD's balaci has been busy making phone calls to former ex-staffs of UEM asking for their email address.

A Private Investigator has been hired to track down so-called "dissidents" within the Group that is not loyal to the company.

Actually, he wants the PI to find out who is not loyal to HIM!!



Little Bird

Anonymous said...

The purported BRIBE by the management via Tajuddin's memo to all staff has actually backfire big time.

The bonus announced to UEMB' staff was 0.2 Some got 0.3 some got 0.5. One or two didn't get any!

The staffs did not take it too kindly. While they understood the current financial situation of the Group is insolvent, they are accepting the fact that there will be no bonus pay-out.

This so-called kind gesture by the management, knowing that the company has to draw-down from CIMB to pay the bonuses, is insulting to say the least.

Some sites is now almost paralyzed. Some has taken long leaves. Some has taken it to this blog. The undercurrent is swelling!

Tajuddin has also "advise" the staff not to engage with the bloggers. He actually meant this blog. Now, every morning, the staff will check-out the latest from this blog. To Voice, we can only say THANK YOU.

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

Ridza..Why some get bonus some didn't get bonus? Are you prosecuting these people??
Is there such a thing as blind loyalty? Are you practicing it?
These people slogged for the Company. Like someone says before, you are the one that walks like a crab!
Fairplay la brader.

Anonymous said...

Ini bukan bonus la..ini duit kesian!!

Apa-apa pun, alhamdullillah.

Anonymous said...

Sapa boss R(ot)&D(ie) sekarang? Sikit jam lg, R&D akan jd Cost Centre!

Anonymous said...

hehehe.... at least ada juga la bonus tu... kan ramai yang dah kena freeze.. tengkiu la bro... apsal nak cari ex staff??? they should know which staff they kicked... further more they should know they need or need not to kick their staff.. fikir-fikir kan la... kena plak siap sound to the ex-staff " Kami ramai, engkau sorang... apa kau boleh buat" refer to haji samsukamal sulung of pbw project... lagi pun boses sendiri mau qatar project ulang 10 kali.. hehehehe... rm850million should turn to rm85billion i think... cause that what samsu told me to do... bravo juga if khazanah pull out of all glc... so all glc need to take care their own bontot... cian korang.... no more rakyat money to bill out... makaceh cek najib if that news true lerrr...

Anonymous said...

Some time back, UEMB tendered for 6 packages in Medini Iskandar. When the tender was opened, UEMB came out lowest in 4 out of the 6 packages.

Saidin SS was heading the bidding team. To refresh the readers memory, he's one of Ridza's lieutenant, a total failure, and was brought back from ME to be the CEO of UEMC, among other post he held in Group. Suhaimi Halim, was told, have not regards for this chap.

So Ridza was thinking maybe he go and see his buddy Azman Mokhtar to try and sweet talk AMO into giving UEMB the whole 6 packages. Khazanah also owns Iskandar. So, maybe if AMO gives him the 6 packages, he can offer some discounts.

So, he tried to make an appointment to see AMO. But that guy simply don't want to see him. Phone calls & text messages to AMO went unanswered. So, Ridza thought maybe AMO don't want to see because of his bad breath. He got Tajuddin Ali to see AMO instead. Surprisingly, Tajuddin Ali got the appointment.

So, TA went along the script, gula-gula Amo:..give me all 6 packages..10% discount..we GLC..U godfather..u me buddy buddy..u hensem..i macho..blah blah blah..

Ridza was already counting his chicken. He was further motivated by the shorty, Hj SS and the other court jesters. Some says its in his blood, liked to be bodek. So, he was on cloud nine!

Then came the news. AMO instructed Iskandar to be re-tender. No reason was given for the decision. Alamak..Cerita katun nak dapat sampai 6 package Medini ni dah sampai ke Board. Rahim Bakar dah steam habis. Aduhh..apa cerita nak goreng sama Board? But hey..I know..these board members are all idiots what. So no worries la. Really, we don't know what he kautim these idiots Board members. Usually, overseas trip la.

Nonetheless, Saidin put in the bid. The result: UEMB is the second lowest in..I can't remember how many packages. The lowest tenderer was only about 1, maybe 2 million lower than UEMB.

Finally, Khazanah awarded the 6 packages to the lowest bidder. Punah punai semua! Ridza couldn't comprehend why wasn't it given to UEMB, a subsi of Khazanah which also owns Iskandar. To his inner circles, Ridza strongly believes AMO played him out. Ridza also believes that AMO is trying to undermine his position.

But our conclusion is the opposite. AMO is doing UEMB a very BIG favor. AMO did not believe that UEMB under Ridza is capable of completing the prestigious Medini Iskandar. UEMB under Ridza is only interested in accepting LOA's and NOT interested in completing projects on time. AMO knows Ridza's like the back of his hand la.

Furthermore, Saidin "dive" in the tender. That's why UEMB is the lowest in the 4 packages. Saidin will be long gone retired by the time this projects is completed. UEMB will lose a lot of money. So, what does he care, right?

Sapa tibai sapa I think nobody knows. Maybe also the lowest tenderer is AMO's buddy. Who knows. Maybe also they are a real performer.

But one thing for sure, Ridza is the sucker!

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

Dat PI by any chance itu Balasundram ka?? Hehe..mana tau, Maybe payment coming from Mancha Venugopal Nambiar. Must know how to cover line. Auditor mari suma kautim.

Mr MACC..don forget this bit okay. On paper no PI, no nothing. All clean as a whistle. But pls check Venu payment okay.

Detective Reput

Anonymous said...

U all can say what u like!! Ridza & Pardas still d best pair!!

tooth-tooth said...

ridza the rockatua@burungkakatua
ahmadpedas d brunk is a good pair and best buddy to anwar ibrahim wat.. they are brother.. u know la.. adik beradik... memang betul, tepat dan benar... news tu aku dapat tadi... korang boleh cek dengan jabatan pendaftaran.. diorang memang adik beradik aperr... berdarah daging .. pak lain mak asing... true blue.... la, anyway ridza tu memang arr dia ngan ahmad pardas main wayang jerr.. kena la pandai2 nak idup.. nanti orang tak cayer kan syusyah.. ape hat korang punyer ceo baru budak izaddin tuh? takkan takde pengikut? setahu aku korang sumer lalang... hehehe... pengikut stia kunun... apa2 hal pun kutuk je la ceo , md dan m-m yang lain tuh.. banyaknyer m tuh mengeja jerr bukannya manager betul pun.. termasuk la ridza tu... diakan baru belajar.. so dia mengeja la arr... aku ingat kalau jambatan penang ke2 tu pun kena re-tender pun bagus gak aper... baru la adil seadil adilnyerrr... kan banyak company yang lebih layak buat jambatan tu... uem nih semuanya budak baru belajar jerr YES... YES... YES... mana ada yang betul2 reti buat kerja.. sumer haprak jerr.. jenjobo bos jerr hahaha...
memang la UEM tu Untuk Engineer Malas jerrr .... sesuai perr...

Anonymous said...

Ridza & Pardas best pair........

Hidup UEMG, Hidup UEMB

best pair......???Laurel and Hardy.....hahaha ....hahaha...hahahah..hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Bonus?? What bonus??
Can someone from Khazanah recall that in 2003, KPI was set for GLCs and any rewards and bonus should commensurate when these KPIs are met?

Can someone from Khazanah enlighten the rakyat whether the UEMB met the KPIs set and deservingly earn the bonus?

From what I have read in the blog site and comments thus far, UEMB is nearly under liquidation...Is this the KPI?

So do they deserve bonuses for not achieving KPIS which should be realistic, measurable and boost the bottom line?

What is the net worth of Builders? What is the shareholders fund of Builders now when compared to 2003?

Wake up Khazanah before it is too late!!Or do you prefer to be a sleeping crocodile, with your stomach filled with the coffers on the side line from the GLCs?

Anonymous said...

Yes Ridza and Pardas will remain etched as the best pair that...
1. destroyed the sanctity of uembuilders
2. destroyed the reputation of uembuilders
3. destroyed the structure of uembuilders
4. destroyed the legacy of uembuilders
5. destroyed the financials of uembuilders
God save uembuilders

Anonymous said...

Again, I repeat what I have commented earlier. So far, in the history of UEMGroup & UEMBuilder, never has anyone achieve the KPI as high as Ridza. Not even Suhaimi Halim!

Come on you all, do you think Pardas is as stupid as he looks? He's a true blue UEM material. Don't you think for 1 minute that he will give Ridza the highest KPI because Ridza is his buddy? If you think so, no wonder UEM is in this position. We have a bunch of narrow minded, clouded with hatred for a man in Ridza.

The negative comments we can assume it's from Md Noor's boys. Yes!! You guys damn sore when Md Noor was remove. You think he's clean? You think he got substance? That guy got pea for brains!!

I say Ridza & Pardas is still THE best pair in the Group. Unless you bunch can prove otherwise.

If you can't.. Go fcuk yourself!!

Anonymous said...

One other thing..why drag Khazanah into this? Why do we have to answer to the Rakyat? Is it just because UEMG belongs to the GLC that we are answer to you all??

When we became part of GLC family in 2001, we were practically up to our nuts in debt. Do you think Khazanah pumped in billions of taxpayers money into our kitty? Hell NO!!

Wahid came in thinking he's the greatest accountant that ever live. He came up with this re-structuring plan that is no more than just paper shuffling backwards & forth. That magic show is far greater than David Copperfield. He can make billions dissappear with a kilometrico pen! His so called great plans was passed on to Pardas. Pardas just execute Wahid's plan. Thats all Pardas ever did.

Wahid left for Telekom Malaysia. He did the same magic there & look what happened to our Telekom. Still the same sleeping giant!

Wahid duped Khazanah duped UEMG! If you guys want someone to blame, blame Wahid!

That's why Pardas & Wahid still THE best pair!

tooth-tooth said...

Saudara blogger,
Pada 2005, UEM construct 2 layer pavement, thickness 150mm, open 2 public for traffic diversion,within a month the road damage.Diversion need for bridge construction at km51, close to asphalt plant.
1- consultant give permission to open the road or not. Why??
2- On 2006 UEM construct type 5, 2 layer pavement, thickness 120mm,30mm less than 2005. Why??
3- Base to newspaper report, it was design failure. Blame should go to consultant. But why UEM also being sue as 2nd defendant??
4- Back to no.3, why consultant approve the condtruction by UEM?? Base on what??
5- Why question about the 'longkang' which value millions qatari riyal?? is it include in the design??
6- As far as i consent, UEM tak buat 'longkang' tu.Instead UEM ask to avoid that 'longkang'. so why qatar approve not to built that 'longkang'?? Who advise them?? UEM?? Consultant??
7- dURING re- work, that 'longkang' was being construct. So which design is fail??
8- this thing happen on 2005, so who should responsible for this?? Mami poko?? Burungkakaktua??D brunk??
Helpppp ... need answer... anybody??
this is for 2005 incident, lepas ni nak tanya pasal method of construction, story dalam lab dan site... jadi tunggu arr... hamdani.. tang wo yang.. hehehe.. i.q brother not e.q

Anonymous said...

Why so many boys?

Ada Wahid's boys,Pardas boys,Md Nor's boys,Ridza's boys?

No UEM's boys kah?

Btw..all legacy issues sudah accounted for when a new CEO comes in i.e by provisioning for losses etc so pls do not blame the previous CEOs for the current travails.

Malaysia's turnaround artists standard bag of tricks is to walk into a company..takes as much losses as the auditors can be convinced...the big2 losses can be blamed on the previous mgmt.If they're smart they can dip into the provisions pool to add some profits to the bottomlines in later years.

So..current losses are never attributable to the previous way Sir.

In construction if you can't complete jobs in time..ur overheads is enough to kill you even before the costs escalations,non productive resources and LADs cripple you.And basically..if you package your subcontracts like a kindergarten will take a long2 time to graduate.

The problem with UEMB..simply is they brought in a novice with zero hands on construction experience,subnormal technical knowhow and a dodgy personality EVEN when it is clear that they needed a top notch CONSTRUCTION guy to complete all the current obligations within the difficult operating conditions of that period.Instead they went to the circus.

Now,if they are to replace this MD..most probably they will choose a university professor in biology with total hands on experience of building a chicken shack. blame on Ridza..he was never cut out for the job..and he just got overwhelmed and lost his direction.He would have done well in JKR.

tooth-tooth said...

we leave the 2005 issue to UEM Management, it their job.Anyway that is the reason why SS Mami Poko didnt give the T&C to qatari to sign.
Now enter the lab, place where we test the material.We talk about BS 1377, just compare to ASTM. For GSB we need to do proctor test to obtain what we call Max Dry Density. Then compare to site density and we'll obtain what we call passing or fail density.Keep this story aside.
We talk about the proctor test. There's 2 type of proctor test, One is crushable material the other non crushable material.What UEM did in qatar highway project is straight away crushable material method. hmm wonder why? maybe limestone is better than granite, because we use crushable method for granite in malaysia.Seem they overwork the material just to obtain MDD more than 2.Ask the expert what will happen if you overwork your material. Anyway this is some :
1- to overwork in the labis easy. but to overwork at site is stupid.Since you need 100% power of rollercompactor all the time and longer working hour to complete the task.Let say if you use correct prosedure on an area, you need 1 hour but went you overwork, you need up to 5 hour. Imagine for the whole highway... how many thing are wastage... how many time, energy, money etc...
2- problem with material volume also arise, once you overwork the material, it tend to overcrush and become smaller. So you are losing the volume of material. To bird-bird, this is the reason why we losing material.. not because of qatar want to spoil UEM, they alreasy check with the quarry, the output and the buyer.Dont simply blame other ok.
Enough for this. Next we'll talk about the issue of 'longkang'.What this longkang cover and why need this longkang.

Anonymous said...

" Ridza & Pardas is still THE best pair in the Group"....hahaha...hahaha...hahahaa.....
you are a bloody joker lah

reminds me of tompel and badul bangsawan duo comedians


Bro can Jay Leno interview this duo act on TV? Prime Time TV Show


Anonymous said...

Negative comments from Mhd Nor's boys....???

You must be a Ridza boy then.

Let us set the record straight once and for all. We are the remnants of the legacy of Tan Sri Halim Saad, yes you can say say we are the Halim's boys,

also, the AO's boys, and also the Jaafar's boys and also the Ramli's boys...

for heaven sake, please do not equate Ridza to his is an insult to them. For those of us remaining in the UEMG, we all all been through these past legacies who thrived in success and achievements.

So, you may have left your pea brains near your A hole to even compare the best pair of Ridza/Pardas to that of Halim & gang....please tell me what the two clowns have achieved? Saturday fcuk all (SFA), band boys, body guards, R(ot) & D(ie), Jack Welch or Belch???????

Anonymous said...

wow,Pardas bagi itu Ridza highest KPI...sesiapa pun boleh percaya lah!

Dia bodek Pardas, jack dua telur, memang dapat score KPI tinggi. tapi,
apa tu KPI? Konek Pardas di Ikat?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.56pm

I think VOICE will respond to your insinuations regarding Wahid dan lain lain.

Are you trying to divert attention here or are you trying to string up baseless arguments to fuel animosity amongst the various clans existing in UEMG & UEMB?

Yous ask us to fcuk ourselves if we do not believe that Pardas & Pardas are the best pair....

well we did just that and and wanked till our hands became sore and we still do not believe this baseless statement...

Anonymous said...

Daripada mesej2 kat sini, ramai staf UEM yang sayangkan company ni. Sayang company bukan sayang management. Tapi yang rasa tak kena sikit tu bila cerita pasal perkara dalaman dengan detail. Contohnya, cerita pasal Qatar dengan isu-isu makmal dsb. Ini langsung tak membantu company. Lawyer Qatar tu sure ada jengok jugak kat sini. Kat sini je dah cukup fakta untuk dia menang. Kalau UEM kalah, bukan management yang kena bayar. Kalau kena fire nasib baik, kalau tak kat situ la jugak. Paling2 tidak cold storage gaji jalan. Tapi sapa yang merana nanti? Korang la yang merana pasal company yang bayar claim tu. Itu pun kalau mampu kalau tidak, tutup kedai wassalam. Management dah kaya, you all je la nanti kena jual. So bila cerita-cerita tu kena ingatlah sikit pasal bila dah dedah, UEM yang sakit, management tu sama je.

Tapi cerita management pegi jalan2 tengok golf dan lain2 salah guna kuasa tu, sila teruskan.

Anonymous said...

Briefing to the new MD & CEO of UEMGroup may well have been concluded. Izaddin is expected to announce changes to some of the companies.

Lets wait and see who goes. Are we going to expect new people brought in from outside to occupy the key positions in Group & its subsidiaries.

What will happen to the able & capable long serving senior UEMGroup personnels already stuck in their positions since Pardas's?

Will Izuddin go ahead with the Exco's agreed & approved Merger proposal of Opus & UEMBuilder?

Will Opus Builder, the new entity, with Suhaimi Halim at the top, able to lift the enlarged company to a greater height? Or just a case of badge changing? UEMBuilder will be gone forever. What a real pity! What used to be an exceptionally well organised & sought after constructor will be a distant memory soon.

With Opus coming in, will we see another PATI-like situation? U guys remember, right? No need to repeat it here. Will the pensil-pushers people from Opus/KS be the new departmental/division bosses? Only time will tell...

Who will be the fall guy, the sacrificial lamb in this latest cock-up? This one name keeps coming out of the hat! Khazanah is more than happy to cut this chap off. Better him than AMO!

In meanwhile, sit back & relax. Enjoy the show.

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

Please read this report. This report, we believed, was sent in to the Minister of Finance 2, for his forward action. A copy was also dropped in for Khazanah's attention.




During the month of April 2006, Dato’ Ahmad Pardas Senin (DAPS) had pledged to the business community that “UEMWorld to turn around” (Star Business Section 18 April 2006). He added that “no provisioning would be made this year” suggesting that the projects in Qatar and India by UEM Builders will cease reporting losses for the year 2006. He went on to add that “If we do not meet the KPIs, someone else would be presenting this corporate briefing next year.’’ Well, that someone else should start warming DAPS seat as the report below describes the imminent losses that UEMWorld and UEM Builders will face.

Tracing the financial reports over the past 3 years, it appears that UEM Builders have been making provision for its operational losses in Qatar and India to a tune of RM400 million. UEMW books reported a provisioning of loss of RM103million last year and DAPS promised that there will be no more. Was he misleading the business community with his ignorance of the issues that his management team have been trying to advise him? The context of this report was based on information from concerned staff from all quarters in the UEM Group.

1 - Salwa Road Project

Salwa Road project was procured through a competitive bidding in 2002 but the project was only awarded in Nov 2003 (Gulf Times). The tender was won on a fair basis and the tender price submitted by other bidders from Europe, Korea and China was close.

Unfortunately, when UEM commenced operations, it coincided with the sudden expansion of construction projects in Qatar who will be hosting the Asian Games 2006. The Middle East region was also booming with the increase in oil prices that pushed other material prices in the region upwards. The boom in China and the “sponge effect” also contributed to the spiraling prices to essential materials such as steel, copper, aluminium, etc.

Basically, UEM was caught at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Not wanting to abandon the project as it was seen to be a “National service” to complete the project at whatever cost, the Board of UEM/UEMW/UEMB did not heed the advice of the management to terminate the contract and stop the potential financial bleeding that was to come. The Boards looked for a scape goat to cover its tracks and the former MD of UEM Builders Dato’ Mohd Nor Idrus was given the privilege under the pretext of early retirement. DAPS again let his cannon loose by informing the world through ITP, an international and market leader publisher in the Middle East on technology, business, consumer and construction matters. He blames the overseas losses in Qatar on “its previous sporadic opportunistic strategy” (ITP Construction 3 May 2006).

In other words, he had faulted Dato’ Wahid Omar his predecessor for the “sporadic strategy” thus further rubbing salt into the wound. But what was eye catching was that DAPS had reported a QR514million loss (equivalent to RM503 million). This is in contradiction to that was reported in the annual audited reports described earlier. Did DAPS knew something about the actual losses and had withheld information from his Board and the business community?


Anonymous said...

Who will be the fall guy, the sacrificial lamb in this latest cock-up?

Mana ada cock up bro?Itu Qatar suit>>no one can stop anyone suing anybody lah..the edict is one is innocent until proven guilty.Why the assumption ada "cock up"?UEMB can go on attack and counter claim the Qataris for billions too...

Now..Ridza completed all the messed up jobs secured b4 his era>>IJN,PLUS,India, he is moving fwd to re create that UEMB reliability n nation builder status with major jobs such as P2X,Saudi,Singapore,Iskandar..

He got all the right ppl in position..all the old frustrated guys are sidelined and replaced by a new breed of "performers"..

The show is going to hit the stage and it will be a blockbuster.U guys just got it all wrong..

Anonymous said...


2 - Current State of Affairs

The authorities in Qatar have been blamed for contributing to the increasing losses faced by UEM. It was informed that UEM had told the authorities that they have incurred cost of QR688 million against revenue of QR288 million. This is against a backdrop of 55% physical progress. A deficit of QR400 million has been bandied around but the Qataris are holding firm to state that they will not entertain the claims from UEM as per the provisions of the contract.

Whilst it can be arguable that UEM may have some cause for claims, traditionally, any disputes will have to be channeled through the litigation route via the Courts of Qatar. The process is long, tedious and may cause UEM to spend more money for hiring international Arabic lawyers, translators eventually. Notwithstanding this, the litigation route would spell an end to further forays into Qatar by the UEM Group as the Arabs are known to expel companies that take them to court! DAPS in his press statement (Sun 26 May 2006) confirmed that UEM will take legal action to recover additional costs it incurred. The Qataris are aware of UEM’s intention and is now positioning themselves for a battle. Was it a wise move to tell the whole world your intention especially to your enemy who is now preparing his counter strategy?

3 - The Loss – What next?

So what is the loss that will be suffered by UEM in Qatar eventually? There is a strong possibility that the losses will eventually be in the region of RM500 mil as quoted by DAPS. The costing personnel and auditors are now coming up with projections to this estimate. So how is DAPS going to treat the provisioning of further losses to a tune of about RM500 million when he promised the business community and the financial world that there will be no provisioning in 2006? Was the road show with the media and finance analyst in April 2006 to hood winking everyone to spice up the shares of UEMW and UEM Builders? It was rumored that prior to this event, the image and performance of DAPS was not impressive and there was a need for him to show to his Masters at Putrajaya that he had the magic wand to turn around UEM. So did he do it to save his own skin?

It is always said that “desperate man will do desperate things”. If the additional provision of losses is inevitable in the coming financial reporting, it would not be surprising that some form of fudge actions will be put in place to cover up the entire affair to save embarrassment and of course his position as MD. What are his options? For one, he may look to his faithful friend at UEM Builders to fudge the figures to hide the losses. Second, if this is not possible as the cash flow will eventually rear its ugly head, DAPS may try to pass on the losses into UEM Bhd books since it is not a public listed entity. Is this morally correct as whoever is carrying the can, it involves tax-payers money! This is a more likely scenario but this option will need the blessings from Khazanah. Tough call ahead by Datuk Azman Mokhtar who selected DAPS as the man to turn around UEM but instead will discover that he will be “turned around” by DAPS.

The third option would involve a Government to Government settlement that is indirectly a bail-out for UEM. For this to happen, it is almost certain the Government of Qatar will ask for favors in the international agenda e.g. trade agreements, geo-political issues such as OIC chairmanship support, etc. All these at the expense of the Government of Malaysia. At least, some compensation can be received to minimize the bleeding suffered by UEM. Having said this, the loose cannon speech by DAPS stating that legal pursuit will be activated has not helped this option to be materialized.


Anonymous said...



Whatever it may be, DAPS will need to reprimanded for the way he has handled the business community by misleading everyone from day one. The Masters at Putrajaya must be alerted so that something can be put right before it is too late.


For readers information, neither MoF nor Khazanah gives a damn what goes on inside UEMG.

To the good people in MoF, UEMWorld and later UEMGroup is Khazanah's sick baby.

To Khazanah..maybe UEMG is their illegitimate son that needs no attention! They are free to do whatever they like. It seems so too. Ridza practically had a free hand!!

So, doen't this gives credence that the re-structuring IS actually a cover-up?

God help us all.

Little Bird

Anonymous said...

What UEMB needs is Mr. Bulldozer!! Not Ridza Not Suhaimi Halim.
But...Who is this Mr. Bulldozer??

Anonymous said...

Jus as a guide, when CK took over TNB, he brought in 25 of his buddies into the company, Izaddin included. Displacing a far more capable & experienced TNB SVPs, VPs from holding level right down to subsidiary companies.

Hopefully our new MD do not take that road otherwise, lots of the senior staffs in UEMG will jus rot & die!!

Anonymous said...

As a UEMB staff serving in Qatar, I feel that any disclosure of the supplementary agreement and shortcomings in the organization paints a negative impact to the outside world especially the Qataris.

Our MD and Haji SS have been visitng Qatar regularly these last few weeks to engage the Qatari suthorities and we are close resolving our issues with them. So I wish to appeal this blog to refrain from further "sensationalising" this matter as it does jeopardise the outcome of the negotiations.

Thank you and bless you

Anonymous said...

I have a few sound advice to give to the new MD/CEO of UEMG who is now taken helm at Mercu:

1. Do not trust the people surrounding you. Go to the ground and talk to those on the ground to gauge the sentiments.

2. Check the state of affairs and the financial health of UEMG..particularly UEM Builders, UEM Land, Pharmaniaga. UEM Builders is on the brink of collapse and quickly needs resuscitation

3. Don't believe what the MDs of the companies tell you at face value. They have been good actors anf have run round Pardas legs for years hiding their secrets. The winner of the Academmy awards goes to ........( i think you will find this out by reading this blog)

4. Look at their business plans especially Group companies that are venturing overseas. They are the ones enjoying the pleasure of flying 1st or Business Class and clocking up Miles for free trips with for the future. There are many that detour to visit loved ones studying abroad under the pretext of transiting

5. Review those representing Group in the Board of Companies especially those established overseas. You will be surprise to note how luxurious and extravagant some may turn out to be

6. Review the numerous events, lunches, dinners and golf trips that are being organised at various levels despite the period of crisis and cash crunch

7. check what goes on at the UEM leadership centre and its extras

8 review the perks and extras that some of the MDs are now enjoying ..2 to 3 company cars at one's disposal, high expense account for entertainment ( some on pretext of dining with Ministers and politicians), hiring of bodyguards ( for the purpose of safequarding oneself from his private affairs), rewarding of staff loyalty by using companies fund to organize overseas trips and entertainment for the selected privileged,
payment for wife's visits and allowancesduring overseas trips ( this affects selection of hotels as the switch from the normal business hotels to 6 star boutique hotels).....
and the list can go on and on

I trust that you will know what to do to avoid falling into the same trap...or find yourself under the scrutiny of VOICE and his cute birds.

signing off.....swallow at MERCU

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26

U sure or not your story? U must be joking la..or are u high? Maybe a commentar was correct: some1 shud start a blog on UEMG. Then maybe this time ALL the so called "cleaning-up" the mess by Ridza can be told..For now what has been told in this 100-odd comments abt Ridza's way of managing a public company is only 10%. Oh yes..there's plenty more. Not to mention the ladies.....N...

But one thing for sure, Ridza is moving forward..towards the front door!!

Sayonara Ridza, his SFA boys, his boys...and the ladiesss..

Anonymous said...

kepada anon 11:34a.m

setahu saya la kan... UEM tak kan bayar, kalau dia kena saman... rakyat le yang bayar... apa korang susah hati... gaji tetap maintain.... dapat bonus 5-6 bulan lagi perr... kalau takot sangat, pi la bodek MD-MD, CEO-CEO tu... hihihi.. susah sangat Haji SS tu kan ada....

tooth-tooth said...

Now, we'll talk about 'longkang', this longkang locate close to the highway.Actually this longkang is similar to proctor mould in the lab. One of the requirement of GSB is CBR more than 60. But UEM always get 100. Woww.. very good quality of limestone.But if we overcrush the material, it tend to turn into powder.. we'll lost the powder at site. So .. to prevent from losing it, we should cover the area... how? Just built the longkang.. finish. It made of concrete, so... it protect.
Haiyaa... this longkang arrr... really trouble some arrr... too expensive maa... millions of qatari riyal. Okehhh we'll talk about how UEM overcome this MDD problem when they can't achieve MDD more than 2 on next issue.
To panic bro outside there... dont worry laa , if qatari want to use this term they need proof something happen on 2005 laaa... sapa ada??? cari dia sampai dapat, mintak balik la proof tu...

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:00

Knapa suruh kamik stop plak? Takut ke? Takut apa? Takut kalah ke? Ke maluuuuu..satu dunia dah tau betapa bangang nya UEM & biolnya mangkuk sekor tu. Dulu punyala berlagak mcm dia tu la yg besor. Sudu nya lagi la besau! Hah!! Skrg amik la korang. Masa seronok enjoy joli sakan tu tak ingat yek.Ckp kat org dtg Qatar tp pergi Spain!! Apeke jadahnya ada kat Spain tu yeop? Projek apa kat sana? Haji pulak tu..!! Isk isk isk..Boss2 kamik tu mengencing tak abis abis..

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:00pm

Sensationalising the issue??? U mean stop exposing how u guys spent our hard earn taxpayers money? U are under our pay-roll, please do not forget OK!!

We applaud what this blog has done. So please, Mr Voice, carry-on. Correct the wrong. There's no place for pirates like Anon here & his free-spending bosses looting our treasures.

BTW, don't blame others for faults of your own doing. Negotiate all you like with the Qatari. It's too late already anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26

We UEMB site staff at IJN la. What cock u talking about? When did Ridza come to site to see us? I tell you la, 3x over last 4 years! You all wan me to swear ahh? He come her look see look see then chao do not where he go..maybe chaquat I don know.. Hehe..

Tell u something else, Ridza so bloody good recently got glass panel broken so need to change.Contractor say can cant no problem but pay my money first la. We thot a lot..niama..95,000 only! HQ sd cannot pay coz no more money! Big company like UEM mo money meh?? Ya lor.. Hutang tak bule bayar!! Malu!! So our PD try slow talk to sub-con. Still no jalan..coz Hamid's crony maa..Hamid no good term with PD. So, PD give undertaking.

So, Azlee u don talk cock here la. U talk some more we will expose to public how a profitable project, more than 15% wen we win tender design & built, can lose money!! Which sub con belongs to who? Hehe.. U think we titun here meh?

Anonymous said...

Read This: How come the bosses say they don't know!



Latest news from Qatar is that the losses by UEM continue to mount and things are not getting prettier by the day. Despite declaring a provisional loss of about RM 200 million in 2005 and Mr Ahmad Pardas Senin (MD of UEMWorld) committing to no further provisions of losses will be made in 2006, the attempts to hide the truth is becoming more and more difficult by the day. 2006 is coming to an end and what has been achieved in terms of progress is just over 60% progress. The main line expressway was rushed to be completed in time for the Doha Asian Games. The "so called completed expressway" was a actually a cover up as the final pavement layers were not carried in accordance to specifications and design in most areas. This is now obvious as reported in the Gulf Times(refer to news article in Appendix 1). And if one were to travel along Salwa Road, one would observe the pavement layer in several areas to be cracking after opening to traffic less than 2 months ago. At this point in time the damage is still being investigated but the cost of repairs would probably be in the region of QR 200 million at the expense of UEM.

The attempt to cover up the cost overrun incurred by UEM is becoming more and more obvious. Staff involved in the project has been told that all documents regarding budgetary cost plans and claims related to the project is off limits and there is a clamp down on circulation of these documents. Even the contracts claims staff have no access to these documents, suggesting that the cost overrun has now ballooned to more than QR 800 million in losses. It was also reported that UEM has not been paid for 4 consecutive bills totaling QR80 million as the Client Ashgal is now going to impose Penalties. Our source in Ashgal has informed us that UEM has been issued an Extension of Time of about 40 days from the original completion period of April 2006 and UEM is now incurring Penalty cost at a tune of QR 315,000 per day starting from June 2006 to the anticipated completion date. Even if UEM is terminated in February 2007, the penalty will aggregate to a sum of QR 94,500,000 for 10 months. Please note that there is no ceiling in the Contract and the exchange rate for QR and RM is almost 1:1!

So what is the cost overrun anticipated by UEM which the company is so tight-lipped about? 2 scenarios exist:

Scenario 1: If UEM is terminated by Ashgal, the direct impact is encashment of performance bonds (QR 44mil), the loss of working capital borrowed (QR400mil), the loss of 4 months of unpaid claims & retention sum (QR 120mil), the loss of plant & equipment (QR 50mil), rectification cost of defects (QR 200mil), penalties (QR 94.5mil) & Ashgal’s back charges to complete the remaining work (QR 400 mil). All this comes to a staggering total of QR 1310 mil.

Scenario 2: If UEM continues with the project and are unsuccessful with the claims, the cost overrun is anticipated to be construction cost (QR 500 mil), Penalties (QR 113 mil for 12 months), defect rectification (QR 200 mil) totaling QR 813 mil.

Notwithstanding the high probable imposition of Penalties, Ashgal is now mooting to terminate the contract due to the insipid performance displayed by UEM over the last 1 year. With many experienced staff being removed and or leaving the project and frequent changes to the top hierarchy chain of command, major confusion exist at the site level of who is really in charge of the project and the staff are generally demotivated and lost in the woods.

Should UEM be terminated or even strive to finish the project, the consequential losses to UEM will be definitely exceed QR 800 million and will be the final blow adding more woes of the GLC in making a comeback trail.

Anonymous said...


So how? Accountability & Transparency. Who are the culprits? Who's responsible?

I think..NO ONE!!

Coz, this is the Malaysian Corporate Scene at its best.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:59 PM...from IJN project

Ur sure masa tender ada 15 % profit?Maybe bila award harga barang naik..subco lagi mahal,specifications assumed tak ngam dengan IJN...macam2 ada..

Buat contract bukan kerja senang bro..cakap kosong..tembak kiri kanan..everybody can do lah...

If ur serious bagi aja PROOF...pergi kat MACC..jadi protected witness..bongkar semua.Ini berani jadi anonymous buat tuduhan tak ada asas langsung...malu lah Bro.

UEMB ada process mau kasi subcon award..macam2 ingat UEM ni half past six?Bukan bolih kasi gitu2 aja...u memang cakap kosong.Project IJN tak bolih jaga..asyik mau blame orang lain...ukur baju badan sendiri dulu.

Mr Fair and Square

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05am

Carefull with what u wish for..

Beringat sebelum kena..

Jangan ingat your so-called processes takda loop holes. You of all people should know where are the holes. If operatives like Ms. Ng looking after procurement and contract..IT IS HALF PAST SIX!!

As was mentioned by others: Siapa Venugopal Nambiar?? Siapa Dato MnM??? Angkasa Jasa??? Kaba??? GLUCON Builder?? Tu baru sikit!!

Kenapa budak-budak procurement P2X cuma ditransfer dan bukan dibuang sebab curi duit rakyat?? Sebab hal rumput pun sanggup mencuri!! D.I. boleh direka..ko pun tau. Sudah la bro..

Datang lah ke site. Jumpa la Mr. Bulldozer!!

Kalau mau boleh panggil Bernama..seberang jalan jer bro..

tooth-tooth said...

now let see, how UEM settle the problem when their material MDD below 2.Hmm i wonder why they need their GSB MDD more then 2. Maybe any highway design expertise out there can answer.
As all of the person who work in qatar know, they have 2 type of basis material. It is limestone and gabbro.
This two material can be mix to perform better quality of material. But need to blend and proper test before u carry out at site.One more important thing is gabbro density is approx. 2.1 - 2.3compare to limestone approx. 1.4 - 1.8. They never blend it properly, instead when the material cannot achieve MDD 2, UEM simply add gabbro powder only to increase the MDD. So this MDD problem settle but what happen to the affected area? Again we look at this powder, what will it do to help or destroy the affected area.
1- gabbro powder increase the density but not the CBR of the area.
2- gabbro powder easy to work with since u dont need to fully scarify the area, just little scarify on top then just vibrate, all this powder will go down since it too small and heavier than lime stone.
etc etc... just add as u like. powder..
Next we will talk about type 5 incident and the comparision to existing road that not touch by UEM but didnt damaged. Why??? What wrong with UEM method of work... Consultant to answer since they look after this project..

Anonymous said...


Wat was our Chairman response/answer to the issues brought by your blog?

We know you meet with TSTA this morning.

Please fill us in the outcome.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Voicey..Rumours has it that Chairman Tajuddin had a meeting with you yesterday. However, no one can confirm such a meeting.

Can you please enlighten us all, if such a meeting did actually take place, the outcome of it. We would like very much to know.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...


Sure menarik nih!!

Temperature pun dalam bangunan ni pung mmg lain macam jer sejak boss baru masuk..


tooth-tooth said...

Revise again 2005 incident
- pavement thickness 150mm-2 layer
- damaged within a month after open to public.
- no 'longkang' was built.
Type 5 2006
- pavement thickness 120-2 layer
- damaged within a week after open to public.
no 'longkang' was built.
All similar, only differ on pavement thickness by 30mm. so we can conclude : less thickness mean less good day for the traffic.
Let go to 2007, Qatar employed "PMC" to do some test on Salwa road. Check with the area where UEM didnt do any work yet, the result of core test is:
- pavement thickness 70mm
- no damaged at all before and after Asean Games.
- no 'longkang' was built
- The best is, UEM didnt touch this area yet.
Hmmm... wonder why? Maybe UEM and PARSON good luck.
Mr PARSON, why the area that didnt touch by UEM with your design still in good condition before and after ASEAN Games? The asphalt less than your type asphalt. Is it a sign of very good asphlat? Or it a sign of your design/manpower not qualify?
Next. we'll talk about, why local contractor cannot but UEM can, finalize the asphalt matter.How they did this? What is monthly progress report? What is 'S' curve? How it calculate to set up time and progress?
Next will be final episode by tooth-tooth on Salwa Road matter.

Anonymous said...

I am not an engineer. can someone please explain in simple English or Bahasa what tooth-tooth with his/her rambling comments is trying to tell us?

Anonymous said...

Dats why PPSMI should continue. Otherwise we will have Engineers like tooth-tooth. No wonder projeck all hancusss!!

But, well done for trying. Dont give up!

tooth-tooth said...

Back to 2006 when ridza take control of UEM, at this moment, so many change in UEM hierarcy, this guy in, that guy out and so on...
Some been transfer back to malaysia, other been advise to resign etc... PLUS announce 3rd lane widening... The 3rd lane widening done and still not complete until now... only some area already complete.. soon after it open to public, the newspaper report "Bas Terbalik la kat hiway PLUS"... Oh the break not functioning... oh driver sleepy... oh driving too fast.... and so on... but when CSL did their investigation... the report come out is bitumen content too high. They are getting approximately 3.4%, the number just like this 3.39 or 3.38 just to make it simple, the writing was 3.4%. Then there is news, in qatar, UEM got to final the bitumen asphalt in the range of 3.4% to 3.6%. Previously the local contractor already use this spec of bitumen on salwa road package 1, but it bleeding. Oh... Very good, UEM already knew the point of bleeding for the bitumen. It should be a little below of 3.4%, may be 3.395% is fine enough. Nah... it settle. So forget about the accident, it rarely happen. Only during hot weather, at some place, and most important only heavy vehicle will be in trouble.
Nobody will knew about this. End of history for salwa road.
In all construction project, we will send a report to our consultant on monthly basis, there it is, Monthly Report. In this book, we wrote about the project we are doing, such as lab report, we wrote the MDD we are using, CBR of the material etc... the structure that ongoing.. the earthwork and etc... layer by layer... then past to the consultant, approved and past to the client for payment. Include in this report is a graph we call " S-Curve" hmmm wander what is this thing? Oh it a line for fun... but why we need to includes the curve. It got date, weightage for every work we did. Hmm how the consultant or the designer create it? Base on what? Anybody know?
If you didnt understand the relation, good, you are UEM, who did the job but you didnt know what you are doing. Have a nice day.

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