Thursday, September 20, 2012

Air Force pulled one over the Navy

Never meant to insult the Navy or the Navy Chief, but just stating a point for what it is. If there had been any mistake, maybe it is not entirely theirs. It is just learning process.

Must say since Air Force gave bloggers the opportunity to visit the Kuantan base few weeks back, bloggers have grown a soft spot for the Air Force. [Read NPC blog award winner, Dave Avran here.]

Not that the Navy had not been helpful, they were helpful.

When bloggers were seeking for information to understand the fallacy of Tony Pua's claim that the LCS purchase is an overpriced OPV, the Navy Chief himself entertained them. Who would believe the allegation of someone whose too scared to join the millitary against true blue (or white for navy) millitary man?

But it does not help the Navy's cause when our last encounter with the Navy to attend a function in Kuantan turned out to be an encounter of the "third kind".

Now, all this talk is about the Air Force giving our Squash Champion darling, Nicol David an honorary Major. That is a far effective PR exercise than the one Navy did to give Perak Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Mohd Zambery Kadir an honorary Laksamana.

First, the New Straits Times news on Nicole:

The world squash darling was given the honorary rank with the Royal Malaysian Air Force Voluntary Reserve Unit by RMAF chief Gen Tan Sri Rodzali Daud during a simple ceremony at the Defence Ministry, today.

And if the situation permits, Nicol, whose commission is effective June 28, may attend flying training as well.  Rodzali said the honour was given to Nicol who was an icon to promote the RMAF tagline “Air Force — Next Generation”.

“She is seen as someone who exudes excellence, physical endurance, mental strength, concentration, decisiveness, discipline, consistency and fighting spirit that are fine examples to spur other youth,” said Rodzali, adding that Nicol was among 20 people given honorary officers ranks but the first prominent athlete.

Nicol said she was taken aback when first informed about it but acknowledged it was remarkable to be given such a recognition.

“I am very passionate of the sport and hope to spur others to excel. It’s quite surreal to be in uniform.” nevertheless,” said the world number one.

Last month, world badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei was awarded the honorary lieutenant-commander’s rank with the Royal Malaysian Navy Reservist Unit.
As mentioned earlier, the Navy was learning.

By giving honorary rank to politically neutral personalities like Chong Wei and Nicole, the Navy and Air Force achieved what it set out to do in attracting public attention and hopefully intrest in the millitary.

In a Navy exercise in November 2010, Navy gave an honorary First Admiral (Laksamana Pertama Kehormat) to Perak Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Zambery Abdul Kadir. With the Navy in Lumut, one can understand the need to honour the Menteri Besar.

Retired First Admiral Haji Imran bin
Haji Abdul Hamid
However since a Retired First Admiral, Tuan Haji Imran bin Abdul hamid joined the political foray with PAS, that honour to Zambery was made into  a source of ridicule and the honorary title had been made into a source of joke.

The claim is that the services personnel fell for the political name calling and rumours created on Zambery that have since put a bad light on BN.

Rumours has it that Imran is deadset to go after Zambery and will stand against him for the Pangkor state seat or any seat Zambery is contesting. Wonder what Zambery did to warrant such vengence?

Another interesting rumour spreading is that the Navy personnel in Lumut have wholeheartedly decided to back the true Admiral over an alleged fake Admiral. They made jokes that Navy reservist Admiral Zambery have not gone for basic Navy training.

Read these two irritant opposition blogs here and here as examples.

Whether there is any truth to such claim, the test of a pudding is it's taste. One will have to wait for the general election. Some say in November, while some say in March next year. Only Dato Najib would know, or have he decided yet?

That talk could also be a mere stunt to preempt any possibility of Zambery winning and Imran losing. There will be suckers believing that there was hanky panky in the voting and Imran should have won.

The operative word is "should" but the "should" cannot be proven right or wrong but only a mere  perception and indication.

That rumour is created to make a bigger brouhaha on talk that Zambery has problem getting UMNO divisions to support him.

If it had been so, naturally UMNO headquarter would move Zambery to a Parliamentary seat to be taken to Putrajaya and replaced with a more effective leader for the critical state of Perak.

Now, Imran's strength will likely be at the Lumut Naval base and not any where else. While, Zambery should naturally be strong at his own constituency of Pangkor. Is Lumut Naval base in the Pangkor constituency? If it is different, will Imran go to Zambery's stronghold or Zambery go to Imran's strnghold?

Advise us on this fact of Perak politics, please.

Frankly, Zambery is not at fault for the PR backfire but due to the nature of our third world political mentality, he fell victim to such childish politics and that bring only dishonour the title.

Some may argue he shouldn't have accepted that award since he was not instrumental in bringing the naval base to Lumut.

Let us understand that politicians being politicians will accept any accolades given to them.

Even if they were not pivotal for assisting the two PKR assemblymen and one DAP Deputy Speaker to leave Pakatan Rakyat to support BN, many politicians claim credit. Who are they to fool when many knows the real hero or heroine, perhaps.

And it was hardly a coup d'etat but simply the result of DAP's cocky and arrogant attitude upon seizing power on their own comrades.

For Zambery, he cannot not accept the honour and insult the Navy that have helped the state economy tremendously. The honour is also an acknowledgement to the state.

The point to all this is simply to be judicious in giving award, honour and title. Ask and answer first as to why any award, honour and title is to be given to a person.

Otherwise, it will only bring down the credibility of such award, honour and title by giving to the wrong person.

For instance, the public do not think highly of Datoship awarded from Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka because such Dato are in abundance. Pardon us your highness and Tun, this is what the public thinks and we are just sharing it here.

Too many of Datoship were given to politicians and businessmen that have yet to prove their worth to the community, state and country that it demeans the title Dato.

The Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy, 
Admiral Ttan Sri Abdul Aziz 
bin Jaafar
For that matter, the Navy Chief is also not at fault.

Due respect must be given to the Navy Chief for readdressing the perception problem and giving honour to our world badmintan champion but denied Olympic gold medal, Chong Wei.

Army, Navy and Air Force will not go wrong to honour fighters and promote their image through personalities that is publicly well received.

Who says the Navy Chief doesn't listen?


SiKenit said...

Tuan Haji,

How could YAB MB Perak accept "Honorary First Admiral" which is one star flag officer rank when HRH Tuanku Paduka Seri Sultan Perak is Colonel-in-Chief for the Corp of Engineers?

Menteri Besar ni BESAR banding dgn Raja Melayu ke?

P Ramasamy said...

Sang Kenit

Janganlah rendahkan maruah Zambery. Anda seolah-olah merendahkan orang2 keturunan Tamil.

Dia ada darah Rajah maka setandinglah dia dengan Sultan Perak dan layaklah dia memegang title itu.

Tuanku Sultan Perak sepatutnya anugerahkan DK kepadanya . . . Darah Mamak.

P/S Habislah Melayu dalam UMNO kepada Mamak.

P Ramasamy
Timbalan KM II P Pinang

Anonymous said...

Tun Hj Imran kena hati-hati bukan terhadap Zambry tapi PKR ada 'Confirmed Rear Admiral'.

Hj Amaran

Anonymous said...

"For that matter, the xxxx xxxx is also not at fault" is quite dificult to defend.

Hj Imran powerbase is wider than 'just naval base'. Consider the thousands of retired navy guys who have settle in and around manjung/setiawan/pangkor/lumut etc over the years. In fact the pro Opposition blogger you quoted is ex navy personnel too.
Count in also the huge chinese population in the said area if he were to stand as PR candidate (obviously Zambery is not going to get any vote from this group - well maybe about 50 hardcore MCA).

This mockery of a rank further fuel navy and ex navy guys alike aversion toward him and draw them closer to Hj Imran

Manjung Observer

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