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Feisty Shumi fought back Kua, but where's Tandaputera promo?

In anticipation that the film Tandaputera, which is slotted for release on November 13th, would debunk his May 13 book, instigator par excellence Dr Kua Kia Soong fired the first salvo.

Dr Kua  published his comment, "Deconstructing Prejudice" [read here in FMT] on September 8th.  He is the guy with all the prejudicial presumption and yet he is claiming to deconstruct prejudice. Someone should reconstruct his face and dump him in some cellar.

Yesterday, our prayers were answered. God sent Film Director, Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba or Shumi to industry people to answer him back and totally strip him naked.

Feisty Shumi has not only faced opposition from Dr Kua, attacked by DAP cybertroopers, sabotaged from within, and recently sued by Lim Kit Siang, but it seems she is being sabotaged from within FINAS!

For lack of courage and balls together with some dose of vengence, Shumi had to face opponents from within the film industry establishment; the Minister, and the FINAS top management.

The public could be wondering whether the PM and Government is serious about promoting the creative industry with the recent launched by PM of MyCreative Venture and new policy of self censorship which started early this year, if sabotage after sabotage keep coming from within the establishment.

It will only make a mockery of Dato Najib.

See any money where his mouth is?
For Shumi, the lawsuit from Kit Siang is hardly anything since it is a technical Facebook issue related to The Wall and beyond her to control what will be posted by others, but can she get viewers for her film if funds to promote and make film print is denied?

One informationally resourceful blog, The Unspinner here notice that despite release date being only 6-7 weeks away, there is no film trailers and new posters for her film yet. Usually, the trailers and posters should already be seen in the movie theaters.

The money for promotion and film prints supposed to comes from FINAS. And the FINAS Director General, Naguib Razak said to the press that the release was delayed on promotional reasons. Is FINAS doing doubletalk and sabotaging Tandaputera?

Apendi and his the Director of his tanked film
There is also the suspicion that for unknown reason/(s), not excluding doing the evil vengence for  Minister Rais, the FINAS Chairman, Dato Apendi Hamdan maybe getting even too.

Since his film failed badly in the box office, he may want to show that reputable Film Director, like Shumi can also tanked at the box office.

Yes, it is only maybe. So lawyers ... take note. But what is sure is his film only collected RM150,000 and can't even payback teh first RM1 million back to FINAS. Is anyone raising this issue?

If he is really an unsavory character [read what Freddie Kevin found of him here], he may have a tendency to sabotage Tandaputera so it could justify his future usage of FINAS fund for himself.

I said may, okay? But do baco tulisan Freddie. Mak ai! Konyang makan ayam, makan IPTV dan makan filem. Bandwidth ado dapek makan, tak?

Man ... with the film establishment people are made up of people behaving like commie sabotaguers and greedy film producer, we do not need opposition, SUARAM and their foreign funders, or even the Mas Selamat and Al Ma'unah terrorist to stunt the development of our film industry.

They can also help wreck this country apart.

Leaving the unsavory part of internal organisational sabotaging, we return to Shumi's reply to Dr Kua.

Min Yuen campaign at work
This "commie" sympathiser or perhaps a commie himself, whose expertise is in public instigating campaign is similar to the Min Yuen, explained and argued using the crappy class theory as his  basis.

My late sifu, who himself is a true blue sociologist (unlike Dr Kua whose first and second degrees are in Economics, likely to be Political Economy) and "marhaen-socialis" but patriotic and nationalistc, questioned the application of class theory in the Malaysian setting.

Explaining it is a long elaborate process but in conclusion the social model of Malaysian society is far more complex than simplistic commie class theory.

What have long been raised and questioned of Dr Kua's book, like all his other books and works, is that he is selective in his reference and literature reviews. In other words, he choose the book and idea he like and ignore relevant references and work he does not like.

So read Shumi's calling, "Hello, hello Dr Kua" here. We love this part:
You can discredit the British, but what standard of human rights are you using that we should accept communists act of violence and thousands were killed? By what standards of human rights do you think we should accept the thousands of unarmed Malays who were massacred when the MPAJA (Malayan Peoples’ Anti-Japanese Army) were in power for two weeks after the Japanese surrendered? 
Until the British military returned, the Malays were blamed for the Japanese persecution of the Chinese. Why the need to refer to Tunku’s broadcast on May 17, 1969 where he qualified his earlier assertion that the May 13 disturbances were also caused by bad elements, as in gangsters?  
Why is it so convenient for Kua to conclude that the communists were not responsible for May 13? Just because the British powers didn’t think so? Or journalists didn’t think so? The Tunku never dismissed the fact that the communists were responsible for the lead-up to May 13.  
Wonder what is Dr Kua's excuse? Doctored pictures?
The majority-Chinese protest rally of May 9, a day before elections, openly sang songs attributed to Mao Tse Tung, with placards and pictures of Mao and communist thoughts. The provocation “Malays go die” by the crowd was repeated during the election victory celebration of May 11-12, 1969. Was that a coincidence or had the communists and radicals infiltrated political parties?
At a go, Shumi.

Sock that 'commie' where it hurts the most ... at his balls and may he no more could pronounced  Beijing!


Anonymous said...

You ask Rais Yatim..He sponsor the film and now after the film was completed,he suddenly lost one of his ball.He told Najib if we release the film we might anger the Chinese?

Najib said you finance the film and you decide.

I dont think the film will be release before our GE 13.

Anonymous said...

Agaknya muka siapa mirip LBGT?

Gerakan tu kan parti BN? Yang hina orang Melayu pun parti komponen BN sendiri.

Koh tau kroon harus jawab ni.

adieu1999 said...

Anon 10:36pm , confirm ko xpaergi skolah or pergi skolah tp tdo dalam kelas time sejarah. Gerakan hanya menyertai BN pada tahun 1973 , pada tahun 1969 Gerakan adalah parti pembangkang... kecik²xnak skolah dah besar jadi macam ko la ...

Mat Bon said...

Bro, your writing below is the exact reason why we should object Government's latest amendment on Evidence Act. ....

"For Shumi, the lawsuit from Kit Siang is hardly anything since it is a technical Facebook issue related to The Wall and beyond her to control what will be posted by others .."

tandamaju said...

UMNO Presidents have been getting free ride from the Malays all these while.

The Malays fought and killed the Chinese in May 13 but the UMNO President like the Tamil Mahahtir or Pak Lah used Malay anger to enrich their sons or brothers.

Najib is just continuing this parasitical behaviour. But the Malays have catched up with these parasites.

Malays and UMNO should be led by merit based personalities not anonymous coat tagging sons of so and so. Their mode of operandi is to give projects to Chinese taukehs as an easy way out to get commission for themselves.

In Najib case its selling of Malay GLC assets for his brother benefits.

Suhaimi Baba is the conscience of the original Malay May 13 struggles. The real fight of independence for the Malays was May 13 (this should be celebrated!) as this was the time the Malay masses arised to fight the Chinese hegemony.

Without May 13, Tun Razak would not have work hard to distribute land via Felda.

The Tamil Mahathir stopped the land distribution to the Malays. He stopped supporting UDA.

All the infrastructure laid out by Tun Razak was dismantled to create Tamil billionaire like ananda krishnan. Instead of UDA bumiputera developing KL, Chinese like YTL and Vincent Tan was given special rights.

Thus Tandaputera is at the right time and to remind the UMNO Presidents, Deputy Presidents, Concil, stop parasiting on the Malays anger. That Tamil fellow Mahatir s/o Iskandar Kutty, has put their well being back 100 years!

Anonymous said...

Why blame the people in Finas for the apparent lack of enthusiasm for Tanda Putra?

Public reaction on FB & Youtube has been negative. The movie will likely flop. Promotion or no promotion campaign, few people want to spoon out money to see yet another badly acted melodrama filled with historic inaccuracies.

As for her article on FMT, Shumi got skewered from the readers, just like the Youtube trailer for her movie.

Just stick to TV3 Cerekarama slots.

Anonymous said...

chinese minority who scream a lot in FB and twitter dont form public opinion anon 12:51 am. Go to hell u communist and DAP

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