Friday, September 21, 2012

SUARAM, and USAid expulsion from Russia

SUARAM is whining everyday ever since they are faced with a barrage of investigations.

Today, The Malaysian Insides reported Penang Deputy CM II, P Ramakrishnan claim SUARAM is being hounded and harrassed for exposing corruption [read here]. Hello! It is only alleged corruption. Did they expose any corruption?

SUARAM's initial reaction to the various demands for investigations was to garner sympathy and support. They claimed they are being harrassed, authorities are reacting to the mob and finally they try a counter offense to express willingness to be scrutinised but insist a probe on Scorpene purchase.

What Malaysian should be concerned is the fact that SUARAM took money from organisation like George Soros's Open Society in which this is the man that was out to wreck our economy in 1997/98 through his currency speculation.

There is money that emanate from National Endowment for Democrasy (NED), a once CIA covert operation that is out in the open today. NED also operate through their two wings; International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Malaysia.

SUARAM is not really fighting for human rights issue but for western agenda and it is obvious to bring down the Government covertly and not true honest democrasy.

If they had been truthful to the human rights cause, they wouldn't be championing Myanmar's Aung Sang Suu Kyi and kept silence on the plight of the Rohingya. [Read us here. This will be for our next posting.]

Ever heard SUARAM make any statement to condemn Israel for the Palestinians cause or fight for the economic discrimination by private sector against Melayu and Pribumi? Don't claim to say you probably heard them but not so sure when because they never did.

For working with the "enemy', they should consider themselves lucky to be investigated by CCM, MACC, Central Bank, etc. The natural penalty for traitors and act of treason is hanging!

US Government sponsored NGOs or aid organisations are not sincere in their objectives and it always has ulterior motives to subjugate the receiver to follow their whim and fancy.

Remember our experiance with IMF in during the 1997/98 financial crisis?

And don't the SUARAM people read, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man?

Perhaps, they believe it is okay to work with the enemy of the state as long as they get their way of seizing power. That is undemocratic and they will eventually become another dictator promoting only their own agenda and ignoring other voices of the people.

The international news have been giving unfavourable report on Russian President, Alexander Putin since he announced his intent to seek reelection late last year. They claim Putin is having a crisis of confidence. Is it true or is it merely media perception play?

Two days back, the Russian expelled USAid out of Russia. Bet their response would likely be that  Putin is resorting to preserve himself by laying the blame on others.

Is it so or there is basis to do so?

Not many months ago in April, Egypt and UAE expelled KAF and NDI operatives. [Remember Rocky's posting here.]

Read the news below:
Russia boots out USAID 
By the CNN Wire Staff
September 19, 2012 -- Updated 2007 GMT (0407 HKT) 
Russia's President Vladimir Putin addresses supporters in Manezhnaya Square on election night, March 4, 2012 
(CNN) -- Russia has thrown out the United States Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department said, claiming that the aid agency has undermined Russia's sovereignty. 
"We have recently received a decision of the Russian Government to end USAID activities there," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said this week. 
"The United States is extremely proud of what USAID has accomplished in Russia over the last 20 years, and we will work with our partners and staff to responsibly end or transition those programs." 
[Read At APEC Russia and the U.S. look east ]
Senior Russian officials have said that some of the agency's programs, such as some human rights groups and election monitoring, have undermined Russia's sovereignty, according to the state news agency RIA Novosti. 
Nuland, speaking at a State Department briefing Wednesday, countered with: 
The issue of protecting Russia's sovereignty came up several times during the run-up to Russia's presidential election this year. 
On election night in Moscow in March, Vladimir Putin punctuated his victory speech with a jab at foreign influence when he said: "We showed that no one can impose anything on us -- no one, nothing! We showed that our people can distinguish between the desire for renewal and political provocation that has but one goal: to destroy Russia's statehood and usurp power." 
In December, he blamed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for giving a "signal" to Russians protesting his rule to turn out for street demonstrations. 
Nuland, speaking at a State Department briefing Wednesday, argued that U.S. officials "completely reject the notion that our support for civil society, democracy, human rights, in any way interferes with elections whether in Russia or anywhere else in the world." 
"It is regrettable that the Russian people are not going to be able to benefit from the support that the American people are sending their way in this areas of health (and) environment," Nuland added. 
"We will continue to work with those Russians in civil society who want to work with us. We do that in many parts of the world where we dont have AID missions, and we are looking now at precisely how we'll work this through, but we are committed to stay on the side of those who want to see a more democratic, more just Russia," she said.
Note the words of Nuland that they will continue to work through civil societies. It means they will continue the covert operations of USAid through civil societies.

Civil societies in Russia will be channeled funds by USAid in the pretext to give development aids but could be using the aids to "buy" influence or in the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is to put nation in debt and become dependent on the US.

Eventually, with the influence, who these civil societies back, will win the next election or brought down by popular revolution. Don't tell us these civil societies do not take instruction from their American masters.

And that is similar to the likes of SUARAM that sounded civil as in fighting for human rights but is actually a political outfit doing propaganda work for opposition and cooperating to bring down the Government with foreign outfits.

More detail on reasons for expulsion of USAid from Russia in The Guardian, below:

USAid covertly influencing political processes, says Russia 
Russian foreign ministry explains decision to expel the US agency for international development 
Miriam Elder in Moscow, Wednesday 19 September 2012 12.58 BST 
Vladimir Putin has accused the US state department of orchestrating the mass protests that have swept Moscow since he announced his intention to run for the presidency again. Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images
Russia has accused the US of using its aid agency in Moscow to covertly influence the country's politics and elections, explaining its decision to expel the mission amid a wider crackdown on the opposition movement. 
The Russian government has given the US agency for international development (USAid) until 1 October to cease all operations in the country. The agency helps fund a number of pro-democracy and human rights groups that have provoked the Kremlin's wrath amid an unprecedented opposition movement against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. 
In an uncharacteristically blunt statement, the Russian foreign ministry said that the decision to shut USAid was taken primarily because the agency's work "does not always correspond to [its] stated goals". 
"This means attempts to exert influence, via the distribution of grants, upon political processes, including elections of various levels and institutions of civil society," it said.
Putin has accused the US state department of orchestrating the mass protests that have swept Moscow since he announced his intention to run for the presidency again late last year. 
A main target of his ire has been Golos, an independent election monitoring group that receives the bulk of its funding from USAid and was key in exposing electoral fraud in a December parliamentary vote that helped bring tens of thousands of protesters on to the streets. 
The foreign ministry also expressed its displeasure with the agency's work in the troubled North Caucasus, a region still wracked by the remnants of a violent Islamist insurgency. 
"USAid's activity in the Russian regions, especially the North Caucasus, prompted serious questions, which we warned our American colleagues about repeatedly," the statement said. 
USAid has been operating in Russia since the Soviet Union's collapse, funding groups that have received little or no government support, including medical NGOs devoted to fighting HIV/Aids and tuberculosis and various environmental groups. 
Yet the bulk of its funding goes to civil society groups focused on building up democracy and human rights in the country, including Golos, human rights NGO Memorial and corruption watchdog Transparency International. 
Putin has repeatedly criticised groups that receive foreign funding and has accused opposition protesters of acting on orders from Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state. 
The Russian parliament passed a law this summer obliging NGOs that receive foreign grants to publicly brand themselves "foreign agents", a term reminiscent of the spy terminology used during the cold war. 
Grigory Melkonyants, the deputy director of Golos, said it was "practically impossible" to get funding from within Russia. 
"Supporting human rights – be it for prisoners, or election monitoring, or anything – is a very sharp question for our current leadership. Business doesn't want to risk putting money into this," he said. 
Putin has taken great pains to convince the wider Russian population that any criticism of his government is a foreign plot. Russian officials and media have also accused the US of being behind the Arab spring uprisings, including in Egypt, where USAid came under pressure in the wake of Egypt's uprising against former president Hosni Mubarak. 
The move against USAid was announced by the state department on Tuesday and official state media in Russia remained silent on the issue on Wednesday. An official inside the Obama administration vowed that the US would find ways to continue to fund civil society groups, potentially paving the way for a long stand-off. 
The Russian government brought immense pressure against the British Council in the wake of the murder of dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London in late 2006 in a tussle that lasted for more than a year. 
The foreign ministry also said its decision to shut USAid was prompted by the "maturity" of its civil society. "Russian civil society has become entirely mature and does not need 'external leadership'," it said. 
Government critics said the move was the latest attempt to put pressure on the opposition. In the past few months, charges have been brought against more than a dozen protesters as well as opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Opposition MP Gennady Gudkov was stripped of his mandate last week. A series of laws that increase fines for protesting and slander have been passed, as well as a bill that critics fear will tighten the government's control over the internet.
Human rights, pro-democrasy, election monitoring, exposing election fraud, corruption watchdog, street protests ... doesn't that ring a bell? If it still doesn't, then notice the similarity.

SUARAM claim to fight for human rights. Bar Council claim to be pro democrasy and fight for fair justice system, MAFREL or what do they call themselves now claim to watch election process. Bersih raise issue of election fraud. There is also Transparency International, Gerak, etc on allegations of corruption and improper governance.

All are civil societies.

And we have been having lots of demonstrations lately. Why? Just note that old friend George is a donor to SUARAM.

Apart from their usual jinbeng on ISA as an organisation formed for ex-ISA detainee, SUARAM have been taking up the task of spinning the official version of May 13 and creating a propaganda through selective expose of the Scorpene submarine purchase to do a major discredit work on prime Minister Dato Seri Najib.

Despite under heavy shelling for receiving covert American money, SUARAM is still steadfast at  reviving the debunked Scorpene issue. However, the public has come to realised that the information SUARAM offered is laced with their prejudicial assumptions and wild allegations that turned out to be huge misses.

Remember that SUARAM had been accusing all the years that the Euro 134 million (or RM534 million) paid to Perimekar is ALL kickback. Then they changed it to say Razak Baginda and accused it as for UMNO via Thales.

Thank God for Asia Sentinel's revelation of all 153 investigation documents and the truth and lies revealed itself.

Read out the series that debunked their allegations from Part 1 here to Part VI here and one will realised that they have no case and authorities believed to have done investigations thoroughly but quietly found no case too.

What is found is SUARAM was changing accusations, hiding information unfavourable to their allegation, and intentionally spinning information out of the real fact.

Perhaps, Parliament should emulate the Russian and pass a law to call those receiving foreign fund as "traitors." Better still, pass a treason law and hang them.

Go ahead and bring down or vote the Government out but it has to be by the true process of democrasy of rakyat voting the Government out and not influenced by false propaganda and public agitation funded and strategised by foreign organisations or other Government.


walled said...

So nuch or a hole in the wall!

What do we people with fascist governments like BN that suppresses Democracy? ;-))

IT.Sheiss said...

Well done, Putin!

Karl Popper, George Soros' ideological mentor is a neo-liberal, just like his great buddy Friedrich von Hayek, whose political-economic ideology was implemented by the most right wing leaders - namely Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan who decimated the labour unions and gutted whatever welfare state they had won through hard struggle.

The liberal democracy the Sorosites and von Hayekists want benefits capital, NOT labour.

Go read it up on Wikipedia.

Is SUARAM blind to that or do they choose to ignore that in the name of "democracy" and "human rights" ?

Here's something for SUARAM.

English translation of the SOVIET national anthem.

Now enjoy!

Soviet National Anthem

United forever in friendship and labour,
Our mighty republics will ever endure.
The Great Soviet Union will live through the ages.
The dream of a people their fortress secure.

Long live our Soviet motherland,
Built by the people's mighty hand.
Long live our people, united and free.
Strong in our friendship tried by fire.
Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

Through days dark and stormy where Great Lenin lead us
Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above
And Stalin our leader with faith in the people,
Inspired us to build up the land that we love.

Long live our Soviet motherland,
Built by the people's mighty hand.
Long live our people, united and free.
Strong in our friendship tried by fire.
Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

We fought for the future, destroyed the invaders,
And brought to our homeland the laurels of fame.
Our glory will live in the memory of nations
And all generations will honour her name.

Long live our Soviet motherland,
Built by the people's mighty hand.
Long live our people, united and free.
Strong in our friendship tried by fire.
Long may our crimson flag inspire,
Shining in glory for all men to see.

ahmad said...

Nope. SUARA HARAM is not blind bout issues in Palestine, Rohingya and whatnot.

They juz practising on picking selective matters.

Matters that benefiting its PAYMASTERS.

But then, don't worry. Menteri AMARAN will, well issued AMARAN..

And all would be well.

And ones would be wondering on why BN politicians are bunch of blogspheres jokes!

Aku nak mengaku penyokong BN pon kadang2 malu!

IT.Sheiss said...

Ahmad wrote:-

"And ones would be wondering on why BN politicians are bunch of blogspheres jokes!"

Any leaders of any country which is dependent on the west for FDI, export markets, etc. will have to be careful not to offend their trading partners too.

Russia, with its vast land mass and internal market is much more independent economically on the west, so can take a more decisive stand.

However, while the BN government has conceded to some extent to the west's demands that we embrace globalisation, open borders and liberalisation of our strategic industries and resources, it has complied to such demands to a limited extent.

I do not know what a Pakatan government would do but judging by Anwar Ibrahim's willingness for Malaysia to let the IMF come in and manage our economy when he was acting PM, it seems like a Pakatan government would be willing to comply to a greater extent to such demands, which is why especially the U.S. backs Anwar.

When he was in jail, The U.S. Embassy issued statements criticising his detention and former U.S. Ambassador John Malott is his ardent supporter.

However, they did not bother about Lim Guan Eng when he was jailed for contempt of court.

This double standard is curious if the reason for their complaint was opposition to injustice but makes sense if they saw Anwar as a useful asset but not Lim Guan Eng who cannot become PM under our current constitution.

However, as Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng also has to please the west since Penang's economy depends on them.

Many developing nations such as Malaysia which do not have many home grown industries to speak about and are reliant on foreign investment can't so easily thumb our noses at the west when we have to prostitute our labour to them for employment, whatever government is in power.

IT.Sheiss said...

Tony Cartalucci has come up with some interesting revelations and graphics about various NGO backers, including the Neo-Conservative National Endowment for Democracy.

You'll also see some familiar names in the graphics in this article.

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