Thursday, October 08, 2015

It's still propaganda and potshot to me

Oh, it doesn't matter what they say in the papers
'Cause it's always been the same old scene
There's a new band in town
But you can't get the sound from a story in a magazine...
Aimed at your average teen
Billy Joel, 
It's still rock and roll to me, 
Glass houses (1981)

It's a long break from the last posting. Was in no mood to write. Wanted to observe for a couple of days. So far nothing of substance but sheer noises.

Though there was a statement by the Ruler's Council and followed up by among others, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali, Salahuddin Ayub, and other cyber kompang team, it is filled with inconsistencies.

Why 1MDB issue means so much to Ruler's Council over many others similar issues and of similar implications?

If the complains before was of too much propaganda, getting more and more absurd, subtle internal sabotage, and ridiculous Tamil dramatising, this time around there is too much cheap potshot throughout Dato Najib's overseas trip.

It is not worthy to refer it as propaganda but typical unschooled pariah-ganda whose debating ability at best is making accusation of bloggers getting paid and working with Chinese. Whose supporting for the many months without job? 


The potshot begin with claims of FBI to move in on Najib. The story was developed and executed by Dato Khairuddin Hassan and coordinated with Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal and NY Times.

The story spread based on the two media reporting though there was no substance in their reports.

1MDB and police said no investigation was done by neither FBI or any foreign enforcement agencies. NO accounts frozen. Those disputing still say it exist but no details divulged. Where is the beef?

It is as much as there is no beef in Tun Mahathir's insistent that RM2.6 billion came from 1MDB. Money trail by their collaborators are faulty. MACC statement disprove it.

As soon as nothing happened to Najib abroad, quickly the regularly forgetting stateman talked of political immunity. 

There was potshot made of Najib bumping into Netanyahu and being polite. Tun M was equally polite with George Soros when he came to visit. Yasser Arafat was doing handshake with various Israeli leaders.

And they bought into Israeli Times's spinning?

Old pictures of Najib speaking at UNGA with an empty hall was viraled as though there was no attendee listening to Najib's speech. However Najib's speech was fairly well attended and he criticised Israel despite the pleasantries and right after Netanyahu spoke. 

There was also cheap potshots at Datin Seri Rosmah as observer at the UN General Assembly. It turns out the picture was of her at a Woman Conference. She did deliver a speech on gender equality there.

Poor Rosmah, the next destination in Milan invited another potshot that accused it as a shopping stopover.

As soon as Najib arrived in Kuala Lumpur, they were saying paid kaki bodek welcomed him. It is as if Tun M was never received by the thousands with keris and tengkolok presented for merely returning from a drug eradication conference at the UN. 

Ringgit fall

Ringgit was made a potshot too.

Thankfully, The Star had published Dato Idris Jala's article entitled Is 1MDB being unfairly blamed for volatile ringgit and other woes?

He denied the allegations and explained from 5 perpectives. Bullish US dollar and other currencies affected. Presented facts disputing investors losing confidence. What rating agencies actually said. Zeti's own denial of capital flight. Explained the non existence of public debt and fiscal deficit problems.

To quote Idris, below:
The problem is with speculators and traders taking positions on the ringgit and on the Malaysian stock market (“hot money”). To be clear, shifts in stock market value and currency are not classified as “investment” in official definitions of GDP or the economy. Hence, reduction in the value of the ringgit and the stock market do not reduce our investment and GDP figures per se.
Again we reiterate, why is Zeti not addressing the excessive speculation that have made ringgit value in the market not reflective of its so-called right value?

That is her job.

Tun M said ringgit will recover should Najib resign. Yesterday, it fell back to 4.25 level from 4.45. Did Najib resigned already?


If there is any issue worthy to criticise of Najib's government, it is the TPPA. 

Though remain sceptical and in opposition of TPPA, the manner it was viral to blame Najib is both shallow and adolescent. The questionable issues lies in the details and hidden words, not in twisting the concluded negotiations as signed. Sample of such idiotic potshot:

MITI has done their best. There are aware of the various issues, pro and con. They did their best to defend our interest and play apart in stretching the negotiation till 5 years.

While, they claim our conditions are met, the details shows up many inconsistencies. The fair and equitable clause remain. What is that? If still asking, do learn up before commenting. 

TPPA is a case of crossing a bridge into a tiger's jaw but on the other side, there is a fire breathing dragon awaiting. Damn if I do, and damn if I don't. The parliamentarian has to argue according to the constituency interest.

Are they capable of doing so independently?

Ruler's Council

It is not only TPPA that await Najib upon his return from overseas, another development on 1MDB has huge psychological implication on the public.

It is yesterday's Rulers' Council statement as issued by the Grand Chamberlain (Is that the English word for Pemegang Chap Mohor Raja-Raja?) requesting investigation on 1MDB to be speed up as soon as possible.

It is good to have the Rulers nudge 11th hour Najib because there is no simple and convincing story to reply the suspiciously wild accusation of halting and delaying investigation.

It is a series of separated and isolated events with reasons of it's own. For propaganda convenience, it was simplified for public consumption. And, has catch on.

No time frame was mentioned but Tan Sri Zeti's statement that BNM completed investigation and passed it to Attorney General.

MACC said there is no link between 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation. In their bitterness for the disappearance of those involved in SRC, MACC said the macai cannot run forever.

How to speed up?  

Surely Najib cannot be brought to court and DPP argue that he be judged as guilty for swindeling RM2.6 billion based on allegation that he halted investigation.

It is quite fair to ask for investigation to resume than judging Najib as guilty.

Now why are the Rulers' so concerned with 1MDB?

Why not BMF, Maminco, ECM Libra-Avenue, PKFZ, and various financial scandal in the past with implication on the economy and international reputation? Why not many other long standing investigation that smells of cover-up?

Why no statement on the Tun Salleh Abas sacking which had implication on the institution of justice and fellow rulers knew the istana renovation allegation against Salleh was a fix-up?

Why protector of the Bumiputera right made no statement on 25 kampong demolished in Penang, Bumiputera's diminishing educational, employment and economic opportunities, palace abuse for business interest, etc?

Why no statement on the insults on Islam and infringement of Islamic interest?

Why no concern on issues of sovereignty, subversive DAP-instigated racial unrest and ISIS and syiah cells jeopardising nation's securities? 

Still could not fathom why Rulers' inconsistency to produce that statement. Already there is speculation at large that Ruler's Council meeting Chairman, Raja Perlis has an ex-to-grind with Najib.

There is also speculation Rulers are jealous of one brother Ruler for getting his way for a certain local content on Federal contracts dished out in their state.

RPK here suspected it is the hands of Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

And, few bloggers are insinuating Sanusi as dipping his hands in two pools. Hope it is not because he is vocal. Free country as long it is not a lie.

Akramsyah would be furious with such wild accusations. If he is not responding with a posting, then that is something to ponder.

The final question and related to the accusation of invisible hands behind the scene.

Was the Rulers briefed and given a fair view of the 1MDB issue?

Someone should send the Q&A pamphlet to the palaces for a copy. 

Yet to mature

At the end of it, Malaysia must mature in it's politics. Appreciate the diversity and differences in opinion then we be united.

Mufti Menk talks of unity within the context of the differences in Islamic sect. However it is relevent to non Muslim Malaysians.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, when views differ, we behave immaturely.

They do labeling, socially discard friends away, badmouthing with wild accusation, do cheap potshot, etc. When told facts are wrong, they say facts do not matter but principle matters. Is it principally right when based on a lie?

When unable to explain with credible story and facts, they say it does not matter!

Shallow is the political attitude. With all these potshots and cheap propaganda happening to take advantage of the gullible public, it is still rock and roll to me.


drMpower said...

you know why the ruler has no problem in the problems you mentioned above?

because the managers that handled the scandals managed to solve them without having to drag the nation altogether. ECM Libra was a scandal, but see how they handled it? it broke pemuda into few pieces, but Malaysia was never bothered by that. and the economy was doing well and never bothered by that as well.

The PKFZ, it was a scandal, yes. but the manager at that time handled everything well. and others, but they didnt implicate the nation to the extent she had to stand on her feet and on life support.

They say now its better than 9798, but last time i checked the situation on the ground now is far worse than 9798. You dont need empirical proof on this, just walk on the streets and see what is going on. the reserves, we were told are much more than 9798. the banks were managed better by Bank Negara (very surprising you never give credit to her on this), and so many other data we were told that are better compared to 9798. I know the data presented as such way to keep the market stable, thanks to wahid omar for this, but the fact that matter is, living in 2015 is much harder than living in 9798.

if only bugis did what everyone was telling him before - his peers and even mahathir himself - possibly now we are alright and i mean really alright

if only bugis did what muhyiddin told him before - possibly now we will not hear majlis raja raja saying things like they did

if only bugis handled all these crisis well surely none of his own peers want him out

if only bugis know what hes doing by creating 1mdb, surely he knows that the company will be having (surely) cronic cashflow problem and had to borrow to finance its operation

if only bugis really understand how a fund should be created - ala sovereign fun norway - there will be no burden of guaranteeing loans amounting to billions of ringgit

if only bugis really pay attention to what he is doing surely there will be no uproar calling for his resignation from all people

if only bugis knows how to handle mahathir surely he will help him and we all be a nation steadily going for vision 2020

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like your personal vendetta against Tan Sri Zeti is not done yet.

Those "in-the-know" knows that 1MDB didn't contribute much to our current economic woes as compared to the drop in oil prices, commodities, China's slowdown & the US' impending hike in interest rate.

So far Tan Sri Zeti has been consistent in not wanting to impose capital controls or peg the RM it is slowly adjusting to its real value as what we saw yesterday.

You're not the Governor so in your case, cakap senang...

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old...

Anonymous said...

Looking at the interference by the Goliath that leads to chaos and turbulence which has been going on in Afghan, Syria, Iraq, etc., it is a matter of time before others succumbed to the same fateful scenarios. According to the tales, it was David who could beat the Goliath. The thing is where to find one nowadays?

Anonymous said...
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Dill Pickles said...

Why are you so vocal about this?

Are you taking up the cudgels on behalf of 1MDB?

Are you saying that people have been unjustly accused of wrongdoings?

Are you saying that there are "hidden foreign hands" in all of the above?

If there is a covert campaign to "destabilise" the country, where is the evidence?

What's your agenda?

It's not openness, transparency and good governance, is it?

Or are those alien concepts to you?

And to the like-minded?

Anonymous said...

You must have written this before a certain item popped up in the malaymail. The ag's chamber has issued a statement. Still propaganda?

A Voice said...

Knowing so well we will delete insults and comments with insult, there are still wackos prefer to waste their time. Likely intent was to infuriate us but heck! another day go by without getting insults.

One insulting comment said we changed our stance by linking back to our link below:

Did you miss these:

"Though remain sceptical and in opposition of TPPA, the manner it was viral to blame Najib is both shallow and adolescent." And this: "While, they claim our conditions are met, the details shows up many inconsistencies. The fair and equitable clause remain."

Suggest "learn up before commenting".

One commentator criticised Tun M for pushing Muhyiddin's name. Fine, free country but not free here for the accompanying insult.

DrM Power - Thanks for your lengthy argument.

It still doees not answer the issue raised of inconsistency on the part of Rulers Council. Why pre- and not post-? Did Pemegang Mohor besar Raja memandai?

Anon 4.22 - You are right. It's same old same old political empty propaganda sxxt.

Dill Pickles - State your opinion. It is simpler and clearer than asking too questions. Too many to bother. Its as if you can't articulate your concerns.

Anon 6:57 PM - AG has to be courteous. They cannot not communicate or it will be misinterpreted wrongly. It is unlike PM's silent communication team.

Webster's definition of Propaganda:
1 capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions
2 the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
3 ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

Will that help you understand?

Dill Pickles said...

Let's go back to basics since you seem to delight in flogging the same horse.

Which is this - why set up 1MDB in the first place? What is so unique about 1MDB that the same cannot be done by Khazanah or the private sector?

How many SWFs (sovereign wealth funds) does Malaysia need?

Even Norway, with all it's oil wealth, has only one SWF with about US$800 billion in assets.

Singapore has GIC and Temasek Holdings - two SWFs with different objectives, as you are no doubt aware.

Now, is that too difficult to understand?

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