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PAS need to remain steadfast

PAS is holding the Fastaqeem Himpunan 60K today in Kota Baru these evening. The event kicks off 3:00 PM with youth events. The main event will be the mass maghrib and special sunat hajat prayers in the evening.

It will be followed by a series of speeches by the new office bearers of PAS with the finale by the Kelantan MB, Dato Ahmad Yaacob, Spiritual Leader, Dato Harun Din, and Presiden Tuan Guru Dato Haji Hadi Awang.

PAS Youth tentative message received from a reliable source revealed outside speakers, as in Tuan Haji Azmi, likely the leader of NGO Teras, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, protem President for Ikatan, and PKR Deputy President, Azmin Ali will be talking.

However, these names did not appear in the official schedule received.

Since PKR have officially joined hands with DAP and Pakatan Amanah Nasional (PAN) to launch Pakatan Harapan (PH), they have conceded to the request of DAP to reject PAS. The probable presence of Azmin Ali is a surprise.

Seasoned political analyst with The Malay Mail, Zainal Epi mentioned the same in the October 15th issue.


Azmin Ali is believed to be behind the move by some 25 PKR leaders that petitioned for PKR to review their position in Pakatan Harapan.

However, it appeared that Secretary General, Rafizi Ramli is behind the protest against choosing PAN over PAS.

It is heard that it was a deceptive move to remove Rafizi from the Sec Gen position and have him replaced by the just joined from PAS, the ex-ABIM and ex-PAS Treasurer, Dato Kamaruddin Jaafar.
Rafizi should just remain as Vice President.

Azmin is comfortable with PAS since it was PAS support that enabled him to attain the Selangor MB post over PKR President, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. The planned Kajang Move failed!

He has ignored DAP's call to remove the two PAS exco members and happenings in Penang where AMK demanded the removal of PAS from all state government position. How long before Azmin make a decision to pick one over the other?

The appearance of Azmin tonight will serve to confirm this rift in PKR and PH.


In his analysis, Zainal Epi expressed the view that the opposition is struggling to find a common platform.

Till some arangement like Semangat 46 forming Barisan Alternatif with DAP but form Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah with PAS, there is expected to be clashes between PAS, PAN and PKR in the coming general election.

That could only split votes for BN to win or even possibly split Malay votes for a dark horse candidate such as DAP proxies to win.

Zainal views PAS optimistically and they should still remain as a force. On a one on one with UMNO, PAS could win more seats than before.

But, how many seats will PAS run?

In the last general election, UMNO ran for some 200 Parliamentary seats. PAS maybe limited by the arrangement with other Pakatan Rakyat parties in the last GE to run only in 60 seats.

By not aligning to neither BN or PH, PAS could run in all the seats ran by UMNO and stay true to a once campaign slogan to replace UMNO.

Do they have the financial resources to run in 200 seats?

Fastaqim means to remain steadfast. It appears in the Al Quran as Fastaqim Kama Umirt, meaning Be Upright as Ordered.

The event tonight is to strengthen the bond among leaders, members and supporters, reinforce their original Islamic struggle and as a show of force.

Since the clean-up in the last party election which saw the Anwarinas not only lost in all positions except for one Mazlan Aliman, but all had left to form the DAP-funded PAN. There are few that left to join PKR and DAP.

Together with leaders leaving are the grassroot leaders amongst professional and grassroot activist. However, it is believed that all the leaders that left have been systematically replaced and their role taken over seamlessly.

The fresh look PAS may appeal to voters and they could take advantage of the leadership crisis and internal quarrel in UMNO.

If they could do the difficult transformation to put up new and clean faces for the next GE, PAS is a force to be reckoned, with or without other members of Pakatan Rakyat.


Indications are PKR and PAN are in fear of PAS going at it alone. PKR had been known to depend on PAS machinery and their structural weakness will be more visible. Their recent AGM saw empty halls.

Although protem President Mat Sabu expressed no compromise in the event of three or four corner fight for PAN with PAS, former Speaker and now Kelantan PAN Chairman, Dato Wan Abdul Rahim said PAN will not run against PAS in Kelantan but assist to maintain PAS legacy in Kelantan.

Anuar Tahir was recently said that PAN is willing to accept PAS in PH if PKR and DAP agree.

It is indicative of their sentiment towards PAS.

For PAN in Kelantan, they may not have the strength. Though they claim 8,000 membership, it is laughed off as 8,000 membership forms. 

DAP Semenanjung could accept PAS, but will DAP Sarawak or Sabah accept them?

Strangely PAS Sarawak said they will give way to PAN. Most likely it is a deception game of PAN who could be in control of PAS Sarawak.

One source within PAS said the number of migration to PAN is nothing to be worried but there is also the belief that there are many more. It is the the baiah that is holding them back.

There are still those still staying out of loyalty to the old timer leaders but their excitement with the party is lost with the departure of the more creative leadership of PAN.


The intention of tonight is to strengthen the bond within but in Kelantan, there is emerging a new opposition in Dato Husam Musa.

He has been vocal against state government and citing logging contracts, exuberent spending and exorbitant lifestyle of state leaders.

Husam's problem will be his reputation.

It is most difficult for the public to believe him as being concern for logging contract abuse.

He is still suffering from the perception that his Gold Dinar initiative was a financial scam. It is no more an ongoing concern and this blog has posted extensively on it.

Husam is not expected to attend tonight's do. So will his target for exorbitant lifestyle in the Deputy MB, Dato Nik Amar whose role is to hold the ulamak faction fort in Kelantan.

Will tonight's speeches be about bashing of PAN or other members of PH like current arch-enemy DAP?

There will there be the customary bashing of BN. However, there is the believe that UMNO and PAS has come to an understanding though there will be no coalition.

That opens PAS to many options and possibilities after the GE, whether to join with PH or BN.

However, there could be a spoiler in the wake for BN.

PAS was reported by pro-opposition media as having come to a cooperation with Perkasa . Dato Ibrahim Ali and Hadi Awang was seen shaking hands and embracing with warmth.

It is a far different response from Hadi for Tun Dr Mahathir's gesture to embrace him.

Could the cooperation be only a spin?

It is heard it was only a non-committal common understanding on issues of 1MDB, TPPA and SOSMA. Thus it could be Ibrahim Ali securing PAS support for Tun M.

A certain Perkasa office bearer claimed it is a gesture to link Hadi with Najib. But, Najib already has good relation with Hadi. The link man is someone else.

It only shows PAS has in hand unlimited options.

Tonight is also about celebrating 25 years of PAS rule in Kelantan. The stadium full capacity is 40,000 but it is sufficient feel good factor to have a full house.

Especially at a time, there is talk that Kelantan is up for the grab with internal issues brewing. But the question is who in UMNO can lead and grab it?

Before any attempt to answer that, not to be discounted is Ibrahim Ali running again in Pasir Mas on PAS ticket. It's Youth leader, Nik Abduh has been slackening.

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