Sunday, March 25, 2018

Devious fake claim of BN losing Sabah

Five years ago, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim went around psyching the Semenanjong as though BN lost Sabah. The video of Anwar doing it through a song can be found here.

Not only Sabah was not lost 5 years ago, Anwar lost PKR in Sabah as 18 divisions "closed" and left in skeletal existence. This blog alerted readers before it happened.

PKR has absolutely no strength in Sabah. Same with Warisan.

A party with link to Tun Dr Mahathir will not go far. At best, we are predicting only 3 parliament seats for Warisan. Most possible only 1.

But there are those that have been making prediction as though Warisan is relevent and seeking special budget to counter a so-called Sabah for Sabahan political cry.

A friend just sent the following video of Tan Sri Musa Aman making visit of Liawan, Keningau:

The source told us Liawan has about 15,000 voters and 5,000 came to receive Musa.

The rumourmonger claimed KDM is shifting away from BN to switch to Semporna Bajau-base Warisan. If that had happened, such big crowd would not be possible.

More interesting, the 1Malaysia nature of Sabah is such that Christian majority KDM there is willing to accept Dato Anuar Ayub, a Muslim Dusun new candidate.

Anuar had long been serving Musa Aman.

So Sabah nak hilang is laughable and cheap ploy.

Sabah is so confident that they do not have to compromise their principles and plan to keep Sabah free from corruption.

The surprise is a pro-Sabah BN portal could expose the following UMNO Youth wrongdoings below:
Datuk ‘Nik’ 18 Kali Dipanggil SPRM Bakal Didakwa Kerana Kes Seleweng Dana KKLW
This posting was the buzz in Sabah last Friday because the exposed Nik Najib and Nik Nazif are the nephews of Tan Sri Musa Aman and Dato Anifah Aman.

Their father hails from Kelantan but their mother is second cousin to the Aman brothers. Their name have been linked to KKLW projects absconded by Dato Shafie Apdal.
[Video] Dato Nik Nazif yang disiasat SPRM 18 kali kroni Shafie
Not only that, their allegedly corrupt modus operandi could brush off tracks to KKLW by using insider within Ministry of Finance to issue awards.

If a family member of the Aman was not covered up, it only shows a Sabah different from what aas heard in the past.

The event in Liawan does not need to pay people for attendance as rampantly happening in Waridan events.

The token given is usually to cover the peoples' high transport cost to get them out from the kampongs to the venues due to poor roads.

Budget allocated in two RMK but it is widely happening that project not delivered but the KKLW budget stolen by Shafie and Co.

The people preparing report of Sabah goyang does not realise that Shafie could hardly attract more than 200 in any event.

Recently, the big tent he provided could only fill the front rows sparcely.

The only one from Warisan seen campaigning and walking around Sabah are Shafie, Darell Leiking, Datok Peter Anthony and Junz Wong with sometime appearing Aziz Jamman.

No potential candidate doing any walkabout. Is there possible trap or con report to deceive UMNO President?

Since BN Sabah made efforts from many years ago to resolve Malaysia Agreement 1963 that was neglected by Mahathir, they have made major progress.

Knowing a major announcement will be made by Dato Seri Najib, opposition political parties have MA63 as their manifesto.

My sifu said manifesto has no commitment to deliver as Mahathir's PH Manifesto shows. At the end of the day, it takes BN without Mahathir in power and now out of power that could deliver.

The suspicion is the report of Sabah goyang could be  a ploy to get budget for a golf trip to Nexus Karambunai or fake report by Shafie infiltrated Kemas.

Without Sabah and Sarawak, PH supporters can syok sendiri as though they could do beyond 35 seats DAP, 25 seats PKR, 20 seats PPBM, at best 10 seats Amanah and at best 3 seats Warisan.

Off course, there is always the possibilities of surprise political waves due to youth, Undirosak, tsunami Melayu, and Chinese.

There are also wave surprises in store for PH. Go ahead and brag.

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