Friday, March 09, 2018

Equinimity seizure is still far from anything significant

It is long anticipated that as we near the general election, Tun Dr Mahathir will revive the 1MDB issue. Raja Petra gave his conspiracy theory on how it will happen here.  And another low down from him here.

The serious doubt is on whether Attorney General, Tan Sri Appendi Ali would do such a thing. It would destroy his credibility.

Sacrificing oneself for Mahathir will not be beneficial. As happened many times, Mahathir does not appreciate such sacrifice for him. He used people and throw them away when they are no more useful. Remember how he treated Dato Hamidah Osman and even the late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.

We expect Mahathir would reveal documents irrespective of it being (true or fake) as evidence to prove his accusation that Dato Najib is guilty in the 1MDB debacle.

However, none yet.

Then suddenly, the news Indonesian authorities seized on a yatch named Equinimity claimed to be that of Jho Loh.

Mahathir even wrote a special blog posting. Was it the awaited bomb?

Some few years ago, Sarawak Report made a big fuzz over South China Morning Post report on seeing the yatch off the Hong Kong harbour.

Why did it wander away into Indonesian waters?

One can expect the Equinimity seizure was the breath of fresh air needed by the opposition and anti-Najib movement.

However, they overdone it with fake news of RM1 billion cash found in the yatch.

RM1 billion notes would require a large space and is more than the picture they childishly circulated.

The intention to propagate the Equinimity seizure could be speculated. To make it more interesting, they could have coined a spin that it was in Malaysian currencies meant for UMNO's general election but the Indonesian authorities and someone kow tim to take it for themselves.

Red Granite settlement

Alas, not likely to be mere councident, CNBC released the following news:

On the same day on March 3rd, there was the following news from a not-so-famous portal but was picked up by well known international media.

Same method as Sarawak Report breaking the lies and international media including WSJ picked it up. It is almost the same with the old bloggers viral game.

The interesting part of this news is there was a resolution to Red Granite civil forfeiture case. On Wednesday, it is announced Red Granite will pay DOJ USD60 million but it is no admittance of guilt. Believe the criminal investigation ends.

To believe the above report, one should remember that it is the same DOJ that is pursuing Donald Trump for alleged collaboration with the Russians during the Presidential election.

Would anyone near or linked to Trump be able to negotiate with DOJ to close investigation?

If Red Granite could be resolved, how about Jho Loh?

Both opposition and government supporters wants Jho Loh be investigated, charged and sent off to prison. Public demanded on police to do so immediately last year.

But what offense did he do? Does he have the power to do what he allegedly do? Where did Jho Loh committed these offenses?

He had a role as Adviser of Terengganu Investment Agency but he was more representing the Arab interest in various capacity. Malaysia need to seek hard to pin anything on Jho Loh.

The US seemed to have the basis to do so. They will need to come to Malaysia where 1MDB as originator of the problem is based.

Is there a Mutual Legal Assistance seek by the US authorities?

From our sources, none. That is unless someone cook up a conspiracy that there are such but our side reject. Maybe the other side will cook up such document.

Bear in mind, the request for MLA has to be very specific. By the look of things, the US criminal investigation is rather exploratory.

This blog have been saying all the while that the DOJ application with the California Court is based on a complainant. The complainant is Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

He is no Mensa Society member but studied mass communication at ITM. Since his name appeared for involvement in the biggest land con jon ever in Ijok, words are he is financially desperate and heard to be involved in various scams.

So much for his sacrifice for Mahathir's cause. When in trouble, he is left alone. And we thought Tun Daim would have taken care of him.

Whose yatch?

Lets leave him and his trouble because Mahathir has got new spokesmen to do his bidding.

No more Matthias Chang, Khairuddin, Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin, Tan Sri Zam, Hanif Khatri, et al. He has now Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Tan Sri Rais Yatim.

On Rafidah, the old reformasi gang had never forgotten her. RPK is doing his revealing of her. She will quiet down.

About the Equinimity, Indonesian authorities has announcced that the yatch is being handed over to FBI.

However, someone on media social found that the yatch might not be Jho Loh's but possibly belonging to someone else.

The hurrah over this seizure might only be so because general election is near.

There have been paintings and various assets undergoing process of seizure and being challenged in court. It is not so clean cut but no publicity

In fact, this yatch got nothing to do with 1MDB i.e. not involving 1MDB money.

It is Jho Loh's private deals not any where near 1MDB but also involve IPIC. Remember that the two Arabs, who are the plaintiffs in the civil forfeiture suit with Jho Loh and Riza Aziz, were in control of the organisation.

The issue that is putting Jho Loh in hot soup involves the IPIC deal. Suppose Jho Loh is involved in channeling away US4 billion to Aabar BVI, he will have to face the music himself.

Its got nothing to do with 1MDB. At the moment, any allegations directly against 1MDB and Najib is still low on proof.

The official line is Jho Loh was not involved with 1MDB. He was merely adviser to TIA. There are stories going around claiming he may have push his weight around in TIA or 1MDB board meeting.

To prove Najib as guilty, it needs more than his power to approve what management and Board has decided as stated in company M&A.

There is also the need to prove criminal intent!

As LSS summed up the Equinimity seizure, its got nothing to do wth 1MDB and Najib has been absolved by PAC. Its tougher to make a case in court against him unless Mahathir come to power and fix him up. 

1MDB has not lost any money. All, if not almost all the money, except dispute by Auditors over return over Petrosaudi investment. Thats something like only US1 billion but not RM42 billion.

To date, that episode is hardly spoken after 1MDB and IPIC reached a resolution. The BSI unit fund is accounted for. 

After two years and moving on to the third, the civil forfeiture is hardly progressing. There is no criminal prosecution. And, the whole 1DMB allegation is not conclusive.

Anyone disputing that will have to show proof. Solid proof and not mere prejudicial personal opinion. As election draw closer, more wayang is expected.

Do not fall for any cock and bull story. Demand proof.

If there is basis, we will move to your side. Otherwise, do not claim it is obvious for everyone to see. Nothing is obvious and conclusive.

In this temporal world, the nearest source of truth and guilty decision is quite fail safe is judges' decision. Only God knows the truth.

It has its weakness but 1MDB has its higher order good intention.

We believe the government side have materials that could shame Mahathir and the opposition. Just a hunch for following 1MDB during TIA and aware of earlier proposal by Jho Loh before TIA.

Maybe, we know but above our pay grade to talk of it. Will Najib reveal it at the 11th hour?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are on but can I have some? I do not like Mahathir. He should have never been in politics (much less our PM) -- that would have been his greatest contribution to our country.

But you should reflect on your sin in trying to cover up for the current rotten political regime in our country by trying to spin and mislead on the seizure of that multi-million dollar boat by the Indonesian & USA governments. Even Rafidah ( I do not like her as well) saw it in our waters unlike our brave polis. This getting to be a joke. We have a CID chief who does not appear to know it is illegal to launder money and says he doe snot want the RM$1 million lost to the Aussie government and the Deputy PM pronounces him innocent!

Anonymous said...

"Even Rafidah ( I do not like her as well) saw it in our waters unlike our brave polis. This getting to be a joke"...

kah kah kah...

are this some type of sarcasm or what?

Johan said...

Siasiatan dah dilakukan oleh polis. TPM sebagai Menteri Dlm Negeri umumkan hasil siasiatan...salah ke?

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